Mark Pettingill ‘Speaking On His Own Behalf’

June 19, 2013

Premier Craig Cannonier and Attorney General Mark Pettingill said today [June 19] that when Mr Pettingill was talking about aspects of religion during the debate on Friday, Mr Pettingill was speaking on his own behalf, not for the Government or the OBA.

Speaking at the House of Assembly on Friday [June 14], Mr Pettingill said, “A large part of the phobia and the fear has come out of religious doctrine that people have been inducted with since they were young. In some churches, not in all churches.”

The Attorney General also said that those “that feel that strongly about this on some religious basis that are entirely homophobic, please get up and leave and go somewhere else.”

Yesterday PLP MP Michael Weeks said, “The Attorney General’s statement that Bermudians who disagree with him and his Party’s stance should ‘flee Bermuda’ shows an unprecedented level of intolerance and portrays his Party as being uninterested in building a diverse and inclusive Bermuda.”

Mr Weeks also said he hopes Premier Craig Cannonier “will move swiftly, exercise his authority and encourage his Minister to apologize to the people of Bermuda.”

Speaking today the Premier said, “In reference to the comments made by the Attorney General in the House of Assembly last week Friday, I’ve had a chance to speak to him and to others who were present, as I was in London at the time.

“I am convinced that the Attorney General was speaking on his own behalf – airing his own personal convictions. He was not, as alleged by Mr Weeks, speaking on behalf of the Government or the One Bermuda Alliance party.

“As I have stated many times before, this Government will continue to make decisions in the interests of the whole, which are centered on care for the well-being of all Bermuda’s people,” concluded Premier Cannonier.

Mr Pettingill said, “During the debate on amendments to the Human Rights Act on Friday, June 14th, I spoke out against those who would use religion to deny those in the gay community their human rights. I offered my personal opinion which should not be construed to be the official position of the Government.

“For clarity, I exercised my freedom of speech and questioned how a 2000 year old doctrine could be used in the modern, democratic world to deny a segment of our population protection enjoyed by other segments of our community.

“My comments generally echoed those made by Mr. Michael Scott, JP, MP, who spoke on the same subject earlier in the day,” concluded Mr Pettingill.

Earlier that day PLP Michael Scott talked about the separation of Church and state saying that way “you do not have the Church imposing a view on the state.”

“When the congregants urge the dogma of the Church on us as elected officials, again, you are still having the Church places its views before us as legislators,” said Mr Scott.

“The things that were done in the name of the Church, the ancient Church, we all know them. Wars were fought, lives taken, people garroted, put on racks…there were some awful things,” continued Mr Scott.

The comments were made while MPs were debating an amendment to the Human Rights Act to ban discrimination based on age or sexual orientation, which passed with the vast majority of politicians from both sides of the aisle supporting it.

Premier Craig Cannonier has ruled out same sex marriage, saying: “I can assure you that under my leadership this is not about same sex marriage, and under my leadership that will not happen.”

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  1. frank says:

    the premier needs to grow some balls and fire mark pettingill for his rude and insensitive remarks that he made and you expect the support of the church for you mark the bible was written along time ago but it is still up to date today fire that man

    • Um Um Like says:

      More like Craig needs to step down and let Mark run the show!

      • likewha says:

        Care to share why you have that opinion?

      • JAWS says:

        Mark can’t be in charge he may close all the churches down in Bermuda and turn them into Strip Bars. I see Mr. Dunkley as the new leader one day he has my respect and he’s down to Earth. Not like some over confident lawyer.

        • OBA Supporter says:

          Dunkley is NO BETTER! I place my hope in Pat Gordon Pamplin.

          • Mazumbo says:

            Mazumbo lives and will continue to haunt his oppressors and their ancesstors.

            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              Good to know he will only haunt those in the past then. Moving forward and on…


              • Mazumbo says:

                His oppressors (the Forty Thieves, Oligarchy, ubp/oba and colonialist ideology are still here.

                • LOL (original TM*) says:

                  So the word you need was descendants then?


                  Is this more of the racial none-sense to justify continueing to hate the un born babies? Umm “rock a bye baby” comes to mind. What does this have to do with anything here.

      • collins says:

        I agree let Mark run the show,we need some strong leaders….not some a** kissers who let the churches dictate to us !!!!

    • NOT today!!!!!!!!! says:

      Mark Pettingill is part of the original team that flip flopped to form the BDA when he left the UBP.

      Then he flip flopped to form the OBA with the UBP months later. The OBA comprise of 2 groups the UBP & BDA.

      In the end one group (bda) is in charge and the other group (ubp) has the money. They only banned together to defeat the PLP. Now that the task is accomplished one of the groups within the party will eat the other, it’s just a matter of time. Craig will need his soldiers next to him when that happens. Pettingill is one of his best and closest friends, so forget that notion.

      • sonso says:

        lol wow you seem to have it all planned out in your head huh? you forget that this is a new party, not the same PLP party that you clearly support!

