Video: “Marijuana Should Be Classified as Food”

February 1, 2011

Yesterday afternoon [Jan 31] the Young Progressives held a press conference, and Gershwyn Smith spoke first, calling for marijuana to be made legal in an effort to reduce criminal activity.

Mr Smith said that: “It is obvious the drug laws as they stand have given rise to the underworld in Bermuda, a social disorder which if not corrected will result in national disaster, international disgrace and worldwide embrassment.

“The drug laws as they stand are exasperating Bermuda’s problems to the escalation of gang warfare and anarachy.”

Mr Smith said the solution to the problem is made up of four components; spiritual enlightment, economics, legislation and education.

He went on to say that the “ultimate solution” is to change the laws and policy that control drugs, and said that “marijuana must be removed from the criminal law and reclassified as a food. God did not make drugs.”

Watch Mr Smith’s full presentation below:

He went on to say that other illegal substances should be medicalized, and “totally controlled” by Government. He said that by “illegal substances out of the street, by taking the profits out of the street.”

Mr Smith said that by handling illegal substances in that manner, you take the profit away, which then decreases criminal activity associated with illegal drugs.

Mr Smith also said that “Parliament must go back to Eden, to Genesis, to behold the Righteousness of God and also to see where you went wrong.”

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  1. itwasn't me says:

    LOL the sad part is that Bermuda has more than our fair share of these personalities.

    • Sara says:

      Note: Article says SMALL portion.

      I don’t think you actually live in Bermuda. If you did you would see all the crazy alcoholics around here on the streets. You would see all of the traffic accidents and deaths associated with this VERY dangerous and physically addictive drink. You would know that the Bermuda song says Bermudians LOVE to drink!!!

      • Bottom Line says:

        Unfortunately Bermuda does not (in reality) have sovereignty over its drug policies and (therefore) laws.  If the US got wind that Bermuda was going to make certain narcotics like dope, cocaine, heroine (and the like), legal (or effectively legal), they would threaten Bermuda with sanction.  Bermuda (again unfortunately) needs to dovetails the USA’s (lousy) drug policies with those of Bermuda if we are to avoid sanction.

      • itwasn't me says:

        what makes me laugh is that some ppl will use any excuse to justify smoking weed by using other bad habits as examples to support their arguments. Both habits are bad.

        • Sara says:

          what makes me laugh is how much crap you assume without one shred of evidence to back up your babble.

        • UncleElvis says:

          If they’re equal, why aren’t they equal in the eyes of the law?

        • King Somner says:

          any habits are bad…..if they control you. when people are educated, first…with knowledge of self, they are less likely to relinquish control.
          thing is…for some people, narcotics are not a habit…but a ritual of spiritual connection, as they were intended to be.

  2. openmind says:

    LOL @ itwasn’t me….. what are you trying to prove with that article? I would say the reaalll SAD part is that Bermuda has too many of these personalities….

    • itwasn't me says:

      yep, never said Alchohol was any better than weed. Only difference is that the illegal one will get you either locked up or up MAWI…..if I had a choice gimme the slurred speech and 2 left feet.

      • Sara says:

        What are you basing people going to MAWI for weed on, your opinion, your ace boy, what really is your basis? Because the article you posted said a small portion, and you are making it sound like a large portion. Your outlook that alcohol only gives you slurred speech and 2 left feet is laughable at best. maybe you should educate yourself on what alcohol actually does to your body when you drink it.

        • itwasn't me says:

          Actually I have done my Homework Sara…..since the gene pool here is not that great, it is possible that a indigenous defective gene carried by 80% of the population can be triggered by smoking weed which can lead to mental illness. Fortunately most people don’t smoke weed.

          • common sense says:

            lmao, you make me laugh, Dr. Seuss. Can you make this Gene Pool study public. If your facts are true, MAWI would have been full, and would have needed to make more tactilities available for the VAST amount of marijuana smokers that inhabit this land, don’t you think. Open your mind, and stop being bullied into believing the Government lies of many Nations, including Bermuda, and think about the difference that decriminalization and availability, of marijuana, and those man-made drugs(lowers disease, and treatment of patients), which came about in country’s whose Governments recently thought otherwise about drug laws.

          • Sara says:

            Oh boy, now I KNOW you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • beacon street says:

        i would have to argue that there are WAY more crazy ruined-life alcoholics in BDA than crazy potheads. a couple of older homeless cats around my way were trying to clean their lives up last year…they quit smoking weed, one who had a cocaine problem even quit smoking crack – but none of them could shake that drink, even with those special pills that make drinking VERY unpleasent!

  3. percival says:

    So he obviously has never heard of marijuana narcosis….damn fool!!! you went wrong by opening your mouth

    • myopinion says:

      I agree – who in their right mind thinks that Bermuda, a country that arrests people for using fowl language, will EVER IN A MILLION YEARS let drugs be legal??! Hilarious!! Delusional!! Get real people. Cussing is illegal but drugs are not? THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

      By the way, calling it “FOOD” – - nearly fell of my chair laughing. Good one!!

  4. sandgrownan says:

    Here we go’s not as bad as alcohol blah blah.

    I think alcohol should be classified as a drink…oh wait.

    • Sara says:

      70% of Bermuda’s road deaths are alcohol related and poor sandgrownman is worried that his chef is high LOL Priorities are all wrong, its laughable it really is.

  5. Terry says:

    It’s the UBP’s fault.

    • common sense says:

      I love Sarcasm, lol not. Its the BDA’s fault, lol

  6. Todd says:

    I think Poison Ivy should be classified as a food….

    • Sara says:

      Poison Ivy is POISON. Are you really comparing something that can KILL you if you eat it to something that has never caused a death? Go on with your intelligent self!

      • itwasn't me says:

        @ Sara – visit MAWI any given weekday. The 8:40 bus from hamilto to MAWI is FULL…..I know at least 7 guys that catch that bus. I used to play football and smoke weed with them several years ago. I stopped, they didn’t.

        • sara says:

          Ahhh, yes right, and I am sure them ending up in MAWI had nothing to do with their home life. I bet they just had a peachy upbringing. Both parents at home, family dinners at home, no arguing, always being reassured they have self worth and always being told how important their education is to them. Daddy saying ” I am proud of you son” Yes, I am sure it was just the weed, nothing else. Moderation is the key to life.

        • Scott says:

          go visit hospital with the smokers?

          or people who got skin cancer from tanning??

          or those that are lactose intolerant, or other food allergies,

          etc etc

          the list can go on of things people do and the very minor number of people who have adverse affects from it. Whether there are a lot of people going to mawi during the day or not, how many are from weed?

          your cause/causality theory is messed up. Just because they go to mawi, and just because they smoked weed, does NOT mean they went to mawi becasue they smoked weed.

          case in point, if of any health related cause (ie not car accident), and you smoked, your death is recorded as a “smoking related death”. doesnt matter that you mashed cheeseburges from breakfast/lunch/dinner with a milkshake, or that you drank to excess every night while having those cigarettes… if you died from illness it is classified as “smoking related”.

          also, the term in the US for “binge drinking” in many places refers to three drinks in a row. not three drinks in 2 minutes, or 3 drinks in three hours, maybe 2 drinks, then pause, 2 drinks, or whatever. have three classes of wine at a fancy dinner? binge drinking. and you get thrown in to the “binge drinking” statistics.

          so just cause you know 7 guys taht catch that full bus in NO way shows that weed should be illegal because it causes psychosis.

          • Sarah says:

            And as a sidenote, it’s never been proven that weed causes psychosis or mental illness…it can be a contributing factor in the development of the disorders in people who already have a predisposition (genetically, usually) to it. Also, people use it to medicate for their mental illness, so it can be a symptom rather than a cause.

            (Not attacking you, just seemed like a relevant place to put this comment.)

            • Scott says:

              hehe yeah sorry… meant to put quotes around the “causes psychosis” to imply it being hypothetical.

      • Todd says:

        Actually…. it might cause a rash, if you are alergic. Reactions vary from person to person. Its natural… God created it, so it must be good for you…. right?

        • sara says:

          No Todd, you CAN die if you eat it and don’t get to the hospital. Touching it and eating it are two VERY different things. Not everything in nature is edible. God created the ones that you can eat and he created the ones that kill you too. Over many thousands of years people have learned what is toxic and most importantly what is NOT toxic. We have our ancestors to thank for this. They did all the work for us and now we want to act like a bunch of idiots and pretend we don’t know anything. Dumb down your society, boy they did such a good job

        • Lineage says:

          Those guys you played football with had to be doing other things when you weren’t around. You was not around them 24 7…Sorry but no one can sit in front of me and convince me that herb will send you MAWI. Ive never heard of anyone going crazy from herb unless their herb was laced.

          • Ian says:

            Exactly. And the odd’s of it being lace are virtually 0%. With the price of weed nowadays, who would pitch in extra money to lace it just to mess with the buyer. If weed causes people to go insane, then why is there not one person I know who smokes weed and goes to MAWI?

  7. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    In the words of Bounty, Ganja me smoke and not coooooke!!!

  8. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    I bet smoking cigarettes is ok though right???

  9. sandgrownan says:

    I did get a chuckle out of “God did not make drugs”

  10. Reality says:

    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA..GOD’S GIFT TO MANKIND…Let’s stop this concept on fooling the society that it is a DRUG…DRUGS are MANMADE…Marijuana IS(not should be) classified as a food, Herb is for the HEALING of our nation, Alcohol is DESTRUCTION. Psalm 104:14 He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man that he may bring forth food out of the earth, also Genesis 1:11 speaks on the “herb yielding SEED”….Free up the herbs and “Excuse me while I light my spliff good God I gotta take a lift”~Bob Marley~

    • sandgrownan says:

      Well that’s a whole bunch of stupid right there.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Using a text of dubious origin that is regularly exposed for what it is, fantasy, is probably not a good tactic when making arguments. The two cherry picked quotes are fundamentally false.

      Now go back to bed and sleep it off.

      • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

        WOW, you really do not like weed at all!! Too bad, cause I bet just about 60% of the people you know smoke weed pimping!!

