Makai Dickerson To Challenge Craig Cannonier

September 26, 2012

[Updated with video] The PLP held a press conference this afternoon [Sept 26], and confirmed that Makai Dickerson will be their candidate for Constituency #12 Devonshire South Central.

One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannonier will stand for the Opposition in Devonshire South Central. Mr Cannonier is the incumbent, having won a 2011 bye-election with 82.89% of the vote. In the 2007 General Election, the UBP’s John Barritt won with 85.26% of the vote vs the PLP’s Linda Merritt [723-122].

Educated at West End Primary School, Sandy’s Secondary School, CedarBridge Academy, and Gerry Parker High School in Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. Dickerson is now employed in Bermuda’s hospitality sector.

Mr Dickerson has been involved in numerous organizations. He has been the Captain of Willow Cuts, K & K Gombey Troupe, the Chairman of West End Youth Community Club, has served on the Public Vehicle Licensing Board, and has volunteered as a Residential Performance Coach for the Mirrors Program.

Currently, he sits on the Sandy’s Parish Council, is an Executive Board Member of the Bermuda Youth Council, and is an Executive Member of the Bermuda Junior Tourism Board. Mr. Dickerson also currently serves as an Assistant Organizer for the Progressive Labour Party.

The PLP have now confirmed 35 of their 36 candidates. The remaining seat they have left to officially roll out is C#14 Devonshire North West, which Premier Paula Cox presently holds.

The PLP candidate lineup includes: C#36 Michael Scott, C#35 Dennis Lister, C#34 Kim Wilson, C#33 Terry Lister, C#32 Randy Horton, C#31 Scott Simmons, #30 Stephen Todd, C#29 Zane DeSilva, C#28 Jonathan Smith, C#27 Lt. Col David Burch, C#26 Marc Bean, C#25 Dale Butler, C#24 Lawrence Scott, C#23 Darius Tucker, C#22 Dawn Simmons, C#21 Rolfe Commissiong, C#20 Marcus Jones, C#19 Vince Ingham, C#18 David Burt, C#17 Walton Brown, C#16 Michael Weeks, C#15 Walter Roban, C#13 Glenn Blakeney, C#11 Neville Tyrell, C#10 Patrice Minors, C#9 Vance Campbell, C#8 Linda Merritt, C#7 Diallo Rabain, C#6 Wayne Furbert, C#5 Derrick Burgess, C#4 Pastor Leroy Bean, C#3 Lovitta Foggo, C#2 John Gibbons, and C#1 Dame Jennifer Smith.

Update 2.52pm: Mr Dickerson said: “I am aware that some would consider my candidacy in C12 as a case of a lamb in the slaughter house. However, I view it as an opportunity to speak further with fellow Bermudians about all that I wish for Bermuda to become and the contributions I will make to those dreams. I ask for your ear so that I can gain your trust.”

Mr Dickerson’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon Madame Premier, Ministers and MPs, Constituency 12 representatives, Party members, family and friends.

I made up my mind long time ago that my role in life was to serve the people in a way that ensures that all people would benefit from the fruits of labour of this great island. My works thus far have afforded me many opportunities to do just that, and now have brought me before you to seek your approval to move a step further in my service to you.

Life as I know it has drawn me to stand under an umbrella of unity with likeminded individuals, and that umbrella has the title of The Progressive Labour Party. I stand strong in that because our commitment to you has been clearly shown in decisions made under a PLP government. There have been many accomplishments as well as some mistakes made and it is through both that we must learn in order to move forward.

I stand before you a knowledgeable young man whose vision and knowledge may differ from yours but should not be against yours. We have many things to work on as the people of Bermuda but the work can only come when we are truly ready to work together.

I have had the opportunity to stand under the Progressive Labour Party umbrella and assist in determining ways to best assist my fellow Bermudians. I have seen work carried out in which my own friends, family and community have benefited from by being put in a position to better themselves and those they care for:

Initiatives, such as Child Daycare assistance, in which mothers and fathers have been able to afford daycare for their children and consequently have time to seek employment, further their education or perform their duties at their place of employment without the worries of child care for their children.

Programs, such as Mirrors, where at-risk youth, as well as youth living a positive lifestyle, are able to obtain the tools necessary to make the best possible decisions and commitments to continually advance to the next level in their lives.

Affordable Housing projects such as Loughlands, Harbourview and Perimeter Lane provided to ensure that all Bermudians have the opportunity to live comfortably without fear of being pushed into the streets simply due to lack of income.

