CURB: Impact Of Gambling On Black Community

February 25, 2014

curb logoSpeaking on the planned introduction of casino gaming, Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] said one of their concerns is  ”legislation being introduced that will negatively affect the Black community, repeating a history of discrimination that is all too recent.”

A statement said, “The CURB Central Council gives its supports to the call for a referendum, as promised by both political parties, and urges its members and supporters to sign the petition circulated by a concerned group of Bermudians here online.

“CURB believes it is the right of every Bermudian to have a say with regard to whether they wish gaming, and all its concomitant social problems, to be established in our small island home.

“Gaming will change the very social fabric of our community and set us on a course, which will be difficult to reverse. This recession will pass, but gaming will stay along with its social problems. As such we urge Government to consider the will of the people in this regard and reconsider its decision to move forward with legislation without the people’s agreement, collaboration or consultation.

“CURB believes a rushed implementation of an integrated resort model of gaming is ill-advised and brings with it a multitude of social concerns, the most important of which is the substantial affect gaming has on the poorer segment of our community.

“In Bermuda, the poor of our community are predominantly Black Bermudians, and this is a direct result of 211 years of oppression codified in law [slavery]; 137 years of oppression codified in culture [segregation] followed by years of discrimination and prejudice.

“Another social problem is the anticipated substantial increase in crime that will follow the introduction of gaming. The Grinols & Mustard 2006 landmark, longitudinal, independent study conducted over 20 years on the impacts of gaming and crime showed that crime in most instances doubled, e.g. robbery increased by 50%, with proposed efforts to offset anticipated increases in crime being unsustainable.

“Our society is well aware of the negative impacts of crime not only on the residents of this island, but also on the perceptions of both international business and tourists visiting this island, and an increase in crime is only going to drive many of them away.

“CURB’s concern is that once again we see legislation being introduced that will negatively affect the Black community, repeating a history of discrimination that is all too recent.

“We strongly believe that all legislation should go through an Equality Impact Assessment to ensure that it does not discriminate or disenfranchise any segment of our community, especially given the history of our past and the ongoing legacy of that history that continues to play out in our community.

“CURB is currently working on a position paper on the proposed introduction of gaming in to Bermuda and this will be released to the public shortly.”

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  1. find d truth says:

    WHO Said d tests where over. Safe to say this give the community the challen

    • Life is about choices, do not gamble if you do not have the money, how many daily , weekly, play bingo, on-line casino, beting, football pools etc..Beting does not know the colour of ones skin , but the colour of the money..

    • Failsafe says:

      Seriously, does anyone listen to CURB? They are the racist minority.

  2. Citizen Banned says:

    As explained further down, gambling should only affect the poor section of the black community. The 1,000s of well off blacks should be just fine I guess. Incidentally, it will probably affect some poor whites too – but you can’t mention that since it will weaken the argument that it will have an impact on the black community.

    All in all CURB makes a very weak case because as we all know, gambling has the worst affect on poor, uneducated people. However, what you fail to realize is that poor, uneducated people will lose their money anyway since they don’t know any better. They also can be of any colour.

    One of your less than convincing arguments I’m afraid.

    • The Messenger says:

      There are no poor wHITES in Bermuda.

      • Herb Adderley says:

        Oh really, how someone can make a statement like that amazes me. The opposite of that i guess is only Whites have good jobs and make a lot of money. Both statements are ridiculous.

      • Citizen Banned says:

        This comment from the Messenger just shows how ignorant some peopl are. If you think your’s is the only struggle – you are 100% wrong.

  3. Betty Dump says:

    A simple solution to their concern… If you can’t afford to lose money…don’t gamble! I for one don’t have money to throw away in a casino… so guess what, when this legislation passes… I won’t be gambling… it really is that simple.

    • Not me! says:

      Agree. And to add to your comment, I actually DO have a little extra cash to lose at casinos but I certainly won’t be there because I’M NOT AN IDIOT. I work hard for my money, I don’t pi$$ it away. If you are poor (whatever color) and you choose to throw your money away then that is your choice. Don’t expect handouts if you gamble away what you have.

