Man Arrested In Connection With Double Murder

January 24, 2013

The Police have just confirmed that a 21 year old Sandys man was arrested at 4pm today [Jan 24] in connection with last night’s double murder, which claimed the lives of 34-year-old Haile “Star Child” Outerbridge and 25-year-old Rico Furbert.

The two men were chased into Belvin’s Variety Store on Happy Valley Road in Pembroke at around 9pm, where the gunman fired multiple times. The police released three CCTV images of the shooter [one below], with the Police Commissioner saying he hopes it will assist in bringing the shooter to justice.


Speaking today, the police said: “The enquiry team is anxious to speak with anyone in the Curving Avenue, Happy Valley Road area between 8:50pm & 9:10pm that may have seen a group of men travelling on 2 – 3 motorcycles.

“These men would have travelled from Curving Avenue onto Happy Valley Road, and following the shooting at about 9:04pm, they travelled east along Happy Valley Road in the direction of Shelton Road, Deepdale, or Montpelier Road.

“One of the men in the convoy of three bikes is known to have chased one of the victims into the store. The gunman [as seen in photo provided] is wearing a full face black crash helmet with a tinted visor, and a full length blue rain suit.

The investigation continues, and anyone with any information is asked to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 & 247-1340 or on the confidential & independent Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Please Leave Politics says:

    Good job BPS! Nice that you guys are out there doing the hard work! Hopefully you have the right guy, or at least this arrest provides other leads! Then courts… do your part!

    • Rebel says:

      Good job BPS?! the police is only going by what people are telling them. it’s good that people do come forward but without that the police just sit back and wait. they need to do more. it’s almost like they are waiting until a white person or a cop gets shot, then is when we will see some action. my condolences to all families affected.


      • Whatever..... says:

        To Rebel (without a clue). How are you going to end your message with PEACE when obviously you have NO PEACE in you. Get over the race issue and maybe this island would be better.


      • .am says:

        This isn’t an episode of CSI where they can magically enlarge jumpy CCTV footage and identify the dirt underneath the persons nails or perform a retina scan because their eye was reflected in their visor.

        How exactly would you go about identifying someone covered from head to toe ..with a helmet on? Seriously. All ears.

        All the police have is the word of the people. Without that, there is nothing.

        Complete aside: does anyone know the door set up in there? Electronic? Swing both ways?

    • Black Jesus says:

      There shall be no peace until Jesus returns. The BIble says so!

      • Black Jesus says:

        Let us all pray for Jesus to return soon.

        • AlexisWright says:

          LMAO!!!! Too funny. It’s scary people actually believe this…

          • Black Jesus says:

            I don’t see anything funny Alexis. Do u see peace coming any time sooner? Violence and murder is not just happening in Bermuda, it’s happening all around the world, and sadly it’s only going to get worse. Mankind have FAILED to bring peace. Don’t just take my word for it; look around and see for yourself. If u have the solution to the violence, lets hear it.. if not, go stand in the corner and face the wall.

  2. Madame says:

    Good job BPS…

  3. Bianca Devereaux says:

    Thank God. I pray that the perpetrator/s of this heinous crime be brought to justice to the fullest extent of the law. I pray for the family and friends of the victims. May God be with you all.

  4. Honestly says:

    Great work BPS and hopefully the public who are sick of being sick and tired. Now let the justice system work in favor of the 2 families in mourning.

  5. sugra says:

    Well done BPS.

  6. Second says:

    Excellent work BPS. This is just the beginning. Whoever can help the BPS to strengthen their case PLEASE do so. Such evil needs to be removed from the community for good!

  7. Catch 22 says:

    now HANG HIM if proven guilty

  8. Nok says:

    Great to hear

  9. DAB says:

    Free my baby. Can’t keep α real n*&^% down

    • Mr. Happy says:

      Free my baby? How does it feel to have such low self esteem that you have to associate with scum of the earth. Thats the best you can do, apparently. Good luck trying to have any success in your sad, pathetic life.