Services, such as financial assistance for higher education, where one is able to advance his or her skill level and attain a better position to be employed in lucrative careers.

Free public transportation for students, where the burden is lifted for parents as far as getting their children to the class room to receive their education which is of great importance.

Perhaps you may have heard of our Future Care program, which assists our valued seniors in receiving the medical care they need and medication required at an affordable cost. And our services also include training programs that lead to employment upon completion to get Bermudians working again and connect them with entrepreneur opportunities. Bermudians need these services so they can have a chance to branch out on their own and start new businesses.

These are but a few examples of the work that has been carried out on behalf of the people and I have seen first-hand the benefits of all these things among them. There is still more to be done and I am confident in the ability of the PLP Government to leave no stone unturned, and am grateful for the opportunity to do all that I can to assist as we move forward.

I am aware that some would consider my candidacy in C12 as a case of a lamb in the slaughter house. However, I view it as an opportunity to speak further with fellow Bermudians about all that I wish for Bermuda to become and the contributions I will make to those dreams. I ask for your ear so that I can gain your trust.

Trust is something I cherish and would never abuse. That is why even if you know for sure that you would not give me your vote, I ask that you allow me to engage with you about your vision and mine so that at the least we can find common ground on how we truly wish to move forward. Regardless of our sides we must make the effort to push forward together with a common agenda.

A vote for me is a vote for progress. Because that is the point of the role I hope to play. Progress for all of Bermuda and her people is the only thing that matters to me. And I prove myself with actions.

There is pain coming from the streets of Bermuda and this pain must be healed. I stand before you confident in my ability to sit on a wall in Bermuda’s neighbourhoods as well as sit in a board room and feel just as comfortable in the discussion taking place and just as able to engage.

I have the ability to relate to many things and the wisdom to accept what I can not relate to. I can reach the streets, and I can reach the college class rooms. I can and will continue to show that there are more sides to every story. And I will work to ensure that more options become available. I will continue to ensure that prevention methods are utilized so that our young people are able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

I know too well the trap of the streets and how easy it is for my fellow young people to get caught in it. Something has to change and that change can only come from a collective will to change. Those engaged in violent and all criminal acts as well as those with degrees and those making an honest living must be willing to make that change as well, but they will only be willing to do so when they clearly see that all are willing to ensure that they do, no matter what it takes. It takes a true village.

I stand with the Progressive Labour Party and I Stand Strong with them. I am proud to, because when I look to my left or right and all around me in all that I do to help better Bermuda; there are always PLP members and or supporters standing all around me.

I will also stand strong for the people of C12 regardless of any differences some of us may have and most importantly, I have stood and will always stand strong for all of the people of Bermuda. We must continue to focus on stepping forward and making progress, together, because you can never move forward by standing still.

I ask that you stand strong with us!


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  1. Yes Aye says:

    Good on you Makai for stepping up. Not a snowballs chance in hell with all that old white money, but its good for young people to step up. Congrats!

    • Um Um Like says:

      Speaking of white, aside from Zane, where’s the white in the PLP?

    • swing voter says:

      so what chance does the white guy from OBA have in Pembroke East….open yur eyes a@s Ho8E, it works both ways and will never change. The question is if the black middle class has had enough of the BS. I’d rather have a job then rely on the governments extended welfare system….UK DOLE

    • Vote for Me says:

      A simple but genuine question. Which OBA candidate best matches Makai in terms of community involvement, street activism and general political awareness?

      For all the naysayers out there, remember that makai represents a very important demographich for both parties.

  2. Middle School says:

    The Premier and Mr. Dickerson a picture of how PLP will transition Leadership over the next 10 years.

    Pay attention PLP supporters

    Where art thou spines?

  3. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Political candidate depth at it best……………..


    • hmmm says:

      Um – have u seen some of the OBA candidates? Check Mr. Dickerson’s resume of community experience. I’m sure it outweighs the experience of some of the OBA candidates.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Ok point taken. Just wondering what Ministery would you place him in?


        • hmmm says:

          Not sure but remember that all MPs are not necessarily Ministers. Some of the best MPs are ones that remain at the grassroots level.

  4. Um Um Like says:

    Ewart for C#14!

  5. S Brown says:

    Congrats Makai, we need more geniune young people stepping up to the plate. All the best, you are one person I know who always has the community’s best interest at heart.