  4. Sad says:

    How does CURB feel about the Opposition leader opening a betting shop in a predominantly black neighborhood?

  5. find d truth says:

    WHO Said d tests where over. Safe to say this give the community the challenge. Since little tribulation exist on d island . The powers that be. Found a way. Everyone has a choice. . Seek christ. Not jesus. But whats christly and who ever dont well thats a choice . Dig deep for the truth. Cause the consceptual plans of indigenous oppression are complex and deceitful, and near genius, but lucky its not about dem, its about the ones that choose to do better. Remeber they know not the hour but he whoseeks to dwell bask in the consciousness of the almighty will be enlightened.

  6. nuffin but the truth says:

    The Impact Of Gambling On the Black or White Community will be either positive or negative depending on how each person behaves towards Gambling.
    CURB has a habit of thinking that we are all stupid and born yesterday.

  7. Hmmm says:

    “CURB is currently working on a position paper on the proposed introduction of gaming in to Bermuda and this will be released to the public shortly.”

    So you haven’t finished it…surely you don’t go to press before finishing it.

    So where are your complaints at the betting shops !!!!!!!

    Are you saying black people don’t place bets there? Isn’t the leader of the PLP involved in this venture.

    Where is your proof that integrated resorts increased crime solely.
    If those resorts don’t exist, then there are less jobs, if there are less jobs then that will increase crime. where is that report from CURB?

  8. Steve Davis says:

    “Our society is well aware of the negative impacts of crime not only on the residents of this island, but also on the perceptions of both international business and tourists visiting this island, and an increase in crime is only going to drive many of them away.”

    What do you think is going to happen if the Island does not achieve new revenue streams and job opportunities from Hotels that allow gaming?

    The gaming rules are going to be simple, hotel residents only! You want to gamble, get a room at the hotel. What on earth makes you think that ‘poor’ people are going to catch the bus to a 4-5 star resort, book a room and proceed to put on their suit and head down to the tables for a flutter and maybe some fine dining while they are at it?

    This organization CURB has it’s head in the sand! JOBS dummies!!! People with little to no economic sense.

    Biggest issue regarding economic disparity between races in Bermuda is education and a chip on shoulder attitude. We live in a capitalist society, you need a qualified trade or education to earn money and get ahead in life otherwise your dead weight. Hence the Civil Service right now, a negative to our economy a minus to our society.

    • Portia says:

      Steve, how is the civil service a minus to our economy when the people there work and earn money to spend in “capitalist” businesses here, keeping those places afloat?

      Also, there are many Bermudians with a qualified trade AND education who can barely scrape by here.

      Making arbitrary comments about all public sector workers is just plain wrong.

      FYI – On the Government’s Gaming Awareness Programme website, it states the casinos WILL be open to local admission (I believe the Minister said the entry fee would be $100). Only certain locals would not be allowed, such as those on F.A.

      • Steve Davis says:

        They are a negative to our economy because they cost us 80% of every 1$ of Government revenue. Which means that every tax the private sector is paying, the majority of it is going to pay their inflated wages. The post office is over employed by 70%, just one example. Every Government pension plan is 80% under funded.

  9. Phillip Ray says:

    How many people can sit at home log on to an online casino and whittle away their life savings? All you need is an internet connection. I believe statistics say that a majority of people in Bermuda (70%+ if I recall) have internet access.

    Likewise with the amount of wonderful activities for our hotel guests. How many are locked away in their hotel rooms and using their laptops to gamble?

    If you think casinos are going to hurt Bermuda, you’ve lost perspective.

  10. Navin Johnson says:

    So CURB should have a talk with Marc Bean regarding his betting shop on Court St

  11. Edmund Wells says:

    “CURB’s concern is that once again we see legislation being introduced that will negatively affect the Black community, repeating a history of discrimination that is all too recent.”

    Since poor whites will be as negatively affected as poor blacks, there is no discrimination. Or, to be clearer, there is no *racial* discrimination. But that fact doesn’t fit CURB’s agenda, and so it’s ignored.

