Marc Bean On “National Unity”, “National Trust”

February 19, 2014

[Written by Opposition Leader Marc Bean] Good Day Bermuda,

Regardless of whom one supports politically, one thing must be asked. Who in Bermuda can justify the unethical recording someone’s conversation?

The OBA calls for collaboration, yet at the same time OBA MPs are taping conversations of the very people, they are asking for collaboration with.

Bermudians are rightfully begging for unity, yet it is clear that many OBA MPs condone the recording personal conversations. Most worrisome, is that the OBA, seemingly will attempt to use these taped conversations, as some sort of political bargaining chip.

This is not the Bermuda in which we grew, nor the Bermuda that we wish to see our children grow in. One now has to wonder if your private conversations are now being recorded by OBA MPs.

“National Unity” is a child of “National Trust.”

It is now crystal clear to all and sundry, that at this point in Bermuda’s history, that many in our midst who publicly call for “Unity”, privately glory in not upholding the root issue of “Trust.”

In closing let me repeat what I stated on national television.

We do what we do, not for self, but for our people. At this point in time, it is not relevant to us if one voted; PLP, OBA or abstained from voting. Anyone who is a Bermudian is “our people.”

Hence what is of primary importance to us, is setting a plan of action for all Bermudians. To this end, this week we will begin to lay out our plans and visions for the evolution of Bermuda;

  • Debt reduction
  • Self-empowerment
  • Economic Diversity
  • Rebuilding of Education
  • National infrastructure development

We humbly thank you for continuing to speak with us, listening to us and most importantly, putting your trust in us. We take none of this lightly.

- Marc Bean

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  1. Sandy Bottom says:

    Prove the vile things you said, Marc Bean, or get out of politics and public life.

    • ya right says:

      Troll -1

    • Bettty Trump says:

      “We do what we do, not for self, but for our people”…MP BEAN

      Well said Mr. Bean. One thing that came across very clear on the TV interview is your “Deep Love for your Country and People.” It was also evident that you speak from a position of “TRUTH.” It was clear that you hold Honesty and Truth in high esteem and call on the UBPoba to do the same. Must love came from your heart during that interview.

      Keep standing strong Mr. Bean, many are standing beside you.

      Side note:
      However, As per normal the usual suspects from the UBPOba fan base will attempt to write many disrespectful and unnecessary comments. This is expected as they too realized the government has fallen from demonstrating a level of TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY as they promised the people of Bermuda Pre-election.

      Many feel today like the UBPoba have “Failed us”, as they have NOT kept true to their election promises. The government has also failed to do “Politics Differently.” So it is easier for me and others to see why they would dismiss the actions of the government. This is expected as usual it is much more easier to Escape from the Truth by Denying it.

      SO the comments are just folks whom have been disappointed by the government, but are not able to express the wrong doings as they did not expect what has come to light. They never anticipated that the UBPoba would given them this level of negative governance. But reality can be a B, at times, but we must accept it, like it or not, as painful as it can be sometimes.


      • hmmm says:

        ONE LOVE… now there’s irony !

      • Passive Aggressif says:

        pssssst , pssssst…Mr Bean, can you tell us where our $800 million in reported “unallocated funds” disappeared to? If you tell us where it is and help us find it, you can help us rebuild the economy!

    • Mazumbo says:

      Well said, even though people don’t like you they cant deny that your speak your mind ,what you feel is true to your heart and the concerns of the oppressed people of this Island, unlike the surrogate leader that we have.

      • Bettty Trump says:

        Well said Mr.Bean. One thing folks did gain from watching TV is a sense of honesty.

        • Joonya says:

          How do I know he was honest? Just because he is the almighty Marc Bean from the almighty PLPbiu doesnt guarantee he is always honest.

        • Hmmm says:

          …and its absence when Bean spoke.

          • Gotham says:

            Of course he is honest, just like his mentor, you know that nice, kind benevolent gentleman now retired between Martha’s Vineyard and Smith’s Parish.

        • Passive Aggressif says:

          Must have missed that part…I wonder if one day he will say ” we had to deceive you”!