  6. Re-RUN says:


  7. Verbal Kint says:

    He is best known for producing a cartoon which is offensive to women. Good choice.

    • J Starling says:

      I didn’t find his cartoon offensive to women myself; I saw it as him showing how the OBA seems to be using women just as window dressing – and so raising the criticism of the OBA having an offensive view of women. He seemed to be indicating that quite often at OBA PR announcements the same women candidates were often flanking the scene, but never seem to actually contribute anything beyond their presence.

      Whether he’s right or wrong in that perception, can’t say, but I know he wasn’t the only one to think it.

      • Soooo says:

        The OBA’s view of women? I think the cartoon shows nothing but Makai’s lack of respect for women. I would love to see him sit down and have an intellegent debate with any one of them.

        • Seriously?? says:

          He will need to learn how to speak a little better first.

          • B.O.A.T.S says:

            Seriously!! I’m 17 years of age and I believe I can write and speak more perfessional than you. You are talking like you have the courage to be in his position or are you just hating? Seriously!! Family over everything…

            • Family Man says:

              Spoken like a true ‘perfessional’.

              Thanks. That was the best laugh all day. You have a future career in ‘goverment’.

      • swing voter says:

        so JS, do you think beautiful women are incapable of being politicaly savy? From what I know, the OBA ladies are business owners, Doctors, and Corparate executives…..none of them need to rely on a parlimentary salary to survive….to avoid offending some people, I won’t make comparisions

        • J Starling says:

          LOL – I think you’ve misread what I wrote. The point was that these women seem to be only called out to PR events and not say anything. I know at least one of the three women in question, and she is most certainly one of the smartest persons I know.

          I would have liked to hear more from them, but they constantly seem to be used for decoration by the OBA for PR events. That has led to the perception that they are just being used for window dressing.

    • hmmm says:

      Was it offensive to women? I didn’t see it as that. The only women that may have been offended would be the barker’s beauties who pose at all the OBA conferences yet say very little.
      If Makai had an issue with women in politics then he wouldn’t be running in the PLP which is led by a leader and has had many women in key roles.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        Women I know who were not represented in the cartoon found it offensive, so yeah, it is offensive to women. Mr Dickerson went so for as to apologize for any offense that may have been taken, so yeah, it was offensive. All of the women rpresented are at least the intellectual equals of Mr. Dickerson, so, besides being offensive, the cartoon doesn’t even make a valid point. The PLP are having a very hard time putting forth viable candidates.

        • hmmm says:

          They probably found it offensive because they misunderstood it. But most people I know saw it for what it was. Basically at every rollout two female OBA candidates are posed up flanking the new one. They never have anything to say and actually I can’t recall them ever even being on the news or interviewed since their rollouts. So maybe it was not about all women. Maybe it was about the OBA’s depiction of women through their rollouts.

          • Verbal Kint says:

            Maybe, or maybe not.

          • Bullseye says:

            I seem to remember them showing up to a radio debate which the PLP representatives failed to show for.

            The cartoon is typical personal shots taken by the PLP. “Puppets” now “window dressing”. That is extremely cruel and unvalidated to say these people don’t have the ability to think for themselves when you know they do.

            PLP says the OBA is always complaining, but they complain about issues and performance of the PLP which is warranted and supported by facts.

            PLP attacks people and calls them names and makes snide innuendos “you know who he hangs out wif” and makes silly cartoons that are juvenile at best and completely unwarranted. Makai fits right in. Then he seals the deal saying “it’s not me.” Not even in office yet and he has denial down pat. Sad.

            • Zombie Apocalypse says:

              The PLP attack black people in the OBA on the basis of their race. They call them “puppets”, and they try to assert the black OBA people are willing to be “used” by white people. Anyone who does that is maligning all black people.

              The PLP also attack any women in the OBA. They call them “window dressing”, and they assert they’re there because of how they look rather than who they are. This is demeaning to all women everywhere, and would only come from people who are misogynistic.

              So, there we have it. Unfortunately, PLP spokesmen have demonstrated themselves to be both racist and misogynistic.

          • Zombie Apocalypse says:

            By the way hmmmm, you allege that when OBA candidates are rolled out there are two females flanking the candidate. I don’t think that’s true at all, but you do, and you seem to think it’s significant in some way.

            You might want to look at the pictures above, where two females are flanking Mr Dickerson at his rollout.

            Ah, but it’s different when the PLP do it, I’m sure.

