PLP: Pettingill’s “Offensive & Hateful Comments”

June 18, 2013

The “offensive and hateful comments by Attorney General Mark Pettingill directed towards the Christian community serve only to further polarize Bermudians,” said PLP MP Michael Weeks today [June 18].

Mr Weeks said that in his role as Attorney General, Mr Pettingill has a “duty to respect and display tolerance for all Bermudians”, and also said he hopes Premier Craig Cannonier “will move swiftly, exercise his authority and encourage his Minister to apologize to the people of Bermuda.”

The Opposition MP was referring to comments made by Mr Pettingill in the House of Assembly on Friday [June 14] while Parliamentarians were debating an amendment to the Human Rights Act to ban discrimination based on age or sexual orientation, which passed with bipartisan support.

Speaking on the matter, Mr Pettingill said Bible is “full of great stuff” but also has “some real scary crazy stuff” and part of phobia comes from “religious doctrine.” 

The Attorney General also said, “So all the ones that feel that strongly about this on some religious basis that are entirely homophobic, please get up and leave and go somewhere else.”

You can read more of Mr Pettingill’s comments by clicking here, and listen to a portion below:

Mr Weeks said, “The offensive and hateful comments by Attorney General Mark Pettingill directed towards the Christian community serve only to further polarize Bermudians.

“The Attorney General’s statement that Bermudians who disagree with him and his Party’s stance should ‘flee Bermuda’ shows an unprecedented level of intolerance and portrays his Party as being uninterested in building a diverse and inclusive Bermuda.

“In his role as Attorney General, Mr. Pettingill has a duty to respect and display tolerance for all Bermudians, including those whose religious beliefs and political or social opinions differ from his own.

“The fundamental freedoms on which our society are based include not only the freedom to follow ones conscience, but also freedom of religion and freedom of association. By his words, the AG has trampled on these fundamental freedoms and disrespected the beliefs of countless Bermudians. This is unacceptable.

“As a person of faith, The Premier must share the feelings of outrage and disappointment felt by people who have been offended by these vitriolic comments. We hope that he will move swiftly, exercise his authority and encourage his Minister to apologize to the people of Bermuda,” concluded Mr Weeks.

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  1. Skeptic says:

    While Mr. Pettingill’s remarks were not as eloquently stated as one might hope from an MP, the basic point is that religious texts, whether the Bible or the Koran, require interpretation and intelligent judgement to apply as guidance for everyday life. There are many conflicting and bizarre matters raised in the bible and the Koran – just because they are in the text does not mean that they are right or in the spirit of the overall teachings of the bible, or the Koran, etc.

    • jon says:

      well said

      • MArk P is cocky! says:

        The Premier brings the church leaders to City Hall to work together for the better of Bermuda, then weeks later Mr. Pettingill basically tells them to *** off and move on with the times. Better yet get off the island and move somewhere else.

        You what’s really *** up the only ones in the OBA that are screwing up the new party are the original members of the BDA Party. The other half from the UBP are trying to make things right because they know what a lost is.

        • Normal blue collar guy says:




          • Normal white collar guy says:

            With you there. I moved here from the US Bible Belt in Jan, this place is worse than there!

            Let me tell you people, no god, no Jesus, no afterlife.

            • JAWS says:

              @ Normal white collar guy

              You just moved to Bermuda in January 2013 and you come on here saying Bermuda is worst then ever. First of all it’s not a problem for you to worry about.

              Second of all if Bermuda is that bad of a place the Attorney General Mark Pettingill should ask you to take the work permit and stick it up a whales @ss while you catch the next plane out of here.

              Third half my friends are on work permits and although as they say we have problems here it’s nothing, I repeat nothing compared to other parts of the World. That’s one of the many reason why my international friends love working here.

              The Great “White” Shark

              • Some guy says:

                Actually he said worse than there, not worse than ever.

                You should check these things before you jump all over them. It saves you embarrassing moments like these :P

          • Family Man says:

            Too any Bermudians have been swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

    • Some people will always be hell bent on defending stupidity, So if Mr. Pettingill’s comment was spoken just a little more tactfully would that make him right, and if so then we can go right back to Fridays debate in the house of assembly and declare the very same bias that the homosexual community was fighting for.

      The only difference is the Christian will not be fighting to be accepted in the work place and the accommodations where they are housed, we are almost being forced to keep our beliefs to ourselves and out of mainstream.