      • Reality says:

        “two cherry picked quotes” u obviously don’t read the bible! wHEN i DO GO TO SLEEP I will sleep off ya foolish talk and pray for your ignorant so n so…

  11. There's A WAR on EVERYTHING!! says:

    You all sound like the ones that shouldn’t open your mouths!! Clearly you missed the man’s point. All he is saying is that that harsh drug laws are a part of the problem and not the solution. 30 years ago the U.S. declared a war on drugs and guess what, there’s more drugs now than ever before. They declared a war on terror and guess what, “terror” is still rampant. When the U.S. declares a war on anything, they’re usually the ones behind it. All the war on drugs did was to give billions of dollars to multi federal departments and help incarcerate many non violent offenders, hence the prison state that the U.S. finds itself in. Since the war in Afghanistan heroin exports from the country have quadrupled!! It’s not a coincidence!! I think the drug laws should be looked into myself. Marijuana does have medical benefits that can be useful for people, smoking it just probably isn’t the healthiest way to use it, well according to the people that fight to keep it illegal. Do your research and watch Grass: The History of Marijuana and how the elite used Harry Anslinger to change the laws to the current laws that we have now. The sheeple just believe anything that the Government says for gold like they can’t think for themselves!! It’s sickening how a handful of people can influence whole populations in order to fulfill their evil agenda.

    • jason says:

      people would read this and not even admit your right !!! great comment backed up with the article.. for the people that act like they dont want to understand what the article means, should jus do us all a favor and yourselves.the worls would be a much better place if alcohol was illegal and and pot made legal…too many drunks on the island..

      • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

        So right, so right. I bet after reading your comment, not one of those na-sayers will even comment or even acknowledge your statement!.

  12. beacon street says:

    also, I must add that many substances can be used with responsibility and be not so harmful, or can be abused and become harmful. too much weed, too much liquor, too much of anything is NO GOOD. this being said, ALCOHOL is a drug that you can consume until it kills you very easily in one sitting whereas WEED is not – honestly, it is very very unlikely that you will ever consume enough weed to have an “overdose”. But to go and demonize it over alcohol, or to think that it is OK to consume alcohol regularly just cause it’s legal, is pretty flawed logic…in general, substance abuse will lead to you being a burnout.

    • SMH says:

      Thats true but weed is an addiction and it is breaking up a lot of homes. Men spend their money on getting high with weed not cocaine. So even though it doesn’t kill them physically it kills their brain cells. And that kills the families in Bermuda.
      Can people really put an oz of weed on their budget. Wait that comes out 1st like tithes. WOW!!!!!!!!

      • Sara says:

        Um the reason it is so expensive is because it is ILLEGAL. If it were legal, it would be no more expensive than a case of beer. I think you are missing the point of this guys article. And once again I am sorry to inform you that weed doesn’t kill brain cells, another falsehood. I will tell you what kills brain cells ALCOHOL.

      • Ian says:

        Alcohol is breaking up the homes of Bermuda.

        A father comes home drunk = beats his wife and kids/throws up everywhere/etc

        A father comes home high = he either goes to sleep/makes food/watches TV

  13. That_Bermudian_guy says:

    OMG, if people cant control there alcohol intake, what makes you think people would use marijuana responsibly!!!??? Like seriously?? I quote what he said “to sell the controlled drug at cost price,, ((whatever that means)) to ADDICTS!!! I thought we were supposed to help addicts not pay taxes to fuel there addiction!!! O THE PAIN!! WAKE UP BERMUDA… hippy

    • Sara says:

      Once again let me educate you. The reason alcohol is rampantly abused is like cigarettes IT IS PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE. MARIJUANA IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE. It has been proven over and over. That is why you don’t see people DIEING from overdose of pot EVER. The fantasies are wild and imaginative but they are just that FANTASIES. The government has duped you all so sorry.

      • Scott says:

        i thought you cant die from overdose because you pass out first?

      • sandgrownan says:

        Glad you qualified by saying “physically”…we all know it’s emotionally addictive. It’s a cop out.

        • Sara says:

          There is a HUGE difference between physical and emotional addictions. Food, porn, tv, video games, internet, love are also examples of emotional addictions. All are personal choices.

          • sandgrownan says:

            False equivalency is still false.

            • Sara says:

              They are not false equivalencies, once again if you look up stuff for yourself you will find that all of the things I listed can turn into emotional addictions when abused. Once again, moderation is the key to life!

            • Sara says:


              Television addiction is a disorder where the subject has a compulsion to watch television. The compulsion can be extremely difficult to control in many cases. It has many parallels to other forms of addiction, such as addiction to drugs or gambling, which create an altered mental state in the subject.

              • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                OWWWWWWW!! Ya killing sandgrownan!! Seems he needs to get the facts straight before he comments, cause it seems like he is winging it and is mad that others are more enducated on the topic than he is. LOL and trying to use words such as equivalence, thinking that we have no idea what it means!! LOL

              • sandgrownan says:

                Ah..Wikipedia…must be true.

                • Sara says:

                  There are many other sources but I am sure you too lazy to look stuff up like many others on here. You like just say stuff and hope it works out? Look it up then get back to me, until then I will put you in the uneducated that does NOT WANT to be educated box. That’s cool, have a great evening!

                • UncleElvis says:

                  Great argument.

                  Attack the source, not the position.

                  Well done. You’re really raising the bar of debate.

                  You’re better than that.

  14. Lineage says:

    I second that Reality. I’m just curious to know what’s the big deal with society and herb? And u who call it drugs dont you realize that what you are saying was a bad seed that was planted in our past generations heads to think the herb to be a drug? Anyone seen the documentary called “GRASS”? Go check that documentary so as to see for yourself y you are following the suits of calling it a drug. People who smoke cigarettes are smoking drugs and its not the tobacco its the nicotine and thats what keeps you addicted to it. You cannot get addicted to herb unless you lacing it with something OR you using it specifically for something. Moreover it is not a gateway for hard drugs either…that all boils down to choice. People choose to move on to harsher substances, herb cannot make you do that. I guess society isn’t making enough off of Peppermint, Grean Tea and Lemongrass(just to name a few)….herb is no different than the same herbal teas we buy in the grocery store. You can make clothing(hemp), drink it, cook with it and bake with it…can’t do that with man-made drugs.

    Dang tourist season would really boost if herb was legal too….um just saying….

    • bermyshotta says:

      @Lineage – co-sign!

    • There's A WAR on EVERYTHING!! says:

      Co-Sign!! That’s my link on my previous post Grass: The History of Marijuana, a must see!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      OK, so there’s no naturally occuring “herb” that’s addictive? Right.

      • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

        Dude, what u got against weed anyway???? Someone laced ya joint when u was a kid inna????

    • SMH says:

      So why people don’t smoke lemon grass. No one said that you can’t drink weed tea but why do you want to smoke it to get high right. So it changes from being grass to being a drug. Think about it and if you smoke it then meditate on that!

      • Will says:

        Because it’s easier to roll up a splift and burn it than take the time to make weed tea. Plus to make that sort of tea, one needs stems and leaves. If you buy herb you will get stems, as for the leaves you need to grow a plant for that there. Look to be honest, there are many safe ways to ingest weed, vaporizer, cookies, brownies, etc, but the problem is that it is much harder to ingest weed that way when it is illegal. Also the quality of the weed here makes it less than worthwhile to make it into a cookie. Might as well just smoke it. Also if people would like another insight into the Marijuana business and how it works, check out The Union, its a documentury about MJ prohibition.

  15. Sara says:

    Where are my posts bernews?

    • bernews says:

      Sorry! Nothing personal, just each one has to be done manually on my end, so was a brief delay as phone was going off the hook here…


    • sandgrownan says:

      Yeah, becasue we can’t wait for next nugget of wisdom.

  16. Terry says:

    Behind mine…..bwahaaaaaa

  17. Nicki says:

    Food? LOL well alrighty then. I still want to know why people like/want/need to smoke anything including marijuana. Somethings missing from your life, and just so you know I don’t drink alcohol either. Please don’t use that “why do people drink excuse”.

    • Sara says:

      I don’t think you will find an answer to that other than its a personal choice. I would like to know why there are so many fat people in the world and why they can’t stop eating too much food but I don’t think their is a cookie cutter answer for this.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Maybe they got the munchies after smoking some veed

    • UncleElvis says:

      And I want to know why it’s anyone else’s business.

      No excuses needed. Why someone makes a choice is none of your business.

      End of story.

      • sandgrownan says:

        You seem to accept at face value that eating “disorders” are a choice.

        • Sarah says:

          Ohhh no you didn’t. Eating disorders are a psychiatric condition. You CANNOT choose to have a psychiatric condition. They are a DISEASE. Would you accuse someone who has lupus of choosing to have it? No? That’s what I thought.
          End of story.

        • Sara says:

          And YOU seem to ASS U ME that all people that are overweight have an eating disorder! Not true, some do, some don’t. You will learn someday that not everything is so black and white my friend. Just give it some time.

        • UncleElvis says:

          And you seem to accept that putting words in my mouth is ok.

          It’s not.
          My reply was to “Nicki”, not “Sarah”.

    • SMH says:

      Nicki I agree can you people please stop looking at ways to make weed legal.

      Focus on other things please. I would like to see you eat weed. You really
      want to eat it? Well eat it. People that smoke it still smoke it. God did NOT
      put that on this earth to be smoked. Why is that the only plant you smoke if thats
      the case. If you smoke herb you are addicted to it and it is classified as a drug.
      NOT FOOD. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PPL. But on the other hand I can because it kills your
      brain cells. lol lol considered all of your dead!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Sara says:

        SMH, you are wrong, it doesn’t kill brain cells-fact look it up.
        And weed is NOT the only plant you can smoke, hello tobacco anyone?
        You CAN NOT be physically addicted to weed-fact. You are a typical loud, strong, and wrong person. You people make me laugh because you say things with such conviction and it is totally false and incorrect information. Too funny

  18. Sarah says:

    I don’t want to say this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s pretty damn close.

    “God did not make drugs.” LOL

  19. Terry says:

    Sarah…you on drugs? Yah posts will be published once I review them. Simple. Cut and dry.

    Now go too work ( already there) before I run you down with my breathing tube and wheel chair.

    Lord I was having such a great day until some damn spliff came and runied my head.

