Armed Robbery At St David’s Variety Store

February 6, 2013

At approximately 9.30pm this evening [Feb 6] the St David’s Variety store was robbed at gunpoint, with the suspect holding a gun to the owner while demanding money from the cash register.

The suspect burst into the store wearing dark clothing and what was described as a ‘hoodie’ and some form of a face mask. The shop owner said he was stacking shelves at the time and the suspect grabbed him, and put the gun to his side.

st davids variety store police

The suspect had the owner go to the cash register and demanded he pass over the money. The suspect — who was still holding a gun to the owner — was asked if he wanted the paper money only, or the paper money and coins. 

The robber ended up taking the paper money only, and appeared to have escaped on foot. It is not believed the suspect ended up with a substantial amount of money.

The owner, who was extremely calm after the incident, contacted the police who responded to the scene and could also be seen at in the area by Clearwater Middle School appearing to be monitoring traffic in the area. As of 11.30pm the police remain in the area, and appear to be searching for the suspect.

We expect to be able to update with the official police statement on the matter in the morning.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    As if the BPS do not already have enough to deal with. We are gonna need a bigger prison. How about a prison barge anchored out by the north channel somewhere.

    • Observant says:

      We’re gonna need a REAL prison…not a country club. No views, 23 hours a day in the cell, up at 3am, breakfast at 4…you get the picture…

      • Tick Tock says:


        • Reality says:

          F$%# faces…. Do your homework before running your mouth! The prisoners are on 23 hour lock down! The only hour they get is rec! So obviously that “23hour lockdown” still don’t make a difference huh?! NEXT!!!

          • In there yes! Out here no! Then to top it off, it is not the inmates at Westgate pulling these stints. So stop talking out of ur @$$ n use that thing that separates ur ears. Where does Westgate fit in this picture when Police don’t have a clue or trace who this “crack head” is. Think outside the box; both of you. Or was it you????

            • citi zen says:

              Sometimes the thing that separates the ears could be just air. It may just be a hollow head. Not all brains work.

              To all of you who think locking down a jail for 23 hr. a day comes without remifications. Well here is the reality, Inmates become very frustrated and begin to abuse the officers in more ways then one. They do things that range from verbal abuse to officers having to be faced with bodyly secrerted matter being thrown on them.

              Would you want your loved ones be faced with that or work in those conditions?

              Yes while Corrections officers are compensated handsomely finacially, it will never relieve them of the stress they face daily.

              So people please stop talking so crazy. Have you ever heard; for every action there is a reaction? The action of caring for the inmates (your family members)has a reaction of great mental stress – sickness (Mental & Pysical) – and sometimes family dysfunction. Think about the bigger picture.

              I wonder just how many people are aware of the fact that the cat-o-nine tail is still on the books. These young men need a good cut tail.


          • Anonymous says:

            @Reality: I don’t think ALL the prisoners are on 23 hour lockdown; just some of them. They need to do it with ALL of them.

            Also, cut out the tasty meals and lunch. Mnay prisons overseas have cut out luncg in order to save money-there is NO law that says one has to have three meals a day. Cutting out one meal won’t kill them as most come out having put on a bunch of weight.

            Give them bland but nutritious meals. No more of those delicious baked goods, either. Make prison as unappealing as possible and maybe they won’t be so quick to go back.

          • watching-n-listening says:

            @reality,not all of the prisoners are on 23-hour lock down,that’s only for maxiumn security inmates and remand…

      • Y-Gurl says:

        How about a real police service

    • Observant says:

      Charming…I’ll bet his/her parents are SO proud…

      • CHARMED says:

        Find him/her and throw them overboard at the dump with the other trash!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      We are going to need smaller prisons and bigger gallows. Seriously armed robbers, premeditated murderers, rapists and child predators should be executed.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Judge Dredd: I AGREE! If I had my way we’d be like Saudi Arabia, China and those places when it comes to crime. Once it’s been proven beyond all doubt that the person is guilty, lights out! No worries then about recidivism.