    The gratuitous and inflammatory comment about repeating a recent history of discrimination reveals far more about CURB’s agenda, and whether it views itself as a force for unification or further division.


    • Terry says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head there Mr. Wells.
      A very common sense approach and well penned.
      You are correct. It is sad that there are those amongst us that wish to continue the “or further division”.


    • Truth Teller says:

      More white anglo saxon evasion here. Of course unlike Curb he has no stats to back up his claim that that their are a large group of “invisible” poor whites in Bermuda.

      They are always looking to establish moral equivalence where none exist.

      • Edmund Wells says:

        “… no stats to back up his claim that that their are a large group of “invisible” poor whites in Bermuda.”

        Re-read what I wrote, and please show me my claim to that effect. Please show me my statement addressing the size of any group in Bermuda. Please show me any assertion I made about moral equivalence.

        The petty racial slur about evasion is not productive. Nor are comments that have no basis in fact.


  12. Al says:

    So no concern about white people impacted by gambling?

    Also, did they bother to even ask about the safeguards against problem gambling that the government will implement? It doesn’t appear so.

  13. Citizen Banned says:

    CURB is simply stuck in the last Millenium. They have lost their way and like to moan for the sake of moaning. They achieve nothing and have become an embarrassment.

    you want to moan about blacks being taken advantage of – go to Paradise Betting Shop on C Street. ask for Mr. Bean.

  14. Bum says:

    Poverty isn’t exclusive to black people, and white people should consider CURB a racist organisation for focusing only on the black community. Mincy Report on Young Black Males? How about a report on males in general?

    The black community has a lot of collective soul searching to do.

    • judgment says:

      you sound like a disoriented confused illiterate. YOur real problem is that you don’t know the history of racism and its economic impact on black people in bermuda. If anything by virtue of your ignorance you have become a racist.

    • Truth Teller says:

      More Bermudian style “tea party’ crap. curb obviously did not get the memo that anglo whites are new victims of racism in Bermuda perpetrated by the black majority.

      Bum sounds like he is living in the 1950′s…

  15. judgment says:

    I don’t see the specific relationship between casinos and the poor. Are we talking about prostitution, drugs, gambling of scarce resources or cheap labor. Please be more specific as to how this will hurt the poor black community.

  16. sisu says:

    In case CURB missed it, our population is predominantly Black. So along with “the poor of our community [being] predominantly Black Bermudians” so are home owners. And boat owners. And those who travel. Are these “a direct result of 211 years of oppression codified in law [slavery]; 137 years of oppression codified in culture [segregation] followed by years of discrimination and prejudice”? Or were these omitted because they don’t fit with CURB’s commonly seen (yet laughable) tactic of using inflammatory commentary in an effort to uproot racism in Bermuda?

    • Cardine Alice says:

      Unfortunate if race is brought into this. Has a study been performed on the gambling we already have – the betting shops? What is/was the impact of this? Sadly drink and drugs seem to have had the same effect. Perhaps this is something to be limited to Atlantis type resorts Bahamas style. It’ll bring in the revenue we need as tax and tourism but limit the negative impact on local people. But there is no freedom or profit for all from that. It’s a tough question and having been through this in my home country thankfully it had little effect long term except for the minority who had addicitve issues. No different from other addictions then…

    • Truth Teller says:

      Again, the various stats and studies do not confirm sisu’s point. But why let the truth get in the way.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Of course they do. Black people own real estate, rental properties, businesses, boats, cars. They participate in the middle class of Bermuda. When the PLP takes aim at the middle class with its wealth destruction, it harms black people.

  17. Cow Polly says:

    “Gaming will change the very social fabric of our community and set us on a course, which will be difficult to reverse”

    That’s a very broad statement! If and when gaming is introduced, the sun will still come up tomorrow, those who go to church or play sports or smoke weed will still go about their business and mine and a lot of folks lives will not change one iota – cause we don’t gamble.

    Meanwhile those that do, can save the airfares and hotel rooms and put that money on the table……………..