    They should ban drugs and Pepsi, and chocolate and Green Beans………

    • Sara says:

      Terry, are threatening me? Bernews, is Terry an investigator on here to harass people?
      I thought we lived in democratic society with freedom of speech? I haven’t insulted anyone, I haven’t said anything threatening to anyone, all I have spoken is the truth which is out there for all to see if they care to actually look stuff up instead of spout untruths. And it is Sara not Sarah. You may want to get that right since there are two Sara’s that post here. Good luck to you and have a blessed day!

  20. Terry says:

    You bet yah Sara.Read what you wrote.

    And yes I have control over Bernews, the Bda Sun, The RG, Hott 2011 and I control the Senate and the Lower House.

    Now drug importation? Working on it. But!!!! look at the bright side…..the price of frozen corn has come down and I am working on introducing “Ganja Green Beans”. This product is 99% fat free and comes with a warrenty/guarrenty of 20 years off conviction of not to distribute.

    Call me today. The call is free. 1-800-weedeaters………

    • Sara says:

      I don’t need to read what I wrote because I wrote it!
      You crazy!

  21. Nicki says:

    Ah yes all the excuses I expected to get I did. So now we are comparing fat people(who could be fat for tons of reasons) to people who sit up and smoke a “natural herb” for no valid reason other than to be high because they can’t deal with reality. Most of the potheads I know are pathetic, depressed etc. You have to eat to live. No one needs to smoke. Also marijuana is not natural when rolled up into a joint light and smoked.

    I didn’t say it was my “business” either “Uncle Elvis” I just wanted to hear some answers from the pro-weed campers of why they smoke weed and what they get out of it. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if you were a passenger on a plane and your pilot was high. In fact we should all be high all the time! What a world.

    • Sara says:

      Nicki, you are wrong to ass u me that people wanting weed legal/decriminalized all smoke. That is simply not true. There are so many common sense reasons for this, medical marijuana being one of the biggest. And you little miss perfect have a great day!

    • UncleElvis says:

      More “inserting words into people’s mouths” here… Lovely.

      I am very much for the decriminalization of marijuana, if done right, but I don’t use. I’ve been clean and sober, more or less, for 20 years.

      You say “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if you were a passenger on a plane and your pilot was high. In fact we should all be high all the time!”

      This is just an ad hominem argument, projecting some bizarre motivation on your opponent, based on absolutely nothing, to try to weaken their position.
      No one would ever say anything even remotely like that. Not even the most hard-core smoker.
      But you think it’s ok to accuse me of that because you, based on nothing but anecdotal evidence and these logical fallacies, have a different position.

      Your argument of “…marijuana is not natural when rolled up into a joint light and smoked.” is just bizarre. By this logic, ANYTHING that is not used or taken in in its original state is “not natural”. By this logic, cutting up potatoes and frying them is “not natural”.

      You describe “potheads” as “people who sit up and smoke a “natural herb” for no valid reason other than to be high because they can’t deal with reality.”

      This is nothing but a baseless opinion, not a fact. You have NO evidence of this. None, other than something you made up in your head.
      A statement as strong as “…for no valid reason other than…” needs to be backed up.

      Because I can think of several reasons, VALID reasons, for smoking marijuana.

      1) It relieves stress.
      2) It feels good.
      3) To some, it’s a sacrament of their religion.

      But that’s not something you want to hear. You just want this perfect picture where all “potheads” are “pathetic” and “depressed”, don’tcha?

    • Scott says:

      weird.. most of the pot heads i know love life, and travel all over the world..

      far comparison to the pathetic, depressed people you speak of.

      no one NEEDS to do anything we do for fun really.. no one NEEDS to go to moves, or NEEDS to read a book, or NEEDS to play sports…

      our NEEDS are food, air, water, shelter… and even shelter isnt a life sustaining thing.

      people make choices of what they want to do with themselves… if others dotn like it, they should butt out.

    • Scott says:

      and once again someone askes the asinine question “would you want x person HIGH when they perform y action?”

      how is this relavent? i dont want a drunk pilot either but we dont push for alcohol ban??? why the hell do people seem to think it’d be any different?

  22. Terry says:

    Then re-read Sara.

    “eating disorders”?

    You sure your not from Alaska Sara? That white stuff can have an effect on you…………..bwahaaaaaaaaa

    • Sara says:

      Look Terry, I can’t possibly have half a conversation with you. You don’t speak in full sentences and half the time I don’t get it, sorry.
      I am certainly NOT from Alaska and I don’t like snow!!! Look I know my shit on this topic because guess what, wow I educated myself. If you choose to stick with the propaganda, more power to you. Most people are too lazy to do research, but want to make comments like they know.

      • UncleElvis says:

        Sadly, Sara, you aren’t going to get anywhere with this.

        You’re just the latest target of this man.
        I’d love to say “If you ignore him, he’ll go away”, but it’s just not true, unfortunately.

        It’s the same thing, over and over. He causes trouble, then feigns innocence.
        Then, if you DO ignore him, he escalates the accusations and innuendo, making the most bizarre comments you can think of, baiting you into a flame war.

        Just take a look at his response to any reply to his posts. They’re full of accusations and “You need help” and bizarre, sinister things, with no responsibility taken for his actions.

        The worst part is: If you DO engage him in any way, which he’ll say I’m doing here, in an attempt to goad me into something, he’ll keep on getting worse and worse, making more and more accusations… and the response from everyone will be that you are just as bad as him.

        It’s really sad, but nothing’s going to change, unfortunately.

  23. beacon street says:

    A healthier way to consume cannabis is, actually, to cook it. But this requires larger quantities. If illegality pushes the price up, one could argue that illegality also encourages the more harmful and more economic mode of delivery known as burnin a joint. Nowhere in the world is weed more expensive than in Bermuda, and this need not be the case as it is a plant that literally anyone with half a brain can successfully cultivate for next to nothing. If anyone was free to grow it, the price would no longer put such a burden on so many users and the options for preparation / delivery of the substance would be expanded to include healthier choices than smoking – which I think we can all agree is inherently harmful, no matter what it is that you may choose to smoke.

    • Skeptical says:

      With very large doses, marijuana can cause temporary toxic psychosis. This occurs rarely, and almost always when marijuana is eaten rather than smoked. LOL

      • Skeptical says:

        So if one is to compare the health effects under typical use conditions, tobacco smoking is much more harmful to health. However, if one were to compare the effects on a “per smoke” basis then the two are likely of similar harmfulness, with cannabis having greater adverse psychological effects.

        The human body was not built to inhale smoke of any kind, and whether it’s the result of burning tobacco, cannabis or lettuce, inhalation will cause damage in proportion to the quantity inhaled.

        Read more: – Connect to Better Health

        • Will says:

          Vaporizers are useful way to “smoke” as they don’t burn the weed and turn it into smoke. But hey, people don’t really know that because there is no education about weed and how to consume it in healthy ways.

  24. Sara says:

    Beacon street and skeptical make good points. Of course smoking anything is bad, I am not denying that. I am also not denying that abuse of anything is good for yourself or even society. But when you take a BIG step back and look at the bigger picture, the negative consequences on Bermuda’s society that result from weed being illegal far outweigh the positive results of weed being illegal. Its simple logic really. What is gained? What is lossed? The fact remains that people are willing to risk their lives to distribute this plant. The fact is, and remains there will always be people to buy this plant. Are the draconian measures really neccessary? I mean really?

  25. Cmon, step up your game people says:

    The drug laws needs to be reviewed and amended for no other reason than to save our young people from the absurd repercussions that they face. It is ridiculous that people can be fined $1000.00 for possession of a small amount of weed, and then consider the travel restrictions that they face. These punishments are not an accurate reflection of the crime committed. These drug laws are not serving or protecting the public, they’re doing the exact opposite. It’s time to be honest. It’s time to stop the misinformation. It’s time to address this problem.

    But all of you people who want to quote the Bible, Bob Marley, Sizzla, and whoever else, expect to not be taken seriously. If you want people to seriously consider this subject, you need to be serious about how you present your argument. You can’t blame people, for writing you off as some stereotypical stoner, if you’re gonna make a stereotypical stoner argument.

    It’ really unfortunate. Mr. Gershwyn Smith does more harm than good with his argument. I mean the first question he’s asked, “can I take it, that you’d like to model addiction services along the British way?” Mr. Smith readily admits he doesn’t know about the British way, which tells me he hasn’t done much research, on the idea he’s suggesting. This is exactly the problem. If you want to push for something like this, you have to know what you’re talking about. You have to put the time in, and come back with some cold hard facts. Step up your game before you step up to speak.

  26. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    Wow! 102 comments on this topic is one day.
    Bernews is this a record?

    • Bermyman says:

      It shows how big an issue it is! It shows people are willing to discuss change. Why can our politicians not do this? If I were a politician I would read these arguments on Bernews.

      • Scott says:

        they do read it.. and then bring it up only near election time. Its a “big issue” to us, but that doesn’t mean its a “serious issue” to them unfortunately.

  27. easiersolution says:

    They make a synthetic version of THC, which increases appetite and decreases nausea. The synthetic version does not have all of the side effects that cannabis has and is available by perscription. Obviously this guy has smoked way too much cannabis in his life time. He needs to be institutionalised in some mental institution somewhere.

    The easier solution is to do away with cash, eventually cash will be done away with. If we do away with cash then the dope heads, crack heads, pot heads or whatever you want to call them will not be able to buy the drugs. The dealers will not be able to purchase the supplies because there will be no cash. The sale and misuse of illegal drugs is a cash business.

    Why doesn’t Bermuda take the lead on doing away with cash and then see if we have a country full of people that can’t get a job driving the bus or as a fire fighter because they are too stoned from misusing all of these illegal drugs.

  28. Joe says:

    And here’s my two bits.
    Perhaps Shiloh is not the right person to launch this debate, but it needs to be addressed. A move towards moderating penalties and adopting a more normalized approached to marijuana is long overdue. Let’s skip the arguments -they’ve been done to death. Pot smokers permeate this society -at all levels. These people are not criminals; they are our sisters, brothers, parents, children, friends. Let’s drop the hypocrisy that we are so quick to condemn in other issues, and begin to move forward by creating a modern attitude in our society to deal with an enormous issue which continues to marginalize so many -and which is largely racially inspired (shame on me)-and focus on issues which our society really needs to address. It’s not pot smoking!

