Music Community Mourns Loss Of ‘Star Child’

January 25, 2013

The island’s music community is this week mourning the loss of  Haile Outerbridge, the singer/songwriter who performed under the names “Star Child” and “Elephant Child”.

On Wednesday, Mr. Outerbridge was gunned down along with Ricco Furbert at the Belvin’s Variety Store on Happy Valley Road in a double murder which shocked the island.

The 34-year-old had been a regular on the music circuit for years and was best known for his single “Concrete Jungle”.

Since his death, some of the local radio stations have made a point of playing Mr. Outerbridge’s music in heavy rotation. Friends and fans on social media have been saying his murder has robbed Bermuda of one of its brightest emerging music stars.

Mr Outerbridge’s “Concrete Jungle” music video is below:

In the 1990s he became known as “Elephant Child” because of his similarity in style to Jamaican dancehall star Elephant Man. “Once in the early ’90s while on tour in Bermuda, Elephant Man called him up on stage and endorsed him and together they mashed up the stage show,” posted a friend.

Rapper Mona Li$a said that Mr Outerbridge’s single “Concrete Jungle” inspired her to write her own 2011 hit “Island Not The Same” : “His music was a foundation of peace as he hoped for change as I and 99.9 per cent of this island does,” said Mona Li$a.

“I’m calling all who are in favour of stopping crime to step up! This is the time for everyone to participate, simply because as of January 25, 2013 everyone has been affected.”

“Star Child said it best,” she said quoting some of his song lyrics. “If you see a youth astray down the way, don’t delay, help him out, make a change you have to save him. Move him forward in life, put bad times behind.”

This is the second time the local music community has been left to mourn one of its own in recent days; the 25-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter Torrie Baker was killed in a traffic accident on January 19.

The police released CCTV images of the shooter inside Belvin’s and also confirmed the arrest of a 21-year-old Sandys man in connection with the double homicide.

The investigation continues, and anyone with any information is asked to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 and 247-1340 or on the confidential & independent Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

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  1. Back in the Day says:

    Goodness……where are the days of Clayhouse!!!!!!!! These stupid little 25 and under boys started this mess!!! They were just little kids in the 90′s. Just sooo sad! 42nd, Whitewall,Backbush, Devil’s Hole…..those were the days when we all just hung out and had no real beef…Yes people would fight but WITH THEIR FISTS!!! Who would have thought that so many guys from the mid 90′s would be dead today due to gun violence.
    What does a 34 year old even have in common with a 21 year old!!!!!!!!!! There are a group of 25 and under boys..they all went to West Pembroke Primary and started a little gang called “Parkside” seems like it all went down after Shaundae (sp) was murdered in dockyard. Come on ya’ll speak up. All you aged 30 plus…you know the deal..TALK!!!

    • Black Jesus says:

      Yeah, them were the days.. when guys would beat the crap out of each other with their fist and sometimes a beer bottle. But now the younger generation comes to shed blood and take life with the gun. Only Jesus can save us now.

      Bytheway, u forgot to mention the mighty SOUTH SIDE.


      • Micro says:

        Younger generation? Its the older generation that dropped the ball and the community at large that allows this nonsense to go on.

      • Really? says:

        Yeah, those certainly sound like the days. Thank God there’s an outside world other than this island.

  2. Black Jesus says:

    Big ups to my boy Haile. When u wake from your deep sleep, u shall see your creator. R.I.P. until then.

  3. Shawn S says:

    What a Sad Day, condolences to the Families,1st ill like say to lets try and keep all the gang crap off this blog, an Honour Mr. Halie AKA Elephant Child\ Star Child, as a former DJ i too remember all the hot music this Artist made From the hottest Dubplates which help put Bermy on the Map to His latest singles. So much Talent, one of the most under rate Artist in Bermuda. Im still shocked at this last time i talked to him i asked him about when the album coming out he told soon come just finshing off some singles.

    RIP Child

    Peace N Love Bermuda.

  4. Souljah1 says:

    Big up mi artiste Elephant Child!!!!!, Still can’t believe it.

  5. Debbie 2 says:

    Rest in the arms of the father Haile! There is much comfort there!

  6. Sad says:

    I am so sad, all this killing makes me depressed.

  7. Hurts When I Laugh says:

    Life in the concrete jungle..

  8. watchfuleyes says:

    All will be revealed in time. God bless you Haile.