    No differentiation of colour required!

  18. Citizen Banned says:

    This is a great example of – if you look far enough into something – you can find something to complain about.

    Example 1. Bermuda is majority black, therefore gambling will affect blacks more than whites, therefore introducing gambling is unfair to blacks.

    How about this one though:

    Example 2. Bermuda is majority black, so on average, more blacks will win at gambling over a given period of time. Therefore introducing gambling is unfair to whites.

    See, you can twist stats to say whatever you want.

  19. yello says:

    Gambling will not just negatively impact the black community. It will negatively impact ANY community that chooses to partake.

  20. Hmmm says:

    Using CURB to promote signing a petition for a referendum STINKS of someones personal agenda. Someone needs to be fired from CURB.

  21. Seriously?? says:

    How about we allow black adults to make their own decisions, and deal with the consequences like all other adults do? How about I shouldn’t have to loose out on a job opportunity because someone can’t control themselves? How about if they want to progress from those years of slavery, then they start taking responsibility for their actions and stop blaming others?

    And blacks are most definitely not the only ethnic group/race suffering from gambling problems.

  22. Sandgrownan says:

    Meh..CURB…blah blah blah. Sorry, not relevant.

  23. DLL says:

    when they address this maybe they can make room for the White History Month — NOW THAT would probably be consideed RACIAL –inna but for years now my people get their own history month SMH

  24. Citizen Banned says:

    Actually, for CURB to make this claim it is an insult to anyone of intelligence. There are more black than whites in Bermuda, so more blacks smoke. Does that mean the sale of cigarettes is unfair on the black community?

    More blacks drink too? is the sale of alcohol unfair on the black community?

    I’d hazard a guess that more blacks buy bread and milk too. You get my point I’m sure, Most people will – just not CURB.

    CURB should stop seeing a race problem when there is none. Concentrate on real race issues. This is just plain silly. You are embarrassing yourselves.

  25. Citizen Banned says:

    STOP THE PRESS: Due to the fact the over 70% of the population is black in Bermuda, is has been found that more blacks go to sleep at night. Also more blacks use the bathroom. What do the suppliers of beds and bathroom fittings have to say about this practice I’d like to know?

    CURB should investigate this. I’m sure they could find some way to make a race issue out of it.

    And don’t get me started about more blacks driving on our roads on a daily basis. These stats prove they are more likely to have an accident. And Government does nothing !!!! CURB where are you?

  26. campervan says:

    So if a gay basher was going to open a gambling den in the vulnerable back of town area that would not be cool then?

  27. Tired of it all says:

    I for one think it is racist stereotyping which leads CURB to believe that only poor black Bermudians don’t have the discipline and/or self control if gambling was legalized.

    Do they not think that such a vice would also negatively affect individuals of the non-black population of BDA? Or do they simply not care about these individuals?

    Addiction knows no color, class or creed CURB, no matter how much you argue against it.

  28. Enough of this nonsense says:

    I do not care much for gambling. However, It does not matter if you a member of the white, black or expatriate community when it comes to gambling, people should have the right to waste their own money and their lives in whatever way seems appropriate to them.

    The benefits to the economy and prospects for Bermudians seeking employment bear much more importance and benefits for the island than the a concerns of the potential risk “crimes” that end of the day stems from people being stupid enough to waste their money by gambling it away.

    As a young, biracial Bermudian living abroad in a country and city where gambling in government owned facilities is legal and have no noticeable affect on the “very social fabric of the community”, it would be a good economic move for the gambling bill to be passed and would likely atteact a larger volume of potential visitors.

    Educate. Legalize it. Control it.

    Please stop wasting our time.

  29. really... says:

    Wow…I have nothing relevant to say….Oh, I know….. “That’s Racist!!”

  30. Ringmaster says:

    Well, there goes Crown and Anchor. Now what will we all do at Cup Match, and the County games, apart from drink, smoke and eat ourselves stupid? Come on CURB at least wake up and smell the coffee.

  31. Come On Man says:

    What they forgot to mention is that Gambling causes Cancer. Oh please stop the scare mongering for crying out loud. Give it a break.

