Videos: Premier, Governor, Minister On Murders

January 24, 2013

Premier Craig Cannonier, Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva, Governor George Fergusson, and Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley held a press conference this morning [Jan 24] to address the double murder that took place last night.

At around 9pm last night, 34-year-old Haile “Star Child” Outerbridge and 25-year-old Rico Furbert were chased by the gunman into at Belvin’s Variety Store on Happy Valley Road in Pembroke.

Once inside the store, the gunman fired multiple times fatally wounding the two men. The police believe that the gunman was traveling a group of 2 or 3 motorcycles, and that following the shooting [at about 9:04pm] the group travelled east along Happy Valley Road.

The Police Commissioner  said the shootings in recent months are “indicators of escalating tension between rival gangs.” Three CCTV images of the shooter were released, and at 4pm today a 21-year-old Sandys parish man was arrested in connection with the double murder.

Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva:

Premier Craig Cannonier:

Governor George Fergusson:

Public Safety Minister Michael Dunkley:

Q&A with the Premier and Police Commissioner:

For all our coverage of last night’s shooting click here.

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  1. Webster says:

    I wonder why we do not see or hear fomm our police commissioner as of late? any statments regarding crime seem to come from Pedro,so who is in charge ?

    • swing voter says:

      Desilva isn’t a commissioner. He’s a motorcycle cop. Guys like him and paynter Shudda stayed on the bikes cuz that’s what they do best,

  2. Reality Check says:

    Just which planet is Webster on?! This very article features a video with the Commissioner of Police, Michael DeSilva, speaking directly to the people about the tragic double murders.

    The worst thing the Police Service can do is to rely on just the Commissioner to make all public statements. That’s like asking the Premier to speak on every topic even when he or she has perfectly capable Ministers who can speak on an issue because it is their area of responsibility. Kudos to the Police Service for having senior officers who can speak on their areas of responsibility. It shows that they now have talent in depth in their ranks.

  3. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    here is a solution…the BPS knows the street gangbangers from previous incidents , correct..? OK …now we have to isolate these disease ridden humans simply by making it WELL KNOWN that WHOEVER is in their company (other than immediate family members)will be arrested and charged with conspiracy to terrorize with a mandatory 1yr. imprisonment of HARD LABOUR (that way we as Bermudians will get back to clean streets, spotless shorelines and foliage control)without the possibility of visitation rights unless the prisoner helps in obtaining a conviction or has made a 180 degree turn in their life. Then and only then will they be given a NEW LIFE elsewhere (witness protection {real} witness protection)Once the “Disease” has been isolated 9 times out of 10…it will either wither from lack of nourishment or flare up as a last stand of honor which should make it easy for us to take aim and eliminate. Forget about alot of police and cameras, that is what you call “after the fact” that something has happened, so that you can call the police then they can only REVIEW what has happen NOT PREVENT IT….if u want cams watching YOUR every move and if YOU want police to kick down YOUR DOOR and ransack YOUR STUFF, then SHOUT ALL CLEAR!! and move on to the next one then YOU NEED TO GO TO RUSSIA, where that is a daily occurrence. All i’m sayin is Y’all don’t wanna be messin’ wit no martial law trust me. The Governor is involved now…”Liberties Lost” comin’ soon to a neighborhood near you. You Crybabies need to get off ya a$$ & do something for Bda rather than cry about s#!t thats being done by YOUR OWN FAMILIES!…Bda is small YOU know who is doin’ dis S#!T, now lets deal with it!!..Coz if da Queen hassa deal wit it YOU AINK GONNA LIKE DAT!!!!

    • Wise Up says:

      @ Keepin’ it Real..4Real
      OMG I have been saying that for the last 3 years. I can remember when the police done a “clean sweep” with the people and their drugs as they knew who was involved then, so why not do a clean sweep as they know who the gang members are?!! They know who is Boss Man, Leutanants, etc. I just dont get it…..

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Clean Sweep didn’t help it just assisted in spawning the problems we have today. Before Clean Sweep there were no wanksters claiming parkside because the old Middle Town crews did not attain the same clout parkside has now because pockets of dealers all over the island spread the drug money out. Clean Sweep which was not only a BPS initiative but also an operation partnered by the mephistophelean American DEA did away with the small dispersed crews through arrests & left Middle Town as the go to spot for addicts. Middle Town dealers since the 1980s have been the most organized out of all dealers with much of this community on their side through childhood friendship or relation & after Clean Sweep they not only were the most organized but also became the most profiting & grew into the parkside wanksters. Now there are rumours that parkside claims from St. Georges to Southampton forcing MOB into the little area left. BPS worst decision ever was to ally with the DEA who in 83 years have never come up with a steadfast solution on their own losing war on drugs.

