Photos/Video: Ceremony Held For Boston Runners

June 3, 2013

[Updated with slideshow & video] In a gesture of compassion, support and good will, Governor George Fergusson today [June 3] hosted a medal presentation for six Bermuda runners who competed in the recent Boston Marathon but who were unable to complete the event due to the bombings.

Also on hand at this afternoon’s event were the Premier Craig Cannonier, Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell and Minister of Community and Cultural Development Wayne Scott.

Presenting the medals to the runners was Dr. John Coyle of the Boston Athletics Association. Dr. Coyle is a frequent visitor to Bermuda.

As part of the presentation, there was also a live link to the UK Consulate in Boston, where British Consul General Susie Kitchens offered some words of support to the Bermudian athletes.

Superintendent Billy Evans, the Head of Operations for the Boston Police, who is also a friend of Bermuda, and who assisted on the day of the bombing was also part of the live Boston/Government House feed.

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Comments (16)

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  1. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    You have got to be joking…6 foreigners get a F#@KIN medal because they couldnt complete a race, if they had completed they would have recieved absolutely Nothing at all from our Govna…what a sad state we are in …my question is ..why couldnt they complete…everyone and their cousin was running to escape…why didnt they jus run towards the finish line…jus gotta shake my head in disbelief…oh and by the way when i say foreigners i mean bermudians in that foreign country.
    jus one more thing …did this happen to every foreign runner from around the globe,,? jus askin

    • 32n64w says:

      What a completely asinine and insensitive remark.

    • Mom's Gingerbread says:

      You are one sad puppy

    • David Henry says:

      @Keepin’ it Real…4Real!

      You need to sort out your facts. *Every* runner who completes the Boston Marathon receives a medal. Also, it would be impossible to “run towards the finish line” (after the bombings) as there was heavy police presence directing the runners on a different route away from the finish line (since that was the location of the bombings).

      In order to “keep it real”, you have to first possess knowledge… 4 real!

    • BendEm Like Beckam says:

      Your comments are a disgrace to all right thinking Bermudians, and people in general. It ws a kind gesture!!! These were not medals made of Gold you idiot! Try and see the big picture!

  2. Disgusted says:

    @Keepin it’ Real: Sort your life out. If you think you have a valid point then use proper language instead of exposing how much of a low-life you are. 26 mile marathon and the knowledge after that they may have lost their life depending on their pace warrants recognition. One thing is for sure, you run your mouth more than running on foot.


  3. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    What an amazing thing for our Governor to do for Boston. We really have a special man in Governor Forgusson. Excellent touch that the Bermuda Government was represented along with the Boston officials and the runners finally getting their medals. Well done to all involved set against the terrible events that happened on race day in Boston beauty and creative thought as a response to destruction and mayhem. The beauty of the human Spirit shining through for all to see. Special amazing beyond words.

    • Heys says:

      Congratulations to the runners. The amount of effort you guys put in, and the money you have raised for Bermuda over time has not been forgotten. Great job to all of you.

  4. Private Pyle says:

    Where are the six Bermudians?

  5. Disgusted says:

    Funny how non-Bermudians continue to get criticized even though most of them contribute more to the community than born Bermudians.

    • Yes I says:

      Not true and an immature remark. Agreed the perception is that there is a disproportionate amount of non-Bermudians to Bermudians that contribute to the island but it does not represent the true effort that people make for the island.

    • andre says:

      That is an assumption! I would agree that our guest workers do contribute and they should since when they are here they are part of this community…… But to say MORE than! Show me the proof!

  6. Johnny says:

    Why are the runners not named? Are we ashamed of them? Also I was under the impression that we had a few more Bermudians in the race. Anyone know why all Bermudian participants did not get a medal?

  7. @ Keepin it Real

    Yeah you’re keeping it real all right, real stupid!!!!

    Looking at the picture I cannot verify whether all these people are Bermudian any more than you can. I can verify that the blonde lady in the black and white dress is indeed Bermudian by virtue of being a spouse of a Bermudian.I guess that isnt good enough for you and others of your ilk.

    I can bet given your warped train of thinking that doesn’t make her Bermudian. On that note one can only wonder where your family came from and how long your lineage goes back in Bermuda!!??

  8. Tired Mum says:

    Have we really descended to this? These are runners who may well have been competing to raise money for charities in Bermuda (a lot of runners do this), and were representing Bermuda. Who cares if they were Bermudian or not? They were involved in a terribly traumatic experience, and the Governor has reached out to them to show some small measure of appreciation for their efforts and what they went through. OK, this is not world peace, but the nastiness that some people spout is truly shocking. And unnecessary. Really, you should be ashamed of yourselves.