      Every human being as human rights and so we have the right to our opinions just as Mr. Pettingill and we have the right to challenge each other, but at the end of the day and the end of the matter, what we are debating really needs to be decided on what is right and not who is right.

      I also would throw a challenge out to Mr. Pettingill that he mentioned he read the old testament to his child but he never referred to if he read the new testament and what the vast difference between the two is, or may be he don’t know because he is a scholar at law and not the Bible.

      • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

        Well said Mr Santucci….. keep pushing on…the die-hard fans will protect even the indefensible. They are blind-followers. Keep speaking Mr Santucci, you are 100% correct in this matter. He is wrong and outright disrespectful. He should watch his prejudice mouth and act like a person of good sense. Mr Pettingill is wrong and it reveals just how silly he is in making such outrageous comments.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Complete nonsense.

        No one is forcing you to keep your beliefs to yourselves.
        They’re just trying to stop you from forcing them on others.

    • Clive Spate says:

      Religion is man made!!

      • And in the Beginning God created WHO?

        • pickle juice says:

          no one….science created tiny organisms that developed into humans.

          humans that were lost and lacking knowledge of organisms made up god to try and make sense of life.

          I mean..we all know the “virgin” mary was a…..

        • Clive Spate says:

          Who wrote that??

          I said religion was man made not that God doesn’t exist!!

        • Steve says:

          And in the beginning who created your gods?

        • ed says:

          A great illusion.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      White sex assault–part and parcel of race-ism (white ideological inferiority–not supremacy) is permeating the earth and the reason for it is to carry out Black African genocide – the global annihilation of Black African people.


      1) For profound, powerful and provocative lessons of TRUTH on the european bible/religion and its impact on Black African people throughout the world–BERMUDA included, I invite you to visit the internet and type in the words: Ray Hagins on YouTube, turn on your speakers and devote your full attention thereto. One thing is certain, Hagins’ messages will haunt you for a long, long time.

      2) Type in the words: The Irritated Genie of Soufeese – “Black Resistance to the White Sex Assault”.

      Yours for love, peace, prosperity and survival of Black African people the worldover!

    • Amazed says:

      If you need to explain what the AG meant then clearly he has gone wrong!

  2. Really? says:

    SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE… Lets make it law!!! Mr. Pettingill you were in your right to make that comment. Religion and the bible do cause 75% of our modern political issues. Not to mention probably 100% of historical issues!

    • Devils Advocate says:

      No they dont politicians cause 75% of our domestic political issues, politicians including pastors.

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      He is not RIGHT< he is Silly prejudice Man. Every person is entitled their views in this regards, and Mr Pettingill as the AG should be the first to know this. He studied the Law, yet seems to make more blunders than any other lawyer in Bermuda. Seldom winning a case, he is a joker. He needs to be removed. His comments are far from correct and outright wrong.

      • Steve says:

        Erm…are you all there? You said everyone is entitled to their view…..and then you condemn the AG for his? Nuts…

  3. Sorry Sir says:


    • You should be telling the people to Shut up not your God even though I know the figure of speech your using, words have power and even spoken in street terms carries it’s own weight.

      Just a thought,

      Oh My God, Just Shut Up ?

      Suppose God took you serious and did shut up be very interesting around here, He stops breathing we all die. He stops speaking Satan would have a field day.

      I know this might be a little to deep for your comprehension, but when you say, OH MY GOD JUST SHUT UP, you may not know it but you are saying to every believer regardless of which faith they believe and even those that are not in faith, to just shut up, because we are His (God’s) Voice on the earth.

      By the way that is biblical and comes from the B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

      • Serious Though says:

        Your Life, your ways, to answer to whatever Supreme Being you choose to.
        Christianity is one of them, … there are Buddhists, traditionalists, and Judgement is reserved for Supreme all religions

        Have a wonderful earth day..

  4. Hey says:

    There was no hate in Petingill’s message. There is only hate in those hearts who somehow saw hate in his message.

    Weeks did not vote for basic human rights last week ..there is hate in his heart.

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      The Honourable AG just stated that people who don’t believe as he should leave the island – - find somewhere else to do is what he said. How you actually sit there and justify/rationalize his comments? Really?

