Police ID Murder Victims, Release CCTV Photos

January 24, 2013

The police have released a CCTV image of the gunman, and formally identified last night’s victims as 34-year-old Haile “Star Child” Outerbridge and 25-year-old Rico Furbert, both of Pembroke Parish.

At around 9pm last night, the police responded to a shooting at Belvin’s Variety Store on Happy Valley Road in Pembroke and found the two victims inside the store suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The police said today the two victims had been chased inside the store by the gunman.

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Speaking today, the police said: “The enquiry team is anxious to speak with anyone in the Curving Avenue, Happy Valley Road area between 8:50pm & 9:10pm that may have seen a group of men travelling on 2 – 3 motorcycles.

“These men would have travelled from Curving Avenue onto Happy Valley Road, and following the shooting at about 9:04pm, they travelled east along Happy Valley Road in the direction of Shelton Road, Deepdale, or Montpelier Road.

Additional CCTV photo:


“One of the men in the convoy of three bikes is known to have chased one of the victims into the store. The gunman [as seen in photo provided] is wearing a full face black crash helmet with a tinted visor, and a full length blue rain suit.

The police confirmed there is no one in custody at this time. You can watch a webcast replay of the police press conference here, and all our coverage of last night’s shooting here.

The full police statement follows below:

At about 9pm on Wednesday 23rd January, 2013, the Bermuda Police Service received 911 calls of two men having been shot inside the Belvin’s grocery store located on Happy Valley Road, Pembroke.

I can formally confirm that both men succumbed to their injuries as indicated last night by Superintendent Field-Lament and the two victims in this crime are:-

  • Haile A. Outerbridge – 34 years old of Pembroke Parish
  • Rico Furbert – 25 years old of Pembroke Parish

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere condolences to the friends & family of both Mr. Furbert & Mr. Outerbridge

An armed response unit was the first unit to arrive within a very short time of the first 911 call. The two men were found at the rear of the premises suffering from what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds.

First aid was administered to the men, and EMT’s from the hospital also attended and took the men under their care and to the hospital.

Both men succumbed to their injuries.

A full complement of Detectives from the Bermuda Police Serious Crimes Unit is investigating this incident, and it is being considered as Premeditated Murder.

Forensic Crime Scene examiners & Detectives continue their examination of the evidence gathered from the scene and speaking with witnesses.

The enquiry team is anxious to speak with anyone in the Curving Avenue, Happy Valley Road area between 8:50pm & 9:10pm that may have seen a group of men travelling on 2 – 3 motorcycles.

These men would have travelled from Curving Avenue onto Happy Valley Road, and following the shooting at about 9:04pm, they travelled east along Happy Valley Road in the direction of Shelton Road, Deepdale, or Montpelier Road.

One of the men in the convoy of three bikes is known to have chased one of the victims into the store. The gunman (as seen in photo provided) is wearing a full face black crash helmet with a tinted visor, and a full length blue rain suit.

Someone in the community knows the identity of this gunman (see photos). This gunman came home to a family member, friend or other relative.

There are people in the community who are harbouring these murderers, enabling this activity, and know who they are.

I am appealing to anyone in the community that believes that this senseless killing must stop to come forward immediately and assist the Police to bring these killers to justice.

The Police have consistently demonstrated in recent court cases that we can, and will bring criminals to justice when we have the cooperation of the community, and specifically people that are brave enough to make a difference.

Anyone that can assist to take these killers out of circulation to bring them to justice & prevent future loss of lives is urged to call the Serious Crime Unit and help us to help the community.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 247-1739 & 247-1340 or on the CONFIDENTIAL & independent CRIMESTOPPERS hotline 800-8477 (TIPS).


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  1. If you know who this is, please please please call the Police immediately.

    • o%^ gang? says:

      Shooter looks like a white man? Are they coming after us now?

    • Black Jesus says:

      There shall be no peace until Jesus returns. The BIble says so.

    • Don't judge me clarke says:

      Why the hell BPS just don’t release the video footage trust and believe someone with be able to identify one of the p^&%y holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bermy Gooner says:

    From his stature, to me anyways, he looks quite youngish…

    Good luck BPS in finding this low life scum…

  3. But I Can Dream says:

    Good grief, seeing pictures of a Bermudian with a gun in a local everyday Bermuda establishment…..shils up and down my spine.