            • J Starling says:

              Afternoon – At the time that the cartoon was produced the OBA had run a series of PR events, be they candidate announcements or speeches, and at least two of their younger female candidates seemed always present. The reasons for their presence was never clear, and they just seemed to be acting as cheerleaders/window dressing. Whether that’s a fair assumption or not is not the issue, but it was seen to be that case, and that was what the cartoon produced by Makai spoke to.

              The two female PLP members present in the above PLP candidate announcement are the PLP Leader and the chair of the PLP branch for Constituency 12 – their reasons for being present are explained accordingly. If the OBA candidates were present at their events for similar reasons then this was not clear, leading to the perceptions by some that the OBA were trying to use that old marketing ploy of ‘sex sells’ – for which they should, rightly, be taken to task for.

              • LOL (original TM*) says:

                And therein is the bias that the party system draws out of the public it is suppose to serve. The PLP and its supporters never see anything positive in the opposition and the opposition like wise. Now the cartoon was interpreted by the target audience in the most negative light possible not mentioning that at the time the PLP cabinet had what three women in it at the time. At the end of the day I expect no supporter of any party to be positive about the other party. We even had to have the church step in during Dr Brown’s time to try to keep things civil. I’ll be voting for someone whose goal is to bring people together genuinely not just some sort of tolerance as if it isn’t clear by now tolerance breaks down over time and just needs a catalyst to destroy it. So far I see that possibility in only one party and it’s not the PLP at this time. Is it the OBA? Time will tell.


              • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                I see J Starling. When the PLP does it there is an ‘perfectly reasonable explanation’. When the OBA does it, the reason can be nothing more than “sex sells”.

                The hypocrisy displayed by you and your PLP friends is nothing short of appalling. Your attitude towards women is disgusting.

                • J Starling says:

                  Not sure how you got that from what I wrote. The reasons for the two women featured at Makai’s announcement was both obvious and explained in the video itself (the Premier introduces herself and her reason for being there, and introduces the chair for the relevant PLP branch).

                  At the OBA events the two women just seemed to be there decoratively. Which a number of people found offensive in that it reduces them to decoration when they are much more than that. No reason was given for their presence, and they don’t seem to be there for any function other than to be seen.

                  So, sure, Makai highlighted that. He highlighted what he (and others) saw as a sexist approach on the part of the OBA in their presentation of women candidates (reducing them to decoration). As such, yeah, I find it ironic that he’s being accused of sexism for criticising the OBA of sexism.

                  Now, was there another way he could have made that point? Sure. Was there another explanation than sexism on the part of the OBA? Sure (FWIW, I reckon all candidates are asked to attend and those two just so happened to be more available – I know one of them works just down the street from the OBA HQ for example). But did I find the cartoon sexist? No. I saw it as a critique of OBA sexism.

                  If anything though, it shows how our divisive political system makes us blind to some things on ‘our’ side, and ultra-sensitive to perceived slights from ‘them’, and resistant to trying to see how the ‘other’ sees us.

                  • Mad Dawg says:

                    J Starling.
                    In the ten minute clip above, the chick in the green dress doesn’t say a word. She sits there blinking and smiling once in a while. So by your analysis, and Dickerson’s, she is there purely to enhance the sex appeal of the panel, which admittedly could do with some. She’s there just because sex sells, isn’t she? Because she says nothing. She’s just there to blink and smile. That’s right isn’t it?

                    Dickerson’s stupid childish cartoons are coming back to bite him in the ass, and deserves it. Only a fool or a misogynistic sexist would defend him.

                    • J Starling says:

                      Her role is explained by the Premier; she is introduced as the PLP Branch Chair for that constituency. as such her presence is explained and understandable for the launch of the PLP candidate for that constituency.

                      For the OBA PR events in question the female candidates presence is not explained.

                      As I’ve said above, several times, there are alternative explanations for this, but one of them was that the OBA were being both sexist and cynical. That was pointed out, albeit rather crudely by Makai (and I don’t think he was wise in his presentation of it), but I, and others, took it as a sexist critique of the OBA rather than any sexism on the part of Makai.

                      As noted, we can be blind to other points of view, and the political system we have both encourages and reinforces that. This incident is, I think, a case in point.

                  • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                    I got that from what you wrote because that’s what you wrote. You can twist and turn but underneath it you’re a flaming unmitigated hypocryte.