      This is disgusting in my opinion – - how the supporters of the OBA are so willing to give a pass to their officials but condemn all others who don’t believe as they do>? And before you go there, I did oppose the then PLP government when they did make decisions which I felt were incorrect.

      You people need to get it together – - look at what he said and then tell me that was 1) correct and 2) appropriate. If you feel that you can answer in the affirmative for both, then we have a serious problem in this country.

      Yng Black Mind

      • Bullseye says:

        The AG is contending that people who would treat others as second-class citizens due to a religious or homophobic beliefs are welcome to leave.

        I don’t have a problem with that. This island already has enough “us vs them”. Are we to tolerate intolerance?

        • Yng Black Mind says:

          And he has continued that cycle with his decisive comments – - – intolerance has never ended with intolerable commentary – - he was wrong and I just wish you guys would at least admit it – - seriously.

          • Clive Spate says:

            So being intolerant of intolerance is intolerable?

          • Argosy says:

            …are you tolerant of old white minds?

            Your handle clearly expresses intolerance, buddy! Who do you think you’re fooling?

            • Yng Black Mind says:

              Your statement doesnt hold water – just because I choose to identify myself with those adjectives does not mean that I am not opposed to those who do not fit into that category – bark up another tree – - and admit that the Honourable AG was wrong and then we can have a conversation about tolerance.

        • WetOnion says:

          Very well said, Bullseye!

      • stop being so full of hate says:

        when you say things like “you people” then you are part of the problem

      • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

        Well said again Yng Black Mind…. Excellent comment, I could not say it any better. Pettingill is 200% wrong on this matter and he stepped out of line. This is not any behaviour that can be excused, he is WRONG, WRONG and he needs to back up from his wrong doings. Telling folks to leave Bermuda, does this also include the folks in IB who share the same views? This is the worst AG Bermuda has ever had so far…

        • Hey says:

          Is that 200% religion maths.. You can at maximum be 100% wrong by definition.

  5. Leave religion out of morality says:

    Luckily, Church and State have been separated for centuries. Let’s keep religion inside the churches/mosques/synagogues/temples where it belongs.

  6. Citizen Banned says:

    Religion is rubbish and should be treated as such. Imaginary friend in the sky. Oh Purlease.

    • Remember those words when your facing death and your own judgement,but don’t worry you will have enough folk who think like you if your not careful, so wise up and recognize you did not come here from a big bang out of know where.

      • Hey says:

        Don’t have to believe in a man made religion to believe in God !

      • pickle juice says:

        “god” forgives all right? Even the sinner and non believer? Ill check u at the pearly gates Duane and if we meet I will give you the honor of saying “told ya so”

  7. Vote for Me says:

    This is one of those moments for sober reflection. MP Pettingill is the lead legal voice for Bermuda based on his role as Attorney General. On that basis he should be more circumspect with his comments since he appears to demonstrate the same unsubstantiated fear and ignorance that he accuses others of.

    Another poster put it more succinctly. He comments offended his own Leader who has publicly confessed his Christian beliefs.

    We collectively wait with baited breath to see if Pettingill has the humility to genuinely apologise to the majority of Christians in Bermuda.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      Christians don’t deserve apologies you hateful bigots….

      • I don’t see anything that vote for me said that makes them a hateful bigot and if you read correctly I think, they presented their argument very respectfully. so let me step out the box and say thank you for your asinine stupidity.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Voting against giving equal rights to a subsection of our community that is currently being discriminated against absolutely makes them bigots.

    • Bermuda Male says:

      Then make sur you Christians apologize for seeking to deny the rights of others.

      Must work both ways right?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      VFM, the Minister’s comments were aimed at hateful bigots who misuse the bible to defend hate. He was not directing his comments at Christians at all. There is no reason for Christians to feel offended. The only people who could potentially be offended are the hateful bigots who misuse the bible to spread hate.

  8. Citizen Banned says:

    Anything that upsets the church is fine by me – well done Mr Pettingill.

  9. Got my ticket... says:

    Offensive, yes. Hateful, no… he as simply saying that those that choose to discriminate others are not favoured in bermuda… and he used the wrong words to say it.

    • Blah says:

      ^^ Pretty much how I feel about it.

    • I agree, I did not sense any form of hatred by the attorney generals comments, but I would say when holding public office you are held doubly accountable for your speech as you do not just represent you.