  4. WOW says:

    Someone please refresh my memory… i believe earlier statements said there was security on the premises…?.. if so, how does security permit someone to enter with their helmut on.. don’t all attack me at once, i may have misread earlier statements…im just asking.
    Peace’n'Love Bermuda

    • young black and educated says:

      Even if he was on duty, do you really think the gunman would have listen to him…

      • WOW says:

        just saying if he was on duty and was at the front of the store he would have spoken to him and asked him to remove his helmut like they do every time i walk into arnolds in Somerset. That may have been an oportunity to see them better and get a description of them. I have to agree, they probably would have ignored him, and or if security had done this it may have put his/her life in danger as well. But it may have also been a sign for security to watch more closely. Hard to say what might have been helpful in this horrible situation.

    • Black Jesus says:

      So an arm gunman runs into the store with a gun in his hand and you think security should have been there to tell the gunman to remove his helmet? Are u kidding me!!! The last thing on the security’s mind would be a helmet. The security would have just wanted to survive to see another day. He would have been so scared, he probably would have bolted outta there like a gold medalist.

    • nik says:

      …er because he has a gun in his hand?

  5. Mike says:

    If I remember correctly, there was a blue rain suit used in the shooting up Woody’s. Are we tracking these rain suits to see where they were brought from and by who. Also aren’t tinted visors banned! Start making people remove them and stop the stores from selling them!

    • Joey says:

      ..could it be the same person?… could these crews be finally turning on their own friends??.. who knows

    • One in 65,000 says:

      You’re a fool to think that will solve anything. I understand you’re scared but you think banning tinted visors will prevent this from happening? Anyone who agrees with this statement is not apart of the solution. Tinted visors are very much needed especially in my case where I have a retina problem and too much light directly In My eyes cause then to instantly dilate. I find that to have no grounds in helpings these situation from starting. If they don’t have a tinted visor it will be a ski mask, if it isn’t that it will be war paint if it isn’t that it will be a Hijab.

      • Myzterri says:

        So wear sunglasses DUUUHHH!!! I guess that if you had a car, then you would use that excuse to have illegally tinted windows? IJS. If these tinted visors are being used in the commission of armed robberies and murders so the perpertrators cannot be easily identified, then YES, they should be banned.

  6. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    next picture I want to see of these cowards is as thery come out of Court!

    LIFE with NO Parole.

    • Just another suggestion says:

      Why waste tax payers dollars sending them to jail for life? Why not bring back capital punishment and do to them what they done to the victim? I know it may be just as cruel, but sending them to jail is just another day in “paradise”. They don’t have to work, they get fed, they have clothes on their backs,a view of the ocean, and they are seperated depending on which gang they are from… So, who would be afraid of that?
      Or we can round them all up, strip them down put them in a cage and let them all fight eachother to death, since that is what they want for one another…

  7. BERMUDA says:

    should show us the video

  8. Islander says:

    take all restraints off the police dept. and let them loose

    Bermuda speak up – these are family members killing their own blood line – if we don’t it will continue. It is not about the reward it’s about your children, your grandchildren, Your nephew/niece, your friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancee, your co-worker..

    YOu know… TELL!!!

    Ecclesiastes 7:16-18 Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise– why destroy yourself? Do not be overwicked, and do not be a fool– why die before your time? It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. The man who fears God will avoid all extremes.

  9. starlove says:

    what is up with most murderers wearing that same color blue?
    Something needs to be done ASAP right now it hasnt hit the streets were people are shooting people for nothing but it will come to that point if nothing is done.
    Many years ago a clean sweep came into play in Bermuda and many weapons and so much drugs were collected from this sweep and I do not understand why after having a shooting almost everyday that the Governement and police have not even considered on bringing the sweep back.
    At this point I will reccomand no tourist to come to our island because it is a disgrace on what we are seeing everyday on our news.
    I know that no tourist means not much income but honestly something needs to change or be done to stop this madness.
    This coward of a person had to run inside a store to kill two man where they had no where to run and had nothing to defend themselves! you call yourself a murderer? GOD will come get you not to worry he doesnt sleep and although our BPS doesnt have what it takes to catch these heartless man someone will and you will have your turn.
    I know for a fact many people know who the guys are involved in this matter but are to scared to come out and say something than again with the system we have in place here i think i would be afraid .