                    • J Starling says:

                      Okay ZA, I think it’s clear we’re not getting anywhere here. You seem intent on avoiding discussion and understanding of my point and just happy to react negatively.

                    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                      Yeah, I “react negatively” to your anti-female stance and your hypocrisy. I’m not avoiding discussion. You’re the one twisting and turning to justify a clear double-standard.

              • Opressed says:

                There is no way on this earth that The Cog would ever be perceived as being window dressing

            • street wise says:


  8. Concerned says:

    My volume suddenly went on mute – is that a sign??? Good luck Mr. Dickerson – sometimes one walks through the fire and doesn’t get burnt just refined.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      Mr. Dickerson is a little crisp from past walks thru the fire, but there is always hope.

  9. J Starling says:

    This will be a challenging constituency for Mr. Dickerson, but I wish him well, and hope that he approaches the challenge positively and with a willingness to listen to his constituents – who may very well be quite hostile to his Party affiliations. I also hope that his constituents take the opportunity to listen to him and that both sides can learn from each other through this experience.

    @ Bernews – Could you do an updated list of the candidates in the upcoming election? I’m trying to get an idea of how many candidates we’re still waiting to hear about from the OBA/UBP Parties. Thank you!

    • Bernews says:

      This list of all the candidates [linked below] was done 2 weeks ago, but the only change to it would be adding Mr Dickerson in C#12. The OBA has rolled out 30 candidates thus far..

      • J Starling says:

        Ah, thank you!

      • street wise says:

        I don’t see Ewart’s name… and there’s a good reason for that. He’s even more powerful now – under cover – as the Chief Shot Caller in the PLP’s Central Committee. The puppet-master extraordinaire you might say.

    • Family Man says:

      How many more BIU/plp candidates are we expecting to announce their intentions to feather their nests?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      A ” challenging constituency” ? Is that what you call it when someone is going to get absolutely crushed?

      This guy can hardly talk. He sounds like Elmer Fudd. He’s a little kid who draws cartoons. He will get completely creamed. Serves him right. He’s so out of his depth its unbelievable.

  10. Boss Lady says:

    Congrats Kai… Good luck!!

  11. Terry says:

    Johnathan, if you read above you will see the answer to your question. Your always critical of others for not reading and making statements/comments.
    It clearly states 35 of 36.

    as for OBA, check their site.
    As for UBP check their site.

    Bernews can’t update without info that we all get after news releases.

    • J Starling says:

      Hi Terry, thank you for your reply. I was however asking about the OBA and the UBP parties, who were not listed in the above (or original) posting. Bernews has now directed me to that though.

  12. Autumn Fire says:

    Can we just have the election now, PLEASE!…..

  13. Will says:

    i’d vote for him if he had more than a high school diploma

    • navin johnson says:


      • Will says:

        you can’t be serious…

        • tricks are for kids says:

          Will are YOU serious with that lame statement…Just because he doesn’t have a Degree? Look at what we currently have WITH degrees…….

        • navin johnson says:

          I am serious….would a college degree make him a better speaker? he is being touted as part of the PLP’s embarassment of riches of viable candidates(according to Ms. Cox)….he is touted as someone with vast amounts of street cred as the reason for his candidacy….he said himself he was as comfortable on the street as he is in the boardroom….I believe it is Mr. Dickerson who can’t be serious….

  14. Terry says:

    Quick to answer John Starlings stuff……irony.

  15. Cappata says:

    Cant even remember his own speech – must be joking

  16. bir says:

    its a start Mackai to have the courage as a young black male to get involved.

    • 32n64w says:

      Why is his race an issue and/or an important characteristic for getting involved in politics? Does it matter?

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Yes it matters! Why is the mention of race offensive? Do we have to feign equality and acceptance by pretending that we are all the same or can we accept our differences, celebrate them, and be equals despite those differences.? He is young, he is black, he is getting involved, he is courageous, and clearly that matters to some people. It’s ok.
        Equality not sameness!

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Who found it offensive ? It was a legitimate question, I thought.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            I too thought it legitimate enough to respond to it, so I suppose we agree. As for the question itself, it was presuppository. I replied to what was implied.

  17. Portia says:

    News flash – his cartoon WAS offensive to women! Honestly, who the heck are the PLP to ridicule the OBA’s treatment of women, when the PLP have a track record of treating their own female members shabbily (remember Jennifer?) Furthermore, the PLP have hardly rolled out any female candidates – why not?

