Harrington Hundreds Stops Accepting Cheques

December 5, 2013

Effective today [Dec 5] Harrington Hundreds will no longer accept cheques as payment; and only cash, debit cards and credit cards will be accepted.

CEO Anthony Aguiar said, “The high cost of processing and the risk involved with cheques is prohibitive. Many stores in Bermuda do not accept cheques for similar reasons, and Bermudians generally understand that businesses are trying to become more efficient. We believe that the larger supermarkets will soon follow suit.”

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  1. Signed,Sealed, Delivered says:

    ….Enter into the cashless society….

    • Thunder Man says:

      They still accept cash just not Cheques so really it is a cheque less society

  2. J De Silva says:

    I was in Lindos yesterday, they have a sign up saying Jan 2nd they won’t take checks anymore either.