      • Hopefulness says:

        Observations of Mr. Bean on TV revealed that he was honest and transparent. He was direct and forthright in his presentation. I believe he would not have spoken such words if they were not true. Mr. Bean is a smart intelligent young man, he is aware of the serious of his comments and allegations, and as result I do not believe he would make them if they were not true.

        Mr Bean apparently was seeking to provide the Bermuda people with the truth. It was evident that lies and falsehoods is something he is not comfortable with. While he is not able to provide hard evident, it does not suggest this is not true. Often we find ourselves in such situation, but speaking from the heart one only has to know it is true.

        I must admit I was surprise the government would act in such a fashion, after hearing their election promises over and over again. Today I am disappointed. As I really did believe they would hold true to transparency and honesty as promised on my door step. I believe we as a people must stop this backward and forwardness and hold the government accountable. We must call them out if they are not doing right, regardless of whom we support.

        It is apparent some folks are only willing to hold the PLP to account for any mis-steps, but are failing to hold the OBA to high standards as well. This is not good, and this kind of behavior fails Bermuda and more so our children.

        The government needs to come forward and address the many unanswered questions in a complete and comprehensive fashion, for the betterment of Bermuda moving forward.

      • Betty Trump says:


        The Premier just gave a press conference, which was really sad and disappointing to hear. He was very rattled and disorganized. He seems to think the higher he raises his voice the more authority he has or the more the Right he sounds. It was so ludicrous. I expected more. He also refused any questions from the Media, which is expected and common practice from the UBPoba party. Refusal to answer Questions makes the Press Conference a WASTE OF TIME…really

        The UBPoba are becoming less transparent daily. This was a real show of negative press by the Premier of this country. He has further lost all creditability. Craig resign now to save your any level of dignity you have….REALLY

        • AbsolutelyINSANE says:

          You’re not real smart are you? I read your comments and have begun to think I need a gag bag, they are so ignorant… Your views are those of the “Common” PLP supporter… Once you say a suit will be filed – You do not speak to the press… Dummy!

          • Caffee says:

            AbsolutelyINSANE why are you so nasty with your comments. At least Betty can write her opinion without using the likes of the language you prefer. Not taking sides, you sound like the name you have given yourself, “Absolutely INSANE.”

    • van martin says:

      If I was having a conversation with a PLP member – I’d record it. It’s the only way to ensure that the truth is told later, if necessary. To many people running around telling whoppers – because the OBA looks like they might turn this country around….and we can’t have that can we?

  2. Barracuda says:

    If the public can be video recorded at almost every step with CCTV cameras,
    surely our representatives can be recorded also, I would even venture to say “should be recorded”.

  3. js says:

    revolution is in the air

    keep it civil

  4. theothersidebda says:

    It is interesting that you are attempting to hold the OBA responsible for what one of their MPs admitted she did on her own accord, as if the party can control a member’s action.

    If a party can control a member’s action, then I would ask “why is it that you are not compelling Mr. Burt to go to the police with his allegations of bribery”. You said quite clearly on TV that you did not go to the police because the Premier only talked about that he COULD accept a bribe but did not, and thus no crime had been committed in your case”. However you then went on to say that Mr. Burt claims to have been OFFERED an IT contract in exchange for support of scrapping the referendum. So if it was OFFERED then a serious offense has been committed. So why as the leader of the PLP, who already claimed the reason why you didn’t go to the police was that no crime had taken place, why don’t you compel Mr. Burt to go to the police in an instance, where if true, is clearly illegal?

    • theothersidebda says:

      I should have added, if the PLP is truly interested in doing the “right thing for Bermuda”, then doing so would require them to use the proper channels rather than sounding off on national radio. Sounding off on national radio without formally reporting the incident only brings confusion and chaos to the situation: this is just propaganda which is self serving and not Bermuda-serving.

      So if you want to restore National Trust, I urge you to stop creating distrust by causing confusion. Do the proper thing and take your allegations and proof to the police, Mr. Burt.