      • watching-n-listening says:

        @ judge dread agree string them up and hang them up”alive”

    • fred says:

      No we don’t need a bigger prison. All that we need is a death penalty for ANY GUN related activity. Period. The end.

    • Reality Check says:

      We need a bigger prison for what! To make more room for fools who think they have some kind of right to break the law, living recklessly and flawlessly! NO, we do not need a larger prison, yes we do need a tough and more structured prison but that still wont discourage these immoral fools from choosing to do wrong, adding strain to and on the rest of us who truly care. We need Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty to rid the world of these. ignorant fools. If you don’t want to live here with us following the laws and sharing the burden and strain that almost all of us here on this island and world bare, then you should be removed from the population in such a way that no further strain is put on the rest of us. DEATH, if u don’t love life and want to righteously share it with others, the.n DIE!

      • watching-n-listening says:

        Bermuda,needs too get more tougher let’s face it”with”the 23-hour lockdowns,our prison systems are a country club serious,we need too have more tougher living conditions in our prisons,and prvillages like radio’s t.v’s shouldn’t be allowed after all these men,and women are there for breaking the laws so why are we rewarding them???Secondly bermudians need too take examples,from caribean prisons like Bahamas,and Jamaican for example with Bahamas being the worst I’d bet you if bermuda,did prisoner exchange,and sent them there crime would start too drop drasticailly,because that’s prison,fOod is disgusting,the living conditions deplorable,and in those prions you have too be able too fight too survive prisons were you have too work”everyday”and that’s everyone hard labor no exceptions I’d bet you these so called gansters would rethink there plans trust me,inorder for prison too be hard you,have too suffer,and not have any luxures peroid not like,our prisons were,people reward prisoners with things like tv’s ipods e.t.c and not having visits,and also were no-one knows you not like here were when they go westgate they see all there freinds and family and think its all fun,and gammes,and gun crimes here in bermuda need tougher penalities too deter what seems too be norm,nowadays,all gun related crimes should be life without parole period then these wanna bees would get the message,and look at the age range of these so called gun related crimes?I’ll put it like this,when boys meet men boys tremble so called bad guys need too be put in bad prisons were there are real bad guys cause bermudian prisons are a joke!!!!

  2. VL says:

    Oh no! I frequent this shop on a regular basis and the staff are so nice. I’m shocked- I know stuff can happen anywhere but this is the last place I would have expected. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

    • law makers says:

      This is Bermuda mate…expect the unexpected.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know why but I always kinda had a feeling that they’d one day be a target, so I’m not all that shocked. I guess it was only a matter of time. It makes you scared to even go to the store for a loaf of bread. The owner is a really nice guy-I feel so bad that he had to go through this…

  3. Good Stuff says:

    Right in my backyard! Goes to show you that no place on the island is immune to this foolishness… Sad.

  4. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Hopefully this scumbag will be captured soon and put away for a very long time!
    Make sure you get the gun too BPS.

  5. Cynthia Ramsawh says:

    I want to know just how these guns are getting into Bermuda? I do believe that because of the small size of the Islands, much more can and needs to be done before this becomes an even bigger problem than it is. No wonder tourism is dowm, who would want to visit a place which in the past has had a reputation as a ‘Paradice’,now has a group of disgusting young men who are destroying the safety of such a beautiful and formerly peaceful and safe place to live and visit. Elected officials, get to work and do what you are being paid for, please!Parents, get a hold on your out-of-control and violent children!

    • Anonymous says:

      @Cynthia: Heads should be rolling! We keep talking about guns, but there’s never much talk on how our borders clearly aren’t being properly protected. HM Customs is responsible for border control/protection and they need to be held accountable. While they’re busy grilling me about my receipts not being in order, some guy is walking by with gun parts.

  6. Saucydog says:

    What next??