  4. Amsterdamned says:

    if i recall correctly cox was given the boot after doing cleen sweep because it ruffled too many feathers

    we wouldnt want to do that again now would we?

    what if we had to arrest some cousins and some shady associations came to light…..

  5. Serious Though says:

    I think the first government business, when parliament should be all members of parliament to have a press conference on this issue..

  6. Reality Check says:

    Of course the Police know who most, if not all of the major gang members are, but let me assure you beyond any shadow of a doubt that if they were to arrest a gang member for “conspiracy to terrorize” a defence lawyer would be all over them in a matter of hours at most demanding their release on false charges (to start with – there is no such crime) and secondly because there would need to be proof for a conviction. We don’t live in a country where the Police can make up their own laws or take the law into their own hands. Every case, every single case, needs proof and needs to stand the test of going before a judge and jury, with the accused being represented by legal counsel. It’s what is called “the law of the land”.

    Yes, the Police also know most, if not all of the major drug dealers but these guys are smart and have others do all the trafficking and the selling, and moving the money around. And boy, can they afford the best Queen’s Counsel’s from abroad if they have to go before the courts. There is no way that an unemployed man in Bermuda can afford a hugely expensive Queen’s Counsel unless he’s making it big in the drug world, so by Keepin’ It Real…4 Real’s logic we should automatically lock him up and throw away the key and sentence him to hard labour.

    It might be helpful if Keepin’ It Real would Wise Up, practice what he preaches, and KEEP IT REAL!

  7. Duh says:

    A simple uav drone can save every1 life then have infared that can detect guns…. Instead of new police cars!!!! Am i the only smart person?

  8. What Do You THink says:

    Reading all the comments with interest being focused on the gangs or the gunman involved. We know they posses firearms, in order for the weapon to become dangerous it needs ammunition. Without that ammo its a good intimidator, cause when you see it you never know if its loaded or not. So the question is who is supplying the the ammunition to them? Obviously it not another gang or someone with any affiliation with gangs. It might be the person you trust in everyday life with upstanding credentials making money selling that ammunition to someone to use. Stop the suppliers and the firearm incidents will drop dramatically. Just an observation.

  9. ItsTime says:

    How can we protect ourselves against these people that have guns? Guns are illegal so we cannot buy one to protect ourselves against these terrorists that possess these illegal weapons.

    I am now comfortable believing that there is more than a hand full of guns on this Island and that is very scary.

    The Government needs to protect us the citizens who are abiding by the law and do not own a gun to protect ourselves against these that do.

    So in saying this; please do whatever you must and can as our children are being slaughtered. Please raid their homes, question and follow their family and friends until this is cleaned up. Yes, family. You put pressure on their families this will not be acceptable any longer. Girlfriends will be questioned and followed.

    People are tired of this and it’s hard for us to put up a fight when there is an unfair advantage.

    So, let’s do this. We pay taxes and in return we need your protection. Change laws if you have to; get permissions, whatever it takes.

    To those people who have a problem with this; check your backyard because we are coming for you.

  10. its time says:

    I demand that we have public executions for these men, even hanging. Things like this need to happen or else these punks will never fear the punishment that the courts give them now.

    Also there should be mandatory death sentence for being in a gang. If you are in a gang, see you later. Your dead. That ought to STOP people from being in gangs.


  11. Xman says:

    You don’t think that these awful People care what the Governor ,the Premier,and Police have to say,
    they could care less.
    We need more action not talk.

  12. swing voter says:

    Import mercenary cops….the local cops are soft, scared, uninterested, or connected in some way to the criminal element

  13. Bermudian says:

    More action please, less talk. I agree with the comment above. Obviously these guys have no respect for themselves or anyone else. God forbid, but I think we will only see more of an iron hand from the police service when an innocent child gets hurt. AND those family, friends and associates who know who these guys are NEED to come forth and speak up. Make an anonymous call…you could be saving someone’s life.