    • collins says:

      Frank, you need to grow some balls… the bible is filled with a lot of b******….and we all know about JONAH AND THE WHALE !!!!
      And what about Adam and EVE ? people do you believe this crap !!!!!!

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Even Sciense proved that Jonah could have survived in the whale. So what was your point again?…………..


        Yes had to believe that people believe in the bible and it’s teachings. This is a scared topic that people have lived and died for. So please stop disregarding it. If it is not your believe thats fine but stop trying to insult people that do. You are not helping your cause here with that type of redoric, it is you that needs the support to change laws in this country not Christians. Unfortunetly the sytem favors the many and neglects the needs of a few.

        • Some guy says:

          Where exactly is your peer reviewed scientific study that says that Jonah could have survived in a whale?

          I religious people usually tried to argue it wasn’t a whale it was a big fish anyway.

          As for religion being somehow exempt from criticism because people have died for it, that’s stupid. Many people died in the name of Nazism and that’s certainly not exempt from criticism.

        • skeptic says:

          just curious… but is this ‘sciense’ in any way related to science?

          also… where are your sources?

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          OK I withdraw the whale comment I was thinking of something I read a long time ago where a man was swallowed by a sperm whale as they where cutting it up they found a man that was missing for a few days. So I looked for that thought it was the ‘New York Times” I think it happend in the 1800′s. Turns out it’s unprovable and goes to the Uban Myth catagory.


    • Grubster says:

      let’s look at how many churches there are in Bermuda and then look at the percentage of the population that attends them. Then look at the amount of crime, drug taking and young unmarried girls/women having babies and not sure the maths adds up

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      Rude and insensitive? The church goes around saying gays need to be put on islands and burned up and you think he is insensitive? Y’all Christians are the biggest hypocrites out there. Can’t even take what you dish out…

    • Selective Amnesia says:

      NO apology is necessary. The man was speaking his mind as we all do, hence we are able to post on this site. Secondly, these christians are acting like islamist wherein you can’t say anything negative about the books they consider holy. GROW THE HELL UP PEOPLE. Enough of this religious drivel.

  2. Shag says:

    Well done Mark keep up the good work. I live by the general principles of the bible but do not go to church. I am a birth ,deaths and marriage type of person. The general idea of the bible is fine but you have to remember that it was written by man and not by Jesus or god. I do not need to go to church on Sunday, have my sins forgiven, and start sinning again on on Monday

    • collins says:

      shag, you are so right…. enough of these bible thumping so called ministers !!!!!! check out their cars and houses…..Mark does not need to apologise….. he said what a lot of us think but do not have the nerve to say what he said.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Completely agree.

  3. justsayin says:


    I bet you wouldn’t have gone to India and spoke in a similar setting and disregarded the value of cattle. Your ethnocentrism and intolerance of others’ culture and religious views was very disrespectful. You should be ashamed of yourself with the tone and condescending remarks you made against Christians and especially towards the Bible. You could have still debated the topic without discrediting Christian beliefs.

    I thank Premier Cannonier for a being a leader in this scenario.

    • what are you talking about? says:

      If you’ve ever looked at the bible you’d understand why a warning label should be applied?

    • Grubster says:

      There’s a lot of things in the bible that we don’t adhere to today, for very good reasons. Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions whether pro or anti christian. That is why we are (supposedly) a democratic nation.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Did You say the Anti-Christ(ian) can voice their opinions?
        We really must be in a Demoncratic Nation ;-)

    • Grubster says:

      The bible says a lot of things that we don’t believe in any more.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      He was talking about people who misuse the bible to be bigots. He didn’t mention Christians.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      WHAT? The christian church is the epitome of intolerance, wth are you talking about?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Really I suggest you research some other belief systems out there remember you should be judging the belief not the person whom says they belief…………This is the first I have real weighed in on this but I think MP Pettingill should apologize even though I do support the amendment. Also I do not think the PLP or any other Minister from either side should really be demanding an apology, that should be coming from the voters and it has. Reason being is that the politicians and official moth pieces of each party have all insulted one part of the populous and no one demanded the apologies of the last administration for the many insults hurled at white people of this island or the opposition’s (OBA) supporters who were insulting the PLP’s supporters. It is really uncalled for.

        LOL really people MP Pettingill has been called a Buddhists it is interesting that he would make the remark in the first place.

  4. cousin says:

    Ok somebody help me to understand……why is such and “old outdated book with some crazy stuff in it” still used by the leagl system to swear affidavits, witnesses testifying in court, etc.? They are talking out of both sides of their mouth! THE BIBLE STANDS IT IS AGELESS!

    • Mike Hind says:

      It’s used by people of that faith.
      People NOT of that faith don’t have to use it.

      Just like people not of your faith shouldn’t have to follow the rules of your faith.

      Would you think it’s fair to be forced to follow the rules of Islam or Hinduism?