    • Observant says:

      OMG…you have GOT to be joking. Attitudes like that make you part of the problem.

    • Andrew Wilson says:

      DAB, you deserve the miserable life you have. God you make me sick.

    • BOBtheBUILDER says:

      all real n^&^%$ die. r.i.p. ricco.
      Bless up real n&^%$. cousin. fam. stay strong family!!!!!

      • Serious Though says:

        No all real n^&^%$ , die a free men, at Gods will, not by bullet! Wrong altitude …. Wake up.

    • Bianca Devereaux says:

      Sometimes I read the comments under murders on these blogs and am floored at the defense of the alleged perpetrators. But I really can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. Comments like these really show the mindset of a segment of our community, and clearly, without a doubt, explains why these men behave the way they do.

      If my husband, brother, father, cousin, or friend was being held by the police for questioning in regard to a murder, or even charged with murder (let alone a double murder), the last thing I would do is defend them on a blog. Do you not realize the severity of what has happened? People have lost their lives. Blood was shed, two families will not see their loved ones again. Have you become so desensitized and brainwashed by the excitment and “glitz and glamour” of this so called “gang lifestyle” that you have no respect for human life???

      If the person being held is truly innocent, then justice will prevail and they will be released. Please, show some respect for the victims and their families.

      And if any of the guys involved in this gang lifestyle are reading these comments, I want to say this to you: There is so much more to life than drugs, violence, fast women, money, and killing. You can do so much more with your lives than this. I don’t know why you choose to do what you do, but I beg of you to think about the life you are choosing to lead, think of the families that are being hurt, think of the community that is being torn apart by your actions. Think about your children, younger siblings & family members, etc. and the example you are setting for them. *sigh* I don’t even know what else to say… I will just pray for you all, and for peace on this island.

      • Soooooo says:

        Bianca… So true… I can assure you if my kids were involved in this I would be the one dragging them by the ear to the police station…. And they know it!!!!

        Parents, aunts, uncles need to stop protecting these thugs, sooner or later their actions will end up effecting their whole family.

      • boots says:

        Thank you, you are so right.
        This is so sad.
        Parents are mourning and maybe some of us parents need to know what is going on with our children, especially if they are in our homes.
        Remember this is not about the cowardley killers or the ones that have died. This is about their children’s future and the future of all their offsprings.
        We all only have one life to live. Please let us try and live it in PEACE FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

    • Secret Troop says:


    • REAL TALK says:

      I feel you the BPS are hopeless…. If u look at the pic from last nights shooting n go back n look at the ass that came out Woodys last year, you could clearly see some very simalar stuff. Like a full royal blue rain suit duh…. I was out Woodys last night n the Sandys man they have taken into custody was there HELLO!!!! Good job BPS???? What effen ever….

      • @ Real Talk says:

        I hope they can get the cameras from Woodys to prove that the person you are referring to was actually there around the time of the shootings..

      • @ REAL TALK – So you must have an inside scoop as to who has been arrested with regard to this shooting.

        I pray that nothing happens to you or your family and the “hopeless” BPS has to come to assit you.

        Do you have the balls to go into the BPS and vouch for that person?

        • REAL TALK says:

          Your damn right I have the balls.. But I also have the balls to let the BPS know that they don’t know what the hell they are doing ( and that was to their face). All they do after a murder is arrest anybody to please people like you n try to make it seem like they know what they are doing…..FYI the person who was arrested has already been RELEASED!!!!! Take your head out the gutter cause you n most of BDA are so blind n believe everything u read in the papers.

          • @ REAL TALK – Wow what a response! You must definitely have an inside scoop since you have stated that the person arrested has been released but yet the media says the person is still in custody. Anyway, as stated earlier I hope you won’t needthe “hopeless” BPS to assist you for anything. i.e. car accident, robbery, etc. You have a nice day.