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      STOP blindfaithful follower, you know Mr Pettingill is WRONG WRONG WRONG>..but your die-hard faithfulness blinds you to face the truth.. WAKE up and be honest for a change. The AG is WRONG and has taken the wrong road on this one, it makes him looks silly and incompetent as the AG. It makes many question how in the world did he get selected to be Bermuda’s AG? WOW this is a big blunder and mistake…OBA this is crazy decision by your leader and it makes the OBA look stupid at best…

      • Bermuda Male says:

        Was Marc Bean wrong for telling the churches to stay quiet in the gambling debate Betty?

  10. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Christians are just upset because he called you out. I don’t understand why you just don’t admit that you hate gay people. Just admit it and stop all this lying and falsehoods. Any time someone else is trying to get rights, these selfish jerks want to try to keep it all to themselves. All you Christians are a bunch of fakes and liars. You have no love in your hearts and I have no love for you either. *** all of you sick people…

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      I am a Christian – - I believe in Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. I also believe that the amendment to the Human Rights Act was a good thing; however, I wanted honesty from the Gay community regarding their “reasons” for the amendment – - I have spoken with numerous members of the Bermudian Gay community and their “reasons” for the amendment all steam from same-sex marriage and the benefits attached to it – - the basic human rights issue is always been tied to the ability to allow benefits for spouses, insurance, etc. – - so to say that it wasn’t was a falsehood – period.

      I am not upset that The Honourable AG feels the way he does – - he is entitled – - just how I feel that our Gay brothers/sisters are entitled to feel the way that they do – - MY PROBLEM IS WHY AM I CALLED A BIGOT, FAKE AND LIAR because I disagree with you on this one aspect? You are a hypocrite as he is – - – Standing in the House of Assembly and telling Christians and all others who believe in the Bible to “just leave and go somewhere else” is totally unacceptable and he needs to be dealt with for his words – plain and simple.

    • EliteT says:

      DarkSideofthemoon is a _______. I’ll leave it blank for religious reasons.

  11. Bermuda Boy says:

    PLP shut up

  12. Citizen Banned says:

    The Bible is a work of fiction, originally written to control simple people. It simply got out of hand and now otherwise intelligent people believe this rubbish.

    The Bible should be treated with an appropriate amount of regard.


  13. Always Wanting an Apology says:

    As an adult, you come to terms that sometimes people speak without thinking things through and act before accepting reason. Sometimes you get an apology; sometimes you dont. If you stomp your foot and demand an apology everytime Mr. Weeks your going to have really sore feet.

  14. Joonya says:

    Weeks is a hypocrite. There is no hate in the AGs opinion. You turned it that way with your interpretation and subsequent statement. Im not offended or disrespected in any way. I agree the Church must stay out of politics! So I dont need an apology thank you.
    Stop demanding apologies everytime this government tries to do something to which you disagree. Like a bunch of children.
    Do your duty as opposition, but do us all a favour and get off that f*^ing high horse of yours!

    • Ole says:

      Joonya, dude, how totally naive you are… Petingill made a comment that was offensive to a large number of religious folk, who by the way, make up a large voting block.

      Further, the OBA artfully and religiously ( no pun intended ) slammed the PLP on all and every issue ( many had merit ). The PLP have been presented with an opportunity, not unlike the consultant positions for their peeps, to do unto those, as they had done to them ( again no biblical message being voiced here ). That my boy, is politics 101…

  15. Lets be real says:

    Not all Christians are bigots and fakes, the problem is the worlds expectations of what Christians are supposed to be is blurred. Being a Christian doesnt make you perfect, we simply believe we are sinners just like everyone else, but saved by grace of God. WE ALL STILL SIN, so if you think that being Christian means we are some self righteous spiritual goofs who have it all together, you are mistaken. Quite the contrary, we know we don’t have it all together and rely on a higher being, God. LOL you lot hold Christians to an impossible standard,an abnormally high self righteous standard, no wonder you wont step foot in a church. Everyones busy arguing if theres a God,but no ones denying theres a Satan.

  16. Bermyman says:

    Weeks is blowing things out of context and proportion yet again, he is like a South American footballer appealing to the ref for a penalty after he just dived in box screaming and holding his ankle after no contact was made.

    Pettingill’s message is clear, if you want to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation then Bermuda may no longer be the country for you.