      If not, why is it fair that those of us not of your faith have to follow the rules of it?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        The moral and leagal laws where baised on those rules in the bible. Even the dollar bill states “In God we Trust” so I guess you don’t need money either……………..

        LOL let me know you can transfer it to me…….

        • Mike Hind says:

          Just checked. On our money, it doesn’t say that anywhere.

          None of what you said has any bearing on what I said.

          And the myth that our laws were based on the rules of the bible is ludicrous.

          This is all an excuse to hate and it’s sick.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            Mike I have not shown any hate but your comments “This is all an excuse to hate and it’s sick.” and others about a text which some hold near and dear to them you and others have clearly shown much hate. I get it your tired of some Christian trying to knowingly or unknowingly ram the Christian beliefs down your throat. I am not trying to do that as I have stated in the past it is just Christian’s job to let people know about God and Jesus not try to make the choice for them. I chimed because you and others constantly poke and jab at the Christian faith which is fine you are in-titled to your opinion and I and others are entitled to be offended at your remarks/contempt towards our faith. However it is you and those like you that need my and others of similar faith to lobby politicians for your rights as gays are by far a minority here. So you and others might want to tone it down a bit. Just sayin.


            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              oh its the american dollar that states it, you know those people that started the migration to the western world as we know it. So please stop typin like you didn’t know what I was typin about you must be smarter than that..


            • Mike Hind says:

              When did I “poke and jab at the Christian faith”?

              I simply asked why other people have to follow the rules of someone else’s faith.
              That’s not a jab or a poke, it’s a simple question, one which hasn’t been answered.

              You replied with a reference to a completely different country and then some nonsense accusing me of things I didn’t do.

              Try actually reading my posts and responding to the things I actually say, rather than making things up.

      • Bermewjan says:

        Get ‘em Mike!

  5. Lets hope says:

    But is okay for some people to bash gays.

    • Grubster says:

      I think the bible states it’s also OK to have slaves, so gay people probably have no chance. As an atheist, happy to be proved wrong.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Please gutbuster you have no clue what the bible is saying? Try put it into the context it was ment in, the time it was writen and whom the context was writen too. Might help if you like reading that is…..


        • GMW says:

          You cant even spell. You do not read.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            My spelling my not be the best but I assure you I can read and more importantly I comprehend what I’m reading.

            Attack the argument if you can. Have you read the bible and did you understand what you read or are you lazy and let others read it to you.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Does that mean we can ignore the rest of it, as it was meant for the time it was written?

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            Many books that were writen back in the day have relivence still or do you think school books get rewriten every year. They are just revised as new methods come into play, how about traditional medicines the chinese been practising for thousands of year that must be irrelivent too. I wish I could have skipped Macbeth in school. How about the Art of War, The Book of Five Rings, Yoga practices that have been handed down for generations. I’m sure you agree that these things can have relavence in todays life. You must dissregard them too?


    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      No it is not ok and I am a Christain saying that but again the gay community does not need help from other people to get their rights do they. So as I stated it’s not alright to insult anyone just becuse but if that is what you believe then it must apply to everyone in your mind as well. Or do you not believe that…..


  6. Unbelievable says:

    Why you lot angry at Pettingill? Michael Scott said the same thing.

    The PLP have also said the same in the past about racists. “Leave the country please”

    Some of us need to stop being selective and maybe actually read the whole story above and not just the headlines. What a mess BDA is.

    • sonso says:

      I was thinking the same thing, everything becomes so petty on our island!

      Just get on with the country’s business which is clearly the motto of the OBA, no p*ssyfooting around with them

  7. waitasecond says:

    I agree that the church lacks moral authority and political legitimacy but for Pettingill to be so intolerant duing a debate about the need for more tolerence in our society completely undermined the message he intended to convey. He is showing every sign of being a loose cannon when what we need is sober counsel for our well intentioned but inexperienced premier. Cannonier needs to give him a warning and if he doesn’t calm down he should shuffle him to the back bench where he can do less damage. Fahy got out of the blocks a bit too quickly and created the (wrong I think) impression that he favours international businee over Bermudian workers; now Pettingill is looking like he is in thrall to the casino lobby. Come on folks, we need you for more than just one term.

  8. Muff diver says:

    Unfortunately Mr.Premier,what Mr.Pettingill said reflects on the OBA!

    • WOw says:


    • Sad says:

      And calling people house negroes and rednecks reflect on the PLP. But yet no outrage from the usual suspects. Jokers

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Yes it like calling for tolerance while showing none………


    • Selective Amnesia says:

      that’s exactly what I thought when Burch referred to people who disagreed with him as “House n***ers”. Where was the Brown Stain of disapproval and disavowal of that comment, huh?

  9. Car Battery says:

    Christians have a right to be insulted if they want. Unfortunately they seem to think they have more of a right than everyone else. Grow the F up is my message to them. I certainly hope that Pett does not apologize this Friday but rather re-ieterates his point.

