Lamb Foggo Petition Posted In St David’s Store

November 5, 2013

The debate over the closing of the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre [UCC] in the east end continues, with a petition being posted in a St David’s store asking people to “lodge their outrage” at the closure. The petition was available on the store’s counter, and a few sheets were already filled with signatures.

The petition says, “We the undersigned do hereby lodge our outrage at and opposition to the closure of the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre. We implore the BHB and the OBA Government to refrain fiom any further actions which will result in the termination of the much needed and valued service provided by this satellite medical facility.”


Speaking on the decision, BHB Chairman Jonathan Brewin said: “BHB’s decision to cease providing services from Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre was given great thought, and much analysis. We recognize the benefit of a medical service in the East End when the causeway is down.

“But BHB’s provision of out of hours urgent care service was too costly when you analyze the numbers and kinds of cases that were being dealt with day to day. Not only does this expense drive up premiums for Bermudians, but BHB quite simply does not have the available funds to run this service at a loss.

“There is still opportunity, however, for Lamb Foggo to operate as a medical facility. Although BHB will not provide a service from this building, another provider might be interested, and we are open to discuss potential uses of the facility, including its role in national disasters and emergencies.”

lamb foggo urgent care center

In a summary statement [PDF] BHB said, “In 2012/2013, the UCC received 5,600 patient visits, and the cost for each visit has been calculated at $422.

“This volume of patient visits generated $2.4 million, however, because of high salary and benefit costs, the net income may be as small as $100,000 and in reality BHB is very likely making another net loss.

“Previous fiscal years have posted losses ranging from $100,000 to $350,000, and now that the UCC’s diagnostic services have been wound down, 2013/2014 revenue is expected to contract further.”

St David’s MP Lovitta Foggo has spoken out against the closure, saying: “It is sad that given the East End provided the margin of victory for the One Bermuda Alliance’s Election campaign that a year later the OBA has turned its back on the people of the East End.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    If everybody east of the causeway is willing to pay a special supplementary tax to keep the facility open then fair enough but don’t tax the people in the west end to cover the annual losses of running this to save an average of 14 people a day from going to KEMH to get band aids and stitches.

  2. Islander says:

    How many people knew they could have blood tests done there, as well as X-rays, Ultra-sounds, etc.. perhaps if these services were offered again, many would take advantage of this and even though the Dr’s offices are open 8 – 6, the clinic could be open 8 – 1 for all tests and again from 6 – 12am. I wonder if the staff have been allowed to speak up re the opening/closing of the Clinic. It is needed, especially since the PLP demolished a completely outfitted hospital to spend thousands on this one… HMMMMMM!!

    And Lovita, is this petition available in Wellington, St. George’s, Bailey’s Bay, Crawl, Devonshire – you know the EAST – get wif it.

    • Reality Check.. says:

      Due the cost overruns at KEMH it is now time to Rob Peter to Pay Paul.. & one again the East End suffers for it.

  3. aceboy says:

    Save your outrage for a time when there is money to spend.

  4. Tolerate says:

    The 430 people helped last month thank-you; I’ll be right down to sign.

    “Speaking on the decision, BHB Chairman Jonathan Brewin said: “BHB’s decision to cease providing services from Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre was given great thought, and much analysis. We recognize the benefit of a medical service in the East End when the causeway is down.
    “But BHB’s provision of out of hours urgent care service was too costly when you analyze the numbers and kinds of cases that were being dealt with day to day. Not only does this expense drive up premiums for Bermudians, but BHB quite simply does not have the available funds to run this service at a loss”.

    1.I doubt it was given great thought as it was the highlighted entry on your spread-sheet with the biggest negative sign.
    2.What did you analyze; what options was at your disposal?
    3.I doubt you truly recognize the benefit of medical service in the East End.
    4.I doubt there was “great thought given”
    5.Keep quoting “it drives up premiums” to get the support of the “who gives a s***” crew.
    6.I doubt any research on better utilization of the building i.e. moving medical/Dental Clinic from St. George was EVER considered.

    Oh well; we all know the position the last government put us in so live with it……

    • jt says:

      Do you doubt the costs and impact on health premiums?

      • Betty Dump says:

        If you really believe that your insurance premiums are going to decrease once this facility is shut, I have a bridge to sell you.