    What always astounds me is that certain people of faith believe that they somehow qualify for the moral high ground in any circumstance and that because they quote the ‘bible’ in some obscure fashion they somehow are untouchable and can behave how they wish.

    everyone is equal in the eyes of the lord are they not? then why can his followers not treat people that way??

    Dinosaurs did exist before humans.
    Homosapiens were living 2 million years ago.
    Charles Darwin understands creation more than a pastor or preacher does.
    Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and took more than a billion years to actually become habitable. Not 6 days.

    The list goes on and on.

    • Ole says:

      What bible do you read dude? The bible speaks quite clearly to the matter of same sex relationships…

      • Mike Hind says:

        And? Why does that apply to treating people equally?

        Freedom of Religion should also mean freedom FROM religion.

        Why do other people have to abide by what your bible says?

  17. Car Battery says:

    The Bible quite clearly condones slavery, blatant discrimination towards women, and vigiliante justice. And you want Pettingill to apologize for saying it contained some crazy stuff. Sounds like he spoke the truth.

  18. Drewgle says:

    How F-ing hypocritical is this? The church was busy saying that LGBT people shouldn’t have rights because it’s against their religion, yet when your religion is put in question – i.e. people believe in different things than you – you’re crying foul???

    I think what was said is perfectly in line and should in fact be applauded. Maybe the church will finally realize what they are “doing unto others”…

  19. Hmmmmm says:

    Weeks are you schizophrenic?! Your speech on Friday was the least tolerant and the least inclusive of anyone who spoke. As a Christian I found you offensive and bigoted. I don’t think the AG was tactful or eloquent in his comments but for the PLP to use you as the voice to criticize him is disingenuous. You guys are truly off your game.

  20. Winnie Dread says:

    Wrong is WRONG is WRONG and Pettingill is wrong. It is not about religion or all of that but the statements period. Telling someone to leave because of thier opinion on a matter, coming from the AG, then talking about “koolaid drinkers” hmmmmmm, tell me. He is sooooooooooo flippin wrong, the only good thing coming from this is we get to see his thought process what’s going on in his head.

    • scary says:

      But the AME church told Rosie’s cruise ship that they would protest if they came to the island. Threatening to cause a scene and make it very uncomfortable to come to port and enjoy spending their money. Basically that is telling someone else to go elsewhere…. The bible has many passages that people have decided are out of date, and context. BUT choose to use specific phrases to keep other humans down. EVERYONE is human…. not everyone is religious. Religion is a choice, and therefore should not be forced on every member of society. Who someone loves it not a choice, we do not wake up one day and say I decide to be straight…. its just who you like, so why would you for one minute think someone else wakes up and says Oh let me be gay…. it is just who they are. Build a bridge and get over it! Equal rights for Humans! Otherwise, we would still have people in the cotton fields, women wouldnt be able to vote etc etc….

    • BigD says:

      @ Winnie Dread
      I could not have said it better…..

  21. Rule # 5 says:

    You people…the old tactics of divide and conquer still work on you obviously!! Try to open your eyes to the larger agenda at hend. Bermuda you are in check – your “king” is vulnerable.


  22. media says:

    I was not offended. No apology needed for me Min. Petingill.

  23. Bermuda Male says:

    Then Marc Bean should apologize to Chrisians for telling them to but out of the gambling debate. And if Mr. Weeks and the majority of his colleagues seriously wants an inclusive Bermuda then why did they vote against the protection of others who differ from them and their views? Always talking out of both sides of their mouths, but never able to spew the absolute truth (usually just a part of it).

  24. Muff diver says:

    Mr. Pettingill,As AG your comments were disappointing,to say the least!

  25. Mazumbo says:

    I believe it was Mr.Pettingill”s ancestors who bought these religious doctrines to people around the world who where already established in their own right while his ancestors where running around in the Caucasus Mountains!!!!! PLEASE.

  26. Common Sense says:

    @Ole – My bible also states categorically that adultery is an abomination, that it is one of the Ten Commandments provided to us by God (and even written down in a tablet of stone)’ and that the punishment for adultery is death.

    Can you imagine our good Christian friends seeking to deny equal human rights for adulterers, or trying to make adultery illegal. Whether you like it or not, it is not a crime in Bermuda to be homosexual, just as it is not a crime to be an adulterer. It appears that those who sought to deny equal human rights on the grounds of sexual orientation were and are being totally hypocritical in selecting one so-called abomination from the bible while ignoring most, if not all of the others.