  10. John says:

    Of course mark would say something like that. Isn’t he the reason there is so many child molesters on our streets. They all knew to hire mark

    • Firefly says:

      No, Mark is not the reason. If you think that, then you are completely ignorant of how child molesters become the way they are. Mark was a defense attorney, something every person is entitled to that comes before the courts who needs an attorney to speak on their behalf in a criminal action. He was doing a job, often a thankless one. If you are busted for some criminal act, I hope you find someone as capable as Mark to defend you.

  11. Mazumbo says:

    Funny, I have”nt seen any animals of the same sex trying to reproduce with each other and men are supposed to be superior in intelligence and all this money we spend to go to college and university to learn what!!! Common sense and street smarts are free. LOL

    • Mike Hind says:

      Google is your friend. Try it.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      It common sense and street smarts are free, you better go get you some…

    • Bermewjan says:

      Over 1500 species on this earth have both straight and homosexual orientations. Try reading anything, anything at all relating to your assertion before posting rubbish please.

  12. Vote for Me says:

    I am sure Min. Pettingill understands that his utterances in the capacity of Attorney General bear more weight than they did pre Dec 17, 2012. To state otherwise is dishonest. If he does not understand that point, he should reconsider his role as AG.

    To date, there has been no apology for his derision of Christians and other religions. I think the minimum is an apology in the same forum as the original comments.

    If we stretch his comments, Min Pettingill has effectively disrespected the Premier who confesses to be a Christian.

    • Grubster says:

      ARe you saying that he is not allowed a personal view?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      He did not deride Christians. He was criticising people who misuse the bible to supports bigoted views. He did not mention Christians.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      But he was telling the absolute truth…why should he apologize for that?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Ok when a women or man that you use to go with or still go with looks really bad that day and they ask you how do they look do a) let them have it calling them fat,ugly, hair is messy, stink or anything else that might be wrong or b) tell them maybe you should have a look in the mirror and leave it at that……..

        LOL both answers are essentually the same but one rides the person asking and the other is far less insulting.

  13. Victor says:

    Personally, I’ve always found Pettingill a contrarian oddball and his insensitive words strike me as proof. The Premier would do well to ditch him at first opportunity.

  14. kbj says:

    A good time to go back and have an independent, non-political A.G.

  15. god1st says:

    This concept of Jesus being the son of GOD is all imaginary.

    The ideology which was formed from Greek and Roman mythology is 2013 years old, but blacks have been on earth more than 100,000 years and Europeans roughly 6000.

    • Mazumbo says:

      The name is Serapis

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Can you provide links to what you are saying or you just repeating what someone told you?


      • Some guy says:

        “just repeating what someone told you?”

        Like the bible??

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Well then provid the link I am interested in this topic. Show me the link.

          LOL as per the whale comment I will look for that.

    • Bermewjan says:

      Hahahaha! The first line is correct, but you follow it with complete and utter trite! Very funny!

  16. Common Sense says:

    To suggest that Pettingill derided Christians is a total nonsense. He derided those who have a myopic view, based on a completely literal interpretation of one section the bible to deny basic equal human rights to people because of their sexual orientation. Those same people completely ignore huge sections of the bible that class being a shepherd, eating shell fish, and being quick to gossip as so-called “abominations” not to mention the admonition for us to stone adulteres to death.

    Hands up all those Christians who believe we should outlaw adultery and deny adulterers their basic human rights.To suggest that Pettingill somehow told us to reject Christianity is ludicrous and childish.

    • Victor says:

      Nonetheless, his comments were ill-considered and harmful to the political agenda of the OBA – he needs to be dispatched before he costs the next election.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        According to PLP Supporters the OBA lost the next election on December 18th 2012 anyway……….


    • theothersidebda says:

      Bermuda doesn’t ban the act of adultery just like it doesn’t ban the act of homosexuality, fornication or even divorce. This does not mean that Christians should discriminate against people performing any of these acts, but they also shouldn’t support or encourage it either. There is no way a Christian could possibly support redefining marriage. If the government wants to allow for “civil unions” under the basis of ‘equality’ and provide various joint benefits then that is their perogative just like they give those benefits to ‘common law marriages’. Marriage is not a civl union nor a human ‘right’…it is a union joined by God and defined by God.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Nope. Marriage is a legal construct. Nothing to do with God.

        You’re thinking of weddings.

        Those don’t HAVE to be held in church, either.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Oh, and…

        the definition of marriage – even the one “defined by God” – has changed many, many times over the centuries. It even changed in the very recent past.

        If the word “Marriage” is SOLELY a religious thing, you have to take it away from those that aren’t believers.

        Are you suggesting that my marriage should be redefined as a “Civil Union”?