    • I know things are tense but the truth is that clean sweep was not successful and they only got small amounts of drugs from the streets,no big catch and the money changers sat back and laughed at the mickey mouse play.

      What we need is reinforcement from both the U.S and the U.K and go to work and in order to do what really needs to be done, your going to have to many people crying out that the drastic measures are to much to put ones home through and love ones.

      You see we have a police service and they are doing the best with what they have in the sense of the law,when we use to have a police force they went over and above the law but it got your attention,so you do the math.we all need to realize that Bermuda may have to come a war zone before we see any real changes.

      You back a rat into a corner,he will leap for your jugular.so lets learn the true method of using high quality rat poison.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Clean aweep wasn’t successful because Coxall wasn’t allowed to finish the job

    • Myzterri says:

      Could be that their gang affiliations require them to wear certain colors (in California, Bloods = red, Crips = blue).

  10. swing voter says:

    get some mercenary police in here that have absolutely not local connections. Local police are useless to handle this for fear of reprisal to self and family

    • Think about it says:

      The problem isn’t with the police. Arrests are made after these incidents, in most cases within 24 hours. It’s hard to pin murder charges on a suspect on a 22 mile long island due to lack of willing witnesses.

  11. Dainty says:

    Speak up Bermuda! Please!

  12. ECS says:

    CCTV is a waste of money

  13. Well Damn!! says:

    Judging by this picture the guy looks nervous to be doing what he is about to do. I wish they would release some sorta video of this footage because seeing a picture like this really can’t help the public to help BPS identify the gunman. At least if we see a video of him walking into the shop it can help the public identify him by his walk because no one walks the same on this island…

    Good luck BPS and RIP to the victims!!

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      Yeah we need to see the video for walk, because when I have halloween costume on people know it’s me by my walk.

  14. LORD HAVE MERCY says:



  15. ItsTime says:

    Who sells full length blue rainsuits and do these stores have camera’s. Worth a shot to check this out.

  16. lyfe says:

    they need to put the video on the news. everyone has a distinct walk. or lean.

  17. P$% says:

    Looks like the same person from the woodyz shooting!! Wat you think?? All blue!!

  18. That looks like the jacket they use in that muder on court street

  19. Just Sad says:

    After seeing this picture I believe this is a very young man just by his stance, he also looks afraid and unsure when shooting the gun(why is one hand up in the air like he was about to defend himself?) And we already have a lot of forgien police officers on the island and nothing is happening what needs to change is the laws and punishment for the crime

  20. I Left! says:

    SHOW THE VIDEO!! Many people will know who this is by the way they walk!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Uncle Bob says:

    Looks like the person walks with a limp?…Messed Up right leg…hand out to control balance?

    Are those gloves or light skin hands?

    Police, can you give us a little bit more?

    In the U.S. they send the whole footage to the news stations….we Bermians are trying to help.

  22. Just Sad says:

    Yes I agree, it does look like the picture from Woody’s

  23. ECS says:

    the shooter looks nervous

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Well , maybe it’s because he has a big friggin gun in his hand ..

  24. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Police need to bring this to all retailers that sell helmets and rain suits and ask them their opinion on the brand. Have them look back in their records to see all recent sales of these items – helmet and suit look spanky. C’mon BPS hook up that CSI stuff!!!!! & the guy isn’t wearing gloves – hopefully they get a print on Belvin’s door! CALL CRIME STOPPERS PEOPLE!

    • Think about it says:

      Be realistic. Looks like he’s wearing a Nolan. Last time I checked it’s not a crime to purchase a helmet. How can you link purchasing a helmet to committing a crime? You’re watching way too much TV. An arrest has already been made. There is no problem on this island with finding the suspects, it’s pinning the charges that is next to impossible.

  25. cant fool me says:

    Revolver,no shells!!!!

