St David’s MP: Community ‘Outraged’ By Robbery

February 11, 2013

The St. David’s community are outraged by the recent armed robbery of their local store and they stand as one with the family that owns and operates the store, St David’s MP Lovitta Foggo said.

Ms Foggo — who has represented the area since 2007 — said the service provided by the family business is valued by the community, especially with the closure of the White’s Southside Supermarket, and called upon anyone who may have any information to contact the police.

On Wednesday evening [Feb 6] a masked suspect entered the St David’s Variety store at around 9.30pm, carrying both a gun and a blue plastic bag. He pointed the gun at the owner and his pregnant daughter, and demanded they fill the plastic bag with money from the cash register.

The police released CCTV images from the armed robbery, one is below:

Suspect St. David's Variety Robbery February 6 2013 [3]

Ms Foggo said, “It is with a heavy heart and grave concern that I make comment about the recent armed robbery at the St David’s business establishment.

“The owner runs a mini convenience store at the site of the Esso gas station that he hopes to have operational as a fuel service later this year. He frequently attends my ‘Constituency Clinics’, offering advice he believes beneficial for Constituency 3.

“When I learned of the mishap I spoke with the store owner later that same night to offer any assistance. In spite of such a harrowing experience his spirit was not broken and he maintained apparent calm and commented on the relatively speedy response from the police which our community greatly appreciates.”

The CCTV image below shows the suspect entering the store:

Suspect St. David's Variety Robbery February 6 2013 [1]

“I am grateful that he was somehow able to apparently remain composed during the ordeal which we all know too well could have easily ‘played out’ much differently,” said Ms Foggo. “Thankfully that was not the case!”

“The service provided by this family business is much needed and valued in our community, especially with the closure of Southside Supermarket. It is quite disturbing that someone would so brazenly walk in with gun in hand and in so doing, diminish the reputation of our communal ambience.

“We in Constituency 3 and the wider St. David’s community, pride ourselves on the family atmosphere that abounds. We are outraged by those, who through their criminal actions would destroy such and we will not tolerate it. We stand as one with the family.

“I have no doubt that the residents are helping in every way they can. I implore anyone with information to disclose such with our police authorities. I believe as a community we will be better served if we collectively combat the ills which plague our island. Bermuda belongs to us. We are our brother’s keeper,” Ms Foggo concluded.

The police have appealed for anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the St. David’s Road area around the time of this incident or anyone with any information to contact Sergeant B.T. Smith at the St. George’s Criminal Investigation Unit directly on 247-1442 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. ho hum, says:

    shoot those thievin cockroach bastaards in their ugly face, that’s what I say

    we should sterilize them so they cannot breed, and we should chop their hands and feet off

    let’s retaliate next time and gang up on them, and beat the lights out of their worthless trash behinds.

    legalize guns for self-defence! all these imps have criminal records cuz they are such worthless people, so they wont be allowed to buy legal guns! they get guns and ammo now, so what’s the diff?

    the diff is we can shoot their ugly arses off the face of the planet instead of getting robbed or killed by them!


    • Will says:

      NO GUns..thats the problem! more only equates to higher risk of cross fire….but i am with you on sterilisation..we should label these ‘crimes against humanity’ and therefore it is justified that they will never be able to spawn their bastard hell child in Bermuda.

      But i am for knives. I think they are a good idea. No noise. Big f$%k off shiny ones that look like they can skin a crocodile. Guns for show, knives for a pro. ALL KEPT UNDER THE TILL. Then maybe these guys will think twice. (knives are quiet…no one would ever know you came to break in because they didnt hear of your disposal)

      as a side note though..has anyone noticed that since they have made it illegal for people to gather around shops, you know, the local hangout..these crimes are increasing. Guys hanging around shops did sometimes provide some form of ‘security’ and there was more people present so people would think twice about robbery. justsayin

    • @ ho hum….Don’t be as idiotic as the thief n the way u transcribe ur dumb@$$ message. It is people like you who has nothing else to do but write n spell like you don’t know how. We r trying to eliminate this cow pen crap; not heighten it. Can Bermuda expect anything else from people who does not know how to apply themselves. Running ur fingers n supposingly mouth and ain’t helping. Phoque. Think b4 u write stupid stuff like u have written. J…A$$!!!only in Bermuda n we wonder Y?

  2. COOL says:

    I agree this attitude needs to be taken thru out out community and not just St. Davids.I truly hope they find the person resonsible for this.

  3. Will says:

    Perhaps we should start keeping machetes under the tils. A simple ‘look!over there’ to startle him then a quick chop to the head…..i will support anyone who accidentally kills the armed robber whilst defending their property..these guys are getting away unscathed for far too long now.