            • REAL TALK says:

              I sleep good at night Mr Holmes n I will never call on the BPS 4 help believe me.I don’t trust them no way….

              • REAL TALK says:

                Mr Holmes 1 more thing. They arrested 2 Sandys men n they have both been RELEASED!!! REAL TALK…..

                • SINGLE MOM says:

                  Real talk you are a damn fool..and it sounds too me like you may be rappin the coward that did this shooting..but as it was said earlier..I hope that you don’t have too call on the BPS for n e thing…but until it hits your family…a close friend..etc…thenyou’ll walk in some of these families shoes…so sad ..anotheridiot added too society!!

          • SINGLE MOM says:

            Real talk you are a damn fool..and it sounds too me like you may be rappin the coward that did this shooting..but as it was said earlier..I hope that you don’t have too call on the BPS for n e thing…but until it hits your family…a close friend..etc…thenyou’ll walk in some of these families shoes…so sad ..anotheridiot added too society!!

      • Logic76 says:

        By this logic owning a royal blue rain suit means one has committed these crimes. Use your head.

    • Serious Though says:

      U r kidding? And Who is a real n*&^%? .????

      Answer, educated, self respecting, family , God fearing, understanding, like Martin Luther King!

    • Bermydrew says:

      Real!!!! U want real? Send his associates to Turkey! They really know how to deal with law breakers!!!!!

    • News boy says:

      I hope he gets locked up for life, I mean people who are in possession of drugs get locked up longer than murderers here and he may have taken TWO lives, they should take his.

    • Whatever..... says:

      DAB……..If you read anyones comments, please let it be mine. If you are in a relationship with this n!^%a, then you need to understand that he will never change and you will never have a good life. I feel bad for you. You need the right guidance. TURN HIS EFFIN A$$ IN!!! Don’t be gullable all your life. He doesn’t respect LIFE – what makes you think he respects yours. You might be next.

    • FAN says:

      you my dear are stupidity Personafied

    • REALLY THO!? says:

      please lay down :| you ain’t right. THIS N%%^A EVERYONE’S BABY. you just one of many boo :*

    • Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

      Your screen name DAB must stand for Dopey Ass B$%ch.

      Pls post this Bernews

  10. What is going on? says:

    Need to consider sending them off island….. don’t put them up there with their ace boys. Give them nothing to smile about.

    • Mr. Happy says:

      Yes, I’m sure Haiti or Jamaica would love to take our money to house these sub humans. And it would probably cost us a LOT less.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Good job. Now lets see if the courts let us down….AGAIN.

  12. Claudio says:

    Until I see a charge I am not getting my hopes up.

  13. Benfiquista12 says:

    whoever did this is a coward and a disgrace to this island so sad what happened my condolences go to the 2 families.

  14. ice says:

    DAB I will pray u for the company that you keep cause you need it.I hope your Mom knows what type of company you keep if she does she needs a cut ass too.justsaying

    • DAB says:

      You sound mad though. Stay that way

      • Mr. Happy says:

        Loser. Straighten up and GROW up.

      • Young Lady says:

        AND YOU SOUND STUPID! MAD? TWO PEOPLE ARE DEAD AND YOU ARE ON HERE TALKIN YOUR CRAP! Only groupies have that brainwashed attitude like they can’t tell the difference between what is right and wrong. GROW UP OR SHUT UP!

      • Ms. Smith says:

        DAB let me guess that must stand for DUMB A#% B%^CH… You can hide behind your name for now.

      • DAB ya deal with p—- a– fake n—-s who hide behind masks !!! go figure !

      • Serious Though says:

        Are you happy? And how? Share..

      • RME says:

        DAB – And you sound dumb and desperate. You gonna stay that way?

      • Don't judge me clarke says:

        Go suck yourself DAP you are clearly a dumb ass you must be from country don’t worry y’all soon get what you deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • REALLY THO!? says:

        DAB lay down & stay down.