    I know Makai, and I’ve seen who he associates with – there is nothing of substance there. The OBA women he’s been putting down are far better educated and have contributed far more to the community than he has.

    It’s no mystery what will happen in Constituency #12.

    • S Brown says:

      So I am assuming you know his associates? or are you judging a book by its cover? Would you want a person in the political arena who can talk to all walks of life or only talks to ‘educated’ persons. Note I have the word educated in brackets.

      • Keen Observer says:

        When I see a man, in business attire, walking the streets of Hamilton being escorted by two gangsta looking individuals, I don’t exactly judge a book by its cover…I simply remember the saying…”Show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are!”

        • Bermudian says:


        • Judge Dredd says:

          Christ kept company with everyone. So you’d rather a politician have a select few people they are willing to socialize with. As I remember, “gangster looking” people are allowed to vote too. Or would you rather be a hypocrite and all for their vote but not socialize or communicate with them. Show me who you judge and turn your nose up to and ill show you who are.
          What exactly is “gangster looking” anyway? Because I saw the Godfather, and they were all wearing suits.

          • Verbal Kint says:

            The position of savior wasn’t elected, it was appointed.:)

          • Mad Dawg says:

            I’d be more impressed if he could speak. Have him and Chris Furbert entered the Elmer Fudd soundalike competition?

      • mixitup says:

        Does Mitt Romneys 47% sound familiar?

    • hmmm says:

      Ok – find Nandi Davis and Alexis Swan’s resumes and show us their extensive community involvement.

      Of course its no mystery what will happen in C12. But it takes a courageous individual to fight the good fight even when he knows it isn’t necessarily a fair fight.

      • TIm says:

        my cousin was out getting an education…. I’m sure if she had nothing else to do with her time she would be more involved.

    • pepper says:

      who does he associate with ?….I think we all know !!!!!!!! he is a LOOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but I love his ear rings… a great fit for the P.L.P. our premier was so proud to have him as a candidate….. what a poor leader she turned out to be…

  18. Kathy says:

    Why are we all so critical of each other? Didn’t our mother’s teach us that if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.

    Let’s let the election play out. The more the white people instigate the black people and the more the black people instigate the white people, the more divided we become as a country.

    I am white, but I am proud that young black males are coming forward to try to help Bermuda. I’d rather see him at the podium than on the street selling drugs or in the back alleys with a gun…good for you Makai! I don’t know you, but I am sure you know by now that you have to have a thick skin to get into politics! It doesn’t matter what country you are in!!!

    Don’t let people’s talk get to you!

    • """""""Calm before the Storm""""" says:

      Kathy your right about what you wrote. All this talk from both racial groups is dividing us more and more. If this tension keeps going on the OBA will not win the election. Even when the RG prints their poll results based on race it’s a win for the PLP. Both groups need to stop all this name calling and stop it fast. This is the calm before the storm.

    • street wise says:

      I agree Kathy… too bad he chose the wrong Party.

  19. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Jonathan and SBrown either one of you would have just as much to offer. Is putting your hand in politics not an option? Does not matter what party either. I can’t think of many other young people whom I know personally that would make community minded policies and are not stomped into the racial aspects of Bermuda and also have a world view on things.

    LOL just a thought

  20. g-GURL says:

    Sorry no offense: She looks so RUTHLESS !

  21. the new bermuda says:

    why we cant just get along !

  22. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    If at first you don’t succeed , try and try again . Strategically speaking though , Lavern Furbert should have been chosen to run up against Craig Cannonier . Now that would have been a dinner and a show .

  23. Vote for Me says:

    A simple but genuine question. Which OBA candidate best matches Makai in terms of community involvement, street activism and general political awareness?

    For all the naysayers out there, remember that makai represents a very important demographich for both parties.

  24. tricks are for kids says:

    Mikai let me first start out by saying Congrats to you for stepping to the plate….Ignore ALL the negative comments!!! it amazes me how often people can so readily critical of another!! If you think he is not the one or not educated enough (this one actually makes me smile because you can have all the degrees in the world and still LACK common sense) why not “run” yourself?..

  25. Itsaboutallofus says:

    So many comments from armchair quarterbacks! So many can criticize but wont get involved!