  26. cristian says:

    so true …. release the video…these guys are wright….you can know someone by the way they walk or if they have a move habit…they way they move their arms…head..trowing of the legs….listen

    • Simplyang. says:

      To the family of the victims, my prayer is that the Lord will undergird you in your time of grief and sorrow. May He lift you up above the sleepness nights and long days, and may he caress you in His bosom. I understand Haile had changed his life and was striving everyday to live for Christ. If he was he is now in the presence of the Almighty himself and will be one day hoping to see his family again.

      God words declares loudly in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”.

      People of Bermuda then and only then will our island be free from these horrific happenings. It’s time for the people to go before God and seek him until we see change in our island. Government can’t fix it, their families obviously can not fix it and the police well they just don’t know how to fix it.

      God Bless
      New International Version (NIV)

  27. jussaying says:

    ok so say BPS catch this guy….the real question is what are the courts going to do with them? are they gonna be able to walk until their court date or be held? hopefully the judges take their bipolar pills that day to make a good decision for the people and not for their mood that day.

  28. Thats it says:

    I agree we need to see the video!! Come on time to step it up on these fools! Give the public all the help you can… In my opinion those are not gloves, can guarantee that chasing two people into the shop he had to touch something in the heat of the moment… or on his exit

  29. Islander says:

    he wouldn’t have used his arm or elbow to open the door to get out – seems as if someone has their hand against the gun hand…

  30. Just that simple says:

    We has the population of Bermuda have failed ourselves and this country.
    No matter the entity you belong too or work for, the end result is WE the people of Bermuda have been enablers for the society we are living in and We each and everyone of us that populate Bermuda have added our own percentage to the creation the environment that has become and have no choice but to live in it because WE as people of Bermuda have created it.All the murders in recent crimes are predomintaly Black man. The people behind the gun are black males who dont have the liberty to get off this island because they have made choices in life due to societal/parental/environmental & personal misguidance & distortment that has black listed them. They can fly to America for a vacation because they have been held back for convictions, they cant afford 1000 dollar ticket to england because they have not been able to get a good paying job from bad decisions they have made which has inhibited their flourishment in Bermuda. The fabric of Bermuda is depleted from what We the people of Bermuda have stitched. Crabs in a barrell they say… so said so done!

  31. Hal Kempe says:

    Legislate a ban on hoodies and helmets with tinted visor are illegal to sell and to wear

    • jredmond says:

      Guys should make guns illegal too while we are at it, innit?

      • J says:

        Lol… for real, smh… If Hal Kempe were a law maker, everything would be illegal…

      • J says:

        pretty soon it’s gonna be illegal to be black… smh

    • hmm says:

      Hal’s suggestion is the equivalent of putting a tiny bandaid on a wound covering the whole body, tinted visors and hoodies aren’t killing anyone, and guess what, a full face helmet and a pair of shades hides someone just as much as a dark visor, and full face helmets can never be banned.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Yeah maybe we should ban guns too Hal
      And rainsuits
      And chasing people
      And fingers

  32. BermyGoddess_4824 says:

    I don’t know about ya’ll but this image gave me shivers!! He looks like a young boy and appears to be scared and unsure. I almost want to see the entire video! My heart goes out to the families and the cashier on duty. That had to be traumatic to see. I’m always in and out of Belvin’s and all the mom n pop variety stores in the Pembroke/Devonshire area…. Freighting thought to even imagine being caught up in something like this.

  33. P$% says:

    Shooter looks nerves?? #WaYaDumb this guy is —– —-!! These bies ain’t playin no more!! —–ppl!!

  34. Damned if you do Damned if you don't says:

    @WOW try not to be so stupid.What security officer do you know that is going to stop a gun wielding criminal from entering a store when he is all skiied up. @Mike idk who you think the Bermuda police are but there is no way they can possibly track every damn person who purchases a blue raincoat on the island don’t be so stupid. Also even if there was a ban on tinted visors do you really think someone who is planning on killing somebody won’t wear a visor because its against the law. Hello they are out committing murders. I’m am not trying to start any back and forth but it just seems as if some people really don’t stop and think before they come on here and make stupid comments and its very annoying. @joey no this wouldn’t be the same person as the woody’s incident these incidents are directed at two opposing crews. Maybe your not from here and don’t know that much but thats pretty much obvious to anybody who has some remote sense of what is going on. I couldn’t help but notice that the guy doesn’t appear to be wearing any gloves. So hopefully he may have touched the door coming in and left some fingerprints. Like i said before i am not trying to start any arguments with anyone on here which i see happens all the time i just want to encourage posters to think about what they type before they submit it.Is that really too much to ask? My sincerest condolences to all those affected by this tradgedy.