      • Bettty Trump says:

        IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE THE PREMIER COME ON TV MORE OFTEN…but many know why he is not able too…REALLY ..your comment sounds like a protection mode step…NO one is sounding off, the PLP are brave and bold and are providing intellectual dialogue that he public have a right to know. The PLP are not afraid to address the media or the public.

        I enjoy the fact the PLP are not operating in “Code of Secret Politics” like the UBPoba tend to daily. Failing to address the public, unless it is a written press statement, or failing to answer KEY QUESTION which are required of any government.

        Yet the UBPoba call for TRANSPARENCY….REALLY

        • Hmmm says:

          PLP trying to create chaos and confusion when a country needs stability is NOT good for Bermuda, End of.

    • Caffee says:

      Why did she feel the need to take it to her Leader. If it wasn’t meant for anyone else but herself. Don’t trust her as far as I can throw her& that wouldn’t be to far.

  5. Coffee says:

    Sadly the OBA is intent on using any tool as a weapon of warfare against the right thinking electorate on this Island . Thanks to the media their secret manuals of rules of engagement have been released for public consumption , I.e. The surrogate papers and how to do wrong and expect right in abandoning the referendum . Only time will tell if the snares laid for others will indeed trap the plotter .

    • Hmmm says:

      If the OBA had wanted to do that, wouldn’t they have rushed to the press the moment they had the recordings, but they didn’t. Your conspiracy theories seem only to support the oppositions running to the press with anything even if nonsense in order to disrupt, confuse, divide, delay progress for Bermudians.

  6. Navin Johnson says:

    That’s it? recording conversations? really? all of this and you are concerned about recording conversations…..and your use of unethical? I know I have heard it said before “Unethical but not illegal” now where did I hear that? wait it will come to me…Mr Bean and his party are responsible for the desperate financial straights that Bermuda and Bermudians find themselves in and you are only concerned with returning to power…..

  7. Watching says:

    Here is my personal take on this.

    I agree with the taping By Nandi BUT only for the reason she originally stated, to protect herself if Marc backed out of his word. My issue with this, is why did she feel the need to share it with Cannonier? This is where I become suspicious and feel there must have been a conspiracy OR Nandi being naive, thought she could gain political points by sharing it.

    She should never be an MP and is a disgrace to politics, along with the other MP’s that are fueling this nonsense. Cannonier is only doing this to be Premier, otherwise he would not be in politics at all. In fact, let’s cut their wages to $25k a year and see how many stick around and really care about serving their Country.

    As for Dunkley..LMAO! I would have said the same thing…lol I am sure a lot of that goes on from both sides.

    Either way, as a Bermudian I am embarrassed by the behavior of our so called elected leaders of this Country.

    • Hmmm says:

      …I wonder if he was trying to bully or pursuade her into doing something, by leveraging her situation at that time against her ?

  8. Kim Smith says:

    It seems to me that this could very well be just more smoke and mirrors by all concerned in this ridiculous fiasco. It is YOU the politicians on BOTH sides who are to blame for the direction this country is going in. Neither can puff their chests out and gesture arrogantly that it’s the other side. YOU are IT and nothing will change until we can see that you are committed to truth and integrity.

  9. Doesn't add up says:

    If, by your admission, that you are putting in these plans by the end of the week, is it not a self-admission that you had no plans in place prior to the election?

    Also, do you not think the PLP have more to gain by taking the politics to the gutter? A newly formed party won the election and if they appear to get Bermuda back on track the PLP will be in opposition for a long time. What is best for Bermuda and best for the PLP do not seem to go hand in hand.

    • inna says:

      your last statement pretty much sums up this whole situation!

  10. Bermuda Boy says:

    Bean, you wouldn’t know what UNITY & TRUST mean, would you! Why do we associate the words vile and trouble with the PLP/biu ???

  11. Hmmm says:

    Spice Valley

  12. Justin says:

    If all these allegations are true, how much is missing from the public purse? My answer is nil. How much went missing from the public purse during the PLP days? $800m? How much did our debt increase during the PLP days?