  17. Marthoga says:

    I like Mark Pettingill, he would make a great leader, he speaks the truth and he is not afraid to speak his mind. He kind of reminds me of my cousin, Dr. Brown, he was also criticised for speaking his mind. I have to smile at the church people who pretend to be Holier Than Thou. The Bible clearly states that no sin is greater than another but there is a vast majority of men in the church who are only there because they are Devil Dodgers. They used to be and many still are SINNERS. The Bible states that What God Has Joined Together, Let No Men Put Assunder. There are more Christians divorced than Non-Christians. Be for real people, if you understand the Bible and believe it to be true, it does state that there will be days like this. Just because someone is a Christian, that does not make their beliefs superior to others.

    The Bible says that God makes everything possible.

    Just as he made blind people, people that can see, deaf people, people that can hear, physically handicapped people, sick people and healthy people, he also made gay people.

    Hats off to you Mr Pettingill, more politicians need to have guts and balls like you. Keep speaking the truth.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      All ture but he did not make 3/4 of what we are feed these days and that falls on mankind and freedom to choose what we do.. You might follow me on that you might not…….

      LOL genetics is a fasinating subject “You are what you eat”..

  18. god1st says:

    @Common sense

    Are you not aware that king James the author of the very same
    bible that Christians and many others read to date was a

    • Victor says:

      Actually, he organised the translation from Greek texts – a magnificent achievement. Gay? I’ve never heard that before about James I.

    • theothersidebda says:

      @God1st – here’s another fact for you…ALL the people who were inspired by God to pen all of the books of the Bible were all sinners. Every last one of them! So what’s your point about King James again? Seems kind of irrelevant given the fact that all of the people, just like you and me, were sinners. So I’m not sure what you are driving at.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Yes funny that the King says to some of the best scribs at his dispossal find all the old holy writings and traslate them to the common tonge and place them in order in one place. What happens to those that defy a dirrect order from the King back then………


  19. 32n64w says:

    The intolerable (PLP) complaining about the OBA’s intolerance of inequality.

    How is this even worthy of discussion?

  20. Bill says:

    At first I thought that Mark needed to go. It appears that Craig needs to go with him. An AG can not get up in Parliament while debating a Government bill speak his views. Even if he did he still needs to go. If this was Sir john he would would have called for Marks resignation while in London. The Premier is not a good leader and does not know what he is doing.

  21. Alvin Williams says:

    What a cop-out so Pettingil was speaking on his own behalf; not on behalf of the OBA? maybe if he was a back bencher? but he is the AG of the country the highest legal law arm of the government.
    With that statement he has lost all crediblity in the eyes of a great many Bermudians.
    No amount of brer-rabit caught in the thicket is going to allow you to escape that fact premier Cannonier. In fact the more you twist and turn the more entangle you will become on this issue.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      The more PLP supporters try to use this and most of the stuff they have complained about recently I see no difference in the parties just who sits in the seat of power.

      LOL unfortunatly we saw mutch of this stuff for quite some time now. No we should not alow it to continue but the other side hasn’t even tried to change yet to even consider them.

    • Bermewjan says:

      Bang on Alvin!

  22. Natty Dread says:

    Cannothear is weak! He is not a leader. It’s obvious he gets told what to say every step of the way. He is a weak link he was only used to win votes he has nothing to bring to the table. He is Ike a pinball He will fall thru the gate of no return soon enough

  23. Jus' Askin' says:

    Some of our laws stem from religious beliefs ie Killing and Stealing. So let’s amend those laws as well and let everyone just do as they please. Gaming and Ganja should be allowed. You can believe in what ever you want but if you do not appreciate the values of religions you are truly lost. If you feel You guide your self and your internal compass is run by yourself I feel sorry for YOU. I feel Homosexuals are lost and their internal compasses are off. They know in their heart of hearts what they are doing is wrong. No man made laws or BS AG will protect them from True Judgement. I will not stand here and bash them as I feel sorry for them. Many have background stories which knocked their compass off.

  24. lifetime says:

    Come on you lot!! Pay attention!!

    Secretary gate
    Jet gate
    Bible gate

    The Secret plan is in FULL EFFECT!!

  25. 1minute says:

    It is amazing that so many people are jumping all over Mr Pettingill comments and say nothing about Michael Scott’s comments…

  26. Yng Black Mind says:


    I do not understand how any of you can rationalize and justify the AG’s comments. They were insenstitive and ill conceived at best. But instead of admitting he spoke with passion and without thinking, he offers this lame explanation under the guise of “freedom of speech”.

    And to quote Opposition MP Scott as an example that he mirrored the same ideal/concept is quite silly – - Mr. Scott did not use negative, disrespectful terms to convey his opinion – and I am certain if he did, his leader would have requested a public apology.

    The bottom line is this – the AG disrespected a large portion of this community with his vile comments and should be held accountable for his actions. The fact that it is his personal opinion and not that of the OBA or the Government does not matter – he is an elected official who, in his official capacity, stood up in the House of Assembly and spoke on behalf of those who elected him to that office ( that’s what they all do when in the House).