    • WOW says:

      not trying to start arguments but calling people and their opinions stupid are a good way to “avoid” them . really? smh. It appears in the photo the guy was not “weilding” the firearm as he was walking in. therefore, security asking a person to remove his helmut is not a ridiculous statement and could have lead to something that could have assisted police in creating a profile for this person. in cases like these any type of information could lead to something. and yes, if the police looked at all the video from stores that sell this type of rainsuit who knows, a known undesireable could have purchased one in the past few days. maybe this undesireable had a distinct accent and/or lisp, studder or whatever when speaking with the salesperson and if security had spoken to him upon his entering the store and recalled a similar accent and/or lisp or studder they may be interviewing someone with said purchases and speach characteristics in the near future. Lets hope your assesment of him not wearing gloves leads to the retreival of fingerprints on the door. I wont call you stupid for not thinking that a man about to commit murder probably didnt use his bare hands to open the door. Oh wait, my apologies, i just sort of did, didn’t I.

  35. swing voter says:

    well at least we know the shooter didn’t go BDA Regiment….nothing about the picture suggests firearms training.

  36. Irritated!!! says:

    Check to see where they could have purchased the raincoat……cause who really buys those ugly rainsuits nowadays….check their camera’s to see who came into there store in the last week….when u find these COWARDS…and they are found guilty….send their butts to rykers island or a prison in a third world country…..locking them up at the WestGate Correctional Resort is a slap on the wrist….find a prison that is in the same shape casemates was in or bring back death penalty!!

    • Really?? says:

      Um, people who don’t want to get wet. I have that exact rainsuit and I know of a few other people that do to. Alot of people that work outside in the rain have that raisuit as they are fairly cheap and very durable. Those rainsuits can be bought at Island Trading and I guarantee they are a dime a dozen.

  37. Dummy's says:

    Why show a pic of the shooter? Your only glorifying him as a Celeb lol – these fools love the recognition – and he using a 6shooter – no casings – smh – he definitely looks nervous like its his 1st/2nd time – it will only get worst – their children will grow up w/ revenge in their minds if they aren’t shown a better way of life

    • LORD HAVE MERCY says:


  38. God is the answer says:

    My Sincere condolences to the families of all whose lives are no longer on earth! In time God will reveal! This is a spiritual warfare only manifesting in the natural. Prayer is important if you really want to see a change. Unity, Forgiveness and Love cancel ignorance, division and malice!! Have you ever thought that death may not be the lesson to be taught in all of this but unity, togetherness of families and love? It will continue as long as we keep our hearts hardened! As long as we keep putting the works of the enemy as our priority, it will continue! Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28 Boop Boop My God!! Lets build a new foundation. New relationships with the creator! not so much what our ancestors had, something better, something pure. Lets try it!! I know it will work! God is tired! and He will continue to create these things to show us he is in control and that we need him the most whether you belive it or not..Taking a person’s life meanes that you have cancelled their destiny, their purpose! You have now called yourselves Gods!! Have mercy on you!!

  39. mr g says:

    pls bermuda police & bermuda government pls ban all dark visors on bermuda roads….and then if the public see a pack of guys riding bikes that has visor on after the ban date…..call the police….its a minor start but its a start…

    • hmm says:

      some of you people are dumb, tinted visors do serve a good purpose for law abiding citizens, ask anyone who rides out of the west end of the island going to work while the sun is rising, plus a full face helmet and shades provide the same face hiding effect. Banning visors will do nothing more than pay lip service to the real issues

  40. hmmm says:

    release the whole footage! u want help let us see!

  41. Heart broken. says:

    To me he could be a tall light skin guy by his hands. Im not sure if he has gloves on or what, but by his hands he is a light skin guy. I say as well put the footage on the news. People can pick out a person just from their walk. This hurst so much !!! I pray that they catch the people …

  42. 50cent says:

    Everyone keeps saying “ban dark visors” but guns are banned and they are still shooting!!!! Should government “re-ban” guns?