  13. Speak Up Bermuda says:

    Good Day All,

    I watched the show with Gary and Marc and was completely beside myself. When Marc stated that on the tape he said things to Nandi that was in a language that she understands. I voted for the PLP and wish I did not support a party that will down grade a Black Woman. He made me feel that just because you are black you have to spoken down to or just because you can from the “ghetto”. I can’t believe that the PLP has not stepped in to save the people and voted for No Confidence in him. Surely you should not lead the Country in anyway. Horton and Lister you were smart enough to walk away before all of this.

    Nandi I don’t know you personally but I do believe that what you did was in your best interest. You have proven that you are smart and wise beyond your years. No I did not vote for you but I am proud that you have proven me wrong. Stand strong my sister!

    By the way just because Marc states that something is the truth does not mean it is the truth. What he is saying makes no sense what so ever and why did he wait this long to inform the public. If what he is saying is true then maybe its because he considered the bribe? With this said I believe that Bermuda should stand together!

    • Concerned says:

      following in the steps of EB eh maybe Eb is coaching

    • Bettty Trump says:

      What Mr. Bean was talking about during his conversation is something that many folks engage in, which is known as CODE-SWITCHING. It is often sometimes refer to switching among dialects, styles, and common language uses. Often this is done depending on the discourse and it simply often reflects the social situation.

      I do it all the time, depending on whom I am interacting with. My professional friends also do it. We even do it amongst ourselves. It is not in any way condescending or an attempt to disregard or disrespect anyone. Most folks whom are familiar with it understand. Often it signal a sign that you understand the individual and both can have discourse in a frank an open manner.

  14. Ruthless says:

    Faith Based Tourism ( Unethical)
    Giving public funds to Fake charity set up by son at playboy mansion(Unethical )
    Getting the last Auditor General locked up for speaking the truth(Unethical)
    UAH ( owned by BIU) had been paid $700,000 by Government to buy the bond at the Berkeley project using tax payer money!(Unethical )

    And ya worrying about a taped phone call?!!!!

  15. Tashae says:

    Stand firm and stand your ground. Many people will condemn one for speaking and bringing light to the truth. These people are of ignorant vices. Continue to shed light. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

    There is no justification for recording a conversation unless ulterior motive forged the decision. OBA we want the truth as people of the nation we deserve it.

    We need ppl who care about the forward growth and development not some child who enjoys the publicity!

  16. Your joking says:

    Call Batman…..The Joker is still alive.
    Complain about a tape recording which only contains words you actually said…but you can accuse the Premier of bribes with no evidence…
    Disillusioned with all Politicians but you really win the prize..

  17. St. D says:

    I find it weird that the issue raised is the recording of the conversation versus disputing the alleged content. Seems like the PLP finds themselves on the defense and have made the conscious decision to resort to personal attacks.

  18. Bermyman says:

    Who Cares, the recording took place on someones own accord as a result of you hounding them to resign so that you could try to instigate your own political agenda.

    The recording has nothing to do with policy or collaboration. It is all to do with Beans personal attacks on another member of parliament, threats and an attempt to psychologically bully a vulnerable young person.

  19. aceboy says:

    The national trust in the PLP was demonstrated at the last election. We had 14 years of “Unethical but not illegal” politics and practices.

  20. aceboy says:

    I love the call for another plan…a plan for a plan. That was the PLP legacy. 14 years of plans for plans. There are signs of recovery NOW and yet you want to trash that and convince the people that you are capable. You have already shown you are not. Next time you drive past the Grand Atlantic think about what the future will hold under another PLP government.

    • Concerned says:

      Did they hire Rolf to draw up a plan to draw up a plan for a plan like they did when he did a study of a study that had already been studied and he is still studying

  21. trees says:

    I also heard that the OBA have been in secret talks with an alien race with plans to gain mind control technology and put it into use fairly soon…..!

    What is it with some people on this island and conspiracy theories! It’s obvious that Marc Bean was not someone to be trusted. Marc was the one that pursued the conversation without taking no for an answer. They say a drunk man speaks a sober heart, could also be said that a man whispers deception and trickery. If there is integrity in what he said in private then there he should not have any issue with saying it in public.