    • navin johnson says:

      The name of the facility is “Urgent Care”…how many of the 430 treated there last month required “Urgent Care” of should they just have named it “Lamb Foggo Convenient Care”? was it needed in the first place or just political expediency?

  5. haha says:

    Maybe you PLP bloggers will get it that it was BHB’s decision and not the OBA’s. You lot are funny…so brainwashed!

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Funny. When it happens under the OBA its the BHB’s decision. When it happens under the PLP its the PLP’s decision. So, for example, Dr. Donald Thomas was hired by and reported to the BHB but his tenure is the PLP’s fault. The Urgent Care Centre is closed by the BHB but its under the OBA so its the BHB’s fault. I get it…..

  6. Micro says:

    Well, you don’t hear people up west complaining about not having an urgent care centre.

    The only time its ever really need is if and when there is a possibility of the Causeway being closed; i.e., during a hurricane. As such, that’s the only time it would need to be manned and would actually be of any significant importance. Outside of that, close it down, waste of money.

    • Islander says:

      those lot up Somerset have a girt pool and other facilities -while St. George’s was over looked in getting their Community Centre revamped….

  7. Kangoocar says:

    Some how I am not surprised at Lovito foggo trying to tie the OBA into this!! She knows very well that it is the BHB making this decision but again never letting facts get in the way of a good story is the only thing the plp are good at!! Isn’t she the same plp candidate that was allowed to canvass in the government housing shelters in. St David’s but the UBP candidates were told to leave??? Yeah she is straight up isn’t she????

  8. Kindley says:

    This should not happen. Healthcare is expensive, but also needs to be available to those in the east end.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      It is available to those in the East End. They just have to travel, Big deal.

    • Alicia says:

      They have the same access to care as those in the west end.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        No, no they don’t. Do you forget hurricane Fabian? Instead of hating on the east end for having something the west doesn’t why don’t you put those efforts to fighting to have a facility of your own. You obviously haven’t lost someone close to you just because it was too far away to reach medical care on time. Bermuda has become such a cold hate filled place.

        • Bermuda Male says:

          I remember Fabian and I also remember there wasn’t this facility down there at the time either. And somehow everyone made it out in relatively good shape. Except for the individuals caught on the causeway. RIP.

    • swing voter says:

      The EMT Service provided by BFS at the airport facility should suffice….I think the LFC should be unmanned but maintained in standby mode, to be activated and utilized only in case of emergency i.e. to treat casualties of air or marine disaster, hurricane, etc. The petition is 10yrs late IMO

    • Come Correct says:

      It is, in a central location, no more than 10 miles from you. Why don’t people take simple courses so they know what to do in the case of emergency. There are times to call an ambulance and wait and there are times to get a person in a car, flick on the hazard lights, make excessive use of your horn and gas pedal. There are exemptions in the law for that and I wouldn’t even stop for the police. 400 years and we were ok without it, it is a luxury we can’t afford.

      • Darth Oba says:

        “and I wouldn’t even stop for the police”

        The Jedi Force is dumb in this young padawan Yoda.

    • Soooooooo says:

      So the people in the west end don’t deserve care. we were promiced one out west but it was decided that it was too expensive so was never opened…

  9. Storyteller says:

    The petition should say
    Sign here,for the following:
    Where did all the money go in the last 14 yrs?
    Who was the beneficiary of the huge contract to build the Lamb Foggo Clinic?
    Why did it cost so much?
    I will sign the petition which answers those questions.

    • W.T.F. says:

      The Lamb-Foggo Clinic was built by D&J Construction. Still want your questions answered?

  10. Amazing says:

    It seems rather curious at best that this facility will be closing for a loss of $100K. In the big scheme of things this is insignificant. The post office is losing millions, the bus depot is losing millions, it takes 3 months to still have not completed the wall near the stop lights on south road…this has got to be one of the most ridiculous decisions so far by the OBA. There is a very simple solutions to this…promote the facility so that others will want to come to st georges rather than go to kemh. I have been there from warwick and I was very satisfied with the visit and that I drove past kemh to get there.

    OBA, rethink this…the loss is the equivalent of 1 or 2 Permanent Secretary’s pay for the year…very insignificant.