    • mr g says:

      I argee guns are banned but they still use them….all im saying is they should ban dark visors…. the police cant be everywhere then we the public who is tired of all these shooting… if we see two guys on a bike riding after the ban…then we have the right to call the police….now back to the guns…. yes guns are banned and yes they are still used but my point and the same with the visors if someone know who has the guns then report them….then the police has chance to do something before another murder…..thats all im saying about the visors…. if we see someone riding around in our neighbourhood or roads with visors then we should call the police….maybe they might have a gun or not….but at least we are doing somethings….and yes its a small step…but it a small step in the right direction….

      • Really?? says:

        But they can ride around with them up until they are ready to do the deed and then pull them down. Alot of these dark visors look like “peaks” until they are pulled down. I don’t thing banning visors will do anything. They can start using scarfs or masks as in the US where most people don’t use helmets and visors. Banning the visors won’t stop them finding some way to hide their faces

  43. tsol says:

    What’s banning dark visors gonna do? These guys could wear a normal helmet and shades and a scarf over their mouth and their face is just as covered.

  44. long gone says:

    The rise and fall of The Bermudas
    A book that can now be written.
    What a waste, what Bermuda was and has become. I would cry if I ever returned.Narrow minded little gangsters who inherited a beautiful island and now have ruined it. I cant believe the island I left only 20 yrs ago has changed so much and there still a lot more to come that’s for sure.

    • Shut Up says:

      Nobody needs your negativity, some of us actually want our island home to get better, go lay down

  45. More Confused says:

    In the right hand photo at the top, it appears there is another hand (one of the victims?) holding the hand with the firearm. Possible DNA will be transferred from the shooter’s hand to the other.

  46. Enough is enough says:

    Every time there is a shooting police should be out to ALL KNOWN gang areas rounding them up and swabbing them all for gunshot residue!! They should be out inspecting their clothes bikes WHATEVER!! set up road blocks because they have to go home sometime!! make them feel uncomfortable!! isnt there some law about not needing a warrant to search houses of gang members or something to that affect!!! The government gives the police all these fancy powers and laws or legislation or whatever and the police exercise them on the tax paying people instead of the KNOWN criminals!! They are scared of these guys!! I hate to say it but we need some foreign cops in here that are not going to put up with the bull%^it and their main focus should be on gangs!! we dont need no more consultants telling us what we already know!!! lets spend our money on something that will possibly work!! WE NEED HELP!!

    Bermudians if you know something you need to TALK we need to take our island back seriously!! its not up to just the government or the police it takes ALL of us to make a better tomorrow for the future generations if we dont stand up its only going to get worst in this situation is already worst! this is the third family member i have lost to this bu%^&hit and i have had enough!!

    RIP H.O….your no longer living in this concrete jungle!!

  47. Winnie Dread says:

    Ban rain gear and bikes and people while we are in the ban everything mode, geez when will we learn to tackle the real issues.

  48. Missy says:

    I wonder if BPS has Instagram….Hmmmmm…Pay attention Bermuda Police. Inspector Pedro needs to utilize this resource immediately.

  49. So Sad says:

    This store has cameras outside as well!Were are the pics from the outside camera?

  50. Unjrust Realities says:

    BPS . . .please please make these punks uncomfortable . . .post the entire footage inside of the store and outside of the store. If they chased these young men into the store, the bikes may give some clues as to who they are. And agreed . . .people may be able to identify the perp once they see the whole footage!!!

  51. Serious Though says:

    We have over 38,000 working force, start asking question, where there is smoke there is fire!

  52. Inspector Gadget says:

    Hope they catch this fool and put him away FOREVER!

    This is the second guy with the first name Haile that has perished… How weird.

  53. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    He’s dressed like the guy who attempted to shoot up Woody’s…

    • Really?? says:

      Ah, those rainsuits are a dime a dozen. Nothing unique about them.

    • almostthere. says:

      @st.georges—–thanks for the link—I noticed the patterns of a black spankin helmet used in all photos, blue colour gear, light,caucasion or fair skinned hand or glove, and right handed peculiar hold on gun…did you notie aything else from the pic?

  54. AR says:

    Please would all gang members congregate at the National Sports Stadium at 11pm tomorrow night, where you will be locked in and provided with guns to fight it out until there is only one of you left. We will then take the winner, dip his feet in concrete, and throw him in the ocean for the fishes to eat.