    If both Marc and Burt have truely known of bribes and such all this time and not brought it to the police attention, then they are both guilty of not reporting a crime and should be arrested. If they are making false accusations, very much like the “bullet in the mail” deception then they should also be dealt with.

  22. bluebird says:

    This is an OLD PLOY of the PLP,you do remember David Allen making accusations in reference to the Hotel CLUB-MED in the house of assembly.
    About (35) years ago when he was in the opposition,the hotel quietly closed and left and so have many other hotels.
    You have to be very carefull with Bermudas reputation and don’t forget the…………….Golden Rule………..he who has the Gold Rules….

  23. bluebird says:

    Mr bean keeps saying this young lady was “WIRED” and he was “TAPED”
    No Mr Bean it was a Cell-phone it is called technology.

  24. It would be funny if it wasn't so SAD! says:

    My fellow Bermudians,

    While this current political side show is to some a crusade, others a comedy, others sickening–the balance of the world is aware of our antics thanks to the digital age. Please do not fool yourself to think they are not watching and those doing business here wondering if their interests are secure.

    At a time when we are trying to encourage further direct foreign investment to help re-build a very fragile and sick economy for the benefit of ALL Bermudians–this side show spins on and on and the world looks aghast at us–wondering what is going wrong in the little miracle that has been know to be one of the best run smaller offshore financial centres in the world.

    I urge our politicians to pause–take a reality check and get focused on the issues that are critical for our country.

    The stakes are way too high for political spinning.

    Common sense and a long term view is necessary at this point to get our country back on its feet.

    I sure hope that ALL of our politicians realize how dangerous this game that is being played out in front of the world is to our reputation and economic development.

  25. bluebird says:

    Mr bean we already have a “National Trust” incase you did not know that they take care of our historic buildings.

  26. please move on says:

    Please move on. As a Bermudian, this dialogue makes the idea of upgrading or investing in local real estate seem crazy. IB and tourism developers must be stunned by this dialogue.

  27. Suzie Quattro says:

    So when you boil it all down, Bean has nothing at all.

    All the allegations last week in the House – nothing.

    All the allegations with Gary Moreno – nothing.

    He’s an empty-headed nobody who will say anything to attract attention to himself.

  28. lizard says:

    Neither Alex Scott nor Freddie Wade would be concerned if someone “recorded”their conversation because whatever they said it could
    be repeated in public without any concerns. What is Bean hiding?
    Is Burt a relative of “Burt Construction”?

    • Impressive says:

      How could Bean be hiding something if he has called for the tapes to be released?? Do you even know what you are talking about??

  29. Onion says:

    If you don’t want your conversations used as a political football then don’t say things that will embarrass you if others hear them.

  30. Joonya says:

    I work in a place where all my conversations are recorded. SO WHAT, WHO CARES. Recess is over, back to the classroom!

  31. All Mouth says:

    She clearly stated that she used the tape for her protection at the time and has no intention of playing the tape!

    let it go already, why are you grasping straws

    it was also nothing she bought up, the premier bought her tape up so what is it you are going on about Marc Bean seriously

  32. campervan says:

    Mr. Bean I witnessed you bully the gay community in Bermuda recently.
    Its but a small step from a gay bashing to misogyny.
    I therefore conclude that Nandi was wise to take precautions when alone in a room with you.

    Being “civil” surely does not involve reigning your “fire and brimstone fundamentalist religious mumbo jumbo” on the community you claim to represent does it?

    PLP please lose the religious radical and get yourself a moderate and empathetic leader.

  33. well... says:

    You asked
    “Regardless of whom one supports politically, one thing must be asked. Who in Bermuda can justify the unethical recording someone’s conversation?”

    It appears that you agree with phone tapping per your statement:
    Mr. Bean discussed his allegations, said his phone is tapped, and said tapes exist that would “bring the Government to its knees in 24 hours.”

    Did you forget that you informed us that you tapped your own phone and have unethical recordings of your own?