  32. Truth is killin' me... says:

    CURB needs the race card to SURVIVE! Don’t mention to them that there are quite a few successfull BLACK members of our community that are prospering quite well on our island. It doesn’t fit into their agenda!!

  33. The Messenger says:

    Reparations does not have an expiration date. wHITES have not settled their debt with the descendants of African Bermudians whose ancestors they enslaved, brutalized and imposed forced labour upon without pay.

    I repeat: Reparations does not have an expiration date.

    • benny says:

      Ok. What reparations would you like? And who gets/’pays’ them?

    • Citizen Banned says:

      Messenger – you remind me of an old girlfriend I once had many years back. In her eyes everything I did was wrong and no amount of apologizing and making amends was ever enough for her. I eventually gave up, left her and today she is a bitter lonely old woman.

      You risk the same fate with your unfortunate attitude.

      • The Messenger says:

        Citizen Banned,

        PAY UP! I’m not interested in an apology. It would mean absolutely nothing. PAY UP!

  34. Citizen Banned says:

    THIS JUST IN – BREAKING NEWS: Because more than 70% of the population is black in Bermuda, it has just emerged that more black people wake up each day than whites!!!

    This means that waking up each day affects blacks more than whites.

    Government appears unconcerned and mentioned nothing in their 2014 budget to prevent this from continuing.

    “Its as if they don’t care,” one woman was heard to say, “We should have CURB investigate this,” the devastated woman continued.

    None of the furniture places we called would mention anything about the beds they sell, and nobody who sold alarm clocks would confirm that the alarm sounds were or were not specifically directed at whites therefore not at blacks.

    “The OBA just doesn’t care about the grass roots Bermudian”, another person was heard to say.

    Meanwhile, tomorrow, it is highly likely that more blacks will wake up in Bermuda – than whites. Just what is CURB doing to complain about this I might ask???

  35. Triangle Drifter says:

    Is it too late to cut to $0 any grant that CURB had from Government?

  36. Gotham says:

    Perhaps if we switched to the Cuban model, CURB would be satisfied… Oops, I forgot, the Cuban regime are all a bunch of old white men.

  37. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Why is the mantra on THIS BERNEWS blog ALWAYS kill the messenger? Precisely what is the agenda here?

    Any argument on Blacks is attacked, any argument in defence of Blacks is attacked. I know that it is intended to drown out the PLP, but does ANYONE care more about your community than your skin colour?

    And do not give me the weak and ineffective dribbling rationale about Dr Brown or the past PLP transgressions, wakeup and grow-up! Either state a cogent, honest opinion on the subject matter or go watch some cartoons.

    Finally, I have some good news for you, (and I do not give a jack if it’s not good new to you) the proposed gaming legislation is DEAD in the political water UNTIL the Supreme Court ruling. And I, for one, look forward to both CURB’s report on gaming and the news of the Court concerning this odious attempt to cancel the referendum and bypass the will of the people of Bermuda.

    London, England

    • Gotham says:

      We need people like you to come home and start contributing not just to the ongoing debates but to the reconstruction of our country. Perhaps you have been away so long that you are not aware of the deep wounds the Brown Premiership inflicted on the country. It was about settling personal agendas, he said so himself. And he largely succeeded, a generation of our best brains were driven offshore to seek fame and fortune elsewhere rather than risk their best efforts being nullified by the Brown creed of cronyism and “pay to play.” I really think the vast majority of Bermudians on all sides of the political spectrum fail to grasp the depth to which the Brown years destroyed the fabric of our community and brought us all down to his ghetto mentality.

  38. WTF says:

    Am just sitting here wondering, when we will all just be people. Does the color of our skin really make who we are? Sure wish CURB would stop their hate.

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

      And precisely what “hate” is that? Please be transparent with your evidence, either written or oral? For if orally stated, when was it said by CURB, to whom and who will collaborate precisely what was said? And again, please state, precisely what was hatefully stated?

      Or was it written? If yes, then where can we find the written hateful comments by CURB?