  55. RM says:

    Maybe if the video was released with audio someone would recognize a voice? That’s if he spoke, but it’s worth a try. Every option needs to be exhausted.

    • .am says:

      Because of the sheer volume of footage that’s recorded, the frame rates tend to be much slower. I think we’re accustomed to seeing somewhere between 24-30 fps (for ‘real time’ footage), but CCTV is usually set to something like 3, 8, or 15 fps.

      If audio was to be recorded, it would have to be entirely separate.

  56. mixitup says:

    Can we also STOP calling them Gang Members and call them Terrorist! Label them the scum of the earth and bring down a force onto them the didn’t even know existed! This is spiritual warfare at it’s worse The GOOD -vs- The Evil! You are either on Goods side or your with them! As I was out and about during that time, I replayed in my head using BBM message time stamps to help me paint a picture of what I might have seen during that time frame. Did you all do the same? Speak up people!

  57. Jah Guide says:

    Release Video then these victims families will have JUSTICE!!!! TRust me, everyone has their own walk! Someone will point it out who it may be!

    • Fruity says:

      i agree with this!!! want islanders help… suck it up and let us fix it … hmm! so mad at how we’ve changed to soo much bad

  58. Judge Dredd says:

    It’s becoming an insult to our intelligence asking us to help identify someone in a blurry photo. RELEASE THE FOOTAGE so the entire island can lend assistance. Otherwise we might as well ask the fruit and vegetables in the store to identify the murderers. Get real dammit!

  59. Leo says:

    Quit with the fugu king visors already

  60. BDAGIRL says:

    Bring in the troops from UK and have them go around bang down the doors of these known Gangs members and make their lives a living hell. I was sick last night when i got the Bernews email. We need help in this little Island too many of our boys are dying a terrible death.Its getting more and more violent. now two at a time. Please please if you know anyone or something about a gang member call the hotline number and leave a message. Two families are mourning and are hurting. Peace be with these families during this difficult time.

    • Fruity says:

      So true… and sadly not just two families, there are many! :( BDA should try to get tougher if not already. We’re a joke because of our backward/twisted system.
      To each its own and may better days come.

  61. um just saying says:

    why was this store open today? Last time i checked murders and shooting were taped off with caution tape with armed officers until forensic fly in…… WHY was this dealt with so quickly? They could have missed vital evidence that is now GONE. If the police finished so fast i hope they have everything they need to put these young men behind bars. just my opinion but maybe the store should have just stayed closed today just out of respect for the deceased. ALL THE SHOOTINGS THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE DOWN BOAT CLUB never have they ever opened the next day for business…. (maybe the owner of belvins dont have a heart or is really focused on $$$$$$)

  62. Bermuda Needs HELP says:

    This looks like the same rain suit from the woodys incident! What does BPS have to say about that? Bermuda WHAT HAVE WE COME TO?

  63. As a MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER I am in so much pain right now for the mental condition of our young black man. These guys have not done one constructive thing with their lives, consequently they have absolutely no feelings for humanity. HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT, BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY WE ALL HAVE TO MEET OUR MAKER. Tonight there are mothers, fathers,sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, neices nephews who are suffering for the loss of these 2 young men. AGAIN HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT.

  64. Xman says:

    If the Murders keep going on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBN, and BBC are going to get us and label Bermuda
    as a Island of Murder— than were going to be in real economic trouble. – worse than were in now!

  65. its time says:

    I demand that we have public executions for these men, even hanging. Things like this need to happen or else these punks will never fear the punishment that the courts give them now.

    Also there should be mandatory death sentence for being in a gang. If you are in a gang, see you later. Your dead. That ought to STOP people from being in gangs.