    Also while recording a conversation had in person is unethical but not illegal (does that phrase sound familiar?) I believe that recording without consent over telephone is illegal as per Telecommunications Act 1986:

    No person, not being authorized by all the parties to any private signal shall
    tap any wire, cable or optical fibre or by using any other device or arrangement, shall
    secretly overhear, intercept, or record such signal in the course of telecommunication by
    using any electronic or other device:
    Provided that it shall be lawful for any police officer or officer of a Carrier acting
    with the consent of the person renting a circuit to tap or trace such circuit, or by using any
    other device secretly to overhear, intercept or record a communication passing over such
    circuit in order to detect an offence under section 53.
    No person, be he a participant or not in the act or acts prohibited in this section
    shall knowingly possess any tape record, wire record, disc record, or any other such record,
    or copies thereof, of any communication or spoken word secured in the manner prohibited
    by this Act, or replay the same for any other person or persons, or communicate the
    contents thereof, either verbally or in writing, or furnish transcriptions thereof, whether
    complete or partial, to any other person.

    If that is the case, then you just admitted to possessing the tapes even if you did not tap your own phone.

  34. watchfuleyes says:

    @Sandy Bottom… if someone is accusing you of something the burden of proof is on them- the judge will say where is your evidence Nandi, she just can’t say he said this or that, how do we even know there IS a tape? take her word for it, take Craig’s word for it? yes right, she has proven to be unethical now. I can guarantee that tape will disappear!
    @Barracuda… exactly, so therefore the police should be able to tell you if a recording done unbeknownst to a person is legal or not, shouldn’t they? and they say this one was illegally done.. maybe she will have to go to court to decide then the infamous tape will have to appear.

  35. Tank Rain says:

    Both sides are full of it and care only about party and not country, this is obvious.

    Every one of these “issues” is about the other side of the aisle, not about fixing what is broke. A recorded conversation doesn’t put people to work or stop crime. An alleged, but never proven bribe doesn’t fix the educational system.

    With each article, TV statement, press release it just gets sadder and somehow more comical.

  36. X man says:

    You just finished jacking up the Premier and now your talking about trust — lol lol
    What’s this’ you launch a missile at you enemy – blow up most of his or her people than expect a hand shake!
    Marc Bean what you have done was started a war that will never end.
    Or did you wake up and realize all this he said that she said nasty politicking will divide the country to the point that
    much needed progress will be slowed down – and might not be in favor with a good majority of Bermudians.
    Only the extreme political fanatics think they will benefit from the stuff you have embroiled yourself and others into.
    Sorry don’t trust you Brother – and to think when you first took over I thought you were a sharp guy.

  37. Hurricane says:

    Does anyone believe that there is a tape? Lies, lies and more lies! SMH

  38. jt says:

    The possibility of collaboration was long ago squandered by the PLP, if it ever really existed. Clearly there is no benefit to it if we are to dig ourselves out of the hole they left us in anytime soon. We’ve been past the pipe dream of collaboration for ages. The government just needs to carry on and get things done….blinders on to anything not relevant to improving the economy, creating jobs and reducing the debt. Unity will come from success in these areas.

  39. Triangle Drifter says:

    He said, she said, he said, she said. It goes on & on like a couple of children in the schoolyard. Maybe somebody said something they should not have said. Who really cares? What does it really matter? At this point lets hear it & move on. There are far more important issues to deal with rather than the constant political point scoring.

    As Navin Johnson, & many others, say, Bermuda is in a dire financial mess which has a bill of something like $220,000 per DAY to maintain the interest. For those a little slow at math, that is near enough $4 per day for each of us, $28 per week each for interest. That is alot more than gas costs me a week.

    The group that got us into this financial disaster need to get out of the way & let the people put in to deal with it devote their full time dealing with it instead of having to deal with constant distractions.

  40. I heart 441 says:

    Enough with the he said, she said. Lets move on with more feasible issues concerning our country. There are still thousands of people out of work, lets concentrate on getting those numbers down. Show our Bermudian friendliness to a tourist today, hug a family member.

    I’m so sick of negative news.

    Everyone have a Bermudiful day!