  26. cox Must go says:


    make sure the PLP sends you away for a tertiary education since you jumped onnthe sword for them just like how they hooked my mate Quallo

  27. TIm says:

    wow that video was painful to watch

    • swing voter says:

      yeah, poor guy wasn’t prepped very well, and the party faithful consisted of his immediate family, no senior politicians or recognizable faces in the photo op….so how much support or appreciation was shown by the PLP leadership if they didn’t bother to show up for the roll-out….says a lot for the ‘me first’ crew

    • Wait & See says:

      @Tim-Painful to watch? How about painful to listen to? He sounded like he was talking with food in his mouth or something. If the PLP wants to bring out candidates like this, they need to work on them and get them up to par. What if this man was to win (along with the PLP), was given a Cabinet post and had to represent Bermuda overseas with business leaders, politicians, etc.? It would be embarrassing beyond belief. His mannerisms (the head jerking thing) and speech were beyond poor.

      • tim says:

        definitely correct on that. I watched the whole vid sadly.Ill never get that time back. What jumped out was his final comment on the cartoon he created. I had never heard about this cartoon until now. Having looked at it cartoon, and listened to his explanation 3 or 4 times. smh

  28. the new bermuda says:

    David VS Golitath !

  29. Iron Maiden says:

    Very painful to watch and listen to. This chap would never get my vote.

  30. Y-Gurl says:

    I saw this on the news…….what did he say??

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      He said, and I quote “blibber libber flobber lobber lobber”. Or something like that.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        I didn’t get that at all. I thought it was “flobber lobber lobber libber libber”.

  31. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    Devonshire South Central one of the last strong holds of whites that would vote for ubp no matter what, now that majority of the UBP 99% of them transferred over to OBA Devonshire South Central automatically switches and votes OBA, coincidence ..I think not, What does the gas man have for Bermuda other than speech full of gas and hot air? If he is all about Bermuda then why hire a company (BUZZ) which is riddled with Chinese ,Japanese ,Asian people, more people that will that jobs from Bermudians and go home richer than the people working in Bermuda.

    Devonshire South Central people we’re all out to try to take dr browns head for working with the United states in bringing just 4 wigurs down here from a horrific situation….but the “Gas Man Cannon” Craig Cannonier can hire Buzz and support a business that clearly hires more foreigners than locals, but he is all for Bermudians???? FULL OF GAS!
    Speak to his own workers at the gas station they don’t know what’s going on and will some of them lose their jobs…most likely, only to be replaced by a sandwich place that has more foreigners working for them than locals.
    Buzz on the street is Craig is full of gas!
    Devonshire South Central yells ..fill er up Craig we will take your gas
    Cheekums bie

    • um says:

      REAL TALK!

    • Come Correct says:

      Sometimes you have some really good posts, this just isn’t one of them. You make some valid points sometimes but the best you can do here is repeatedly call him th gas man full of gas…really? That gas man runs a successful business, something this island desperately needs, some success. You complain about Buzz and them not hiring locals, they do I’ve seen and spoke to them, but yes its a mostly foreign workforce. So that begs the question on how Buzz is getting work permits. Its a fact that the plp has handed out more work permits recently than the ubp ever did, yet we have less IB, so I believe your answer lies there. How can you blame Buzz for getting what it asked for? The plp pushed out the IB we had with their policies, red tape and hate, more work permits issued obviously for jobs that unqualified Bermudians can do, but now with an election on the horizon they’re modernizing the immigration policies…I thought thats what they did before. They took 3 steps back to take one step forward, which still puts us behind.

      Honestly I don’t know much about this candidate. Its refreshing to see someone my age stepping up to the plate. For all we know this guys could be a shining star, but putting a rhinestone on a pile of sh!t doesn’t make that pile of sh!t any more appealing. If he is a good candidate I really do question his choice of party given their track record.

      Lastly your talking about white people voting a certain way, well it goes both ways…well it did, since it seems like quite a good bit of the black population have simply gotten tired of the lies and rhetoric. Why would I vote for a party that hates me simply based on my skin color? A few years ago the premier canvassed at my house, she didn’t have any time for me, not a single f@ck to be given. So I walked into cedarbridge, smiled at her, and voted against her. When I ask a candidate a question, “I won’t waste any more of your time” is not the response I’m looking for. If you tried to LOGICALLY (that’s the key word here) make a decision on which way to vote for the good of our island on a whole, I don’t see how you could vote plp. Give me a reason, that’s all I need. Just show me you are the better choice. Right now I’m not so sure about the oba, some members could be replaced if you ask me, but I am sure that at the next election I will vote against the plp again. That has nothing to do with my color and everything to do with my island.