      I fail to see how an organisation is racist because it tackles issues of racism in Bermuda.

      And, I do not think right thinking Blacks will see it from your vantage point.

      But if I follow your logic, are the Jews prejudice and self-serving because they never allow the world to forget the atrocity of 6 million Jews murdered during the Nazi holocaust?

      A resounding NO, and Blacks like Jews, will honour and not forget, our history borne out of “hate” and social selection of one race over another.

      London, England

  39. Rod says:

    What would the late and great Nelson Mandela think about all of this hatred?

  40. So …yah sayin black people are stupid and their not capable of sentient thought,or correct decision formulation,etc….and that it is definitively the fault of someone else….is this what you would have us believe….of course we have you to guide I and I….to where it is you would have us go with that particular thought train….yeah we’re easily led…I’ll buy that for a dollar…

  41. oh boy says:

    they comment on everything and their answer is always based on race and racism. doesnt matter what you’re talking about.Not sure who these people are, and why they think they can speak for everyone. I heard someone say once,”Instead of excuses, replace it with determination, you will go a lot further.”

    think of anything that is going wrong and they will say racist actions are involved, if you think the gardens in somerset are more beautiful than the ones on the east end someone will bring up race.

    smh, ffs

  42. Lord Osiris says:

    Curb is supposed to “Uproot Racism”, yet time after time, all they seem to do is “PLANT RACISM.”

  43. not surprised says:

    This whole theory is based on the fact that they think poor people are stupid, with Majority being black. So you’re calling people below a certain economic level stupid? That’s how I interpret it anyways. This is the most Ludacris thing I’ve read in a while. First and foremost: No one is stupid and everyone knows what is good and what is bad for them. If someone chooses bad then bad will happen, if they choose good then good will happen. I’m not black but I’m highly offended at the assumption of poor and black people being stupid. Again, this is my interpretation of this. I think you need to give the poor folk a bit more credit than you are giving them. Both Black and White. Secondly: I think we all need to think this through properly and what it means to Bermuda in both Positive and negative and list out all of the positive, concrete positive with numbers and jobs behind it. I would expect this from government and if we don’t get it then protests should ensure! This could work if properly thought out and regulated. Thirdly: I think we should be looking at what we have in our island now, Marijuana, and the benefits both economically and criminally. This we can do for a lot cheaper and have implemented faster and easier, generating taxes that would benefit our economy, community and free up our prisons, reducing tax payout of 80k per prisoner. This would also increase our tourist visits I’m sure…think about the money this could generate for our country, if done correctly. We could have our national debt paid off in less time and be saving tax payer money as well. Read all of the positive that has come out in the news in the last week alone about Colorado. I’m not a smoker and think we need to shift focus from things not yet within our reach to those that are, plan and implement things that are in our control with less expenditure. Of course with the proper due Diligence. This is just my opinion.

    • Steve Davis says:

      Bermuda, has the richest Afro Caribbean population per-capita in the world.

      In other words, on average we have the wealthiest black people on the planet!

  44. Steve Davis says:

    Our civil service is dead weight, the education level on this Island is poor, if you were to compare it to the rest of the developed world and look at average median incomes then you would realize that Bermudians, despite the cost of living are overcompensated for jobs that require menial skill sets. We have guest workers performing the lowest income levels of job in Bermuda , yet somehow managing to survive and live a decent quality of life on this Island. People have to get this idea out of their head that they are owed something, you have to make your own way in the world, plenty of black people on this Island have done just that with the right attitude. I remember a black comedian coming down for a show a few years ago and saying Bermuda has the wealthiest black population he has seen anywhere on planet earth! Yet we still expect even more money and affirmative action jobs to fall like manna from the sky.

    I don’t understand what people want, do they want to be employed for a position and compensated to the highest level for that employment regardless of their job experience, work ethic, education or qualifications? Well that is already happening and it is unsustainable for economic reasons. The lack of economic comprehension by the majority of the population is astounding, there is no basic understanding of where the money to pay their wages comes from. Just ask any BIU member!