      • SINGLE MOM says:

        @ DAB…If I knew who you were personally…I would—–!! Wtf is wrong with you dumb a#s b%^$#!! Are you that unhappy with your life you have too get mixed up with fools like him!! It’s not the first time he has been up on criminal charges…so if you ask me being accused of something like this once ….is too damn much!! But this lil wanna be thug was arrested on a double murder charge …so obviously this is the kinda lifestyle he lives…and more obvious that these are the kinda men you like…well more power too you…and being that you love him soo much..if he goes down I hope he takes you with him…lucky you ain’t my daughter…!! Get wise …and leave trouble before it finds you#umjestsayin

  15. SURE says:

    I wonder if they will put up a picture like they did for Wolde!!!

  16. Show me your friends... says:

    Blue rain suit – is this standard uniform for assasins? Could this be same Woody’s gunman?

    • Debbie 2 says:

      As a middle aged Bermudian black woman, my heart sank when I heard of two more murders. Come on black man, stop doing this to each other. What is this…WHY, WHY, WHY!!! I cried today! I am so sick and tired of my people doing this to themselves!

  17. COB says:

    Good Job BPS,
    I agree, send them to one of those hard prisons,oh! and make sure their
    pants are hanging below their butt. They will soon find out the reason for wearing their pants like that:!!
    Wham Bam Thank You Boy!!!!!!

    Great Job BPS I sure hope and pray you have the right person: Thumbs Up!!!

  18. COB says:

    Bernews: Excellant Job!!

  19. COB says:

    OMG has anyone examined this photo real close check the hands is that pink paint: my eyes are deceiving me What Color Are Those Hands>hmmmmmmmm

    • roundemup says:


    • .am says:

      The floor is making his hand, by comparison, lighter than it might actually be. However, if you compare it to much lighter surfaces it will appear much darker.

      The easiest thing to do would be to take any suspect into the same area and under the same lighting conditions and compare footage side by side.

      As an aside: there are enough points of reference in the footage to get a fairly accurate idea of how tall the shooter was/build (shoulder to shoulder)/and even shoe size.

    • FAN says:

      i highly doubt that anyone would handle a gun bare handed!!! they arent that stupid

  20. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Hope it’s the right Bie.

  21. roundemup says:

    The bullets will tell if its the same person in the Woodys murder. How on earth would this person from Somerset know that these two would be in that store at that time and get down there in time to shoot? Not sure how that would work?

    • THis is it my thoughts exactly.

    • Bermydrew says:

      Can’t be! The Woody’s one was semi automatic. This looks like a revolver.

    • watching-n-listening says:

      The person chased them into the store,this wasn’t just a by chance thing,there are”actually”people”who know who’s responsable for this cowardly act and think its cool,or hip too remain silent thay is untill,one there family members are affected sad but true smfh.Anyway my heart goes out too Aunt Merl,and the whole outerbridge family,and the furbert family at this time,for the lost of there loved ones,and I urge”anyone”who knows something,too come foward and help the police because we as an island have too rally together and show these wanna be tuff guys that we will not tolerate these cowardly acts,and then and only then will change in our island starr child,and quazy,R.I.P you may be gone,but never,ever forgotten…..

    • smdh says:

      The shooter and his crew road threw the curve looking for p side boys with the intent of shooting them! Didn’t see any there and while riding out of the curve through happy valley, they by chance bumped into rico and haile while they were walking in the store. When R and H were leaving the store the gun man ran to the door. R and H ran back into the store looking for another exit and became trapped! The cowardly gun man then opened fire!!!

  22. Me says:

    DAB you sound real stupid defending this boy. You must be young and dumb just like him

    • TJ says:

      He probably beats on her but clearly she is ignorant and if she believes he is being real than clearly she is stupid. Point Blank. Real N!$$@’s dont do s$*# like this get a clue and go back sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DAB says:

      You sound f#@king stupid. The headline says “Man Arrested In Connection’ I aint seen nothing about being found guilty. So come again. Ima f%^&ng defend what I wanna defend until the end. Waya dumb? Ya feelings are IRRELEVANT

      • Serious Though says:

        What end?