    • Y.N.W.A. says:

      You sound like a real @ss clown. The reason Bermudians don’t work at Buzz is because they think that serving sandwich’s constitutes them making $25 an hour

  32. um says:

    Congrats Makai…this is a huge step and statement and I can only hope that this encourages many more of our young black males in our country. Whether you was prep’d for this stance or not you’ve at least gotten your first taste of “the hot seat”. Use your experiences as growth and strength. To know that thousands of eyes and ears are all on you at this point don’t feel no way of being nervous and make mistakes here and there as you begin this mission in life, you’re not perfect. I look forward to seeing the manifestations of what you have to offer. The only thing constant in this world is “change” and i encourage you to always be prepared for that in reference to yourself as you will face many transitions especially when having to make sound decisions. Don’t be distracted by negativity…turn it into something positive. Don’t try to become something that you’re not yet always seek to enhance upon what you already know. Same applies to all the young people entering into politics.

    I dnt know any of you personally besides Makai but i have observed one of the females in the opposing party before she stepped up into this realm. I will not call any names but i will say that i hope this stance has created a better attitude and dimeanor for you as you walk within the public eye now. Actions speak louder than words. I viewed you in the media and no you did not speak and that doesn’t matter to me, but for the first time your face wasn’t frowned, your head was held high; your eyes were open and subtle instead of rolling. I’m proud of you. Just as Makai has made this move in a represtation of our young black males its vice versa for the young black females as well. There are a lot of young girls out here needing a better example than what they already have in front of them. Everyone has something to teach, everyone has something to learn. All the best to all of you because i know full well politics is not my cup of tea ;)

  33. Xeno Kills says:

    Anyone notice that the PLP green kinda has a pukish, toxic waste type tint to its green? Kinda fitting I guess.

    • Come Correct says:

      Green, the color of envy. That’s far more suiting given their “well the ubp did it” responses. Also a color quite commonly linked to snakes throughout history.

  34. sticky says:

    Always Stand Strong

  35. street wise says:

    PLP – Going Nowhere Fast.

    (phraseology courtesy of Minister Blakeney) :)

  36. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh My!!!!! Is that the best that the PLP can come up with? Their talent pool is extremely shallow if they cannot do better than this. Surely there must be somebody with a better than middle school education, somebody who can at least speak English in an understandable manner. It does not need to be the put on ‘better than thou’ accent of the Premier. Just a regular somewhat educated Bermuda drawl will do.

    Who is this guy. Really….what has he done? Yeah, sure, he has sat on a bunch of Government boards. Big deal! That is just fluff. Does he have a job, a real job, a job where he has some responsibility & accountablity?

    Sorry but Bermuda needs some people with real management skills, not somebody who strolls down the street with his ace boys of questionable character.

    The successful running of Bermuda is serious business. It is not a game or a party as the PLP have treated it since 1998.

  37. B.O.A.T.S says:

    My big cousin I support %110. You know what time it is. I know you know you going to hold Bermuda down from inside I’m got your back on the outside. Reporting Live From ATL… Dont watch the haters

  38. Urian Dickerson says:

    I wasn’t going to respond to the haters on here but I have to because you all are Shameful. My brother has worked hard and has gone through many battles standing for people many of you could care less for. He is real and keeps it real. He has a job and holds down his family and still takes much of his time putting in work for Bermuda. The funny thing is you jokers can’t say anything bad about him besides some comics he wrote as a hobby or the way he presented his roll out speech. That’s sad, he was nervous and yeah he messed up a bit, but at the end of the day he meant the words he spoke and that should be more important to you the how he sounded speaking them. You all are jokers. And I would bet that you could not go head to head against him, yourselves. By the way he has a speech problem and has undergone many surgeries in his younger days to address it, so that also affects the way he speaks, are we now condemning people for the way they were born?. Grow up and see things for what they are. He cares and worked to address what he cares for and I respect him for that. He may have not gone on to collage but he has learned a lot through life and only wants to use his experience to help all of Bermuda. By the way if the way he speaks is so bad why do so many tune in to hear his talk show every week? He does a lot more then you fake people are saying so stand down.

    • B.O.AT.S says:

      Thats what Im talking about big cousin Family over everything.

    • street wise says:

      “…are we now condemning people for the way they were born?”

      Yeah… Gays.

  39. Urian Dickerson says:

    You know that lil cuz.