    As Mr. Pettingill has right pointed out, the Old Testament includes some scary crazy stuff. If we took everything it it literally and applied it to our laws we would be the laughing stock of the world! I would be more than happy to quote lots of examples.

  27. BigD says:

    I hope he gets served that cool aid by his constituents at next election and is deemed a one term AG. I hope he realizes his mistake and apologises. But I believe the Primier should fire his @&#% . But the honorable thing to do would be resign. Oops forgot he has no standards…..ask not for whom the Bell tolls for it tolls for you Mark. Resign and leave the country.

    • scary says:

      The AME church then should make a formal international apology to Rosie O’Donnell and her cruise ship. Also it should apologize to the Bermudian public for scaring away a group of people that were headed to the island as tourists, to spend money, to aid in our economy. Won’t see that happen either….

  28. Car Battery says:

    I looked at a neighbour’s woman and I had lust in me. Only for a minute but it was lust. Should I be stoned to death or be given another chance? The Bible clearly says stoning so I guess I’m done for. Ah well.

    There’s another passage that say’s its OK to lie to a woman but not lie to your ace boy. At least that’s the way I interpret it. Still its best to tell the truth even if it is to a woman. Leviticus I think it was.

  29. Come On Man says:

    The truth can hurt sometimes. The story book called The Bible does contain a lot of violence.

  30. Come On Man says:

    He doesn’t need to apologize. It’s called freedom of speech. We all know religion was created to control the masses. And thing is I sure. It’s got control of this government and country.

  31. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the plp said many “Offensive & Hateful Comments”…
    so STFU!

  32. pilot011 says:

    OBA just lost ALL the people of color christian votes!! Craig better sort his people out!

  33. KarmaGotEm says:

    I believe it is not what you say…but how you say it! That is what has the majority pi**ed off with Mr. Pettingill. And I purposely did not refer to him as honourable because his comments to the people who helped to put him in his current position were not. OBA comments as such put you in a questionable position. All the people who pay your wages deserve respect..ALL is the operative word not SOME!

  34. lmao says:

    Wow– all this hate!!!! God bless bermuda

  35. Mike says:

    I agree with the AG, a lot of Bermudians are such hypocrites, if you believe in God well good for you that’s your right but i’m sick and tired of it being shoved at everyone, and us as a country be brought to our knees with some scary threat that you will end up in hell if you don’t conform to God! Get real, religion is a man made creation which dates back when men first began to worship the sun and it’s evolved into what it is today nothing more then heresy, Catholics, Islam, really Catholics believe that if a baby isn’t christened he will be in pergatory if he dies, and radical islamist got their teaching from good Islamic believers and look what they have turned into…..waiting for their 100 virgins in heaven…….and the list goes on look around it’s the cause of so much evil in this world and good on AG for challenging it!!

  36. Whistling Frog says:

    Mark, have another drink on me and hopefully you’d drink yourself away…

  37. Alvin Williams says:

    There is an old African saying’ When the white man came he had the bible and we Africans had the land; now we have the bible and the white man has the land. Quite apart to what this says about the use of religion to colonize another people. It seems that the West after it’s
    use of religion to put itself in control of the world and the majority of the world resorces; now considers that it no longer needs religion; hence the great and growing conflict between the West and the rest of us
    who have been made to believe in thier God.

  38. MakesSense says:

    When you use religion to discriminate, it’s wrong, plain and simple. People who use the bible to defend their discrimination are hypocrites. The church of God is within. Faith and religion are not the same thing. The teachings of Jesus are about love, that’s it, love. Some people choose to ignore this. If you are practicing hate then you are not practicing what you supposedly believe in. Everyone deserves rights simply because they are human. You have no right to deny another their rights. It’s about time someone spoke up and called a spade a spade. People are saying that Mr. Pettingil disrespected people yet those same people are judging and hating in the name of God.

  39. nomoremoney says:

    makes sense makes a lot of sense…

  40. Common Sense says:

    Good point Alvin. I would like to apologize on behalf of my white folk ancestors for introducing the bible to the people you describe as “we Africans”.

    You are also correct is saying that the west is now moving away from religion, or at least the literal interpretation of the Old Testament which is what is so often quoted when trying to justify denying equal human rights to people who are gay. As Minister Pettingill has so eloquently stated, there is some “real crazy stuff” in it! Let’s face it most people who have even the most basic grasp of science now realize that the incredible story of a 600 year old man and a few family members could hardly begin to collect even a minute, infinitesimal number of the worlds millions of animals and stuff them into an ark!