  7. DB says:

    Bermuda is way to small for this nonsense, save your money and get out if you can for you and your child or childrens sake. the island is only going to get worst before it gets better if that

  8. sistadee says:

    to all evil doers it may seem that you are getting away with
    your evil ways but you will find out at sometime in your life
    that what goes around will come around

  9. 297 says:

    right in d hood 2

    • just another n$%#@ says:

      um tellin u my n%$#@ this is just dwn de hill cant even go station grab some papers without gettin robbed sh%$#

  10. O.B. says:

    So sad what this Island came to.

  11. cant fool me says:


    • no fooling me says:


    • VL says:

      Sad but true. I have said it before, Bermuda is not for Bermudians. People are seriously struggling out there, and many will stoop to levels they never thought possible. Until something is done about the high rents, outrageous utility bills and even more outrageous prices of food we will continue to see stuff like this.

      • Just us says:

        @ VL: You seriously think that this has something to do with somebody struggling?!! So why they didn’t take a chocolate bar a bag of chips and something to drink?
        Your the winner of a free sign that goes across your forehead for such a stupid remark.

        • Watching On says:

          @Just Us taking a chocolate bar won’t pay the bills. Not approving this crime, but go back to a few cases last year and see the hefty fines people got for stealing food items to eat. More than the food even cost.

          • Mr. Happy says:

            Guaranteed that this is money to feed a drug habit. GUARANTEED. A junkie will do ANYTHING to get money. Just you watch, if they catch this low-life.

          • Eastern says:

            Gimme a break – If you think people are robbing businesses to pay for food and rent……….I have a bridge to sell you right by the airport.

            You must living in a bubble.

        • VL says:

          @Just Us…Read my post in the context of which it was written. I wasn’t talking specifically about this incident moron!! What I am saying is that people are considering all sorts of things to get money. One girl I spoke with has been approached by dealers to bring in drugs. She has consistantly said no, but sadly it is only a matter of time before she caves in. Things are tough, and when the pressure is on people will struggle with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Which one wins? By the way, since you seem to have all the answers, what was the motive for the robbery then???

          • Duh says:

            I agree! People like Justus and Eastern need to think outside the box. Not everything is as clearcut as they would appear. If you’re hungry, you’re gonna shoplift food but if you have rent to pay, then a loaf of bread won’t cut it. I got VL’s point. People are having a rough time out there. Fifteen, twenty years ago we never would have imagined gang murders, drive by shootings and the like here in Bermuda. Read the US news and see all the people that are robbing places to pay the bills. It isn’t so far out of the realm of possibility for it to happen here too. Times are changing, keep up. Most likely drug related, but I wouldn’t rule out others things nor would I call somebody’s else’s comments stupid without all the facts. Unless maybe Justus and Eastern know something the rest of us don’t.

        • Dee (Original) says:

          Just Us, YOUR remark is stupid. People need to seriously wake up to what is happening on this island. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. People’s heads are tight in case you haven’t noticed. Just today I had a young man approach me desperate for work. He has a family to feed and has placed numerous ads looking for work. What’s not to say that somebody in this position wouldn’t act out of desperation. Like somebody said earlier, expect the unexpected. Not only drug addicts steal. Don’t be surprised when you see average Bermudians appearing before the courts more regularly…

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Dee have no fear the OBA is here! Even though they have not delivered on their pre election promises to, “Stimulate Bermudian jobs growth by giving employers a two-year payroll tax exemption for all new Bermudian hires.” or “Protect Bermudian jobs by cracking down on employers who abuse immigration rules.” or “Reduce the cost of electricity by properly regulating the energy sector.” or “Waive stamp duties for first-time homeowners on properties valued under $1 million.” or “Support communities harmed by crime by implementing a ‘Cash Back for Communities’ programme using monies confiscated from criminals.” All things that could have been started since their election.

            They instead have totally abolished term limits so that ALL foreign workers not only IB but even those that have jobs that any Bermudian with a high school education could do can now have their permits renewed ALL THE TIME. They also have introduced the strongest man made opiate ever made into law enforcement. RELIGION. This will be a great start at getting Bermudians back to work all we have to do now is wait till all the permit workers have finished building their mansions back in their country & put our money into the church collections & ………… PRAY?

