Video: Press Conference On Double Murder

January 24, 2013

[Updated] The police are expected to release a CCTV image of the suspected shooter involved in last night’s double murder, which occurred at around 9pm at Belvin’s Variety Store on Happy Valley Road in Pembroke.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva said that later today “they will show still photographs of the suspected shooter and we hope that will assist in bringing him swiftly to justice.”

The Commissioner said the victims “lost their lives to gang violence,” and said the shootings in recent months are “indicators of escalating tension between rival gangs.”

The two victims were found inside the store and rushed to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. The police have not officially released the victim’s identities as of this time, but are holding a press conference later this afternoon where it is expected they will issue further information, as well as release the CCTV image.

Premier Craig Cannonier, Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva, Governor George Fergusson, and Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley held a press conference this morning to address the tragic incident, where they all pledged to do all they can to bring the perpetrators to justice, and make the island safer.

Minister Dunkley said: “In the wake of last night’s shocking double shooting and the deaths of two young men, I wish to assure the people of Bermuda that their Government is focused and determined to support all necessary action to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.”

Governor George Fergusson addressed the risk of retaliation, and said while he notes “hard core” gang members won’t listen to a Governor or Minister, he knows there are many good people out there who are willing to come forward.

Premier Craig Cannonier extended his sympathies to the families, and said we are losing our young people, our most precious resource, to violence. Describing himself as being “torn up” over this incident, he said we must intensify our efforts to get along.

Video from the crime scene last night:

Shadow Minister of Public Safety Michael Scott said: “The tragic murder of two young men at Belvin’s has to drive Bermuda’s own debate on gun control, the pain of loss to families, and the issue of weapons deployment in our communities with fatal consequences are as painful and destabilising as we see elsewhere.

“Many citizens feel we have already descended to the horror of violence seen in other communities. Whatever the true position, we must as a country act – act to support the police and security forces, and act to prevent gun and ammunition importations. I know that in asking the public to give information also puts you at risk; however, if we stand together we can and must make our communities safe again.”

The police press conference is being held at 1.30pm today, and we will update as able.

Update 1.27pm: Please stand by for a live video stream of the police press conference

Update 1.33pm: Webcast replay below, part #1

Webcast replay, part #2

Update 1.35pm: The police have identified the victims as as 34-year-old Haile A. Outerbridge and 25-year-old Rico Furbert, and said they were chased into the store. The CCTV image is to be released expected shortly…

Update 1.48pm: The police released the CCTV image below of the gunman, click to enlarge

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  1. Bda1 says:

    Bermuda talk is cheap…. Show the actions on how concerned you really are.

  2. SaveOurBermuda says:

    It is time to bring back the DEATH PENALTY!

  3. northshore girl says:

    “drive Bermuda’s own debate on gun control” ??? I thought guns were illegal in Bermuda so if no person is meant to own them why should there be a debate on how to control them? #confused…

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Yeah I found that to be an innocently ignorant statement. Guns are illegal in Bermuda, there’s nothing to debate.

  4. please wake me says:

    The Police “Service” is not working, all they do is talk.Time to get the Police Force back! Sorry to say but I think this police commissioner must go his approach is too soft.

  5. Finally some testicular fortitude in our policing

    We must take the fight to these criminals and stop ticking boxes in a pedestrian fashion when solving crimes.

    Thanks Mr Commissioner for this bolder step, anyone who recognises the perpetrator of this violent crime MUST call the Police so this matter can be sent through the courts quickly

  6. umjussaying ! says:

    Government please enforce regimental patrols island wide , in open back vehicles with a Gun Squad designed to search people, vehicles and property that may be suspicious 24 hrs a day oppose to a Gun response team !! Also target certain areas and call a state of emergency over air stating workers living in these areas will come to work late or not at all and search homes and property. Set up check points around perimeter and you will either find guns on property or being moved … Also invest in better cctv we are a British colony the kings of cctv surveillance. Come on Bermuda is not another world ,that’s part our problem the elders may want to believe that while the youth are proving otherwise…….