  66. JahMon says:

    R.I.P Rico
    May our Lord ease the pain of those you leave behind
    Rico was a great person. Always been a role model for me. Neva seemed to carry negative energy. Thats how i will rememver him. I hope those that love him may find some peace
    One love. Lord Bless

  67. unique1bda says:

    What is so frustrating is that these fools are being labeled as gangs which only makes them feel they have a big sense of power therefore they feel invincible. These are simple minded individuals that have no respect for their own lives therefore they don’t respect another life. I’m reading the suggestions of banning tinted visors on helmets but come on what purpose is that going to solve? They would only resort to using something else to hide their identity. We the people as a community need to speak up about what we see, hear and know. It is not about being a snitch it is about doing the right thing. Too many of our young black men are dying. Before negative comments are thrown my way let me say that if this continues it will only be a matter of time before an innocent child gets caught in the crossfire because these fools have proven they don’t care about their surroundings. What are we going to say or do then? These are criminals with no heart we need to treat them as such rather than giving them a free stay up at the Westgate Resort of which our tax paying money is supporting them. Send them to some place foreign where they will wish they were dead themselves. We need to try organizing a neighborhood watch in our area and report any suspicious activity we witness taking place. We all need to come together as a whole and show unity, compassion and most importantly love for each other. Come together as a family and take back what was once considered an island of paradise. Talk is cheap we the people need to take action. To the police if you want us to help you you need to provide us with more to help you, such as full footage of the crimes scenes. You cant go giving us a band-aid to cover a wound that requires major surgery. Last but not least I just want to say when you take God out of the equation be prepared to get negative results…… We Bermudians need to think long and hard about that for a moment…… Without GOD there is no good.

  68. b(*&*( says:

    streets real

  69. Justsayin says:

    Wish all of you would stfu! Stop talking bout it on n do something bout it lets stop just commeting on this n do something about it!

  70. PROMOTER says:

    “ban the VIZERS” its a START PLZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Thank u

    • Come Correct says:

      *palm meets forhead* Banning tinted/dark visors will do nothing, not a thing, not sure how much clearer that can be. Hypathetical scenario: I’m a wangster(wannabegangster), dark visors are now illegal and I don’t want to be pulled over before I go shoot someone. So instead I poke 2 holes in an xl beanie I had laying around, roll it at the bottom to cover the holes, wear it under my helmet and pull it down over my face just before I reach my target. Now what? You put out an APB on Dumb Donald from Fat Albert? The same can be done using a normal ski mask. So you want a mask or something that can possibly be knocked up in an altercation to reveal their identity? The best thing we can do is let them wear them, then pull over every single person towing with dark visors. Don’t like being pulled over and searched? Go get a clear visor, the choice is still yours. Not like it really matters since I watch guys on bikes with dark visors down ride across the police all the time. Eventually if you keep up that practice you’re going to get shot at and I guess $90,000 a year isn’t worth that especially considering these are the people that refuse to take a cut in pay or their multitude of benefits in order to hire more officers. Then again who would when the magistrate will probably only give them 5 years eligable for parole after half that. So basically you give a convicted gunman 2 1/2 years to think about how he’s going to f@ck your life up when he’s out. Pretty soon this won’t be a war between gangs, trust me, let them get comfortable. They’re breeding this mentality faster than you can lock it away, but don’t worry I’m pretty sure a flag draped coffin and a police motorcade comes with that benefit package. One of the most highly paid systems in the world between the police, courts, and DPP and it produces the worst results in the land where you do more time for drugs than murder. Just as a side note, there is very little marijuana on the island right now pretty much since the election, keep that in mind as time goes on. Anybody ever heard of there being a drought of coke or heroin? Anyone?

  71. STARRYYY !!! says:

    Everyone saying that banding black/dark visors wouldn’t make a difference is actually wrong. Yes, there is a lot of illegal things that people still take part/ use. but every little thing matters and the littlest things matter most. so if they can be banned, then why not make that change? At least that way people wearing them will be easily identified. As someone said guns are illegal but they are still used. well a black visor and a gun are two completely different things. Someone will much rather ride around with their black visor as if nothing is about to happen than to ride around flaunting a gun. Makes any sense? I mean there is a lot more to banned than just the visors, but aside from the hundreds of other things the black visors can be taking into consideration and all other things. but we can only make progress by taking step by step.
    I have read over every single last one of these comments and seeing people argue back and forth doesn’t solve or make anything better. I am a very close family member of Haile & Rico watched me grow up and i am very affected by this incident. I have spent almost every day/ night in pain because of this.

    & another thing that counts is doing a process of elimination of the people who have been licensed to these vehicles that are said to be used during these gang related incidents.