            • dthtoo/ says:

              Well, you know what or perhaps don’t know, is that you freaking idiots got the government you believed in, longed for and voted for. You all hollered for CHANGE – and now this is the price you must pay for your ignorance.

              • dthtoo/ says:

                I forgot to invite you to stay tuned for the more to come.

        • really doe says:

          U aink serious so wen u gotta pay bills n don’t have a job n can’t get one at all no matter wat u doin u gonna steal chips n candy 2 pay rent n other bills ya a real fool n small minded its a dog eat dog world n if u can’t get a job or some means of makin money u gotta do wat u gotta do so u my friend need 2 wear the sign on ur forehead FOOL

        • Sapphire says:

          Of course this has to do with somebody struggling! People are getting desperate. I know a guy who went from place to place trying to find work. He even tried to get a job packing groceries with no luck as they already had more than enough packers. I was talking to him and he looked like he wanted to cry. He just doesn’t know what to do next. I helped him out a little bit but it won’t last long and doesn’t even put a dent in what he needs to get by.

          For dinner my husband, daughter and I had delicious steak, baked potato and corn. My stomach is full. When your stomach is full, it’s hard to understand the feelings of someone whose stomach is empty and many of us have been guilty of that. We’re just an ordinary working family. Anything could happen and we could easily end up in a bad spot-laid off, made redundant, etc. The current economy has made us save like crazy. Even though we can afford it, we’re not taking any trips this year and maybe not even next year. Our mantra is to save, save, save. I’ll hook in the street before I see my child go hungry. I’ll try and give to charity, but my first priority has to be the child I brought into the world and making sure she’s taken care of, but I really feel for those who have nowhere to turn.

      • Richard says:

        LIke the brother in NY said “Rent is Too Dam High” which is the cause of all the problem and who is behind high rent the banks who act like they are trying to help you. Yes it my fault I am paying my loan back late but then your trying to get me to increase the amount I have to pay know what is going on in BDA and the world. Look up Jimmy Mcmillan listen to what he has to say the media made him a laughing stock think of what is going on in BDA and listen to what he says about rent and the banks. Politician can’t touch the bank who have been hitting up with these high interest rate for yours keep the people in BDA in bondage. I bet if you look at the whose who in BDA there all banking families they made then sold out to outsiders some.

        • Richard says:

          sorry that was hitting us up and for years not (yours) I know people get real touchy with that lol

    • O.B. says:

      Sadly true. When times were good charities had money to help people, companies had the ability to give more to charity, unemployment was low etc.. I left a year ago and would love to return home to Bermuda but there just isn’t anything there any more. Few jobs, expensive housing, high crime etc. Sad.

    • sonoso says:

      well obv you have money for internet?

      • Duh says:

        Don’t be a smarta$$. They could be using it at a friend’s or at the library. Stop splitting hairs over such a trivial matter.

    • Um Um Like says:

      You really think this person robbed the store to pay his belco bill? More likely he needed to get a fix…

    • Come On Man!!! says:

      @can’t fool me: you seem just as ignorant as Rolf Commission he is blaming gang shooting on the poor economic climate. Come On Man!!!

    • Bumazz says:

      If you have money to buy or rent a gun, you have money. this is a choice

  12. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Same thing happened to me yesterday when I went to get my weekly groceries , ‘cept they took all my change as well. Luckily for them , I’m a law abiding citizen and eating isn’t optional.

    • KarmaGotEm says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly!! The government past and present ought to be ashamed of themselves in the way they have consistently allowed these big supermarkets to rob us blind in the name of eating and staying alive!! Just for them to rob us again the following week. Especially with the average family, struggling day in and day out. I say this is also, highway robbery, but just without a GUN!!

  13. shaking my head says:

    OMG!!!! My husband n I r regulars down there. Sum1 must have been watching the store 2 no when David is by himself. Its VERY sad wat this island has turned into. So glad no1 was hurt.