      • Serious Though says:

        The Government should profile and jail any young men found to be part of this culture, either they oblige to be part of the community or go to jail, we Bermudians should close our eyes for 2 months and let the government run after these guys and their parents … It will change their altitude .. And save the country

      • roundemup says:

        You can defend whatever you want but what happened to us in Bermuda? Why is it that our young men are all dying at the hands of probably people they know as Bermuda is a small Island.

        This has to stop. I do believe in innocent until proven guilty and I also know that people in Bermuda love to gossip and they have everyone guilty at the end of the day.

        But, seriously, look at what is happening in this Island. We can’t go out and really enjoy ourselves anymore because of what is going on.

        This has to stop; pretty soon someone’s child will get caught in the crossfire and what then? Is it still ok then? These young men that are doing the shooting and that are being shot are primarily young black men; our young men.

        Our brothers, fathers and sons. No man has the right to take another life. When they start it’s hard to stop killing.

        When did we get so hateful? When did murder become ok?

        Think about this, seriously think about what is happening.

      • TJ says:

        Stupid lil girl, NEXT!!!

      • watching-n-listening says:

        Dab,you sound like you bout that life??if yoi are identify”yourself”so everybody can see just how dumb you really are,yeah defend whatever you wanna defend,just be 21 and identify youself!!!

      • Don't judge me clarke says:

        R.I.P Shak, Wa-Wa, Fingas,Star Child,Rico,Hatian and many fallen soilders

      • BERMYGUY says:

        free all my ni$$&@ the hood aint the same with out you

      • 0-o says:

        GROW UP!!!!

      • SINGLE MOM says:

        @ DAB,Obviously you are a dumb lil girl…and yes he is innocent until proven guilty…but the fact still remains that he was arrested…in connection with the double homicide…takin one life is just sick…taking 2 lives is just even more sick…these victims families are in mourning..our Island is crying out for help..and you come on here and make comments the way you do!! I just hope that you don’t ever have too face what ..Mrs.Fox,and Mrs.Outerbridge have to,or n e other family that has lost a loved one,bcuz if you do…sad too say,but then you will get a taste of reality!!! Clearly you are dumb lil girl trynna find yourself…or betta yet ,”has lost yourself!!! #watyadumb? Lol

  23. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    you pay all that money for security cams , and look at where they put them…on the f#@kin moon!!!…how da hell could you id this person even with out a helmet…they need to be eye level at the only entrance / exit…and as for his hands…if they werent wearing gloves then GSR should be prevalent…as for his punishment should be a public flogging by the relatives before being shipped over to mexico to serve LIFE sleeping on concrete floors and a plastic bag that he can defecate in until he has a soft place to rest his head.

  24. Claudio says:

    Did they find that jet ski?

  25. DAB stands for “Dumb And Blind” and she goes n proves the point.

  26. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    ALL of these lil boys are LOSERS!

  27. roughemup says:

    I see Waterboarding in the suspects future. No more playing it nice with these guys. You see what they are capable of; then deal with them like terrorists.

    Roughemup is what I say. Code of silence needs to be broken.

  28. My Life says:

    This is very sad to hear. I visit Bermuda every year, its a beautiful country with beautiful people. Now shootings, gangs and crime running through the country. At this rate if this is what I want I could find in my own backyard. Yes crime exist everywhere, but for such a small island this is ridiculous. Bermudians, do not let your beautiful island deteriorate like this. The World is Watching!!!

  29. Leslie smith says:

    The police said that these murderous rats left from the curve. How did they know that the victims were going to be at the shop? Did someone send them to the shop and then call the purs?

  30. Serious Though says:

    Government should make this statement “for country we have to act” it may be painful, infringe people’s rights but to save the country time have come. USA spend trillion of $$$$$ protecting it’s commerce … It’s about time, we say for the LOVE OF COUNTRY, SAVE THE COUNTRY!