  29. John Stratham says:

    Things really fall apart at 4:09 when the Q&A begins. We are a British colony and yet he doesn’t know the British system when asked. To echo Joe’s comment, Shiloh is not the right person to launch this debate.

    • Sara says:

      It doesn’t matter WHO launches the debate, it will always be a case of shoot the messenger instead of listening to the message. There will always be a reason someone is not credible enough to speak on this subject. Bottom line, it’s all a diversion to prevent you from thinking outside the box.

      • Scott says:

        Sara, ya know i support you on this topic normally, but in my opinion, this presentation wasnt a very strong one, and when asked about the birtish system, i cringed when i heard he didnt know.

        If the message is being created by the messenger, then they can be shot down. i wouldnt shoot him down for being a pot head, dread, whatever some people say he is.. but that part of the press release was noticed.

        • Sara says:

          I understand that, I really do. But all over the U.S. there have been experts, law officials, politicians making the case for either medical, decriminalized, or legal marijuana and ALL of them are discredited and accused of being potheads etc. This guy was doing the best he could and he made some good points, but was he perfect, no not at all.

  30. life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

    Is Shiloh serious?

    Romans 14:12
    One man hath faith to eat all things: but he that is weak eateth herbs……I guess Shiloh and a whole leap of others (whole heap) are WEAK.

    They talk bout Ganja is the healing of the nation. The weed did not heal Bob Marley. Must have eaten/smoked the wrong herb. Who knows, the smoking is probably what made him weak/sick in the first place.

    These young men in Bermuda at the age of 11 and younger are smoking weed. Their bodies are not even fully development, let alone their brain.

    Three young men are on their way to school smoking Ganja on a school bus. They are so high they don’t even realize that the bus driver has parked them at the police station.

    In the name of Weed! Are you serious!

    Would smoking weed before school help educate our kids, something that our system is failing to do? Our kids are being destroyed for one thing and that’s a lack of knowledge. We need to educate these kids if we want to give them a good start.

    It’s the mis-education, that’s leading us all down the path of destruction.

    So teach them know whilst their teachable at 2,3, and 4 feet tall or wait to their 5 and 6 feet tall uneducated and ready to do what they have to do to survive because they can’t read or write, therefore can not get a good paying job because ya gwan and legalized it all.

    They should ban the alcohol too, it only messes up our black communities, did you ever notice where they are all placed (In our back yard)!!!!!

    Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.

    • Sara says:

      NOBODY thinks children should be smoking ANYTHING!
      NOBODY calling for decriminalization or legalization thinks that kids should be able to buy it or consume it. Like alcohol, it would be regulated, taxed, restricted by age etc. People get so overly dramatic and assume so much crap it is no wonder why we are so far behind Europe when it comes to drug laws.

  31. carl says:

    It always astonishes me that people with no qualifications whatsoever about medicine and science all of a sudden become these medical experts on how marijuana is a healing medical miracle.And that they have some authority on what drugs are harmless and others that are not.
    One of the craziest things to observe in Bermuda,lots of ppl like this in Bermuda just wish you all would keep your mouths shut and your ignorance to yourself sometimes,and let the people who know best make these decisions.
    Next time you get in this stupid discussion with someone ask them where did they study medicine,then get in the same discussion with any rational minded doctor or scientist ,and you will see the difference.In all honesty no doctor or scientist should really waste there time on this discussion.its really a waste of his or her time.

    • Sara says:

      And who knows best? So, you have to be a doctor to know something that can be researched on your own? Doctors and scientists don’t have all the answers. Let’s not forget who told us margarine(hydrogenated oils) were better for us than butter. Boy was that a big oops.
      The “keep your mouths shut and your ignorance to yourself” aka don’t tell people the truth, keep the propaganda machine going. Don’t forget Carl, we leave in a democratic society with the right to free speech. Sham on you for telling people to keep their mouths shut.

    • UncleElvis says:

      That’s right!

      Unless you’ve done the research yourself, you shouldn’t use it!

      I mean, no doctor or scientist EVER has used other people’s research! They…

      wait… oh… that’s right…

      They do. People use other people’s findings, like, ALL the time.

      I guess it’s only people that have a different position than “carl” who are supposed to keep their mouth shut.

    • Scott says:

      have a read…

      science is not perfect and always needs updating.
      Some of the greatest inventions/discoveries in our history were not made by formal scientists, but by curious, regular people who just wanted to prove/find out something….

      • sandgrownan says:

        But most were.

        • Scott says:

          so were most of the biggest mistakes.

          the point is that to blindly follow what scientists tell us, assuming that non-scientists cannot answer the question themselves, is a bit foolish.

          • sandgrownan says:

            True, but that’s science, it evolves, conclusions are drawn from available evidence.

            • UncleElvis says:

              and “carl” is saying that people who aren’t doctors or scientists shouldn’t cite available evidence.

              Unless, one would assume, he agrees with them. Then anyone can say anything they want.

        • UncleElvis says:

          Not the point. “Carl”‘s stance is that, unless you are a scientist or doctor, your point should be dismissed.

          Regardless of the percentages, the fact that SOME were made by someone other than a scientist or doctor proves “carl”‘s stance incorrect.

  32. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue says:

    Hey Sara,

    Do you smoke weed?

    I was the fastest runner in track, excellent triple jumper (broke records), very good in swimming and cycling, was one of the top students in school, played cricket, and played (back then) 1st division ball at the age of 16. I dropped out of college at the age of 18 and gave up all the sports because of the GANJA.

    I came from a very good home with an excellent mother and father that was married until death do them part.

    From smoking Ganja I started to rebel, dropped out of school, did not want to work (sound familiar).

    When my father had an idea that I was smoking weed and did not want to seek employment, him and my mom packed my bags into one suitcase and promised to kick me out of the house. They gave me two days to straighten up………….


    Today, I am 12 years married, with four kids, own my own business, own my own home and would never go back to smoking that crap or the so called good weed……. (All from working)!

    All my, and I mean all my old friends that continued down that path have been locked up for drugs, murder, some graduated and are now on harder drugs, and I could name five who have been to MAWI (I’m not a doctor, but they believe because of the weed).

    I must say, for you to believe that weed can be regulated is interesting (in your article you reference alcohol being regulated). It would be naive to think that young school children can not obtain alcohol. If anything is sold it can be gotten.

    I will leave you with this comment;

    “I man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”

    Speak Life

    • Scott says:

      Firstly, your list of sports is useless considering the number of professional and olympic athletes who also smoke the drug, but somehow manage to succeed regardless. Your story just sounds the same as anyone who’s gotten too caught up in alcohol, World of warcraft, reality tv shows, online chat rooms, and even eating binges. Just becasue you gave up your life for weed doesnt mean it made you do it..

      secondly, your notion that “It would be naive to think that young school children can not obtain alcohol. If anything is sold it can be gotten.” is also pure rubbish. Children can get it whether it is legal or illegal. If you think that weed being illegal stops children getting it then you yourself are naive. It isnt about stopping children getting it… it’s about making people accountable for children getting it.

      When illegal, you have criminals selling it to children. Not criminals just because they sell, but because that is their mentality. They do not respect the laws, and there is a good chance they commit other (whether minor or major) crimes as well.

      If legal, it would be sold my salesmen who are licensed. The majority of these people (as with alcohol/tobacco) are not criminals… and with the threat that they may be punished for selling to minors, they generally don’t do it. Sure they can still get it.. but the people selling to them will at least think twice before doing so. Those who sell it now just dont care who they sell too…

      • sandgrownan says:

        Not buying it. Did a random sampling of online resources and they are pretty consistent – this pretty much summarises what they say:

        “We can make a strong case for the fact that marijuana is addictive, because a huge number of people are in a pattern where they use moderate to large amounts of the stuff every day. They might not be physically hooked on the drug but they are using it as a crutch, as a coping mechanism for their life. If they have a bad day, they have to smoke marijuana in order to medicate themselves. If they have a good day, they want to smoke in order to celebrate this fact. If they are sick with a cold or the flu, they need to smoke in order to feel better and be able to function.

        People who are psychologically addicted to marijuana tend to let it define all of their activities. Instead of going to see a movie, they need to get high and go to the movie. Instead of going dancing at a club, they need to get high and then go dancing. And so on. Marijuana use tends to define all of their activities. The reason that marijuana is addictive is because people use it to medicate their feelings. This means that they will turn to their drug in order to avoid having to feel uncomfortable. This essentially stunts emotional growth because the person is not learning how to deal with life, deal with new situations, and learning to process their feelings in a healthy way. Instead, they simply medicate with marijuana every time they face a new issue in their life.

        Marijuana is not an innocent substance. When taken, it instantly transforms a person’s mood, in a similar way that alcohol can completely transport a person into a new dimension. In other words, you can be feeling happy, sad, discouraged, upset, angry, or any number of different emotions, but this can all be completely erased by smoking marijuana. The drug can get you so high, so quickly, that any emotional issues you might have been dealing with have been temporarily forgotten.

        And so the addict learns how to medicate their feelings and finds this new way to deal with their life. They can simply get high and feel how they want to feel, when they want it. Anyone who falls into a pattern of using marijuana in this way is arguably addicted to it. Even though they could technically stop at any time, and doing so would not be physically dangerous (as it is with some other substances), they are still hooked on using marijuana as a crutch every day. They have become dependent on the drug in order to deal with their life.”

        • Sara says:

          As I have said before there are so many things one can become emotionally addicted to, your statement hardly gives any merit to the fact that this plant is illegal.
          Example some men become so dependent on porn to get their thrills that it actually messes with their mind to the point that they think all women should be like the women in porn movies. Do all men that watch porn have this happen, no. Face it there are addictive personalities out there that can get addicted to almost anything. The underlying issue is WHY the addictive personality.
          To put everyone in the same category is just ludicrous. Does everyone that drink alcohol become dependent on it and abuse it? Absolutely not. Does that mean then that anyone that drinks alcohol is escaping? Does that mean that one that drinks drinks every day? NO Why do you assume that everyone that smokes marijuana smokes it every day? That is simply not true by a long shot. Whether illegal or legal people will abuse something all the same.

        • UncleElvis says:

          So, by this logic, we should criminalize EVERYTHING that is psychologically addicting.

