Video: Marc Bean Elected New PLP Leader

December 21, 2012

[Updated: The election was between Terry Lister and Marc Bean, with Mr Bean being elected the new Party Leader by a margin of 111 - 35. Derrick Burgess remains the Deputy Leader.]

The Progressive Labour Party is hosting a Special Delegates Conference this evening [Dec 21] to select a new Party Leader following the resignation of former Premier and Party Leader Paula Cox who lost her seat to the OBA’s Glen Smith.

The person selected as party leader must be an elected MP. The 17 elected PLP MPs are: Lovitta Foggo, Derrick Burgess, Wayne Furbert, Glenn Blakeney, Walter Roban, Michael Weeks, Walton Brown, David Burt, Rolfe Commissiong, Lawrence Scott, Marc Bean, Zane DeSilva, Randy Horton, Terry Lister, Kim Wilson, Dennis Lister and Michael Scott.

Slideshow of people entering the meeting, click bottom on the right side to move to next photo:

The last time the PLP voted in a new leader was in October 2010. Three MPs put themselves forward, and Paula Cox won with 124 votes, Terry Lister received 39, and Dale Butler finished with two votes.

The room appears to be packed, the car park is full of cars, and the ‘whos who’ of the PLP could be seen entering the building. Lawyer and PLP supporter Marc Daniels was handing out a flyer to those who entered detailing attributes a leader should have. To read it click here.

The conference is open to delegates only, however we will update with the results as able.

Update 7.39pm: From what we have been able to ascertain, Terry Lister and Marc Bean are the two MPs who are in the running. Kim Wilson, Walton Brown, Walter Roban, Rolfe Commissiong and Derek Burgess all appeared to have been nominated, but appeared to have declined. The conference is still underway, right now there are speakers addressing the attendees.

Update 8.01pm: Marc Bean is now speaking

Update 8.13pm: Marc Bean has finished speaking….he got a very good reaction…with a lot of the people in the room giving him a standing ovation. Mr Lister is making his way to the front area to begin speaking

Update 8.20pm: Mr Lister has finished speaking, the crowd’s reaction did not seem as enthusiastic as it was to Mr Bean’s speech.

Update 9.01pm: They appear to be counting votes now. From the vague gist we are able to obtain it appears like Mr Bean may be ahead at this time, but the vote count is not finished.

Update 9.05pm: At last check Mr Bean continued to lead in the voting, we are awaiting confirmation on the results now

Update 9.16pm: Marc Bean has been elected the new PLP leader, winning by a commanding margin.

Mr Bean was appointed to the Senate in 2008, and was elected to the House of Assembly in 2010 in the Warwick South Central by-election. He was appointed as Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy in November 2011, and served in that capacity until the December 2012 election.

A qualified air traffic control specialist, he has held a FAA commercial pilot’s license, with multi-engine, and instrument ratings. He has served on the Bermuda Independence Commission, the Telecommunications Commission, the Public Transportation Board, The Public Vehicle Service Licensing Board, the Air Transport Licensing Board, and as the Deputy-Chairman of WEDCO.

Update 10.11pm: The vote was 111 to 35. Mr Bean is pictured below after tonight’s convention with his wife and Deputy Leader Derrick Burgess.

Update 10.58pm: Speaking after the Conference, Mr Bean said the PLP will be rebuilding the party, will focus on being a strong Opposition, and will conduct themselves as a Government-in-waiting. The new Opposition Leader also noted that just as they have 17 seats so they aren’t going to “stop or block legislation for the sake of it.”

“Historically it has been said if we are pro labour we must be anti-business,” said Mr Bean “That concept has to change. It’s clear that without risk takers, without business persons, you cannot create employment.”

Speaking on race, Mr Bean said: “Our approach that is going to be different in that we are going to take a higher ground. The narrative on race that has permeated Bermuda for the last several decades…we are going to take the lead and take that narrative to a higher level.

“It’s no need for racists in this country. It’s no need for race baiting in the country. I think a man respects you when you respect yourself. It is better to compete and co-operate than to complain.”