  41. George says:

    What a load of non-sense Mr. Bean! You make personal and slanderous accusations against fellow politicians in the House and publicly through all outlets of the media without providing any evidence to back up these accusations and then try and deflect the obvious negative response they create by trying to get people to believe this is a moral/ethical dilemma of national importance that we face?! Please Mr. Bean get off the Soap Box and out of the way and let someone with the maturity, dignity and integrity lead your party and the Opposition. Bermuda will be a much better place for it!

  42. Unbelievebale says:

    Oh please. Plans??!! You now have plans to fix all the problems your team made? The team you still have in place at the top of the PLP. It’s just like the PLP saying the OBA is the old PLP. Relics!
    Come on. You’re just as bad now as you were before.

    I had lots of high hopes for Marc Bean but after the year of listening to him talk about conspiracies, Harry Potter and devils makes me believe he is NOT ready to be a leader of a country. He may lead a political party but that’s about it. If anyone wants to fall for this, then go right ahead. Fall.

  43. Gotham says:

    You Sir are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I do not believe a word you are saying.

  44. campervan says:

    Mr. Bean you are an extremist and not fit for mainstream politics. Please step away.
    You are a religious radical leading the labour party off a cliff.
    A 10 minute interview with the liberal media in the USA (such as Bill Maher or John Stewart) would expose your true fundamentalist agenda.
    How dare you talk of unity.

  45. Chaos Theory says:

    “To this end, this week we will begin to lay out our plans and visions for the evolution of Bermuda”

    Ahhh… now is see. This whole debacle was just a precursor to the PLP launching their “new” plan for Bermuda.

    Interesting strategy.

  46. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    it’s time to go away like your previous cohorts beanie!

  47. Joonya says:

    National Unity? You mean for the PLP/BIU Nation right…?

  48. Whathesaid says:

    And this is the “gospel” according to Marc…. so let it be heard, so let it be done????

  49. Grand Architect of the Universe says:

    PLP is pathetic.

    they took our country dry and destroyed the future for all generations.

    they are trying so hard to discredit the OBA,

    first using white slander and anti-white racism and conspiracy,

    what next?

    get a life,

    in a modern, civilized world, the PLP would never have been voted in

    IN TWO TERMS, THE PLP PUT US $1,400,000,000 in debt.

  50. Grand Architect of the Universe says:

    “Progressive Labour Party” is a term used around the world to denote a SOCIALIST party, aka Communism-based.!

    • Gotham says:

      There is absolutely nothing progessive about Mr. Bean, and most of the PLP’s fourteen years of Government were a complete and utter betrayal of labouring folks. But you are nonetheless right, Bean and his cronies would thrive in a Stalinist, Fidel Castro style regime.

  51. BlueFamiliar says:

    What concerns me most, Mr. Bean, is that I think you might actually believe all the things you keep saying.

  52. Poli-Tricks says:

    YAWN! Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t care about this so called tape! PLEASE stop wasting time and energy on this crap and focus on bettering Bermuda once and for all! All this serves as is a distraction to keep us the people from demanding better of the government as a whole. Both parties need to do a better job of working together to improve our Island and stop playing these damn games that serve no purpose in getting the work done! I’m over the soap opera story lines…


    CLOWNS and Jokers the lot, and there are a few frequent bloggers/contributors to these comment sections that fit the same bill. How many people did the NSA of America “spy” on? you may well be one of them. GET A LIFE BERMUDA we ALL DESERVE BETTER!!!

  54. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    i haven’t heard anyone ask if this meeting between davis and bean was “official”…”professional” …or a “casual” meeting between two people just talking…answer this an i’ll get back to you .

  55. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Everyone heard the interview today with Minister S Crockwell?



      no they didn’t, I for one was at work with no radio, guess I will have to wait for TV news

  56. Looking in says:

    Bring out de Nandi tape!

  57. Honestly says:

    Totally embarrassed with how theses so called politicians chosen by the people to represent Bermuda are acting like they belong in classrooms. Again we are on the wrong track in regards to improving Bermuda as a whole. No matter which agenda we are following if it is best for everyone. This means both sides. Get a life! You all need to get to work and focus on what it important for Bermuda and it’s people!

    Signed: Had Enough of this Drama

    P.S. Let it go!