Motorcycle Rider Injured In Collision With Truck

November 22, 2013

The recent surge of road collisions continues, with a motorcycle rider being injured this afternoon [Nov 22] after being involved in a collision with a truck at approximately 3.15pm on Middle Road near the junction with Lane Hill.

Emergency service personnel attended and Fire Service EMTs cared for the injured female rider until an ambulance arrived and transported the accident victim to King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Traffic flow in the area was restricted temporarily while emergency services dealt with the accident. At the conclusion of assisting with this accident, the Fire Service crew raced to the scene of an overturned car on North Shore Road.

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  1. Colourless says:

    I firmly believe that if the police were more visible, some of these terrible driving and riding habits will be kept to a minimum. I daily drive from the East End to Hamilton and seldom see a police bike or car. Where are the police? There were at least 6 police vehicles attending to the accident in Flatts? Where are our ‘strong arm’ of the law when they are not at the scene of an accident?

    • Smiths says:

      Get a clue you think all the people that go court every day have no paper work that has to be done for that case. my spose was a cop and he spent most of his time off after working a 10hr day/evening/night bringing work home and getting it done.. i know its his job..but the police cant be everywhere.

      • Family Man says:

        Police dash cams would help. Less paper, more digital video.

        Who knows, we could even compete with Russia for the world’s craziest driver videos.

      • Really!! says:

        “Spouse” not “spose”

      • Paradox says:

        Quit whining…as you correctly stated, it was his job the BPS is not respected and cannot function properly

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Pardon me, but I thought the operator of a vehicle responsible for the choices they make, not the police? I overtake a vehicle, but it’s the police’s fault I did it? Is that what you are saying? If so, forget following the rules because it’s not my fault if I break them, but the police’s! Haha!

      On a serious note, it’s not an accident scene until there’s an accident therefore the police can’t be there. It’s not the police’s fault a person gets in an accident. And if you have such an issue with how they do their job, why don’t you join BPS and fix it? You can contribute to the force and this need to have police everywhere all the time.

  2. PJ says:

    I’m telling you – every morning “Ground Hog Day”

    • Really!! says:

      PJ you’re hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh! Hv a good day! lol

  3. SMH says:

    Poor excuse about paperwork. Sounds like management and leadership is lacking. I agree there is NO police presence on Bermuda’s dangerous roads. There is NO respect for safe driving, try crossing a pedestrian crosswalk and cars, bikes, trucks just keep going. Without consistent and visible police presence there will be no respect for safe driving on our narrow and poorly paved roads.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Perhaps the crash rate could be reduced if BPS made a point of booking people for due care, inattention, dangerous driving, whatever the term is that they use. Right now the only thing being booked for is speed. The overtaking on corners etc. is ignored unless a crash has happened because of it.

  5. Tired says:

    Bermuda could do with a lot more traffic lights. At Burnaby HIll/Reid St, at Black watch pass,(both ends), and many many more. Put our monies to good use.

  6. Mr G Harrison says:

    My wife and I have visited Bermuda several times for holiday over the past 15 years. We have witnessed a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic on the roads during this period. Our last visit left us wondering how visitors dare risk hiring those motor scooters;some sections of road have become almost like racetracks.