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May 17, 2013

A combined group of religious leaders hosted the National Gathering for Prayer to Awaken the Nation yesterday [May 16] at City Hall, with one Bishop urging Government to “exercise biblical caution” and to not make a “lethal mistake.”

A statement from the group prior to the meeting said, “As our nation faces some dire issues – economic and social [i.e. gang violence, decline in traditional family and community values, etc.], clergy believe that our national woes can be attributed to a spiritual waning across our island. Hence, the undertaking is to unite the whole country through prayer.”


Premier Craig Cannonier — who invited Opposition Leader Marc Bean to join him before he spoke — said, “I can’t say enough about what I am surrounded by here today…

“I acknowledge the fact that without the spiritual content, and the input of our spiritual leaders Bermuda is doomed for a destination we do not want.”

“It is our duty as a nation to acknowledge that there is something beyond us that will secure our future. And so my prayer as the Premier of this country, everything that I will do, will make a home for you.”

While not specifically stating so, Bishop Duncan appeared to be talking about the planned amendment to the Human Rights Act saying, “I now implore our newly elected Government to exercise biblical caution and spiritual restraint as you seek to approve what God’s word does not endorse, and as you seek to legislate what heaven has deemed inadmissible from the inception of time.

“With all humility of heart, I submit to the OBA that it is too early in your political governance to make such a critical error and what can only be termed a lethal mistake.”

Premier Craig Cannonier:

Hamilton Mayor Graeme Outerbridge:

Bishop Duncan:

Rev Vanlowe Smith:

Pastor Hendrickson & Rev Fraser:

Mr Leo Mills:

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Who really give a dlying f&%$ what theclergy think?

    • I say to all who think negative and would speak negative toward this action, taken here by our clergy and government. To really take time to sit back and let the search light look inward, we all have come short in one way or another but to try and leave God out of our deliberations and proceedings that govern our lives in a drastic mistake.

      This Island success is based on the fact that we were and still are a God fearing country,inspite of our faults and failures. I would ask that you Sandgrownan and anyone who may think like you, take the time out to purchase a book called The Harbinger by Johnathan Cahn.

      In this book you will learn how one Nations mistake against Almighty God cost them dearly and if not careful could lead them into greater despair,I say this with caution. Reconizing that when the U.S sneezes, Bermuda gets the cold. so we are not far from being taken down apath that can lead us into greater destruction, of our moral fibre and our economic status.

      I am far from perfect but I do know that the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom,but many interprete that fear as being afraid of God. when rightly interpreted it really is loving God and all his statures.I am not to quick to let the clergy off easy because they got a whole lot of work to do in order for them to truly be on one accord, but atleast they are willing to come to the table in reconition of that fact.

      We can run down the church and the government but it all has its consequences at the end of the day,how do

  2. blackberry says:


  3. Soup Brioche says:

    This article left me feeling sad and tired. The people putting themselves above others as leaders of these fairy tale fantastical cults have no right to make aggressive threats (or “lethal” mistakes) against ordinary people who are simply asking for equality.

    More chilling than even that was the Statement “There is something beyond us that will secure our future”. NO we as hardworking, moralistic, free thinking citizens have to use our evolved intuition and resourcefulness to solve our own problems.

  4. Worker says:

    im just curious as to who runs this island? everything seems to have to be consulted by these churches i thought the PLP/OBA ran things?

    • retiree says:

      Its not who runs this island but who is in control of the entire world.

  5. jake best says:

    as long as they keep their dirty ways and germs to themselves ,,, they can do what they like

  6. Clive Spate says:

    I wonder if the whole country includes the gay community.

    Interesting that yesterday there was prayer for all yet today we find out the AME wishes to be able to discriminate against a particular section of the community.


  7. Speak Truth says:

    Who does everyone go to when you want to get married, bless a baby, have a funeral ???????? The clergy I think …………….. One scripture from the bible – just to give you fair warning – don’t mess with the people of God – especially the clergy …..

    Psalm 105:15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    • Soup Brioche says:

      Hey Speak Truth be a bit more broadminded. Many many people don’t get married in church or bless their babies there or have a funeral.

      The trouble with your guys who anoint themselves is that they are not living any better lives than us scientists!

  8. Hey says:

    It is about time the church stopped having their fancy smartly dressed entertainment sessions in these grand palace lavish churches to lure people in(I know not all are lavish). It’s time the preachers and congregation spend less hours in the church and more working with the downtrodden, the needy, the desperate in society. What have you done today to help your fellow man. If you have done nothing but pray, then you have done nothing but pray.

    • Why the prejudice says:

      I see you are obviously ignorant of the role the church is playing on this Island. We don`t go around parading our deeds because only God is to be pleased in what we do. The sad thing is that if you don`t follow Jesus you are lost no matter how much defiant you are besides He does not need your approval in whatever you say but the bottom line is one day you will bow down and confess that He is Lord. Jesus loves you even if you are gay, murderer, adulterer, gossiper, hater, lair, robber,etc but wants you to turn away from your wicked ways and follow His absolutes.
      I will pray for your soul …Hey

      • Building a better Bermuda says:

        And that is your belief and you are entitled to your belief, but not to enforce your belief on others. I believe that no law abiding citizen should suffer discrimination or segregation under the law and that anybody who truly believes in equal rights needs to accept that it must apply to all law abiding citizens, otherwise it is not equal rights. it is the responsibility of the government to protect those rights for and from all. If god or Jesus has an issue with me standing against discrimination and segregation in whatever fashion it should wear at the time, then they can take I up with me when I we meet beyond this mortal coil, but until then I will stand with my fellow mortal, for my fellow mortal and not trespass against those how have not trespassed against me.

  9. Keepin'it Real...Keeps it Real Dumb says:

    No one gives a damn what the church or this Bishop thinks. OBA need to ignore them!

    • RME says:

      Yet the OBA invited them. The Premier’s pastor and church front and center among them.

  10. pabear says:

    question for all the bible thumpers, when was the bible written who order the bible to be written and where was it written. once you know these answers you won’t believe all that B.S

  11. Building a better Bermuda says:

    So what was supposed to be a day of uniting in national prayer against the rising violence in our society, certain clergy took the opportunity to threaten the premier. Truly without tack and an insult to any who believe in trying to better our society. And what is this creation of a protected class by granting equal rights, by extending the human rights to those who find love in same sex relationships, we would be extending the same protection currently extended to everyone else.

    I really have nothing against religion, there is much beautiful and enlightened wisdom found in the scripture of all religions, many of them unifying elements. I do take offense to preachers who use the various parts of scripture to endorse and justify their own prejudice and intolerance, but conveniently avoid mentioning how those same scriptures define terms for slavery, or the segregation of women. When you read them, you find they are less about spirituality and more about social control and the self preservation of the religious institution.

    Those who used the day as a chance to preach intolerance, bully and usher threats to our democratic government brought shame to the purpose of the day and embarrassment to the institutions they represent.

  12. Pork Chop says:

    Inspiring words from our well fed and well dressed religious leaders. Not so sure Jesus would be approve, but let’s hope we now see some real action from you and your churches that matches your words. Suggest a start by giving up some of your own many material things. E.g. driving around in a Mercedes while people starve…..

  13. Oh my my says:

    The assembling of my people makes the devil tremble. Trust in The Lord with your heart and lean not on your understanding, in in your ways acknowledge him and He will direct thy path. …..Amen

  14. Oh my my says:

    The assembling of my people makes the devil tremble. Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.