    • Un Vato Loco says:

      LOL,what a stupid comment,a machete?ha,ha,ha.The perp could sneeze and the gun go off or just blast you for being stupid.

  4. swing voter says:

    hate me if you will…that guy is not from St. Davids….but he didn’t have to leave St. Davids that night either. Just Go figure…thanks for using St. Davids as a dumping ground over the last 14 years.

  5. otanga says:

    swing voter
    your a fool you think your st david s is pure you dont want me to say anything believe me

    • swing voter says:

      yup….thought you’ll respond…like I said he’s not from the neighborhood, he was probably ‘relocated’ there.

    • Islander says:

      go ahead – say it. Outsiders killed two of our people – we know that and did Lovitta say we were outraged “NO” – we were above outraged and still am when we think about two men who never hurt a anyone or had a hard word to say about anyone, perhaps you should speak to their families and now she is saying we are outraged – she needs to lay down. First we were shocked and immediately tried to figure out who would do this in St. David’s. There are a few St. David’s Islanders who have faltered, it has been the Outsiders who have caused the damned anger of St. David’s: they came as guests to our club attacked and seriously injured another guest/visitor. The PLP put some many strange people over on Southside what for, their own purpose to vote for them and you don’t want us to talk about the last election and the tactics used by Ms. Foggo to get her votes. Who is to say this overly dressed person wasn’t a girl/woman or somebody from the men’s building. Don’t start and we won’t have to finish. We know our Community, you should look at yours. Years ago it was said that we would check people’s credentials before we let them in and people had to be of clean character for 7 yrs before they were accepted – guess we will have to go back to that. You come into St. David’s, respect our Community and our People and we will respect you. Freakin foreigners – not all, some are wonderful neighbors and others come out like cockroaches just as dark approaches.

      • @ Islander…..Always our problem n will continue to be our demise as blacks always attack blacks and wanna blame n point fingers at everyone else accept themselves. This love hate society need to be revamped. You don’t know; I don’t know; John Roque doesn’t know n the police are trying to find out!!! But the thief knows n they could be right under your nose. So stop the bull as St. David’s is no better then the rest of the island. Trouble pops up all over. Hope it wasn’t none of your kin. Get angered; but it would be better to find the thief and stop attacking those that has every right to live anywhere in Bermuda. Stop the nonsense n the attacks on innocent people that moved in St. David’s as we still don’t have that thief or armed robber. But u n ur small mind want to label folk as roaches…slime ball with the wrong ‘tude. What can u do to solve this one??????

    • OnPoint says:

      Exactly! Thanks to David Burch!

  6. Richard says:

    They need to show the video you tell a lot by the why people walk

  7. OnPoint says:

    Who would walk to the store with gun in hand, visible for the camera or passerby’s to see? Like WTF This person has to reside over yonder; through the gates:)

    • iBleedRED says:

      Exactly! Not very smart. He had to be desperate to rob THAT store of all stores.

  8. IndianCountry says:

    @Islander, you go it! St. David’s Islander’s are typically not hateful people. Since crack and hard drugs it made some thieves out of some but the majority are good people. Even our young men are far more humble than the rest of the Island. We have tribes where others have gangs LOL We don’t seek evil but the former Government brought us evil.
    Our community was tight knit and now there are so many people down here that don’t share the same morals and values that we do. Lovita, enjoy this last term. It will be your last. I did not vote for you as you have done nothing for our community. I was looking for change. Less talk and more action is needed.

  9. Lead says:

    This guy is tall and from the way he walks, he may be the same guy that has been outside that building that houses men. BPS you should look there. That building has camera’s so if you see anyone that is walking away from at that time of night with same height etc. would check out his wardrobe in his room!

    • Islander says:

      He probably hasn’t gotten rid of the blue bag either. Check the cameras to see if the dude walked back in with his gear on. heard BPS has been asking questions of the ____ ___s. None of them are big like the one in the picture.

  10. huh?? says:

    OMG…people from St. Davids isolate themselves from the rest of the island?? So they don’t think that they are bermudians?? WOW! Some people need to becareful of the things they say because you just never know who will be there for you should something serious happen to you. Such small mindedness…then we want to question the mentality of our youngens…smh

    • swing voter says:

      Its not being small minded to love your community. When the Loyal Hill guy beat up Scaley for breaking into the family home, a banner was hung on a Loyal Hill neighborhood wall ‘don’t steal from loyal hill’….there’s nothing wrong with having pride in your community, especially when its probably the last on island where you know your neighbors by name and you give anyone a lift in from #1 gate if they miss the last bus.