  14. swing voter says:

    he’ll do it again. probably came up short and couldn’t pay his dealer.

    • Mamma Mia says:

      So true … drugs, drugs and more drugs!

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Well, our government past & present has thought of zip! zip! zero! to help addiction in Bermuda. They leave it up to the black market to supply their disease instead of creating intelligent drug laws that allow clinical professionals to supply the EXACT drugs they are addicted to. Giving addicts other drugs to counteract addiction doesn’t work & only creates an addiction to more drugs. Just imagine how much Bermuda would save on law enforcement, lawyer & court fees & prison fees if addicts didn’t get their drugs from dealers. The cost for bringing in & supplying the drugs through clinics would be a lot less than the war on drugs we have going now.

        Then again the ones getting paid in the circle of the war on drugs would lose out & not be able to afford the possessions they presently have. Things that make you go HMMMMM!

        • Sapphire says:

          I’m sick of being held hostage by junkies who turn to crime to support their habits. Why should we all suffer for their poor choice to do drugs? Why should we pay taxes to help these fools who made a conscious choice to smoke crack or shoot heroin or whatever? It’s ridiculous.

          By the way, I disagree with those saying a junkie did this. I really doubt it. It’s probably some guy desperate for cash who’s rented a gun to do this. It just doesn’t sound like the M.O. of a junkie and I doubt most of them would have the means to get a gun-unless they borrowed it from their dealer, which I doubt. Nope-more likely someone who needs money for bills or to pay off a debt so his kneecaps don’t get broken.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            We are already paying taxes for them that’s my point. We would pay less taxes if drug dealers didn’t have the market. Less taxes for westgate & less to the judicial system. Also no being held hostage because they’re not going to rob you to pay their dealer.

            If it was a guy desperate for cash how would he have the money to rent a gun?

          • blessings says:

            True, this persons too calm to be a crack junkie, the cashier would’ve been shot!! If doped up, this is too much work and he would messed up in some or most of his dopey actions. And if he needed the money to get high, his weak a$$ wouldn’t have dressed up like this for this. Evidence surely would’ve been seen so fast. Come on people a junkie would’ve grabbed 50 and gone.

  15. Watching On says:

    As times get hard and people can’t afford to make ends meet they will act out in desperation. We have utilities company threatening people with Credit association and CA threatening people with jail (like if that will pay the bill), people can’t afford a decent meal and don’t even let me speak about health care.

    Maybe while Government and the church and stakeholders talk about how to solve these problems, they shopuld include how to grant reprieve to so many who have outstanding bills and can’t pay it by putting aside some cash and acting as “Secret Santas” and help people. I’m sure you can call up Belco and CV or any phone company and get a list of accounts overdue. That’s a start.

    When I get enough cash I will be doing just that. People need some hope on this island and sad to say not much can be found anymore. Some people are too busy getting even, acting malicious, laughing at others sad plight and downfall to even reach out and help.

    I’ll keep hoping that something positive will happen and soon. To those out there struggling KEEP YOUR HEAD UP it may not be today, but there is still hope yet. Hopefully soon I will be able to help you.

    Hugs *Watching On*

    • Eastern says:

      @ Watching On

      I’m sorry, but if you think some one is going out with a gun to get cash because they’re a little short on they’re BELCO bill,then you are definitely living in La-La Land. Get Real!!!

      • Watching On says:

        I understand your point. I am just making one of my own. Trust me, you have NO idea about what desperation do to people. Not everything is about drugs or getting the next fix. Respect!

  16. Concerned says:

    What’s happening down der yew Bie’s? Think it could be a ‘foreigner’ who wants to bring down the Country culture? Whoever it is, I hope you Bie’s tie em up to de totem poles and let go with some willow boards. I know you all don’t condone violence or acts of same from anybody and trust the person will be caught and dealt with swiftly. Glad David and his daughter were not harmed.