          Or is it just this one thing that it applies to?

          • sandgrownan says:

            Show me how you are going to ensure people I deal with are not high. Until then..sorry…

            • Sara says:

              That is fine, I just wonder what your true motives are here because I don’t see you demanding on the spot breathalyzers for your drivers, pilots, chefs, etc. It would be fair if you were worried about ALL substances that impair a person, but you’re not you’re picking one substance without any regard for the many others. Do yo expect people to find your question valid or hypocritical?

              • sandgrownan says:

                Actually, I totally support random, on the spot breathalyzers like the ones that exist in the UK. It’s made a huge difference there.
                I support random drug testing too.

                I am worried about all substances that impair and, although you’ve missed that while whining about veed, I would hope most other readers “get it”. The reason I’m worried is because the average man in the street cannot be trusted to act responsibly.

                • Scott says:

                  well..i do agree, random breathalyzers would be great here. i think a lot of people are pushing for that… as well as random drug testing in general.. unfortunately until the politicians get there ass in gear it probaly wont happen.

                  I am not sure about the average man not being trusted though… tough call… most people are definitely responsible enough to handle life… then again, any “legalization” or form of it would definitely create a short term surge in use/abuse, kinda like a kid that finally turns 18.

            • UncleElvis says:

              Wow… nothing like changing the discussion when it gets uncomfortable, eh?

              How do we ensure the people you deal with aren’t drunk?
              How do we ensure the people you deal with aren’t hopped up on prescription drugs?

              For that matter, how do you ensure the people you deal with aren’t high now?

              This is just another specious argument to deflect.

              • sandgrownan says:

                Somewhere else I answered this.

                Well, technology exists for random breathalyser testing at the roadside, on ferries, on construcitons sites etc. It’s easy to tell if someoen is drunk. Do we do enough now? Absolutely not.

                Do we test for misuse pf prescription drugs? No, but we should. I’m not being inconsistent.

                I can’t – it’s tough, but I’d like to know. I think adding another legal “high” into the mix without control is irresponsible.

                • UncleElvis says:

                  How is making it legal “Adding” it?

                  People get high now.

                  How do you ensure they aren’t?

                  I repeat, your question is specious and a deflection.

                  Why are you expecting a double standard?

                  Using this ridiculous argument as a basis for your position without denouncing it everywhere, and then hammering and hammering, as you have in this thread, repeating it over and over, like you’ve won some point, is completely hypocritical and a VERY obvious attempt at an “AHA!” moment.

                  It failed.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    People do get high now and then go out and drive, operate machinary etc. I wish they wouldn’t.

                    Making it legal without controls effectively condones that irresponsible behaviour.

                    It’s not a double standard.

                    • Scott says:

                      but you say it there… “without controls”..

                      the vast majority of people who advocate at legalization or at least debating it mention regulation all the time.

                      i dont know any people (of those that dont quote bibles and reggae songs) who haven’t mentioned regulation and controls.

              • Scott says:

                actually, they are simply the same questions with similar objects thrown in.

                How can you tell the people arent high?
                Well how can you tell they arent now?

                Hint: whatever your answer is to the second, is the answer to the first.

                its not changing the discussion, its helping people to answer their own questions with somethign they already know/do but never think about it.

              • Scott says:

                sorry uncleelvis … i think you were saying the same thign i was… i misread as sarcasm… replies are all gettin confused :P

      • life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

        Scott You obviously don’t understand what you read.

        No more comments to you. CONVINCED AGAINST YA WILL

        • Scott says:

          lol you’ve said this twice now… what did i not understand? explain to me?

      • Skeptical says:

        World Anti-Doping Authority Code and our own Bermuda Council for Drug Free Sports tests very strictly for marijuana use. Especially elite athletes and any athlete that represents their country must be tested before they leave the island, this can be ordered for children 9 years and up. Our young athletes are losing out because of this drug. Can’t participate if positive test for marijuana is registered. can lead to a one year ban for the positive test, even for a young athlete. Marijuana can be made legal but the implications for sports, representing your country and pursuing sports at a higher level could be devastating.

        • Sara says:

          These things are common sense. If someone wants to play sports, they must comply with the rules during the season, simple. And because marijuana is not physically addictive one should be able to abstain if they TRULY want to play the sport. If they don’t comply, well, obviously they don’t care now do they. Do you test for alcohol use? I would say its plausible that because your council is so strict with marijuana, you probably have a lot of drinkers on your squad, not great either. Not saying this is the case, but very possible.

          • Skeptical says:

            It is not just during the season. Athletes are tested throughout the year. Elite athletes can be randomly tested any time of the day, anywhere in the world they are training, competing or living according to WADA. I am writing this in response to the poster above who said: “Firstly, your list of sports is useless considering the number of professional and olympic athletes who also smoke the drug, but somehow manage to succeed regardless” Definitely wrong there…

            • sara says:

              Then I guess they can’t smoke! What is your point here?
              I would think anyone that wanted to be a great athlete would want to abstain from smoking anything while they are training? And if they don’t, well then perhaps they truly don’t care about being a great athlete!

            • Scott says:

              i dont understand how it relates to what i said..

              the poster listed the sports he did, said he quit it all for weed..and somehow he comes out as a victim to marijuana??

              doesnt matter how often they test or what not..not fussed about that.. im saying that there are scores of people that do quite well and still smoke, they just have priorities..and weed is not it. Lack of discipline is nOT the fault of some plant..

    • Sara says:

      Once again and I apologize for the broken record, NOBODY thinks kids should be smoking ANYTHING! Do you understand this? The fact remains that YOU made the poor decisions and had the poor judgment. Don’t blame that on anything but yourself, after all you said you had great parents and you still used poor judgment. Peer pressure maybe? Perhaps the ease of getting your hands on the substance because it was ILLEGAL? Your story does nothing but give credence to regulating/taxing marijuana so that school children have a harder time getting their hands on it. Thank you for making such a good point.

  33. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue says:

    Hey Sara,

    No time for Scott, because it is obvious he does not understand what he reads.

    I’m open minded, and one for reason. Are you suggesting that the Government legalize marijuana and control it. If so, what are your solutions for the following (give me something to think about);

    1.) What do you think the penalty should be if your caught bringing in or growing marijuana after legalization?
    2.) Do you think if marijuana alone is to be legalized, the young men that can not find a job (or simply don’t want a job) will result to selling other harder drugs? What prevents this?
    3.) Would you be able to smoke it in the same places as one is allowed to smoke cigars, tobacco, and cigarettes or only in a certain zone like Amsterdam?
    4.) Could you smoke it on a sports day on school premises like cigarettes or would have to be a certain distance from school zones?
    5.) What will the legal age limit be?

    • Scott says:

      NOt that this is two me.. but my opinions:

      1) what are the penalties for bringing in tobacco/booze? customs duty to a limit? then what? i dont know what he penalties are but i would assume something similar in nature.
      2)Tough call, but i would wonder what makes them sell weed in the first place? If there is more money in harder drugs, why dont they do it now? Is it because weed is easier, and a safer bet? If that opportunity is taken, would they have the willpower to risk harder drugs? Dont know answer, but osmething to think about.
      3) Tough call on that one too. Perhaps it could be limited to home use only? Cant really have it on a normal smoking section because it would affect other smokers.. etc..
      4) who the hell smokes cigarettes on sports day on school premises??? seriously???
      5) probably just 18, just like smoking and drinking.

    • Sara says:

      1)People are allowed to make their own wine and beer for personal use. For personal use only if you grow your own and only a certain number of plants per household

      2)Maybe some will but maybe some won’t. Perhaps instead the government could give these young men jobs in this industry?

      3)This one is tough cause obviously not up to me. But if you want my opinion, I think designated coffee shops(with age restrictions) could work, but I think people would be fine with just doing it in their own homes.

      4)I would NEVER want it in/on a school property as I would not expect alcohol to be allowed in school
      5)21, my opinion only as it is not for me to decide.

      Most of these answers are out of my hands, but those are my opinions. Great questions though!

  34. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue says:

    I would like to be clear that I’m not for legalization, but would like to hear your thoughts.

    • Scott says:

      and even though you think i am convinced against ma will, i am simply trying to get the anti-weed people to give a more informed argument then they do.

      first we hear how its just the way it is.. people need to stop using it and it wont be a problem….

      then we hear anecdotal or urban legend style stories of how 75% of weed smokers that commenters know end up as bums or in MAWI.

      we hear that it will kill you or fry your brain beyond belief

      we hear how all the children will get smoking it

      we hear how road deaths will skyrocket.. more violent fights will occur.. etc..

      all the arguments we hear are based on a few personal experiences, as well as outdated studies and extremely old legislation.

      Hell the best argument i’ve heard from anyone so far is with regards to our relationship with the US if it was legalised.

  35. Ian says:

    So I’m at a party.

    I smoke a joint with a few of my boys. Maybe even eat a few weed cookies baked with cannabutter. We’re laughing, having a good time, relaxed.

    Meanwhile, the other people at the party are stumbling everywhere, passed out in chairs, sleeping on floors and vomiting. Some ride home on their bikes not even looking before exiting the gate.

    Someone please tell me how smoking/ingesting weed recreationally is frowned upon, and drinking yourself stupid until you dont even know the way home is socially accepted?

  36. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue says:

    I hear ya voice Ian.

    Alcohol, I believe, is the gateway drug to many others. No doubt, has destroyed many families. But the weed, my brother ain’t no better.

    Recently, I young man come to share how Belco had turned off his before for the last two weeks because he had not paid his bill. He has a brand new wife and a young baby. I ask him to write down his debt service ratio for me (income vs expense) to try and help him to manage his money. When he finished writing I was straight up and asked ya boy two questions; do you hang out and drink and smoke? Ya boy said his wife drinks and he smokes weed! Are you serious!

    I could give you a lot of examples like that.

    Would you want someone high teaching ya children?
    Do you want ya bus driver high driving ya kid?
    Do you want ya Doctor high while his operating on you?
    Do you want ya politicians high?
    Do you want ya Belco workers high while working on voltage?
    Can you imagine ya police officers high while their figure is on the trigger?
    Do you want your airplane pilot high while flying?

    How do you regulate this, now that it is legal. Hours of non-smoking is between 9am-5pm. Guy smokes a joint at 7am (good weed). Guy is high to 12pm. Is that cool!