“That will be our focus going forward. We are not going to be pointing finger at people, and we are not going to be playing the victim…as if someone else is their oppressors.”

“Obviously we are going to be conscious of the fact we still have racist attitudes in the country. But those attitudes are best ignored, and the focus should be on the higher and finer things that connect us as a people.”

“Race right now is somewhat in a box,” said Mr Bean. “In the end, we are all Bermudians…”

Update 11.27pm: BIU President Chris Furbert was at the Conference, and speaking afterwards he said he thinks Mr Bean has the energy the party needs.

Update Dec 22: A statement from the PLP said: “At the Progressive Labour Party Special Delegates Conference, Mr. Marc Bean was selected as the Party’s new Leader. Mr. Bean, the Member of Parliament for Constituency 26, Warwick South Central, defeated Mr. Terry Lister for the Leadership position. The position of Deputy Leader will continue to be held by Mr. Derrick Burgess.”

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  1. Watching says:

    Big whoop! I wonder of they car pooled?

    • Moonbeam says:

      OMG – they had to pay for their own gas !!!!

      • Blurt says:

        They have a PLP green machine, their own cars, taxis, buses and bikes. I’m sure they did’n't encounter any transport.

        Marc Bean, please work together with the OBA for a better future for Bermudians and Bermuda. People are far more important than Party at every level. Always say this to yourself before you make any statement or take any action.

        Good luck in your new role and congratulations.

        • Blurt says:

          …any transport issues.

          Sorry I missed the end of that sentence.

          • Hurts When I Laugh says:

            That Party is Imploding!!! LMFAO

            • drunkenUrsula says:

              wait unitl OBA implodes…Milkman cant be in the back ground for long….bye Craig…

    • SoMuchMore says:


      • Good Luck Marc says:

        Good luck Marc Bean. There’s a lot of work to do. You’ve got to rebrand your image to the people and most certainly change the way the PLP campaigns. Keep standing strong for Bermudians but please understand the economy and how international business factors in to every day life. Find the root cause of where the party went wrong and begin your ascent. PLP isn’t finished it just needs some time to reevaluate an reorganize. Please recruit some of the great minds of Bermuda. Be a true leader and definitely not an elitist or egoist.

        Good Luck

    • Steven Gerrard says:

      Marc Bean, one of Ewart Brown’s cronies. Nice progress PLP.

    • Out of flight says:

      Poor Terry Lister. Why do they hate him so to send him to the side lines AGAIN?

      • Webster says:

        Terry Lister is boring !!!!and with stupid grin enough already,

      • They're idiots... says:

        Because the people are illogical and emotional!!!! It’s no wonder the PLP lost!!!

    • A new day A new government but I see we still have jackasse’s that remain the same by the stupid comments you make.

      Government vehichles belong to us the people and the P.L.P candidates do have and has always had before becoming the government.

      So your comments should be to congradulate Mr Marc Bean who I think will do a fantastic job at being the new leader of the P.L.P,it will take a very strong leader and team to be a good opposition.

      O.B.A supporters will sit in their glory days for a short minute but now it is time for delivery and for the fools that think they can do it,let me remind you that it will take all of us and they cant do it alone.we can not do it without them and they can not do it without us.

      I think the O.B.A has picked a good team and that they are workers that will get things done and we need to support them but equally we need to encourage the P.L.P that they will have to be even a stronger opposition the second time around and be very careful because they very well can be appointed the next government sooner then you think.

      We the younger generation are sick and tired of political games and are moving into an era,that if the government of the day cant do what is right by the peopler,we have the power to not have to wait 5 years but over throw any government that dont function on behalf of the people.

      So I close by saying that save the negativity toward either party and get on with the damn work needed to rebuilding a better Bermuda.

      Once again congradulations to Mr Marc Bean who I know will do a first class job.

