Photos & Results: Martial Arts Tournament

October 28, 2013

The Bermuda Arts and Fitness Academy presents the 14th Martial Arts Tournament and Demonstrations on Sunday [Oct 27] at Sandys 360. Class winners for the day included Kaelin Cox, Reuben Bean, Thomas Stowe, Andrea McKey, David Hill, Dominique Brown, Dean Lottimore, Jahzion Lugo, Matthew Forrester, Dominique Brown, and Paige Marshall.

The slideshow below has 200+ photos of the event:

Junior Division Results

5 – 7 Years White Belt

1st Matthew Forrester
2nd Arima Turner

7 – 9 years Orange – Purple

1st Dominique Brown
2nd Ari Cannonier
3rd Jaureese Douglas

8 – 11 Years Girls

1st Paige Marshall
2nd Isabell Roe
3rd Zilla Welch

10 – 14 Years Girls

1st Jahrien Lugo
2nd Madison Marshall
3rd Xqueilla Trott

11 – 13 Years Purple – Brown

1st Jahzion Lugo
2nd Raykesha Robinson
3rd Kyaunte Young

10 – 14 Years Green – Purple

1st Jamie Furtado
2nd Tomiko Douglas
3rd Roger Dill
4th Kieron Rushe

Junior Weapons

1st Jahzion Lugo
2nd Jahrien Lugon

Kumite – Juniors

Girls 7 – 9 Years

1st Dominique Brown
2nd Princess Barrersbee

Boys 8 – 10 Years

1st Dean Lottimore
2nd Nagi Franklin
3rd Zeki Tucker

Boys 12 – 14 Years

1st Jahzion Lugo
2nd Anzar Talbot
3rd Jah-kee Simons

Adult Division Results

Black Under 40 Years

1st Kaelin Cox
2nd Corey Outerbridge
3rd Tyreese Cookley
4th Rockking Smith

Female Black Belt

1st Andrea McKey
2nd Keitha Wallace

Male Brown

1st Thomas Stowe
2nd Troy Brangman
3rd Kingsley Simmons

Female Weapon

1st Andrea McKey

Tai Chi Intermediate

1st David Hill
2nd Tyrone McHardy

Tai Chi Beginner

Jahrien Lugo

Tai Chi Advanced

Jonathan Lugo

Black – Executive 40+

1st Reuben Bean
2nd Jonathan Lugo
3rd Anthony Leader

Adult Weapons Male

1st Kaelin Cox
2nd Reuben Bean
3rd Corey Outerbridge
4th Jonathan Lugo

Adult Male Kumite

1st Kaelin Cox
2nd Jason Thomas
3rd Thomas Stowe

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