Video: ‘Bermudians Pulling Together, At Its Best’

May 16, 2013

The dock was completed as staff worked around the clock and local firms offered unsolicited help, with Bermudians pulling together to ensure our country looked good, Public Works Minister Trevor Moniz said yesterday [May 15] after the arrival of the Norwegian Breakaway. “Bermuda truly at its best,” said the Minister.


Speaking at the arrival, Premier Craig Cannonier said, “You can feel the enthusiasm and the excitement about this maiden voyage.” Calling it a “floating hotel” and “floating city,” the Premier went on to thank the Norwegian Cruise Lines for making its maiden voyage here and for dedicating this season to Bermuda.

Public Works Minister Trevor Moniz said, “The long anticipated arrival of the Breakaway has made international news with all eyes focused on Bermuda over the past few months to see if we could pull off the amazing challenge of having the Heritage Wharf completed on time.”

“To accomplish a project of this magnitude and scale has required a great deal of team work from the Ministry’s Engineers, the contractors, to the technical advisors. Truly a team, effort!

Minister Moniz continued, “To make up for lost time and continue forward with considerable progress, our personnel have worked diligently around the clock – spending considerable time away from their families to get the job done.

“Their unstinting and unyielding commitment deserves to be recognized and I would like to acknowledge those here with me today that made this happen. Well done to all of you!”

“It should also be noted that the progress we have achieved from the benefit of unsolicited help by local firms in facilitating the delivery of materials to the construction site,” continued Minister Moniz.

“It has been highly gratifying to see Bermudians pulling together in a spirit of generosity to ensure our country looked good in the eyes of all watching from near and far. Bermuda truly at its best.”

The 1063-foot long ship is the largest cruise ship to ever visit Bermuda, and was carrying around 3,700 passengers and a substantial amount of crew members.

The massive ship was piloted in by Bermuda’s Rudy Cann, and Bermudians were among the passengers onboard the ship – which was welcomed by the Gombeys and steel pans.

The ship’s design includes an open-air boardwalk and a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues on three dynamic decks, Norwegian Breakaway’s entertainment will include three Broadway shows and a fireworks show on every cruise.

The ship features a total of 28 dining options on board and an Ice Bar, which will be kept at 17 degrees Fahrenheit and feature New York City-inspired specialty cocktails, as well as ice sculptures of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building to pay homage to New York City.

Renderings of the Breakaway, courtesy of NCI. Click to move to next photo:

The top decks of Norwegian Breakaway feature the first Aqua Park at sea with five full-size water slides, including twin Free Fall slides, and a three-story sports complex that includes the largest ropes course at sea, a nine-hole miniature golf course, basketball court, rock climbing wall and more.

Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell joked that he was so excited about the arrival, he put on a bow tie as it was “such a tremendous and wonderful achievement for Bermuda.”

Minister Crockwell said over the course of this season, the Breakaway — which can carry up to 4,000 passengers — will make 22 trips to Bermuda. “We look forward to providing an excellence experience for all of our visitors,” said the Minister.

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  1. PantyRaider says:

    I wish i had the money to go on it!!!! because im loving the pictures :)

    • awkward says:

      all the pictures are fake, what’s to love?

      • media says:

        But I bet you the actual ship’s interior looks exactly like the rendered images. What’s not to love. It is an amazingly bold design with a Peter Max painting on its hull!

  2. barbie says:

    I personally think that EVERY cruise ship should be welcomed into bermuda this way! Every trip brings new tourists every week! Something for tourism to think about!!

  3. ABM says:

    Thank you Mr Furbert for setting everything up and thank you Mr Moniz for seeing it through!!

    See what happens when goverment parties work together. Mind you this working together as not an intentional act, but rather an indirect one.

  4. SoMuchMore says:

    glad to see that everyone pulling together… let’s continue on this path and we can now show the world that we are ready to welcome our visitors.

    we are open for business.

  5. media says:

    It does make me wonder why it was such a rush job and not started in the fall of last year to avoid the rush job. To do a $22 million job in 3 months is crazy. When was the contract signed to bring Breakaway here?

  6. Dee Dee says:

    HEYYYY! See? we can work together and should continue to extend ourselves like we used to. Keep it up all!

  7. Does not matter at this point when the contract was agreed or signed,what does matter is the ship is here and will be making more voyages here and the fact that we as Bermudians are willing to work together to make their visits successful is more important then the political bickering.

    I am looking forward to the day when we do have a Tourism board that is not connected to politicians but private enterprise that can have government in the back drop.this is our future and to continue to use tourism as a political football is crazy.

  8. Wow says:

    Proud of all of those who helped make this possible we appreciate your hard work! Well done Bermuda !! Ignore the ignorant and negative comments ! They are obviously not with us !!! Remember misery loves company and for those of you who continue to be negative then enjoy misery alone ! The rest of us are moving forward ! OBA PLP Old UBP whatever u want to call them ! Good job and enjoy and embrace that the island is busy ! Remember that we all benefit ! Show our visitors the Bermuda hospitality we have learned all our lives ! Be yourselves ! One Love Bermuda ! Well done !!!

  9. Clive Spate says:

    Last night I saw two No. 7′s heading to Dockyard just after 9pm.

    I’m assuming extra buses have therefore been put on especially as it was Harbour Nights.

    So far so good and thanks to the transport workers. From what I’ve seen and heard they’re doing a grand job.

    Wouldn’t it be great if every ship was greeted with such a buzz.

    I heard a man on the Everest Decosta show say nobody can sell Bermuda like Bermuda. The reaction to this ship has been great and let’s hope we can show the visitors what a special place this is.