Butcher Training: Four Bermudians Off To The UK

April 2, 2013

Earlier today [Apr 2] Vaughan Archibald, Maki Pitt, Tomeeka Talbot and Damiko Trott were presented with airline tickets by Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy as they prepare to head to the UK for a butcher training course.

Speaking last month during his budget presentation, Minister Fahy said the Department will enter into an agreement with Meat Ipswich in the UK to provide an overseas accelerated accredited training opportunity for four Bermudians, with $80,465  allocated for this initiative.


Minister Fahy said, “A few days ago, I stood here in the Senate Chambers and announced that the Ministry was sending six young Bermudians off to the New England Institute of Technology [NEIT] to train as Automotive Collision professionals.

“Well today I am pleased to announce our next group of trainees who will be travelling to Meat Ipswich in the UK on Friday to train in the Butcher’s profession. They are Vaughan Archibald, Maki Pitt, Tomeeka Talbot and Damiko Trott.

“You’ll be aware these training initiatives were announced mere weeks ago as part of the Government’s Throne Speech and Budget, so we’re very pleased that we are able to demonstrate that we are indeed following through on our promise of providing training opportunities for Bermudians in such quick order.

Minister Fahy continued, “As it relates to this programme, like the automotive training at NEIT, this level of Butcher’s training is currently not available in Bermuda. Meat Ipswich has a quality management system and a detailed technical curriculum which we feel is quite impressive.

“The overall aim of the programme is to provide an overseas accelerated accredited training opportunity for these four individuals to become Butchers.

“As an additional note, it has been determined that there will be a need for this skill and competence level as the number of work permit requirements has increased by 11% from 2008 – 2011.

“So our objective is to provide access to employment opportunities in a field that would traditionally be filled by guest workers.

“I’m very pleased to note also that our local industry partners recognise and support the decision to have more qualified Bermudians in this trade – and the Ministry certainly welcomes this endorsement from the industry.

“Finally, as I’ve said previously, ensuring social and economic equity for everyone is a critical goal for this Government. And we see this training initiative as genuine progress by affording Bermudians an opportunity to work in a specified field of employment.

“So to our trainees congratulations to you all. You should all feel very proud of yourselves.”

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  1. Winnie Dread says:

    Good Career choice young men, butchers are always in demand.

  2. James Rego says:

    Where is weedy, Rhonda, LaVerne, Betty, John Charles and the rest of the s**t stirrers when there is positive news regarding our young Bermudians? Not interested? Not crediting the previous regime? Because the OBA are doing it?

    Well done guys, you deserve your chance to advance in your profession and thank you OBA for following through with your programme. Make Bermuda proud.

    • Webster says:

      you ask where is Lavern,and the rest of the stirrers !!! they spew their crap on the EDC so called talk show ….this man needs to retire….he has the same five or six callers that call him everday and say the same old same old….Rick you are the boss PLEASE GET RID OF THIS MAN…

    • Caramel Queen says:

      The opening of this comment almost detracts from the second half…..sad

    • Rhonda says:

      James Rego:- What you should be asking, is where was I when the PLP started this program, was I one of the people dogging it….. I am so delighted to see that the OBA has continued many of the PLP programs, and that many UBP now OBAers has a positive view….

      For the record I support the training of Bermudian under a PLP govt and under an OBA govt… unlike many of you…..I don’t care who takes the credited for what is just the right thing to do…

      Good luck to the receivers make good of this opportunity….

  3. Stop Complaining foe 1 Sec says:

    @ James Rego
    Why dont ALL you trolls take a break. Why do you need to turn a negative story into something negative.
    Dont you ppl ever get tired.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Well said Stop Complaining! However, hope you know that turning a negative into a negative (as you posted) it becomes a positive – as confirmed by the second paragraph of James’ comment.

      James was in fact saying something positive, and I echo the sentiment of well done to these 4 people.

  4. DC says:

    Congratulations to all recipients! You’ve chosen a worthy profession – something that will keep you employable just about anywhere in the world!

    • Webster says:

      I love my butchers at Miles…they are so informative as how to cook certain meats and for how long !!!!they have taught us so much….
      so good luck to all of you who will be entering your new career, and thanks to minister Fahy ..

  5. SoMuchMore says:

    Great Profession. Butchers are always in demand. Best wishes to all.

  6. nuffin but da truth says:


  7. Der says:

    Yessss deyah m3ko..

  8. swing voter says:

    I wanna b a nail technician. LOL

  9. Rhonda says:

    Nail technician come from around the perform their craft in Bermuda yet swing vote scuffs at the thought of Bermudian having the same opportunity in their own island….

  10. joe says:

    SO, why does a cabinet minister have to be involved? It just shows how sad our education system has become. When I went off to get a training no cabinet minister gave me an airline ticket. Shouldn’t education be the norm, not the paranorm? People should be pointed in career directions from high school. Education is not a political tool. No wonder we are lost as a country.

  11. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Hey OBA/Fahay, Umma dopey Bermudian can you train me to be a cashier. I aint wanna be a arcitek or a acountint… O or maybe you can train me up to sweep streets or be a servant for the foriners

  12. Malachi says:

    Good luck to all – nice to see opportunities like this for our fellow Bermudians!

    Just watch your fingers! ;-)

  13. Let's Think About This... says:

    Congrats Tomeeka! And same to the young men as well. Best wishes for your success.

  14. Prayerful says:

    Why was the young butcher at Lindo’s not chosen to go rather than the woman who just wants a free tocket to travel across the waters. She does not seem to have an interest or knowledge of waht a butcher does. When in actual fact the young butcher at Lindo’s is already involved.

    But then, maybe Lindo’s is sending him for training. If so I apologise.

    • Her Sister says:

      I was just wondering if you knew her personally and heard that this was her intentions when she applied, was interviewed (by lindo’s and the other grocers), declined the trip with the regiment (which was planned BEFORE this, which she was looking forward to after putting in the time with them ) and made the decision to leave her child in the care of family to forge a new path for herself and child? If it was a “free ticket she wanted to travel across the waters” I would have paid for it myself. I’m just saying.

  15. WOW says:

    Working in that field myself i have to say that there are not many instances where a whole carcass needs to be broken down. everything comes into the Island in parts. Training how to trim and prepare meats should be offered in our grocery stores, no need for a degree to be a butcher in Bermuda.

  16. Insider says:

    Congrats to all of you!! Good Luck!!

  17. Richard Martin (False name that looks real) says:

    to be honest im a bit shocked at the change of stance..
    were peopel not complaining when the drywallers were sent away? saying its cheaper to bring in an instructor, yet we have two groups goin abroad with the new govt adn people seem happy.

    Dont get me wrong, I think its better they go away, i thought it was better that the dry wallers did too.. and i support the OBA, but the consistency in viewpoint isnt really consistent.

    just saying