Island-Wide CCTV Camera System Delayed

April 2, 2014

The new island-wide CCTV system was expected to be operational as of yesterday [Apr 1], however has been delayed in being implemented.

The new system is due to consist of 150 cameras island-wide, using the latest technology to allow the police to do such analytics as facial and vehicle recognition and tracking.  In February officials said it would be operational starting on April 1st.

In September 2013, National Security Minister Michael Dunkley announced that BAS/Serco was the selected vendor to provide the expansion of CCTV, with the 5-year contract costing $1.3 million per year.

“This sum is within the budgeted figure for this service and we expect that the people of Bermuda will see value for money in this invaluable crime-fighting tool,” said the Minister at that time.

In explaining the delay last night, Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva said, “The project to expand island-wide CCTV coverage is not able to be fully implemented by today’s date.

“The final stages of preparation have not been without issue and as a result there will be delays in reaching full operations.

“BAS-Serco is working to bring the required expertise from overseas for some of the technical features of the project. Work continues locally to mount new cameras, but until the wireless network is installed full utilization cannot be met.

“In the meantime, CCTV coverage of the island is not as wide as the plan calls for. BAS–Serco will work with all possible speed to resolve the situation in the coming weeks.

“This is a regrettable reality, but the BPS is committed to working with the vendor to complete this project as soon as possible. This is a considerable technological undertaking and I will ensure that we take the time to get it right.

“The company also met with an unfortunate circumstance on Monday night when one of their employees, who was due to commence duties with the BPS, was arrested on outstanding traffic warrants.

“The employee paid his fines and the matter has been resolved,” added the Commissioner.

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  1. boom bye bye says:

    Facial recognition, vehicle recognition and tracking? ! Very scary big brother!

    • inna says:

      If you’re not doing anything that you arent supposed to be doing, then i am sure you will not have a problem!

      • YADON says:

        Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

        • Redo says:

          I am sorry, but this what our little slice of paradise has come to!! Keep telling yourself your “rights are being taken away by big brother” all you want, but when it happens to you, then what? You’ll be thankful. Until then, keep your head in the sand and keep on claiming “duh, i din see nuthin.” #hipocrites

        • inna says:

          Well why dont you go speak to the little rats running around the island shooting up their own kind up? I assure if we did not have the high rate of gun activity in the past few years this whole island-wide CCTV initiative would have not even been thought of! Clearly this is a case of the innocent paying for the guilty, but hell, i would rather bring these ruthless killers to justice even if it means my face is being recorded by CCTV every time i come and go from my house!

          And further if you are really that concerned that this new CCTV will be infringing upon your Liberty as a free (wo)man, then i would but my bottom dollar YOU are partaking in activities that you probably shouldnt!

          • lifeblood says:

            Your assumption that I must be into illegal activity simply because I object to this initiative is very much tied to the open words of your first comment – If you’re not doing anything, don’t worry about it and if you are concerned about it, you must be doing something illegal.

            I can just as easily assume that by your comments, you have never broken a law in your life; but since we both know that’s ridiculous, let us safely assume that we are BOTH guilty of things we shouldn’t be doing – whether seen or not…but that’s far from the point.

            If you believe that this initiative was implemented simply because of gun violence, then you must also include the wire-taps imposed on ALL electronic communications, which has been effective in capturing exactly zero “rats” since it was introduced. This has little to do with gun violence my friend. In its totality, the wire-taps, face and vehicle recognition cameras everywhere, is far too extreme to be simply or all about gun violence. Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, having that level of intrusion into your life should not be considered or accepted as normal.

      • Lifeblood says:

        That’s the best you could come up with when the entire island is being monitored to such an extreme? That comment is so played out. The fact that they could do this without so much as a protest means this is probably the first major step toward more draconian measures to severely restrict privacy. This is the opposite of freedom my friend.

  2. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Something tells me they haven’t even started the project. Question I would have asked the Chief of police is how many cameras are currently operational by the new vendor?

  3. smh says:

    Will BAS Serco still be paid the full yearly amount? No service, no payment!

  4. frank says:

    in the meantime g.e. t. has started to take it’s camera’s down so much for working togather during the transition it is now open range

  5. haha says:

    Funny thing enough there are camera’s already in operation, most people just don’t know. Um seen the pictures myself….and facial recognition and vehicle tracking….that is some scary **** big brother, WE NUH LIKE DAT!!!

  6. clearasmud says:

    It seems to me that an important part of the assesment that should have been carried out on all the companies bidding for the contract SHOULD have been their to deliver which includes having, or having access to the necessary technical expertise. Now that they have failed to deliver we hear they are going overseas to get expertise! Some one did not vet this contract properly! What happened to the office of procurement which is suspose to vet these contracts?

  7. John E. Thorne says:

    This will be a waste of time and money if you do not ban tinted visors on helmuts and enforce the ban!

  8. God knows says:

    Can G.E.T Ltd put their cameras in the neighborhoods that have some major concerns? I would like to have them in my area of Paget. (Broken into twice)

    • boom bye bye says:

      Why should I as a tax payer pay for your security? U secure your on property!

