Videos: 2013 Veterans In Action Reggae Concert

February 3, 2013

An estimated 900 old school reggae music lovers made their way to the BAA Gym on Saturday night [Feb 2], as local and overseas artists took the stage for the ‘Veterans in Action’ concert.

Jugglin Jason warmed up the crowd with a variety of old school reggae that was well received by the crowd, and the Bermudian entertainers were the first to take the stage. Local artist Kulture was accompanied by his son, who noted that he “wasn’t a veteran, but he was in action” before entertaining the crowd.


Flookie and Sista Mandy also took the stage as did Desmond “Rivah” Smith, who performed a number of Bob Marley covers as well as his original song “Love you brother” he wrote in memory of his brother Colford Ferguson who was gunned down while working in Somerset two years ago.

The show continued with Screechy Don performing a variety of songs including “Rising to the Top.” He was joined briefly by veteran Bermudian singer Junior C, who thrilled the crowd with his trademark fast paced style.

He was followed by Jamaican singer Mr. Easy who had the crowd dancing along with a few old time favorites, before the headliners Mikey General and Luciano came out to give a full performance which well received by the crowd.

The two Jamaican artists, who visited CedarBridge to give a motivational presentation, performed many of their classic conscious reggae hits.

In addition to the musical performance, Luciano — also known as The Messenger — lowered the music for a while and spoke with the crowd about a variety of things, many tied into his Rastafarian beliefs.

Preaching against violence, the 48-year-old singer made special mention of the late Haile Outerbridge, who was one of the two men fatally shot inside Belvin’s last month. Outerbridge was a well known local reggae singer, who performed under the name ‘Star Child.

Ital food and a cash bar and the show ended without incident at 3.30am, with many of the attendees full of praise for the event and the “good vibes.”

The promoters extend their thanks to the patrons for supporting the event, and also thanked the sponsors for making the event affordable and accessible.

Overseas artist Mr Easy:

Jamaican artists Luciano & Mikey General:

Overseas artist Screechy Dan, who was briefly joined by Bermuda’s Junior C:

Local artist Rivah:

Local artist Sista Mandy:

Local artist Kulture and his son:

Local artist Flookie:

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  1. Good Vibes says:

    Its always a good ting , when you can put on a show and have no Violence. Big up to the Promotors and the Crowd! ONE LOVE & Keep the Reggae Music Flowing!

  2. Sound Bwoy says:

    Black Star is The Champion Sound.

  3. Judge Dredd says:

    Love it!

  4. Sweetlady says:

    The show was righ Ire, I loved it , we must do it again .

  5. ah,,, ha says:

    wow,,ression no live band !

  6. Tommy Chong says:

    This was a great conscious vibe. It reminded me of how all the dance used to be before all the make money shoot guns bling bling frauds came along.

    There was much blazin but the crowd still remained peaceful which just proves to those who think the herb is what is causing our woes in Bermuda its not. Its the change in our island based soul conscious culture to a North American inner city materialism type culture where souls have been lost to gangster paganism. Even people who are not physically involved in gangster paganism still mentally worship it through the music they listen to, the way they talk, their mannerisms & their lack of love for humanity.

  7. Springflower says:

    This Show was Amazing!! The Vibes where Good all night!!!
    Loved it!!

  8. culture vibes says:

    Actually Conscious J started the set off real nice . It was good to hear some much of the progressive sounds from the 60′s and 70′s that made the music of today.

  9. Lyrical Queen says:

    Good Vibes all nite……The Messenger came with a MESSAGE was much love in de place……..We need more shows like this was a nice diversed crowd.

  10. So Happy says:

    I was so proud to see Father and Son performing. I enjoyed the song to fullest big up to Kulture and Son keep up the good work positive vibes.

    One Love & Jah Bless

  11. soundmon says:

    box couda been betta.couldnt hear it down d back.also soundz hav to stik to the script,if i heard 20 marley tunes dat all wat played.the sound blackstar went into a clayhouse style which was ok but it wasnt the theme of the dance.but outside of that it was an ok show.we also need to realize u dont need 5 djs to make it nice.(the only vetran dj there wasw jugglin j)big up de promoters same way but i hope u take it as some good feedbak