    I don’t think so………..

    • Sara says:

      There is no doubt that this is an issue that people are concerned about. But remember worse than being high would be all of these being drunk or strung out on pills! And they don’t give these people breathalyzers or test for prescription drugs. Why don’t they?

      • sandgrownan says:

        Christ, you’re like a petulant child who can’t get her own way.

        B B B But prescription drugs, alcohol….

        • Sara says:

          UM, wasn’t this YOUR article you used to prove your point earlier?

          “Marijuana is not an innocent substance. When taken, it instantly transforms a person’s mood, in a similar way that alcohol can completely transport a person into a new dimension.”

          Sooo, it looks like the article YOU used also compares weed to alcohol, so you may want to think about that.

          • sandgrownan says:

            Yes, it does, but it also goes on to point out major differences. But nice selective cut & pasting.

            However, you still haven’t been able to answer the central question – after legalisation – how do I know that the person i’m dealing with is not high?

            if you can put down your spliff and come out of your narcosis into reality and think about it for a few moments it would be useful.

            • Sara says:

              Man, you love to ass u me don’t you? Another weak and feeble way of saying I just want to argue without substance. And you haven’t answered my question, how can you be sure the person your dealing with isn’t drunk? or high on scrip drugs?
              And I DID say that currently you don’t have a way to test fairly. I said that a few days ago, but maybe you don’t actually read my posts.
              If weed were legal(which will not happen in Bermuda) you could NOT test for one legal substance and not another. Meaning if you tested your employees for weed and it was legal, you would HAVE to test for alcohol consumption, prescription narcotics, etc. You can’t be discriminate in your testing, that would be illogical.

              • sandgrownan says:

                At least I’m arguing without substance.

                Yes you did, and that’s not acceptable. And I fully agree with across the board testing.

                • UncleElvis says:

                  “At least I’m arguing without substance.”

                  No, you’re not, really.

                  You’re avoiding points that contradict yours, then making ad hominem attacks (the “petulant child” post, for example, and the “come out of your narcosis high” one…) when faced with something you don’t like.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    She still hasn’t answered my central argument.

                    • Sara says:

                      You don’t have a credible central argument in my eyes. So let someone else answer

        • Sara says:

          I thought you didn’t believe in Christ?

          • sandgrownan says:

            I don’t. I’m exasperated.

            • Sara says:

              I can’t help that you can’t see the logic in these comparisons. It shows me that you may be a hypocrite. The funny thing is one is physically addictive and one is not. So really the hypocrisy is far beyond ridiculous.

              • sandgrownan says:

                You still won’t answer the central question. Based on the fact that weed/ganja or whatever the f*** else you want to call it alters someone’s mood quickly and often for a period of time afterwards, how it affects their reactions and ability to function and cope with reality, HOW DO I KNOW MY DOCTOR/FERRY DRIVER/BUS DRIVER/MP etc etc is NOT HIGH?

                Until you can answer that effectively, your drive to have “the freedom” to partake recreationally impacts not only MY freedom and safety but that of my children.

                In your childish “look look alcohol blah blah” diatribes you have failed to see that no-one has actually disagreed with your comments about alcohol induced carnage on the roads or the potential for prescription drugs to be misued. On the contrary, this is a public safety issue and needs to be taken extremely seriously. It’s not hypocritical, it’s called responsibility.

                • Sara says:

                  Seriously, did you actually READ my post? I SAID again, THERE IS NO TEST TO TEST FOR LEVELS OF THC in the body!! At this point in time you can’t. What part of this do you not comprehend?? IF pot were legal, and an employer wanted to have his employees clear of pot, he would ALSO have to test for ALL legal substances including alcohol and prescription narcotics. Otherwise, it would be discrimination. The reason you look like a hypocrite is because you raise no concerns about these individuals being under the influence of current legal substances. Just pot, you don’t care about anything else. How do you know that the individuals you currently deal with aren’t high, drunk, doped up? You don’t, are you concerned?

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    I understand that, so tough sh*t….it stays illegal. Which part of that do you not get?

                    I suggest you go away and let adults discuss this, because you clearly cannot read.

                    • UncleElvis says:

                      Why does your opinion matter more, in the larger scheme of things, than others?

                      And why do you keep making personal attacks?

                      Are you THAT unsure of your argument that you feel you have to stoop to that sort of behaviour?

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      Actually, I’m quite sure of my argument.

                    • UncleElvis says:

                      Then why do you keep making ad hominem attacks instead of discussing?

                    • Sara says:

                      First of all “tough stuff it stays illegal” Great now your doctors, lawyers, chefs, bus drivers, POLITICIANS CAN continue to be high without you ever knowing! What does your argument prove again? Oh that if it is legal they can test, but if it is illegal they don’t test? This makes no sense at all. You suggest I go away, not on your life buddy not on your life. I can see you are having trouble keeping up with yourself. Too darn bad. Get over it. Can’t take the heat, well get out the kitchen!

                    • Sandgrownan says:

                      You fail to read and comprehend again. Look at the bottom, one last reply to UE.

                • Scott says:

                  funny.. the only way we know our public transport drivers are drunk is when they actually hit a dock.. lol and then apparently they arent “drunk” because they can still stand.

                  at the end of the day, you can tell if someone is high the same way you can tell they are drunk. sight, sound and smell.

                  How do the states where it is semi-legal deal with it? the US with their medicinal use? Amsterdam? etc? I dont know how they go about these cases, but im sure its not something that has been ignored.

                  i believe you are looking at this in a very microscopic way. there are hundreds of things i dont want people doing when driving busses or planes or teaching my kids, etc etc… but banning an activity over it is grasping at straws.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    In the Netherlands they actually have tougher drug usage legislation, tests, trafficking penalties etc., and they’re getting stronger. Sara would know this if she could read.

                    • Scott says:

                      well then… base the answer to your question off of what you just said then.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      I was kind of hoping someone would suggest this, a proponent of decriminalisation or legalisation, but unfortunately it’s not on their radar.

                    • Sara says:

                      WHY are you asking people a question that YOU have the answer to again? You have spent days asking the same question over and over and over and over, waiting to hear your own answer? Wow!

                • Scott says:

                  at the end of the day, if you do not go in to your doctor with a breathalyser in hand to test him, then you are pulling some pretty petty, hypocritical assumptions that weed will all of a sudden take over these positions.

                  if you cannot simply answer how you know your doctor isnt drunk when you go in, then how can you ask others to propose how you should know if they’re high?

                  no one seems to disagree with the alcohol comments, yet some how are separating the weed and alcohol in any comparison, yet fail to show why they should be seperated.

                  If you show how you know your Dr. is not drunk when you go in, and explain why weed is different, then we can answer your question, but until you can legitimately seperate the two as relates to your question, our one answer should suffice.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    The purpose of random, on the spot tests be they at the roadside or in a place of work ought to catch enough miscreants to create enough of a deterant.

                    That’s how it works. I don’t think you can expect to test every professional every time you interact with them, but I do expect a certain level of comfort.

                    (Drunk is a bad example because that’s pretty easy to detect, a better one might be high on prescription meds..but the point is the same)

                    • Scott says:

                      fair enough. now tell me which of those do we already do random tests for?

                      none. so why do you somehow feel confident at this current time, but you somehow would be afraid of someone being high instead? what changes?

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      None. Sadly. I don’t feel confident at this time, that’s the point and adding something else into the mix isn’t wrong until we sort out detection and penalties.

                      Jesus – I’ve been on hte old Somset ferry when it crashed in Somerset Bridge dock becasue the dude was drunk. Not fun.

                    • UncleElvis says:

                      Actually, for a large number of people, being at the legal limit is NOT easy to detect at all.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      No argument there.

                    • Sara says:

                      Great point, perhaps certain employers should be giving random breathalyzers to their employees. IE Police officers, bus drivers, ferry drivers, taxi drivers, doctors etc.
                      Being that alcohol has never been illegal in Bermuda and people are being killed by drunks on the road, why do you think this hasn’t been done?

                    • Sandgrownan says:

                      The UBP

                    • Sara says:

                      Um, it’s been almost 13 years since PLP in power. I will ask again why in the last 13 years has this not been addressed?

                    • Scott says:

                      the UBP??? are you serious?? drug testing has been proposed a few times in the last decade… with no movement from the govt..

                      we get statements from them about testing, failures, how society is falling apart.. but no movement on their part to do anything about it or even prove themselves as following the rules..

                      how the hell is it the UBP’s fault still??? or is this an alias for terry?

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      No, I’m not terry/rummy or whatever….I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted.

    • Scott says:

      ugh these examples that people give are so useless.

      if they are blowing their money on weed (illegal) and booze ( legal) did you just give him grief over the illegal part? or did you give him grief for both over-expenses?

      Would you want someone drunk/high on painkillers teaching ya children?
      Do you want ya bus driver drunk/high on painkillers driving ya kid?
      Do you want ya Doctor drunk/high on painkillers while his operating on you?
      Do you want ya politicians high? – im sure some are already
      Do you want ya Belco workers drunk/high on painkillers while working on voltage?
      Can you imagine ya police officers drunk/high on painkillerswhile their figure is on the trigger?
      Do you want your airplane pilot drunk/high on painkillers while flying?

      where do you list something that is specific to the illegal drug is question and NOT some other addictive, mind altering substance that they can get anyway? It is illegal to drive a bus drunk, why the hell do you think they’ll do it high instead??

      to be honest life n death, you dont sound so much as arguing against legalization of weed… you sound more like you are using the pitfalls of weed to try to justify another prohibition of alcohol.

      • life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

        Scott, the way you read and write…….

        ARE YOU HIGH NOW?…….. Get off the Ganja my brother……..You simply don’t get it………I don’t want them High on Coc, weed, X, Twelve, painkillers, drunk, dope, herion or anything that alters the state of being.

        Painkillers how weak. If you are on meds, read the label, but judging by the your comments again, you don’t understand what you read.

        Convinced against ya will, of the same opinion still!!!

        • Sara says:

          I will let you know that when people say things like “are you high now” and “get off the ganja brother” these are very weak attempts to discredit people without having to back up your comments or come up with something of substance to say. Basically, it says I don’t know what to say so I am just going to start bashing the individual now. It is a reflection of you.