  31. Serious Though says:

    That’s why they have FBI and CIA budget unclassified ! Let’s do this ……

  32. Concerned Citizen says:

    I agree Real Talk, anybody with even the smallest knowledge of what’s going on will KNOW, that it is a 1 percent chance that the shooter is from Somerset! The police and Insp Pedro know this as well. No chance that a Somerset person would be able to track the victims into the store unless they spent sometime in town watching and following them……..not possible because that is a no go zone that puts the gunman at risk. This is a town act of violence and the youth in custody is just a pawn in a bigger game being played by the BPS, and their sidekicks. rIP to the victims and condolences to the families.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Somerset boys are in town more than you know….

      The Police know this as well as PSC……

    • SINGLE MOM says:

      You kno …you could be right about the shooters could have been from town…but with all do respect ..I know both of the victims…who indeed did change their lives around..but from what most of the neighbors were saying…these shooters had been riding around that area for about two weeks prior to all of this…and for those of you who don’t follow twitter and facebook as well as need too…not a must really per say..but let’s just say if you did and you kno where these fools are from,read some of their comments and look at their profile pics and how they brag about takin the lives of those two victims..and even if they were’nt the culprits, they kno who the culprits are!! There for they should be damn well dealt with in the same way the perpetrators responsible are!!! It is sick and it is foolish,and they need too be executed…they don’t deserve to live..they took two lives…well I say take theirs!!!

  33. Groundhog says:

    Good job BPS. I just hope that the right person has been arrested,that enough evidence can be brought forward to guarantee a conviction and that the sentence truly reflects the seriousness of this crime…the rest of his natural life without the possibility of parole.

    These men who feel it necessary to kill off their perceived enemies bring shame on themselves, their families and the entire Island. Bermuda is a beautiful country with mostly fine, upstanding people but these subhumans are rotten to the core and the people that stand behind and support them are just as guilty as they are.

  34. bermuda boy says:

    Our BPS are AWESOME. Keep it up. Only a change in the law will stop this madness. If you are a gang member, you should go to prison for a long time. If you are found with a gun or bladed artical you should go to prison for a long time. Long time meaning you serve 25 – 35 years.

  35. wow says:

    DAB free ya baby. Ive seen this same statement being made by 3 different girls on social media sites. So I guess you are dumb and blind. Please go read a book and find a man you dont have to share.

  36. Loving Life says:

    Bless Star Child and Rico father and all the families that have lost someone to the gun life. Like 2pac said, “I see no changes” cause when one dies it hurts so many individuals whether its family or not and some can deal with it and some can’t deal with it. That’s why its a lot of retaliations and I don’t condone with this but that’s just how it is in these days. Times are changing with the rapidly murders, accidents etc. I just analyze life to the fullest and state how I see it.

  37. Terrible says:

    This is horrible and for you anybody to have anything to say about what the police are doing is foolish. DAB your probably about my age listen to rap music and think your name is Lil Wayne lol. You guys need to wake up and pay attention. You little bies are fools honestly all this senseless killing just to feel like ya living by the law of the game. To hell with the game and to hell with all you live by if you can’t tell right from wrong then your life is pointless.

  38. Serious Though says:

    Last word : it will cost Bermudian’s 2,000,000 $ get in foreign “Ex FBI, CIA, ” guys here and in 1 year, problem solved. Return to good old days.. OBA let’s go! Save the country, people money , rescue the country .

  39. duh says:

    Um no gloves + door= fingerprints… They prolly got that…. I hope so

    • Caramel Queen says:

      The shooters hands have a reddish pink hue ……I THINK he may have had on gloves

  40. What is going on? says:

    I agree….. 25 square miles and it’s still going on…. time to bring in the big shots and clean up this Island NOW.