    • VL says:

      You are so right! St David’s Islanders need to get over themselves. They think they can dictate who comes in lives in St David’s, yet they live and work all over the island. The days of St David’s being just for them and their cousins (inbreeding) are over!!! Get over it!!! You people are not that bright and special!!!

    • smh says:

      I agree with u on that. I was readin some of the comments n they had me second guessin if St.Davids was even a part of Bermuda.. They actin like crap don’t happen down there n that there ppl don’t do crap outside of St. Davids.. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.. Bermuda as a whole feels wen wen ignorance happen so they need to stop thinkin n actin like different rules apply to them as do the rest of us.. Smh

  11. Jus' Askin' says:

    @ OnPoint, IndianCountry & Lead are you not aware of how this Comment Posting thing works?
    Next time go with Me, Myself & I ;-)

  12. IndianCountry says:

    @huh?? And, we love being isolated. Has nothing to do with being Bermudian; yes we are Bermudian but we are different:) Why should we be careful……..want to elaborate? (Ummm by the way we are intelligent too). I feel freedom of expressing the way we feel is not a crime and because we cherish our culture, morals and values is that a bad thing? I don’t feel we are small minded at all and the issue with the youth today clearly is set from the values and morals that is set within a community and families………………I rest my case:)

    • VL says:

      Indian Country, there is nothing wrong with having pride. However, it irks me when I hear you people complaining about outsiders relocating there. St David’s is a part of Bermuda the last time I check. You all move out and live and work in other parts of the island and are welcomed there. Why should you complain about others moving in?

      • St. Davids says:

        Yeah you all want to make fun of us for 100 years yet when you need a cheaper place to stay you come down here. St. David’s is for st. David’s islanders, the truth is we don’t want anyone else down there, and for years no one wanted to come down there. It is only recently you poor people HAD to come down here because you couldn’t affordanythingelse. Guess what when we find out who did this we will not be calling the cops. That ghetto mess is getting burnt to the ground!

        • VL says:

          Hey Bill! You are showing your ignorance! Being poor doesn’t automatically make you a criminal! Bill, since you want people to stay out of St David’s then how about YOU stay out of the rest of Bermuda! After all, you have everything you need right there Bill! Doubt there’s enough jobs for all of you, but since you’re so smart you’ll figure something out eh Bill!!!

        • smh says:

          Pahaha if u feel u n the rest of ur family n friends have any right to say who can and cannot enter ur so called island let me say this loud and clear.. (And I am sure most will agree with me) please keep ur small minded @$$e$ in st. Davids.. Don’t come out to go grocery shopping, or take ur kids to school, find a job in st. Davids oh and please don’t try and go to town to OUR MALL cause we don’t want u ON OUR ISLAND.. STFU u jus talkin cause u got a hole in ur face.. Damn idoit

    • IDK…..something wrong with the whole Bermuda. We lost the respect we should carry as a people. We are all separated or divorced from what used 2B. Can’t build our love on one foundation as love doesn’t live here any more. Just a bunch of disgruntled people. And we expect better….HUH?

  13. Islander says:

    They are a unique people – don’t ever doubt that. They are cautious about people – they live freely and lovingly – it is people who act and speak speak negatively such as you, that they are extremely cautious about. Your comment about something serious happening to you???, print it off and keep it in your pocket as a constant reminder of who you are. Very few St. David’s Islander speak as you do, so be careful what you say and how you live, because in the end it all comes back to bite you where the sun don’t shine and where the last door you go hrough hits you.

  14. Just Sayin says:

    Election was only 25 days ago. What happened to you cockroaches so called One Bermudian Alliance. Those people that you are calling names are Bermudians. No I don’t think that any business should be robbed. Wether it be in St David’s or Dock Yard. Most of the people that live on South side are hard working and tax paying citizens. And they have every right to live right where they are. After all isn’t there only one Bermuda. And what happen to your proud to Bermuda song and attitude.
    And when the Canadian Hotel which had been condemned for over a decade was cleared out. What do you think should have been done with those gentlemen. They are not all criminals. Some of them actually hold down two jobs but still can’t afford to live no where else. And you probably call yourselves Christians. That’s why I haven’t been to a church service in decades and won’t be going any time soon. You are a bunch of self righteous Hippocrates.

  15. Play Ground says:

    i bet if u went to those housing developments that govt provided u may find them

  16. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    This guy was not a REAL St David’s Islander.

    any REAL St D person needing some help would simply go to his REAL St D neighbour who would go out of his/her way to help.

    this was just some scumbag that has been dragged out from under some nasty dog crapped rock.

  17. lost says:


  18. BermudaGirl says:

    SOMEBODY knows who this little cretin is. WHEN are YOU going to come forward??