    Last, Mr. Premier – this was an opportunity for you. A real chance to prove that you are the true leader of the country. You have missed opportunities before, but I was hopeful this time. Sir, you have once again failed miserably. You are not fit to hold the office of Premier and you have proven that point over and over again. The Honourable thing would be to remove yourself from office and allow someone who can lead, without fear or favour, to take your place. You cannot support human rights for a section of our community and then deny them the right to marry – - you are a hypocrite – plain and simple. And for the record, I state again that you are not fit for the office and should be removed.

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

    • Rick Rock says:

      Who, exactly, did he ‘disrespect’? As far as I can see he was talking about people who misuse the bible to defend bigoted hate speech. He didn’t aim his comments at anyone else.

      And he isn’t allowed to express his opinion in parliament? Why not? isn’t that what every MP does every time they speak?

      And now you’re criticising the Premier because he doesn’t support gay marriage? You’re bringing that into it? I’ll tell you why you’re doing that. Because it would a politically difficult move, and you want to see the OBA weakened. It isn’t because you want to see gay people able to marry. You are the one who’s a hypocrite, plain and simple.

      • Yng Black Mind says:


        To answer your questions, I make sure that I am clear so you can understand. “Who did he disrespect?” – - Answer – everyone. How? When anyone speaks hate towards any segment of our community, they disrespect the entire community – - that includes those bible-thumping zealots out there as well (so you get the fact that I am not leaving them out of this). But I am sure this concept is foreign to you – - you don’t understand the concept of the village versus your house.

        “He isn’t allowed to express his opinion in parliament?” Answer – - HELL NO!! He represents the wishes/thoughts of all his constituents, not just himself. That’s the issue that I have – - he went off the deep end and none of you feel that it was unwarranted or incorrect – - but if he offended one person, it was wrong.

        Lastly, my comments about the Premier are very plain – - I cannot see how you got that confused – lol – really. This has nothing to do with weakening the OBA or the Government – - far from it. He is weak – - and he is weakening the Government and the OBA by continuing to make stupid mistakes and providing double talk (i.e. the passing of the Human Rights Amendment and then 3 DAYS LATER stating he will not move forward on same sex marriage – - THAT IS A CONTRADICTION RIGHT THERE – plain as day). But because you believe me to be a person who doesn’t want the OBA or Government to success, I am labeled as such – - far from it. I am a nationalist – - I believe in Bermuda and wish her to prosper – - but in order for that to happen, I need – - NO, I require – - HELL NO, I demand better leadership!

        I suggest you really examine the actions and words of the Premier and his Cabinet – -then speak to me about how is actually hurting the Government and the people of Bermuda.

        Yng Black Mind

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          YBM I kind of agree with Rick by your own words here you are saying….”When anyone speaks hate towards any segment of our community, they disrespect the entire community…you don’t understand the concept of the village versus your house.” Thinking about past PLP misspeaks I think the most you suggested was wrong was the wording but the point was mainly correct. When in fact it was demostratible incorrect.

          LOL I agree that MP Pettingill should at least apologize. No ones perfect least of all any of us.

          • Yng Black Mind says:


            My statement to Rick was simply pointing out that the AG was incorrect and was disrepectful.

            His language was wrong – - but I did not dispute his right to feel anyway he chooses – - not what you suggest in regards to the point being maunly correct – - you are just phising there, mate – lol.

            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              Maybe … I don’t have that much time to go back and review……


            • Zombie Apocalypse says:

              So when the AG is critical of people who misuse the bible to defend their bigoted and intolerant views, he is “disrespecting everyone’?

              So let me get this straight. He called out the hard-line bible bigots for their disgusting intolerance and hate, and you think we should all be offended by that, and he should resign?

              And it’s all because of some kind of ‘village vs house’ concept?

              This ‘feeling disrespected’ is over-rated. You need to get a life. The only people who should feel offended by what he said are hate-filled bigots. The rest of us aren’t even involved.

              • Yng Black Mind says:

                @Zombie A:

                I am not surprised at your comments – - this is your MO.

                Let’s lay out the facts:

                1. He stood in the House to support the amendment to the Human Rights Act which would allow sexual orientation to be covered under the legislation – correct?

                2. The purpose was to provide equal rights to a section of the community who did not previously have the right – - note that freedom of religion is already covered – correct?

                3. So how can he, you, or anyone else who supports the amendment (WHICH INCLUDES ME) defend his right to speak in such a manner regarding one section of the community (religious groups – which includes those “hard-line bible bigots” as you call them) BUT STAND IN SUPPORT OF the rights of another group – AND keep a straight face??!!!

                I do not condone the rhetoric of hateful, nasty people who use religion to deny rights to anyone – - BUT I DEFEND THEIR RIGHT TO FEEL THAT WAY – - which is what the AG did not do on last Friday.

                He did not use proper judgment – he lacks the understanding to know what he did was wrong – - and the Premier has cosigned this behavior and should be held accountable for this lack of action.

                • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                  He vehemently disagreed with “hard-line bible bigots” (your phrase I think, not mine). Personally, I see nothing wrong with the position he took.

                  The PLP have stirred it up into something it wasn’t. They have tried to make it appear he was talking about Christians. He wasn’t. They have tried to kmake it appear he was talking about anyone who disagrees with him on religious grounds. He wasn’t.

                  The position he took, and the language he used, is little different than the hard-line language we’ve heard a lot from the PLP in the past. When you feel like you’re on the end of straight talking I guess it’s not easy to accept. But most people aren’t “hard-line bible bigots”, and my view is that hate-mongers get what they deserve.

                  • Yng Black Mind says:

                    @Zombie A:

                    This has been “cut & paste” from your post above:

                    “So let me get this straight. He called out the hard-line bible bigots for their disgusting intolerance and hate, and you think we should all be offended by that, and he should resign?”

                    Those are your words, sir – not mine.

                    What other group besides Christians uses the bible as the focus of their religion? Thus it can be inferred that the majority of the people he referred to are Christians – that’s just logical.

                    And your last statement – “But most people aren’t “hard-line bible bigots”, and my view is that hate-mongers get what they deserve” is exactly why people have issue with accepting your position – - you are doing exactly what you are condemning others for doing.

                    I can accept that we may not see eye to eye on everything, but you should respect my right to disagree with you – - your last statement proves otherwise. You are no better than those bigots you speak about – - deal with that.

        • Mike Hind says:

          So, should Messrs. Lister, Furbert, Burgess and Bean be thrown out, given their disrespectful words in the House that day?

    • Bermewjan says:

      Well said.

  27. Whistling Frog says:

    Same kool aid, different color…

  28. Rhonda Neil says:

    Next time when the AG is in the house debating a bill, he should tell us when he is off the clock…will he be paid for the time he took to do his personal business…

  29. Come on man says:

    Do not lay in bed with a member of the same sex was put in the story book called The Bible because be fruitful and multiply was put in it so the earth can be populated. I don’t think that is necessary in todays world that commandment is so outdated.

  30. Enough already…turn the page, and let us all get moving onto far-more important matters / issues :-(

    • Seriously.... says:

      Yes, like shipping pastors that don’t agree with the government off the island.

    • Impressive says:

      more important than the one who gave us life??? what could that be???

      • Mike Hind says:

        What do my mom and dad have to do with this?

  31. God 1st says:

    King James bible was commissioned 1604 and printed 1611.
    At the age of 13 James fell madly in love with his male cousin
    Esme Stuart. In 1582 James was kidnapped and forced to make a proclamation against his lover.

    He later fell in love with a poor young Scotsman Robert Carr.

    @ Victor

  32. God 1st says:

    @ the othersidebda Did God tell you that he inspired these people to write the bible?

    If so bring God to me in person so i can ask him myself.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      God did say that he inspired people to write the Bible, IN THE BIBLE…. What a load of rubbish, the book gives itself authority and people are scared to question it. NOTHING corroborates the Bible’s authority except for itself.

      Wake up people

      • stephanie says:

        Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth :)

        • Bermewjan says:

          Except you don’t leave the Earth! :D

          • Bermewjan says:

            Unless your an astronaut – which makes you post quite amusing.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      You know a man or woman can’t bring God to you. They can only send you to him. Better yet you can go to him yourself just play in the middle of the road………..please note this was said in the same sarcastic way your comment was interperted. Don’t go in the road we Christains do love you….


  33. Ex Mea Sententia says:

    If you want to read fairy stories then read Grimm’s Fairy Tales – they have more depth of meaning than the Bible.

  34. Watcher says:

    @Raymond Ray: you got that right.

    Bottom line: PLP/Scott says it, no problem. OBA/Pettingill says it, cry havoc?

    Separation of church and state, nothing new, check most 1st world countries. Freedom to worship as you please, constitutional right. Freedom not to be imposed upon, another constitutional right.

    Analyze, people. Let’s get down to serious business.

    • Yng Black Mind says:


      Please read my previous post – - MP Scott spoke about the issue without negative words and disrespectful rhetoric – - that’s the issue. The AG was out of order – - plain and simple.

      It isn’t about why he was speaking or the topic/stance he took – - it is about the words he chose to use.

      • Mike Hind says:

        What about the disrespectful rhetoric of Mr. Burgess? Or Mr. Lister?

        Haven’t heard your denunciation of those notables…

    • JD says:


  35. Realist says:

    Pettingill just caused the OBA to lose the next election!

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      The last election was 7 months ago, no one will remember this by the next election…. You must have just turned 18…

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Well Sherri does a good job reminding people……….


    • Bermuda Male says:

      Didn’t the PLP leader recently tell the churches to stay out of the gambling debate?