    • Kangoocar says:

      What part of this is a BHB decision did you miss??? Where in the article did you read the OBA made this decision??? The plp dumbed down their supporters so much that they can’t even read a story correctly!!! I think it would be really beneficial to you to read what ” story teller ” said, over and over until you finally get it!!!,

    • Hmmm says:

      “Previous fiscal years have posted losses ranging from $100,000 to $350,000, and now that the
      UCC’s diagnostic services have been wound down, 2013/2014 revenue is expected to contract further”

      @Amazing, are you kidding me….

      The BHB are closing the facility. Have you not been paying attention?

  11. Y-Gurl says:

    Put a toll on the causeway, use that money to fund the clinic then everyone in the East end will own a part of it

  12. melonbda says:

    I agree with “Amazing”.
    And the problem I have is why spend tens of millions building it if there was no business plan and projected revenue???
    This is tax payer money that built it. So we are saying it was a waste of money? OK, then whose idea was it to build it??? They should be fired.
    Why do we expect the little guy to have a solid business plan and 5 years of financials to get a 5k loan out of the bank yet BHB or govt can take millions of our money and build what it wants to and then on a dime close it down. don’t get it … I guess we have money to throw away.

    • We the people says:

      They WERE fired. They were the PLP. It was Government (taxpayers) money in 2007 (election year) that paid for the LFUUC, not BHB money. And then the same PLP Government that wanted it and built it refused to give the BHB the promised grant money to run it after that.

      • swing voter says:

        they won’t understand logic…they’ve gotten so used to being pissed on, thinking its a fresh spring shower

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      There was no long term plan to pay for it. The fact is, the PLP was not good at planning. This is just one example.

      • aceboy says:

        Exactly. Same with the 360 Facility. I suspect the new pool at the National Stadium will be next.

  13. godson says:

    Would it be possible to join the clinic in St. George’s with the LFC in St. David’s? I would like to believe that the building in St. Davids’s is big enough and more updated than the clinic in St. George’s…They can also have a pharmacy/medical supply store there. It can be a true medical centre…Peace!

    • Islander says:

      Can we have a report as to how many people use the St George Clinic

  14. lifetime says:

    Ummmm. Did I miss something? Which store is it going to be posted in?

    Cue the Jeopardy music!

  15. rob says:

    Its Bull they cant afford it !! Soo much waste @ KEMH ! Doctors are paid in Fat Stacks ! Allow this purpose built ..essentially Brand new facility to be run by Nurses and Nurses practicitioners !! A doctors order is just a phone call away and if urgent care is needed just call the ambos !! The Nurses at the Hospital are pretty much autonomous ..If it closes its a disgrace !!

  16. X Man says:

    This Facility came in handy quite a few times in recent years – but I guess that it dosnt matter because it;s in the Eastern end of Bermuda
    were concerns by Govt. [ both PLP and OBA don’t mean a dame thing.- unless noise is made!
    The Big Question is what will become of the building – it’s going to be interesting -

  17. Time Shall Tell says:

    The hospital is running at a loss, should we close it? The public transportation system is running at a loss, the education system is running at a loss, The postal service is operating at a loss, should we close all of them as well? With all the consultants doing the job of what we pay our current crop of politicians to do do you really think we’re getting value for money? Out of all of them, this health care facility is running at the smallest deficit thus making it the most efficient of the lot & you wish to shut it down? Rather then first trying revamping it’s business model to maximize profits, rather then to advertise it’s offered services more & offering incentives to have people referred to utilize the provided services more.

    • Bermuda Male says:

      No we shouldn’t close any of those facilities.

      But we should privatize some to cut the deficit and the debt burden that is on all our shoulders.

  18. What part of the B.H.B. statement you lot don’t understand when they tell us the B.H.B. don’t have the monies to operate the facility? This place is / has costed hundreds of thousands of dollars since it opened, (and continues getting deeper and deeper in the hole.)
    As long as we have the St.Davids / St. Georges Fire Station plus the E.M.S. available then there isn’t a direct need to continue running this place, it’s only putting the B.H.B. and Bermudians deeper and deeper in a hole :-)

  19. Iron Lady says:

    What store is the petition in,so I can avoid it?

    • Islander says:

      the one that got robbed not sure if it is the liquor store, the gas station, Uncle Mickey’s or David’s