Blaine Simmons Charged With Attempted Murder

April 25, 2013

19-year-old Blaine Simmons appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Apr 25] where he was charged with attempted murder in relation to the shooting in Sandys in March of this year.

Simmons was charged with attempting to murder Lo’Torean Durrant and using a firearm to commit an indictable offense.

Video of the police statement on the night of the shooting:

At around 10pm on March 19th Durrant, 22, was shot and injured in the Beacon Hill Road, Scott’s Hill Road Sandys parish area. He was transported to hospital, where he was originally listed in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit. In Court today, they said he sustained wounds to his rib cage.

As the charges can only be heard in the Supreme Court, Simmons was not required to enter a plea. Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo remanded the defendant into custody.

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Comments (22)

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  1. nok says:

    Good stuff.

  2. left alone says:

    Love up cuzzy ♥♥

  3. Respect says:

    Head up Cuzzy. Free Blaine
    Eff a rat.

  4. whayadumb says:

    Stand firm Blaine n to the family just support him cause his really a very nice boy. Those outsiders looking in that don’t know “F___ U”

  5. cuzzie says:

    Wow, I knew this guy, shocking. hope the best for him tho.

  6. revenge says:

    lock em up 4eva wsk

  7. west says:

    HOld firm cussy Betta days will cme. Just remember in all things remember God. N I pray this has opened ya eyes to things. Praying for u fam.

  8. Who feels it knows it... says:

    Folks amaze me…we will never get past this gang, gun, murder BS cuz of the ignorance of people. Sad.

  9. You all are a bunch of fools Well done BPD

  10. What the f.... says:

    Wow blaine…i know this guy really well…good kid at heart..very talented runner…caught up with the wrong people…well this aint the first time this has happened to a young bermudian male…i was in his position a few years back but i was smart enough to get myself out…it isnt too late to turn your life around young brothers..believe me…..hope all the best for you blaine..even when the light at the end of the tunnel looks far and dim keep your head up…

  11. gaza yout says:

    jus ah follower

  12. princess says:

    So sad that you are now before the courts charged with taking this path Blaine. you have a loving family that has always had your back through everything. i pray that you take this as a lesson and make better choices for yourself.

  13. dthtoo/ says:

    Folks, if Blaine is found guilty by the Queen’s Court of Bermuda he will face a long stretch and his constant companion will be a form of death – loss of freedom; years of lonely days and nights; a yearning/longing to be with his parents and siblings – to touch them, see their faces and hear voices; and the worst experience he’d be subject to and suffer is the torment of his conscience. In reality, your encouragement for him to keep his head high will be insufficient for him to maintain and sustain a healthy state of mind.

    What the Black people of this island really need to do is figure out a very effective way to END the war going on between our Black males. This problem is OURS and WE need to resolve it. WE have to save OURSELVES.

    Let me hear some brilliant solutions. Please don’t tell me to hold my head up high. What does that statement truly mean?

  14. Cousin says:

    The product of his environment…
    You are the company you keep.

  15. Vaporeon says:

    Was shocked when I saw this. I remember Blaine being a friendly, funny guy and an excellent athlete.

  16. Blaine please don’t say you live up the west or 42. Anyone from those areas all hang round people in those areas would be fine & frame. Get your son a dam good lawyer & be very careful who you pick some of them are evil people. I see a young man that was going up for a murder is out walking round a free man. Oh I forgot not enough evidence. Didn’t I say that guy was going to walk. We all no who he is. RIP Le’shore

  17. realtalk81 says:

    @dthtoo well said… you are one of the only people on this site with any intelligence.. the rest just post asinine comments that they would never actually say to someones face…. a bunch of pretend gangsters who hide behind a keyboard and run their mouth..

  18. zac says:

    f$%# dem opps %$#$

  19. PSK says:

    Head up cuzzo

  20. moe says:

    cuzzy ank seen you since you gave me a lift on the sports stay up cuzzy free blain eff a rst