  36. MAKE MY DAY says:

    This leaves me to conclude that Mark Pettingill must be “Gay” – because I have NEVER heard another countries AG speak in such terms before and go on a “religious rant” about gays in general like this guy did!!

    It’s really in your face and extremely offensive to many Bermudians – who hold deep-seated religious viewpoints on this topic!!

    And I thought that BDA was “another world”! Silly me!!

  37. Natty Dread says:

    How are we to know when AG is speaking for the gov?

    • Seriously.... says:

      Whenever he doens’t say something to offend 30% of the country!

  38. words of wisdom says:

    Word of wisdom to the premier……you ate in a place where you don’t belong….u grew up on the sda churh and need to find your way back home…to fight the good fight of Jesus ..don’t be like King Saul who was blinded by power and greed and lost his way… Politics is not the arena for you….they will chew u up and spit you out….you know wht you mission is…and that is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ who came to give hope to the broken hearted….come home Craig! Come on home..

  39. Winnie Dread says:

    So you get elected to go in the house and speak on your own behalf, rather interesting statemant there Pettingill. So you the AG of these islands are telling people who may not agree with you to leave smdh the more things change, the more they remain the same.

    • Seriously.... says:

      He’s just trying to cover up his mistake. Thats all these lot do!

  40. Deliverance says:

    Can we all just move on? Dr Evil said things MUCH worse.

  41. Bermudian Mom says:

    So where are “Bermudian Christians” not married to a non-Bermudian who do not have dual citizenship suppose to go? To England? So not interested in going there. I speak as a Bermudian not interested in leaving my country. As a Christian who tries to live by the Bible verse Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” If Mr. Pettingill wish to express his personal opinion – that is his right – but he should have made the disclaimer before he began his speech. His opinion is contrary to what the OBA claims to be trying to encourage – inclusion not exclusion. I speak as an individual who has several homosexual family members – male and female. I disagree with their lifestyle but I do not love them any less. The question I have is, as a heterosexual woman am I protected under this amendment if I apply for employment at a business owned by a homosexual individual? Remember, employment discrimination can swing in both directions not just one. I am disappointed that so much attention has been focused on the sexual orientation portion of this amendment and so little to the age discrimination. The Government needs to address the blatant age discrimination taking place in employment. What good is it to be able to rent an apartment if I can not get a job due to my age.

    • Bermudian Dad says:

      In response to your third question. Yes you are, that woud discrmination on the grounds of your sexual orientation. The whole point in the ammendment

  42. Selective Amnesia says:

    Have people forgotten that the Bible was used as justification why Black people should have been ENSLAVED? Here is is 2013 and people are using the same book to deny other human beings the right not to be discriminated against simply because they love somebody of the same sex. Repeating myself: GROW THE HELL UP PEOPLE.

  43. Somebody's Momma says:

    This is not a matter of whether or not you believe in the Bible. It is whether or not you disrespect people who disagree with you.

  44. Impressive says:

    Is the Premier trying to fool the people of Bermuda?? Is he really trying to insult the intelligence of the population??? Mr. Pettingill made those statements in the House of Assembly, under what we have as the Westminster System, thus each statement made by any member of the government or the opposition is made under the principle of collective responsibility.. Its been this way for yearsssssssssssssssss, so how could the Premier make such a statement,, does he not know how government work? or is he trying to fool the people???

    I expect the Christian community to stand together to address this, if not, I will loose alot of respect for the church, you must stand for something in this world, and when someone attacks your faith, your intelligence and your choice, that is an insult..

    • Impressive says:

      what do these people do on Christmas Day?? does he go to his law office and open up the files and begin his work? Does he buy gifts for his family?? Above I have read many comments, some very cynical I must admit, with many of the comments supporting Mr. Pettingil’s comments, which is your right.. My question is what do these people do on Religious Holidays???

  45. Muff diver says:

    Mr.Premier,get rid of Mr.Pettingill,he has done damage which can be repaired,only if he leaves.

  46. Bill says:

    Premier listen to your heart and not those who wants you to fall on your own sword. You need to show who is in control and get the public behind you. Do the right thing and ask for Mark Pettingil’s resignation. Mark should resign under his own pen, but he so arrogant that will not happen.

  47. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    I thought the resident bigots might liek to see what proper Christian groups are doing in other places.

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      @Zombie A:

      You miss the point. The AG has every right to feel the way he wants – - nobody is saying otherwise. What the issue is the language he used in expressing his thoughts. He needs to be held accountable. Can you at least admit that he spoke out of hand?

  48. God 1st says:

    @ LOL (original TM*)

    I Like my racism without ice.How do you like yours?

    Any how Good morning ….R.I.P

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Well that’s one thing we can agree on you like your racism…………………


  49. God 1st says:

    Inducing fear is a Part of racism that is also known as religion.

    Fear GOD and know that hell is waiting for you. If Gods favourite man and only begotten son got nailed to the cross what shall happen to you if you aren’t an upright christian.