    So what should we as white folks now do. Should we accept that our African brothers and sisters may have been seduced by white folks into swallowing the biblical stories hook line and sinker? Should we not even comment on what some might see as their gullibility? Or should we be honest and say that you really should not have believed our white ancestors who hoodwinked both themselves and others into believing that every single word in the bible is true and that it should be used exclusively to set both are moral and legal parameters.

    As you so wisely point out you have been made to believe in “our God”. Do we have any moral responsibility to now tell you the truth? Where do we go from here?

  41. PLP train wreck says:

    There is a similar level of intolerance towards the church by people ‘that keep up with the times’.

    The 2 sides of the debate should be better tolerated BUT everyone should have equal human rights.

    Well done to both the PLP and the OBA for a BIPARTISAN Victory!

  42. Victor says:

    When the PLP leadership apologises for Ewart Brown’s blatant discrimination and intimidation of the minority race, then they will have right to comment on Pettingill’s rather unimpressive and silly comments. Until that day (which will come) they remain abettors and enablers of evil incarnate.

  43. Think about it says:

    It seems like all the negative comments about the bible are coming from persons who might have never read it or took time out to understand it. I throw out this challenge to you. Pick up the bible and than a history book and compare the scripture (which were written thousands of years ago)with history. You will be amazed on just how spot on they are and impressed on how they foretold our present time and what we can expect in the future. Its either the pages are inspired or updated daily.

  44. 1minute says:

    Weeks is just trying to keep his name in the press and try to make the Government looks as bad as his party when they were in power…
    I am a Christian and have read the Bible from cover to cover. Mark P is right, it is ““full of great stuff” but also has “some real scary crazy stuff”” Look at Genesis 19:8, Lot offers his virgin daughters to a gang of men. Knowing the age that girls were given up to be married, how old would they be. Then the laws in Deuteronomy. Stoning your disobedient child, having slaves. Scary.
    I am just glad the amendment went through.
    Final thought… Maybe Mr Weeks is just diverting the attention off the fact that his party voted for the amendment…

  45. Raymond Ray says:

    Mr. Weeks and others, don’t forget “when you point your finger at someone there are three other fingers pointing back at yourself”.

  46. Grand Wizzard says:

    the Bible is a bunch of garbage, it is all lies, it is literally brain-washing mind control in ancient format.

    I grew up Christian but I had a revelation at age 24 and now that I have seen the true reality I spit on that trash book. It wasted 24 years of my life.

    the bible has so many contradictions in it, it cannot even hold its own story, or stick to its own claims. It cannot even pass its own test. It is full of errors, mistranslations, and much more nonsese.

    It is racist, sexist, genocidal, murderous, and much more. The bible promotes evil in every form, including slicing women open and murdering their babies – when God commanded Israel to destroy races of people, rape their women and murder the babies etc.

    the whole fact of jesus is a joke, because according to Old Testament, he is NOT the messiah. And it doesn’t matter anyways, because the old testament is trash lies anyways.

    JESUS NEVER CAME BACK IN 2000 YEARS and never has and never will because he never existed. He promised everyone alive in his day that they would not die before his kingdom came and the world ended. LIES!

    Jesus commands us to kill anyone who doesn’t adhere to his authority! Luke 19:27

    Jesus contradicts himself so badly, you would pee your pants laughing!

    The Chaldean holy texts predate the Bible by thousands of years, and literally are the oldest texts on our planet at 5,000 years old. I have read them front to back numerouys times, and I know that much of the Bible is written word for word in these older texts. The Bible is a forgery. The bible is a forgery! And the joke is, that the bible claims Chaldea-Babylon is the devil’s work!

    The Bible is Babylonian! Jehovah is the devil, and Jesus was merely working for him! The whole devil concept is a joke, becasuse there is no one devil ruling all existence anyways.

    Christians have poisoned earth for 2,000 years, oppressing mankind into the dark ages the whole time. Christianity murdered millions of people in wars, crusades, inquisitions, colonializations, witch-hunts, anti-magic hunts, and more. It killed people who did sciences, and labeled them as devil-worshippers.