        • Scott says:

          LOL not convinced against my will, nor am i high (or drunk).

          You simple are assuming that “legalizing” weed will imply that anyone can do it, anywhere, and while doing anything. You seem to be ignoring the point that people make about regulation, as if it would just be a free flowing pot party on the island.

          you are in no way defending your argument.. if you have something smart to say, then buck up and defend it.

          If you have meds, read the label and dont do it when operating machinery. If you like to drink, dont get drunk before you use machinery. why on earth to you assume the same would not apply to marijuana? if you like to smoke (whether it is legal or illegal) do not use it before operating machinery.

          you think just cause it’s illegal means people dont drive/fly/teach high anyway? seriously?

  37. life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

    turned off his power for the last two weeks “Sorry”

    And I ain’t smoking weed! LOL

  38. life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

    finger on trigger

    Ain’t second hand smoke neither. LOL

  39. Sara says:

    I must say this debate is difficult to do properly when folks aren’t educated on the real facts. It is not possible to debate this topic when people base their whole arguments around their opinions. Debaters use facts to back up their arguments, not opinions. And you know what they say about opinions.

    • sandgrownan says:

      You sound like someone of faith.

      • Sara says:

        Are we discussing religion now?

      • Scott says:

        incorrect. People of the faith do not base things on known fact, hence they call it “faith”. they know they cannot prove it.. they simply also no that others cannot disprove it, therefor it is real to them.

        But real to one person, slightly unreal to another, but unreal to another is not a fact, its an opinion or belief.

        • sandgrownan says:

          What I meant by that was when presented with a difficult question, or one that is being avoided, a person of faith would change the paramets of the discussion.

          • UncleElvis says:

            Like you’ve been doing, you mean?

            • sandgrownan says:

              I think I’ve been remarkably consistent…for me!

              • UncleElvis says:

                Not really.

                The personal attacks, the dismissal of ANY point that contradicts your position, the outright refusal to treat your opponent with any sort of respect?

                Actually, that’s been pretty consistent.

                But staying on point in the discussion? Not so much.

                • Sandgrownan says:

                  Ok, last post on this because frankly, I’m bored and need a drink.

                  Whenever there is case like this, the folks who think weed should be decriminalised or legalised come out of the woodwork like roaches from under the closet when the light is turned off. Usually, as evidenced here, the tact is usually “it’s not addictive”, or “people don’t misbehave” followed quickly by the comparison to the legal drug of alcohol. In this thread, we’ve had prescription drugs thrown in for good measure, but it doesn’t matter, the principle is the same.

                  If you bother to read you will see that I haven’t actually taken issue with the relative merits of one drug over another. What I have done is recognise that the legal drug, alcohol, causes tremendous issues in our society and tools to control it’s use are not used or laws adequately enforced.

                  My central argument continues to be, you will legalise a substance that undoubtedly affects behaviour, ability to function and mood without ANY adequate controls. None of the children screaming for legal weed bothered to understand what challenges this would bring, including evidence from the Dutch experience. In fact, none of the proponents in this thread demonstrated any real understanding of the consequence of legalisation. Now, I explained that as a personal safety issue but it would manifest itself in many ways. ANd yet, even by pointing this out, I was still met with the comparison to alcohol as some sort of definitive argument.

                  And here’s the kicker, I really don’t have an issue with weed. It’s just the clowns that let it define their lives.

                  • UncleElvis says:

                    Wow… that was full of EXACTLY what I was talking about…

                    “Ok, last post on this because frankly, I’m bored and need a drink.

                    Whenever there is case like this, the folks who think weed should be decriminalised or legalised come out of the woodwork like roaches from under the closet when the light is turned off.”

                    Firstly, that’s just a rude ad hominem designed to do nothing but cast those who disagree with you in a negative light and adds nothing to the conversation whatsoever.

                    Secondly, the same thing could be said about the folks who think weed should stay illegal.

                    “Usually, as evidenced here, the tact is usually “it’s not addictive”, or “people don’t misbehave” followed quickly by the comparison to the legal drug of alcohol. In this thread, we’ve had prescription drugs thrown in for good measure, but it doesn’t matter, the principle is the same.”

                    Wow. You just have NO interest in reading what people have to say, do you? The evidence of this is the fact that THIS is how you’re painting “the tact” people are taking. You’ve created this whole reality in your head and, quite obviously, nothing anyone says to the contrary will be even considered.
                    To simplify the argument to those two points shows a complete lack of comprehension of people’s points.

                    “If you bother to read you will see that I haven’t actually taken issue with the relative merits of one drug over another. What I have done is recognise that the legal drug, alcohol, causes tremendous issues in our society and tools to control it’s use are not used or laws adequately enforced.”

                    I’m the one reading. You’re the one ignoring people’s points.
                    You’ve raised comparisons to alcohol (which I thought was bad, based on the previous bit, but I guess that ol’ double standard raises its ugly head again), but not once called for it to be made illegal. In fact, at the beginning of the post, you condoned its use!
                    Can’t you see the hypocrisy in that?
                    Why is it ok for you to drink and not ok for someone else to smoke pot?
                    Because it can’t be monitored? Well, that’s obviously not a reason to make or keep something illegal.
                    All of your points apply to alcohol, as you admit, yet you have no problem with alcohol being legal.

                    Another double standard.

                    “My central argument continues to be, you will legalise a substance that undoubtedly affects behaviour, ability to function and mood without ANY adequate controls.”

                    And the precedent is already there. Why is one ok and the other not?

                    “None of the children screaming for legal weed bothered to understand what challenges this would bring, including evidence from the Dutch experience.”

                    I turned 42 today. Hardly a child, but thank you.

                    Also, this language? Just another ad hominem.

                    “In fact, none of the proponents in this thread demonstrated any real understanding of the consequence of legalisation. Now, I explained that as a personal safety issue but it would manifest itself in many ways. ANd yet, even by pointing this out, I was still met with the comparison to alcohol as some sort of definitive argument.”

                    Because there IS a comparison and a double standard.
                    Why are you ok with it when it’s booze, but not when it’s pot?
                    You explained A personal safety issue, but evaded and deflected when it was pointed out that this issue already exists and that keeping it illegal isn’t going to make it go away.

                    “And here’s the kicker, I really don’t have an issue with weed. It’s just the clowns that let it define their lives.”

                    Why is that a reason to keep it illegal and not alcohol?
                    Why is “clowns that let it define their lives” valid support for your position, but not for the pro-decriminalization folks?

                  • Sara says:

                    “It’s just the clowns that let it define their lives.
                    Reply ” LMAO, as if you know anything about anyone.
                    To call someone a clown, but yet you don’ personally know them? Wow, that’s big of you.

                  • Scott says:

                    firstly, you’re last line pretty much sums up a lot. you havent been reading. A LOT of people admit that it can control lives, but we also point out that a LOT of things control lives, and ANYTHING that controls lives is not good, but it does not mean it should be banned because of it.

                    second, from what you’ve been saying all along, and what you’ve just written, it seems to me you should spend more time in a “we dont enforce alcohol laws” forum, then you should a “legalize weed” forum. you’ve spent more time saying we shouldnt do it because we cant control booze (my opinion differs on that too tho), and really you should be putting your efforts into bumping up what you consider a lack of enforcement of alcohol. This is not the thread for that though.

  40. Terry says:

    Absolutely Sara.

    Were all intitled too them.

    • Sara says:

      Of course, but if someone asks you “what color is your apple”? And it is a red apple, but you say insist it is green, does your opinion have any merit? No.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Does if you’re colour blind.

        • Sara says:

          Yes, of course. Bad example of colors, but I think you get my point.

        • Scott says:

          actually.. perhaps not a bad example sara…

          this is actually an interesting point.. and a tangent that could be made relevant…

          taking a break from the current lonnnnng thread… i ask, what defines color?

          Some would say it is the specific molecular surface of the item, and how it absorbs/reflects light rays…

          Others would say that it is how the eye/brain detects and interprets that light that has been reflected from a surface.

          Personally, i think it is the first..
          your thoughts? discuss!

  41. Terry says:

    have to agree with Scott on this one, or do I.

    Ok. I’m sitting here smoking a joint. Fact is, I feel differant from when I have a beer or Rum. Now is that fact or faith in the chemicals that enter my body.

    But officer…..I was just sitting here on the wall and you came and arrested me. Why. Why did you do that when you know that I am a believer and have ‘faith’. It was not mine, whatever you have in your hand.

    Whats your name son.

    “Harry Pot”….er…well….have faith man.

  42. Terry says:

    Who moves the goal posts more than the man in the blue suede shoes.

  43. Terry says:

    Well not trying to go off subject but what are you talking about Elvis. What lie/lies. Enlighten us all.

    • UncleElvis says:

      That’s what I thought. Just another “Rummy-ism”, trying to cause trouble.

      Accusing me of “moving the goal posts”, then deflecting when asked about it.


  44. Just back from school says:

    So I have been following this thread and figured i would drop a line. There has been a lot of debate, mostly just opinions being thrown around. The fact why marijuana is kept illegal in most places is mainly because of $$$. If it were to be legalized a lot of companies would be put out of business. Hemp is one of the most versatile plants we have. We can make tons of things from paper to soap or clothes and the fact that it is a weed make it so much easier to cultivate. Harvest times are short and the yields are high. Many businesses will be in trouble if this happens.

    On the other side of the spectrum which most of you are discussing is the “drug” debate, what has been said already is true. Weed just like food, sex, video games etc. can all be emotionally addictive, but not everyone will obv. have this reaction so therefore we cannot stamp marijuana with such a statement when this is not the case. The caffeine in your morning coffee or the nicotine in your lunch break smoke or even the glass of wine at dinner are all most physically addicting that smoking marijuana. If you are a person of priorities then you will not have this problem.

    With that said the fact remains that if you legalize marijuana it will for a fact take the money out of drug dealers hands and right back into our economy (positive effect). Having limitations and restrictions will have more control on the substance and the gov. will be able to monitor its consumption (positive effect). With it being legal we can then make laws on how it can be used, just like ciggs, and alcohol (positive effect).

