Minister Moniz Commends Small Contractors

September 9, 2013

Minister of Public Works Trevor Moniz today [Sept 9] wished to publicly thank all of the private contractors who assisted in insuring that school buildings were ready to receive students at the start of this school year.

Contractors included:

  • Team Six Maintenance;
  • Just Roofs Plus;
  • Jerry Smith and Family;
  • Floyds Painting;
  • Inside Out Painting;
  • Daycor Painting Contractors;
  • Tri Star;
  • And Works and Engineering teams.

Minister Moniz said: “The work these contractors have accomplished in the small window we have – between the closing of school and the opening of school in September – is tremendous.

“I am proud of our decision to award such maintenance contracts to the businesses that we did, as it attests to this Government’s plan to stimulate economy by supporting local business owners and Entrepreneurs.”

A Ministry spokesperson said, “The OBA’s Jobs and Economic Turnaround Plan pledged this Government would, “boost Bermuda’s small-business sector by ensuring that 20 percent of Government spending on goods and services — about $80 million annually — is reserved for the island’s small businesses.”

“Every public school has received some degree of work based on an agreement between the Ministries of Education and Public Works based on proposals put forward by Principals. This work includes painting, replacing fixtures, replacing fencing, field upgrades, bathroom upgrades, driveway resurfacing and other minor works.

“The following schools were painted throughout – (internal and external): Heron Bay Primary, St. Georges Preschool, East End Primary, West Pembroke Primary and Prospect Primary. All other schools received touch-up paint work.
Additionally, bathroom renovations were undertaken at West End Primary, Paget Primary, Elliot Primary and Prospect Primary”.

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  1. watching says:

    No mention of the issues at East End, Gilbert Institute, and T N Tatem?

    • Mike Hind says:

      In a story congratulating these folks that did a good job for doing so?
      Why would they?