    • Islander says:

      CCTV camers were probably 2nd or third hand that is why the picture isn’t of great quality.

  7. Pond Dog breed says:

    I agree with Triangle Drifiter ship them overseas anywhere in the world because those overseas correctional facilities are much more harder than ours plus they will have no family and ace boys ace girls coming to visit them. All they will have overseas is to do as they are told do not look at other inmates the wrong way or even walk pass the other inmates the wrong way and if they do they will realize how bad they are not. since I believe they think they are bad because they shot someone and are “just doing time” as they put it. Sending these shooters overseas was something the PLP had mention and if it is not to late to do so under the OBA get on with it. As this may stop the shooting.

  8. a young bie says:

    Here’s a suggestion in case the BPS hasn’t already thought of it…since the gunman clearly isnt wearing any gloves, maybe they should take fingerprints of the door handle to help trace who the killer is. Just a thought. Also, these dark visors are killing us…we can ban people talking on cell phones, not allow people to ride with headphones in (even though having the radio on in a car with the windows up is pretty much the same thing), so why can’t we get rid of dark visors? Think people…its always “a young male in dark clothing wearing a dark visor” so why is it still legal to have them? Weed should be legalized if anything! But seriously though, take the fingerprint thing & banning dark visors into consideration…

    • Think says:

      Just because he isn’t wearing gloves, doesn’t mean that he left fingerprints on the door handle. Those doors can be opened using any part of the body.

      If guns are illegal and the criminals still use guns, how will changing the law regarding dark visors stop the gun violence? In order to carry out these heinous crimes, these criminals will use whatever disguise necessary to conceal their identity. They’re not concerned about any laws…their aim is to kill.

      • a young bie says:

        Okay but have you been to that store? Its not one of those doors that you can push to open both ways. One side is to push, the other is to pull. What else would he do, pull it open with his teeth? I’m just saying thats a suggestion because you never do know if he did open it with his hands or not. Think about what you’re saying.

        & who said that banning dark visors is gonna stop them? All I was stating was that if dark visors were banned then the police would stop people who are riding with them. Eventually over time there wouldn’t be any more dark visors and it would be easier to tell who these guys are unlike the picture you see above. Nobody said its gonna stop instantly but it begins with baby steps. Bermudians are always talking about wanting to get rid of guns and everything, well why not do any & everything to uncover who these guys are? People like you are so ignorant and negative about stuff. If its a chance for something to work so we can stop all this then lets put it into effect instead of talking just to hear yourself.

        Only reply if your gonna say something positive to help the situation not bring a bunch of negativity to it. No need to say anything back if you’re just gonna be ignorant and argue. Don’t have time for dumbness. Thanks.

        • Think says:

          I can tell that you are just a young bie because you resort to name calling when someone disagrees with you. You have a lot to learn in life son. Just as you gave your opinion, others are entitled to give their opinion as well.

          I’m sure he didn’t use his teeth to open the door if all he had to do was use a piece of paper, cloth or even his raincoat to touch it. That’s all I’m sayng!

    • Islander says:

      what ban on cell phones – people are doing it every day

  9. Hear me out... says:

    most establishments have a no helmet policy, so when the shooter came, am I to believe that nobody noticed him, the store clerks didn’t ask him to remove his helmet?

    one suggestion would be for stores now to have a turnstile at the entrance- big stores have them in the US so this is not new. Before a person is buzzed in, the helmet has be removed and a clear image of the person is captured. A warning can be posted outside so that people will know the terms and conditions before they enter.


    • Sick and Tired says:

      Could you imagine what would have happen if the store clerks would have asked them to remove their helmets…we are talking about regular shoppers here. They came to kill not shop! Scary!

    • Tyrone says:

      Great idea, guy runs in store with a gun while wearing a helmet and you are asking why the store clerk didn’t ask him to remove his helmet???

  10. cali girl says:

    I didn’t realize the incident happened right in the store. Thank god that the gunman didn’t harm the cashier on duty too.