  41. Xman says:

    2 Murders!
    Hang Him- set an example

  42. LMAL says:

    They didnt have to know where anyone was. They left somerset, to come to town and the first person they saw that was relevant to ‘town’ associations they were getting. That is how sick these little boys are. They probably rode through all the ‘hot spots’ where these town guys hang out and when they got to Belvins in Happy Valley they saw these two outside and decided to attack. This all started outside and those two probably took off running inside.

  43. umjussaying ! says:

    Doesn’t sound like it was organized ,appears that a Man or group of men were looking for anyone in the area to shoot maybe presuming that they frequent M town ,curve , and happy valley and happen to come across them near to the homes of where its known these men live or hang out … Also look at the right leg and foot it’s very distinctive how this persons right foot turns out more then the average ( I cldnt stand like that even when I try ) its something I’m sure his mom and dad friends family or school teacher cld recognize jus my opinion !

  44. mr. joe says:

    Seams these boys prefer life in prison over life on the streets…. I mean come on really!!! Its a very small island! Police probably already know who to arrest for next murder thats about to happen…

  45. DBS says:

    Bring back the death penalty. For all premeditated murderers found guilty should be sentenced to death. I feel this way for anyone, be it my son, daughter, cousin….etc. This has to stop! These uneducated youth do not fear jail but they will fear death!!! To go to jail to “hang out” with their ace boys is no deterant….!!! And we as tax payers are paying for this…!!!

  46. TRUE says:


  47. tfrm says:

    DAB – you are on patheic little girl. You definitely ain’t NO WOMAN – cause a real woman wouldn’t be so stupid. First of all you sound like one of many groupy Bi8ches – Ya “baby” ain’t worrying about you. Grow up, have some self respect adn respect for others. Two men are DEAD! There are fatherless children, but since ya so dumb you don’t understand or have compassion for them, Mother’s will have to bury their sons which should never have to do. Friends and family have lost loved ones and their lives have been turned upside down. So DAB!! I hope you never have to endure the dark and tourutrous things these people that are left behind are going through. I hope you never have to explain to your child that they will never see their daddy because some piece of trash blew his brains out, I hope you never have to ID your son will holes in his face and his brain matter all otver the place – but you seem to be all about dat life – or you stupidly and naively want to be about dat life – so who knows. One thing I do know – you are a DUMB A$$ Bit%* for sure just like the others have said. TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. LMAO says:

    DAB- I know exactly who you are and you look PATHETIC. You are away in school and should be focusing on getting a good education. Why are u defending his low life a**? If he has been arrested in ‘connection’ with this then obviously the police have reason to suspect him. Dont be so dumb and brainwashed. It is people like you that will never allow our island to be safe again because you support it. Sweetheart, if you want ANY chance of a good life you will let this one go. Don’t you know that YOUR life is in GREAT danger by being with this LITTLE boy. I have heard countless threats about how guys are gonna start going after girlfriends since they can’t get who they want. Not saying that that is right either, but it is a very dangerous lifestyle you are living sweetie.
    These guys were riding around town, looking to kill someone. They came from Somerset prepared.
    If he is guilty, which I wouldn’t put it past him. I TRULY hope he gets BURNED in court and then made into someone’s b**** up at Westgate because he has caused too much pain and suffering on this island for two long. And a DOUBLE MURDER? Be prepared to visit him in jail for the rest of your life (if the courts do their job right). I hope he rots in hell. I have got not an OUNCE of sympathy for you or him. Good luck in life

  49. dah dah says:

    dab is a stupid little 14 year old girl. that’s why she sounds so naive. she still is. you go with a 21 year old that cheats and abuses you and disclaims you, can you say DUMB ASS. down axx b%^ch? no boo dopey axx b%^ch and one of many. act your age and change sh^& now while you can your still young and you have no permanent connections to him change your sh^& around now while you can boo before you end up pregnant for a fool like him!

  50. Mariana says:

    I pray for the families that been affected, my condolonces .

    I would like to see more security out there , there should be Polices in every store, bussines, and I’ll even say Nurseries , Pre- school , Schools, everywhere .