  9. el says:

    this certainly sounds like a police state,…tracking who, and what , to be specific? Police are constables who are supposed to uphold The Law, and maintain peace as well as conduct certain activities involved with accidents fatal or otherwise… if the system operated as it is required under Common Law we would have less problems especially if people actually knew their true birthrights and inheritance, they would not have to steal, kill or hurt anyone because there would be no need.. Police take oaths and should look to promoting societies that know the Law to which is upheld by the Uniforms, because ignorance is no excuse applies to those officers who don’t know the Law to which they are sworn to protect and serve.. the cameras are beginning to feel too much like a Pokey Big Brother rather than Protective.

  10. Reality says:

    Why are they bringing in people to due this project when you have vendors here who can do the job???? More work permits… and Bermudian own compani4es are closing up and owing the Government money. Award these Bermudian own Companies project so they can pay there taxes… Come on Government… The Rich are getting richer and the middle class are no more and the poor have no hope.

    • Hmmm says:

      The Bermuda company is bringing someone in. Did I misread something?

    • Concerned says:

      Name a vendor that can do this job on the island. And if you have a qualified resume send it over to CCS!

      • Boom bye bye says:

        CCS is technically not a security company. GET was barely a security company when they were “given” the job by PLP. Both governments have given the contract to novices in the security field. Go figure!

  11. Starting Point says:

    LOL at folks who don’t like facial recognition but share their sordid lives on FB everyday.

  12. swing voter says:

    Overkill to say the least….considering the fact that tax revs are not on the upswing….BAS old money will cash in big time…. have a look at the Registry and see the list of familiar names in the shareholders and directors column….

  13. Pharaoh says:

    Bermudian people now is the time for you to have your Eyes Wide Open and not Eyes Wide Shut, our rights are being strippen have day.

  14. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Speaking of delays, is Heritage Wharf in Dockyard completed yet?

  15. watching says:

    They should have just left G.E.T. in charge of the CCTV program but they played politics and withdrew the contract from G.E.T. And now look what we are getting.

  16. SAS 4 Life says:

    BAS/Serco and BAS Group! But the only people I see talking are BAS Group personel. Where are the BAS/Serco people that bid on this contract? Shouldn’t they be the ones to answer to why they haven’t been able to do what they contractually said they could do?
    If you won the contract shouldn’t you have already had the expertise required to at least install the cameras!!!
    1 + 1 is not adding up to 2!!!

  17. Blooper says:

    Smooth transition don’t look like it. It would seem to me BAS / Serco have dropped the ball and should be help accountable. Is there no penalty clause in the documents? NOT ACCEPTABLE BY ALL PARTIES!!!!!

  18. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    these cams will NOT only be used in investigations concerning criminal behaviors…facial recognition technology is to tag you and store EVERYTHING about you in the globalist data bank…here is just a msm excerpt as an example

  19. Hurry up and wait!…..right this very minit!….you heard me!

  20. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    Defcon 18 – Facial Recognition: Facts, Fiction, and Fsck-ups!

  21. nuffin but the truth says:

    you can lay the blame on the gangs and drugs and the parents that turn a blind eye or dont care what their kids are doing.

  22. Wow says:

    This is a shame …… another BERMUDIAN company that has always helped our young people and the community in so many ways, looses a contract that helps providing jobs for our Bermudian people.
    Now it is written that BAS want to bring in workers from overseas. Am I not understanding….something here, please help me blogger and inform me if you smell a skunk. No locals are qualified to install CCTV WOW. We know they are Qualified to take it down……. Stinks.

    • Concerned says:

      Locals ARE installing the CCTV’s, as CLEARLY stated. The only overseas talent that is being brought in is to program the system once installed. Same exact people DIGICEL and CellONE used btw.

      “BAS-Serco is working to bring the required expertise from overseas for some of the TECHNICAL FEATURES of the project. Work continues LOCALly to mount new cameras, but until the wireless network is installed full utilization cannot be met.

      So many ignorant comments on one news stream.

      From someone who knows, this isn’t BAS/Serco’s fault. The delay’s started before it even got to them.

  23. Should have stuck with aviation Bermuda Aviation Services(BAS). You were so good at that. Mc Donald’s sells fish but that is not what they know . Another Bermudian company up in smoke.

  24. Wow says:

    @ Concerned, you seem to be very well inform about the projects delays. so are you saying that G.E.T. Ltd is the reason? please respond. As now many have been told that since September, BAS-Serco has only installed one camera. Is the company not CCS that is doing the work and where have they installed cameras before? they are not a security company. Hence why you have these delays.

    • Concerned says:

      When the start of a project gets delayed the finish also gets delayed. Everyone is focused on the BAS/Serco’s finish. Wrong place to look. Wrong question to ask.

  25. Wow says:

    that is a load of bs you cant even answer a direct question… go figure. I will no longer support OBA

    • Occasional Visitor says:

      Michael Jackman the Ex deputy commissioner should be held accountable.

      Why did he award the contract to BAS when GET was asking for only a third of the price/month?

      An investigation is needed here.

      Jackman is conveniently absent

    • Concerned says:

      Ok, so in your “well-educated” opinion, how long should a project of this magnitude actually take?

      Please go back to speaking intelligently and politely as you did before.