  11. tricks are for kids says:

    The cashier would not have been harmed as they are protected by a plaxy glass case which I am told is bullet proof. As for the culprit wearing the helmet and not being asked to take it off by the security guard it is a possibility that the security guard could have had his back turned or could have been at the back of the store. Things like this happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes we don’t have time to react…I’m sure once the security officer heard those shots I’m sure his first thought was not to tell the gunmen, “Sir, I need you to remove your helmet”…as far as finger prints good luck with that……Releasing the footage like they do in the States may garner the BPS more clues then they realise.

  12. Nok says:

    Prevention is better than a cure come on goverment…these are ppls love ones its not your so you don’t care they are dying for goodness sake.

  13. sick n tired says:

    When are the people of BERMUDA going to stand up and do something about this without venting on these comments
    I don’t care what people say but we need to get out in the streets and demand justice and peace in bermuda

    Aren’t you tired of these shooting?
    Aren’t you tired of going to funerals?

    If so speak up and save a life

  14. sick n tired says:

    Someone knows why this happen speak up and save a life!

    Are you going to wait until its your brother,uncle, or one of your boys

    It will be to late than

  15. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    here is a solution…the BPS knows the street gangbangers from previous incidents , correct..? OK …now we have to isolate these disease ridden humans simply by making it WELL KNOWN that WHOEVER is in their company (other than immediate family members)will be arrested and charged with conspiracy to terrorize with a mandatory 1yr. imprisonment of HARD LABOUR (that way we as Bermudians will get back to clean streets, spotless shorelines and foliage control)without the possibility of visitation rights unless the prisoner helps in obtaining a conviction or has made a 180 degree turn in their life. Then and only then will they be given a NEW LIFE elsewhere (witness protection {real} witness protection)Once the “Disease” has been isolated 9 times out of 10…it will either wither from lack of nourishment or flare up as a last stand of honor which should make it easy for us to take aim and eliminate. Forget about alot of police and cameras, that is what you call “after the fact” that something has happened, so that you can call the police then they can only REVIEW what has happen NOT PREVENT IT….if u want cams watching YOUR every move and if YOU want police to kick down YOUR DOOR and ransack YOUR STUFF, then SHOUT ALL CLEAR!! and move on to the next one then YOU NEED TO GO TO RUSSIA, where that is a daily occurrence. All i’m sayin is Y’all don’t wanna be messin’ wit no martial law trust me. The Governor is involved now…”Liberties Lost” comin’ soon to a neighborhood near you. You Crybabies need to get off ya a$$ & do something for Bda rather than cry about s#!t thats being done by YOUR OWN FAMILIES!…Bda is small YOU know who is doin’ dis S#!T, now lets deal with it!!..Coz if da Queen hassa deal wit it YOU AINK GONNA LIKE DAT!!!!

  16. nah boss! says:

    y blame do police..all they do is enforce d law…push for harsher consequences…d current premier said he’ll fix all a dis…its time to watch him…

  17. Concerned about the future says:

    I have some serious concerns regarding our young boys and girls in Bermuda, you hear how these young gang members are recruiting them. Years ago before the school system was changed the youth had to communicate and socialise with each other even compete in sports these are the things that kept our youth active plus focused given them something to look forward to.It taught them how to compete without violence it didn”t matter if you where from Sandys or St.Georges. Now days all they say is there’s nothing to do, if the school system had not been changed I think our youth would be more focused on sports and other activities rather then guns. Sports in school cost the parents nothing. Now once the children reach high school you hear this “your from east or your from west” when there was Sandys,Warwick Sec,Warwick Academy ect. It was your from Sandys or your from Sec mixing the children up made a big difference all this separation when it comes to school in this little island has caused nothing but drama in Bermuda.
    If we think its bad now,wait each year it seems as if the children get more fearless to shot or to stab one another without remorse.

    • Just One says:

      Lost Boys… Lord of the flies… It’s sad but true… How to fix it? Billion dollar question, probably literally. Operation Roundup could work but won’t be cheap. Take more money out of my check for better national security; I support that wholeheartedly! People need to stop using/buying drugs as well because we know that is funding these gangs… I’m on board, let’s do it!