    Science did not evolve for 2,000 years because of this.
    Look what qwe achieved in 100 years with technology and science. Imagine what we could have had in 2,000 years if Christianity did not oppress mankind! We would be flying around outer space!

    • EliteT says:

      The OBA just downplayed one of the most sacred books. ” People 2000 years ago thought the world was flat; why should we use their teachings in 2013..”

      At least people back then were smart enough to figure out that two males weren’t biologically designed to mate with each other.

      • Infidelguy says:

        Yes, but ancient medieval peoples were not smart enough to figure out that illness was biological in nature and not the result of “sin” or “demonic possession”.

        Thank goodness for science and reason!

        • EliteT says:

          Yes that’s true. They may not have had the technology or the understanding of modern day science when compared to our civilization, but what they did have is a basic understanding of life and were smart enough to figure out that two males were not biologically designed to reproduce.

          How can a population sustain itself with all homosexuals? Good thing they were smart enough to reproduce so we could live and have our technological breakthroughs, higher quality of life and understanding of the world.

          • Infidelguy says:

            You must be kidding!!!

            Relating the ability to reproduce to the ability to achieve “technical breakthroughs, higher quality of life and an understanding of the world” is just ridiculous! Do you think that what we now call “homosexuality” was not occurring 2000+ years ago? That practice was ingrained into the culture of the Roman Empire.

            This kind of silly twisted logic is the result of people who insist that the sacred texts of their religion are the infallible word of their all-powerful deity.

            I have nothing against religious folks but please stop using religion as a tool to oppress.

            This is the 21st Century for goodness sake!

          • Mike Hind says:

            “with all homosexuals”?

            How is this a logical thought?

            Who’s turning everyone gay?

            Do you really think that allowing people equal rights is going to turn everyone gay?

            If so, you may want to take a look at your life.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Again… “mating” isn’t a stipulation for marriage or a relationship.
        Procreation isn’t necessary…

    • Mike Hind says:

      And “Grand Wizzard”?

      Attacking someone’s faith is just as bad as them trying to force theirs on everyone else. Not needed and it just gives them ammo.

      Behaving as badly as they do just muddies the water.

  47. dthtoo/ says:

    White sex assault–part and parcel of race-ism (white ideological inferiority–not supremacy) is permeating the earth and the reason for it is to carry out Black African genocide – the global annihilation of Black African people.


    1) For profound, powerful and provocative lessons of TRUTH on the european bible/religion and its impact on Black African people throughout the world–BERMUDA included, I invite you to visit the internet and type in the words: Ray Hagins on YouTube, turn on your speakers and devote your full attention thereto. One thing is certain, Hagins’ messages will haunt you for a long, long time.

    2) Type in the words: The Irritated Genie of Soufeese – “Black Resistance to the White Sex Assault”.

    Yours for love, peace, prosperity and survival of Black African people the worldover!

  48. Crazy Lady says:

    When people say they believe in the bible. I automatically think they are less intelligent. You are all, for the most part, proving it…

  49. Mark Perry says:

    While it may appear to some people that Mr. Pettingill’s comments where offensive and hateful I hold no such view. He can be accused of being a bit insensitive when he suggested that those who disagree with the human rights amendments (based on their religious convictions) leave the country, I think I understand the basis from which those sentiments originate.

    Religiously conservative minded Christians/Politicians in this community have for far too long been allowed use their religiosity to dictate public policy in a society that is essentially secular in nature. It’s Ok if they want to view – through the lens of their religion – homosexuality as a “Sin”, but these personal beliefs should not be the basis upon which public policy is determined. Imagine what it would be like if this society based the majority of its laws and policies entirely on the view of religious beliefs. On the other hand don’t imagine, just look to places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan.

  50. waitasecond says:

    I know what the AG was trying to say (and agree with the sentiment) but boy does he lack eloquence. I am not surprised that the PLP have focussed on him as their first scalp as he seems to be a gaff magnet. I hope that Kim Wilson can find the political courage to cross the floor. She stood out in the last Government and we could use her talents now.

  51. God Grant me the Serenity - please says:

    Kim who? Wilson did you say. Eloquent maybe. Stood out? Where? When? Cross the floor to do what? She is not all that either. You have obviously been listening to her voice only rather than listening closely to what she is saying. Not the sharpest tool in the box at all. Sorry she is better off being the useless shadow she is. Please stop helping to give her a false sense of usefulness.