    • Richard says:

      Yup it was Foreigners Bermuda baby got to love it and it people the nicest and most peaceful people in the world welcome you right into their house nope sorry last time that happen to me I was in Jamaica

  17. Xman says:

    I suspect the robber came from out of the emergency home Complex area just behind the Southside Middle School
    and either Lives in the area or based himself in a home in the area.
    The Store owner must have realised that being in a somewhat isolated area somebody out there is going to try somthing.
    So far almost every variety shop in Bermuda that located in a isolated area has been Robed. – so it was just a matter of time for him.
    All Store owners must come to the realization that there are people floating up and around the Island looking for
    somewhere to hit for fast money.- and in this case the St.Davids Variety was the perfect choice for this type of person.
    —— but ! this could have been avoided by having a security person there – simply because robbers are not looking for any type of opposition there looking for a clean gettaway.
    The other Question is were are the CCTV Camera’s ? or was there any.— if your got a Shop nowdays you would need them.
    The Polce on the other hand have so much on there plate already so I personally believe that this Criminal act won’t
    get the attention that it truly deserves.
    The St.Davids residence may be in shock but not supprised – before 1998 This area of Bermuda was the most peaceful
    in Bermuda with it’s residence of all races working together as Family. – but things drasticly changed when the PLP
    became the Govt. and willfully loaded as many people as possible in the ex U.S.Navy Base
    housing complex units [ now the Projects ]- as part of the Housing Program and Voting program.
    From there on there have been Murders,Gang Activty,Shootings,Armed Robbery,Drugs, so on.
    The People of St.David says to the PLP — THANK YOU.— for all this.

    • Abolish ignorance says:

      You are an IDIOT!! Your stupidity warrants no other response!

      • Xman says:

        The TRUTH HURTS – must have stunned you!
        for you to respond like this.
        Glad my comments had such an effect on you.

      • Xman says:

        [1] any isolated Variety Shop is a target for Robbery
        [2] almost all the Variety Shops located in isolated areas in Bermuda have been Robbed
        [3] The use of Security is a very helpful deterrence against most Robberies.
        [4] The use of CCTV cameras is also very helpful against most Robberies.
        [5] Chances are the Robber was based at a nearby Home
        [6] The Police have a lot on there plate at this time so there is some chance that this robbery won’t get the attention it deserves.
        [7] the people that live in St.Davids are Shocked to hear the News but not Supprised.
        [8] much of the Criminal activity started to occur in St.Davids after 1998. – and it’s been a lot to what it used to be.

  18. Jameka S says:

    Has anyone experienced this:

    Boiling a pot of water…you walk away from it…you forget its boiling…the hot water boils out the pot…spreads all over the stove…you run in the kitchen to stop the mess…too late…stove catches fire…stove explodes…entire house catches fire…

    What would have stopped the sequence of these events that led to a fully engulfing fire?

    • Mr. Happy says:


    • Come Correct says:

      Not cooking meth on your stove?… Last i checked water doesnt have explosive properties.

    • Mayan says:

      @Jameka: Actually….no.

      I don’t think it’s an everyday occurrence that someone’s stove explodes thereby catching the entire house on fire, but I get the gist of your point (I think)…

    • Bumazz says:

      water boils over…puts out fire.

  19. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Paying attention to what is boiling!!!

  20. George says:

    Community Action required to support the BPS! St. David’s being a small and relatively tight knit community as it is, its time for its members to come together and find out who did this! Someone in the community I am sure knows information and can help – please step forward with it in order to keep St. Davids being one of the safest and more crime free areas of the Island.

    • Islander says:

      What? Man, if they got any closer they would be joined at the hip which they are already. The situation with the guys being murdered strengthed their Unity. I am sure they are trying to figure out who it is or could have been and when it is figured out there will be no smiles on their faces. We have our Community Watch and they do take action by calling the police. The Good Friday day down there is getting bigger and bigger – even tourists are coming.