    For the questions put forth by “Life and Death is in the power of the tongue”

    1. The penalty for importing marijuana ILLEGALLY would still be high. They would not have a licence in the first place to sell it and therefore should not have the right to import it. The whole point of this debate is so that it is controlled.
    2. The reason why many people sell marijuana is because it is easy. Most of my friends from primary school ended up doing it because it was easy money and didn’t require much effort. Not because they were dumb. just lazy. With that said no one will buy weed from them because the gov. price will obv be lower and will drive them out of business and they would move on n get a real job. Who wants to work when u can make a 1000$ a day doing nothing but selling weed for a few hrs.
    3. Smoking will def be controlled as well. The same way you cannot drink in the street or get drunk at your kids sports day then you will not be able to smoke there either. You would have to smoke in private or at a designated spot (cafe etc.)
    4 & 5. Smoking will have an age limit just as does alcohol. the age limit is set at 18 because at that age you should be able to make your own responsible decisions, although i know that is not always the case. You would have to apply to get a card to buy marijuana from designated controlled retailers. This way all of your information will be on file and anything can be traced back to you and being underage will not fly as you will have to show your photo ID etc.

    With these things set in motion I think THE OVERALL outcome would be better. I’m not saying people won’t abuse marijuana but those certain people will abuse anything, Speeding, drinking, fighting….the list goes on. But the fact remains that people are going to use it regardless so why not control it, let the economy benefit from it ($), and decrease crime and drug trafficking from it. Makes sense to me. Not talking from emotions, but from logic and reasoning.

    Just my two cents.

    • beacon street says:

      my thoughts exactly. i don’t smoke herb now, but it didn’t stop me from getting my GCSEs, APs, BA and MA. for me the decision to stop was easy to make and stick with, and it was more due to a loss of interest in smoking than any alarm at my own state of health or mind, which i’d like to think are both pretty good. at the same time, others could not handle it – but of my generation there were also those who couldn’t handle alcohol, and who couldn’t handle video games, to name a couple of things, both with similar negative consequences. in fact, these were often the same people – i guess some just have addictive personalities, and will become dependent upon whatever may be available to them. but for every one of these people, there were many more who could handle their substances / emotionally addictive pastimes. i feel that the level of control over cannabis that legalization would bestow and the potential for government income, coupled with the reduction of possibilities for criminality that its illegality currently enables, justify a case for a re-think of our government’s drug policy. also, i am willing to vouch that there are a fair number of people whose only gripe with the police is the illegality of cannabis. stop criminalizing them, and people might take a more positive view of law enforcement. me, i’m all for harsher laws against the truly destructive hard drugs – but some people protect folks who sell these drugs, or at least turn a blind eye – just ’cause they’re the same people who link them with herb. also, i might add that you don’t see carousel liquor going down the road to shoot up gosling’s shopfront. just sayin’…

  45. Terry says:

    What lies Elvis. You said I tell lies. What lies. If anyone is deflecting, it is you. What lies.

  46. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue says:


    Just back from school. I appreciate ya two cents. Not quite sure you answered #2 though?

    If weed (only) is know legal. What prevents the young men who simply do not want or can not find a job to sell harder drugs? They have to survive, they just will result to selling other substances. What are your thoughts on this?

    Do you think Bermuda should become like Amsterdam, take Paget island (or Something) and legalize all the drugs? This may kill the drug trade completely. They (The Gov) would know everyone that is on drugs and can possibly put a 10 year program in place to help people with their addictions. I may not be for this, but what are your thoughts?

    Do you find it interesting how they would build the Prisons bigger, Mawi bigger, Police court house bigger, Hospital bigger (mind you they might need this), but with education they keep our people ignorant and don’t put no money into that! Interesting…….

    • Just back from school says:

      Hey sorry if i didn’t expand on it. Didn’t want to go on too long lol.

      But yea it would be somewhat how u explained…kind of.

      The thing about hard drugs is that it is a lot harder to control. Most people can’t smoke crack n still function the same way as a person who smoked a lil joint. I used to smoke as well but its way too expensive here to do be doing it so I just stopped (also mind that i never had a problem getting work done and smoking – again priorities). If i were smoking crack or heroin etc. that would be almost impossible to do on my own. Most people are not even supportive of hard drugs because they ruin a lot of peoples lives. It is hard for addicts to be a participating member of society.

      To give you my answer to your question, it wouldn’t be a legal free-for-all at paget island, this would be too chaotic. What should happen is if you are addicted to hard drugs you can buy them from a rehab center for cheap (again cheaper than the street price) but with that said you will be checked into rehab along with it and given a plan to try and get you to quit. Obviously you cannot quit hard drugs cold turkey so most people will need help….rehab. The cost of this rehab can even be paid for by the revenue generated through marijuana sales, or even just the taxing on it alone. This will help keep the money off the streets while setting up positive programs to turn addicts clean. A lot of drug addicts do not want to be addicted but they see no other choice and have such a strong urge to use so they sometimes have to even do criminal acts just to get the money to use….this plan that I have suggested will stop that while also keeping drug dealers to a minimum and also help addicts recover.

    • Sara says:

      IF weed were ever made legal in Bermuda, it would create a whole new industry here and these young men could be very successful in it, provided our government doesn’t outsource the industry.

    • Sara says:

      Let’s be clear that if someone does not WANT a job, they will always be looking for easy money, no matter what that may be. i.e. selling drugs, illegal dvds/video games, prostitution, steroids, gambling, etc. So, unless they actually find something legal they are passionate enough about and can make money at, they will probably continue looking for ways to make quick easy money.

  47. Sara says:

    another interesting read

  48. Terry says:

    Spot on Sara.

    This would give a new meaning to the


  49. Kyle says:

    I’ve done both marijuana and alcohol. Alcohol is a far more dangerous, addictive drug, but it’s legal.

    A couple FACTS for you:

    Marijuana is the main source of capital for the gangs in Bermuda.

    The capital produced from the sale of marijuana funds the majority of illegal firearms in Bermuda.

    And for those people who want to uphold the law because the law is always right:

    Do you remember when slavery was legal?

    And I know that I’ve been somewhat subtle, but if you don’t get any of the points that I’m making, you’re not worth a response.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Comparing the legalisation of weed to slavery is retarded. You might as well compare Ewart Brown to Nelson Mandela.

      • UncleElvis says:

        You really just put the blinders on when it comes to this subject, don’t you?

        He was referring to a specific argument people use and had a valid point.

        Folks that oppose the decriminalization of marijuana simply because it’s illegal need to be reminded that laws HAVE to change when society grows up.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          That’s not why I oppose it, as you already know, it’s a crap analogy.

          • UncleElvis says:

            I missed the bit where he mentioned you personally. Care to point that out?

            He didn’t mention you or even reference you.

            He was very specific.

            He said “And for those people who want to uphold the law because the law is always right:”

            You’ve never taken this stance, that I’ve seen.

            Therefore, he’s not talking about you.

            However, there ARE people out there that DO take that stance and, while extreme, his point is very valid.

  50. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue says:

    Hey Sara, this is an interesting read too!

    • UncleElvis says:

      Just a question, “Life and Death is in the power of the tongue”:

      Did you read the page you linked to?

      Here’s the cut and paste…


      Written by: Wendy Moelker, Psychologist in charge, tutor, Emergis center for mental health care, Goes, the Netherlands.
      First version: 22 Jul 2008. Latest revision: 01 Dec 2008.
      What are the negative effects of long-term use of cannabis/hashish/marijuana?

      Smoking one or more joints a day during a year or longer is considered long-term use. However, this varies from researcher to researcher.

      The health risks of this long-term use are:

      * In some cases high quantity users can experience feelings of anxiety, depression and be seriously unwell.

      As can alcohol. One’s legal, the other not. Why is that ok?

      * Cannabis influences driving ability.

      So does alcohol. Or caffeine. Both are legal. Why is this ok?

      * Smoking cannabis causes carcinogens to enter the body.

      So does smoking tobacco. One’s legal, the other not.

      * During pregnancy, cannabis can have negative consequences for the fetus.

      So can alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, dying your hair, etc. etc.
      They are legal, cannabis isn’t. How is that ok?

      * Long-term use of cannabis may affect thinking, emotions and feelings.

      Same with alcohol.

      * In some cases, long-term use of cannabis can lead to dependence and abuse.

      Um… seeing a trend here? I’m 8 months off of cigarettes. They’re legal.

      * Cannabis can provoke a psychosis in people who are sensitive to it.

      So can a myriad of other things, and they are legal.

      * Some researchers are of the opinion that:
      * Cannabis is a first step to the use of hard drugs.

      Bullshit. Alcohol is the first step, a vast majority of the time. Look it up.

      * Cannabis has negative effects on the immune system.

      As does alcohol, tobacco, blah blah blah.

      * Cannabis influences fertility.


      * Cannabis causes schizophrenia.

      I notice they don’t provide links… interesting, that.

      * Cannabis leads to apathy and loss of interest.

      Now we’re just moving into abstracts…

      * Cannabis can cause anger, especially when trying to stop using Cananabis.

      First off, Cannabis isn’t causing the anger. Lack of cannabis is.
      Secondly, coming off of ANY addiction causes anger. And depression. And general crappiness.

      That whole page is baseless scaremongering with NOTHING backing it up.

      Nothing at all.

      You know how I know? THIS is the last line:

      “However, there is no proof for these statements.”

      Try again. There ARE better resources out there, showing the REAL dangers of cannabis, not just the boogie man version.

  51. Terry says:

    Good one Kyle. But will others get your drift?

  52. SJS says:

    Shut UbP. Go away BDA. Let the sheePLP govern the way they may.

    There is no way forward.

    Look to Eygpt.

    Or look to independant candidates.

    My brothers and sisters, we have been in a crisis for a while, and it looks grim.

    Why haven’t,

    “Anti corruption legislation”


    “Whistle blower legislation”

    Been at the fore of all our social “concience”. It’s a moral issue, it’s Sunday, either you want to regain your soul, or, you have destined yourself not to lie down in green pastures..

    It’s up to all of us to decide.

    These controls would put an end to the “powers that be”, who control this illicit drug trade.

    So, you will never see them, except for some watered down version, many, many moons from now.


  53. Sara says:

    Heard a statistic this morning on the radio.
    Alcohol related deaths per year worldwide= 2.5 million! Unbelievable!