  21. BowandArrow says:

    Ok let’s get our bow and arrows out! Treading on secret land they are. We don’t cause trouble don’t bring your trouble to us. Close that gate and leave us be! Remember there is one way in and one way out. Which way did the theif run; that will tell the story:)

  22. Get Real says:

    People are robbing stores at gun point because they can’t pay their bills??? LMAO! Poor Bermudians! They have no money to pay their bills but are sporting the most stylish clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery, jetting off to the east cost to do some shopping, buying new T.V’s, cell phones, and all the latest gadgets, etc., etc., but they can’t pay rent, their BELCo bills, and such, so they go out and stick a gun on someone’s side demanding a bit of cash! WOW…

    • Duh says:

      @Get Real…get real!!! Yes, there are some Bermudians that appear to be doing very well but a lot of people are really suffering right now. I fail to see the humor in the fact that there are tons of people without jobs right now. There is nothing at all funny about the situation we now find ourselves in. Stop generalizing, if you have a job and can afford it, then yes you are going to shop and take trip, etc. However, there are a lot of people that don’t know where their next meal is coming from. I don’t think we are saying that this is the motive for the robbery. People are just saying that folks are really desperate right now. Before you make jokes about the situation, why don’t you talk to the many charities about what is really going on. There is nothing funny about it.

  23. Herewego says:

    @Duh, I doubt that the people without jobs are running aroudn with guns robbing people.

    The people doing this are criminals that don’t want to work or have drug issues. And if you have access to a “real” gun chances that you are hurting for money for drugs is nil. It was probably a fake gun.

    I beieve the culprit was from the area but not a local if you know what I mean….. real St. David’s Islanders would not do this type of thing.

    • VL says:

      What is a “real” St David’s Islander??? That’s why we have the problems that we do. People are too damn territorial. Bermuda belongs to ALL of us, we are ALL local. Anybody has the right to go or live anywhere they darn well please.

    • Free says:

      Who the hell wants to be a real St. David’s islander anyway? You all are such weirdos I swear. You are apart of Bermuda and therefore not immune to criminals, violence and robberies. Get over yourselves.

  24. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    OK enough of the idle chit chat…and let’s get down to the real issues. SO the question should be how have the guns arrived into the island. Does anyone know? Someone raised a statment earlier regarding Bermuda’s customs and boarder patrol. The guns and ammo certainly did not grow legs, booked a flight and then walked through customs undetected. Actually I take that back – guns are not human. Maybe we need to ask some of the luggage. And, maybe the authorities need to act like they are in Miami and truly patrol water traffic that comes within at least 10 miles of the island and not wait until people dock and then tell authorities that they are in Bermuda… Or Maybe…well I could go on and on.

  25. Come On Man!!! says:

    Shop owners need to install a bullet proof / shatter proof, second entrance way to be controlled by the person behind the counter. If you have your Helmet on etc, you don’t open the second door until it is removed. If they rob the place you lock the outside door and then the inside door with the press of a button locking the scum in that boxed in area until the Police arrive.

  26. Joseph says:

    Perhaps Bermudians should all carry firearms. I know this is a radical, crazy idea, but it just might work and it follows the spirit of the American right to bear arms in order to protect oneself from thugs.

    Conceal and carry for all. If the gangsters and petty thieves have guns, no matter the laws against them, let’s have everyone own them legally. Police only show up after the crime and most times the thieves simply get away.

    In addition, there are more law abiding, responsible citizens than there are the gangsters who are spoiling the island. I think they would be a lot less eager to rob a store knowing that the store owner has a gun and can use it on them as well as the next person who is sick and tired of thieves and thugs having their way with good standing people.

    I wish the days of a gunless Bermuda weren’t so far behind us. Bermuda hooligans, throw your firearms into the ocean, make peace with your neighbors, work to make a living and just be nice. You have no idea how lucky you are to have a home like Bermuda.

    An alternative to everyone owning guns would be to have reggae music constantly streaming from people’s homes. Let the musical bullets of the reggae rythym and the righteous lyrics of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh change the hearts and bad minds of the hooligans. I doubt prison time really discourages people from doing bad things. It has to be an elevation in consciousness and quite simply good morals: DON’T STEAL – DON’T KILL