      • Gary Lewis says:

        Mr. Santucci, well said.
        As an OBA supporter, I have been appalled at the racist rhetoric coming from the PLP party and similarly disgusted with the comments from both PLP and OBA bloggers. Mr. Bean, I have not agreed on his stand on some environment issues and the PLP ‘s frivolous use of SDOs. However, in just 6 minutes he has persuaded me that there is hope for the PLP to be an excellent Opposition.
        Mr Bean has a tough task ahead of him not just as the Leader of the Opposition but to move the PLP forward with the anchors of the ‘old guard’ still in place.
        MR. Bean, congratulations, good luck and thank you for your dedication to the people of Bermuda.

        • drunkenUrsula says:

          craig and Marc need to remove the OLD GUARD, as we saw election night nothing new in OBA same OLD BOY’S NEWTWOK

      • media says:

        Remember people have a right to make a fool of themselves. You have no control over that.

        I wish Marc Bean all the best in his new role as Leader of the PLP.

    • Black Gurl says:

      Er, Marc who?

  2. Chris F says:

    Go Derrick!

    • Is that you Chris Furbert? says:


    • SHANNON says:

      What are you watching for if all you are contributing are assinine comments!!!!

      • Chris F says:

        Crash and Burn Effect?

        • Just Us says:

          Congratulations Mr. Marc Bean,
          keep pressing forward with an open and conscious vision, let’s get our young people on the right track of progression… I applaud you.

  3. Watching says:

    Chris de white bie is going to be elected.

  4. Get Ready says:

    Choose wisely or OBA for another 35 years!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      Lets hope so ! The way things are shaping up so far the OBA is looking good for the next few elections

      • mixitup says:

        Puhleeese!!! Marc is no Nandi trust me on that!

        • Truth (Original) says:

          ….we know.

          • fancy fase says:

            The problem with most of you who don’t have neither the guts nor courage to try and make Bermuda a better place just run off your fat mouths like foolish folks but Nandi is the youngest Mp and she proved herself worthy to the St. George’s people now give her a chance to do whatever it is she needs to do. Stop hating on young folks that are at lesat trying to make change. She is a very well spoken young lady with an education. Watch her grow and save your dumb comments. Could you do a better job? Would you have the courage and strength to go out on door steps and voice your opinions and try to make a change? Probably not that’s why you write put down comments about folks you think you know or just don’t know at all.

            Be wise not foolish and give the new party their turn to do what is right for our island

            • very well spoken and I am in total agreement,Nandi has done extremely well and she deserves our support as she will be one of our future leaders for many years to come regardless of which party she will be in.

              Congradulations to you Nandi and may you be successful for centuries to come,Bermuda needs that younger thinking possitive individual that is not afraid to get the job done in a modern techicnology age that we live in.

              The people of your constituency have much faith in you and that is why you have been choosen.moreover I believe God himself has brought you to your divine destiny,so let the haters talk their damn foolishness as this will only make you strong,you are only as good as your worst critic.they are so simple they can’t see it.

        • Webster says:

          mixup, mark and nandi would make a good looking couple,these young people are what is going to be the salvation of Bermuda.
          Mark, think for yourself and do not be persuaded by others,you have come a long way young man all the best to you.

  5. Balanced Facts says:

    Get Marc Daniels in there, he is brighter than most of them!

    • Webster says:

      Is Mark Daniels in partnership with Mark Pettingill ? is their law firm called chartered chambers ?

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      GET MILKMAN in contral…Craig not so bright…

  6. Surf's up! says:

    Wer’s Zane de Pain???

    • BDAHermit says:

      Deputy Leader?

      • Um jus sayin.... says:

        B4 u all take this to another level without the TRUTH…one has to confirm whether to be considered…I say no more!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      He’s losing interest. There’s much less financial reason to hang around these days.

  7. SoMuchMore says:

    Flip Flop don’t want the position cause he’ll be glued to the PLP… we all know he wants to go to the OBA LOL

  8. M.R. says:

    Marc Bean getting a better reaction than Lister??

    They’re going for the young vote. The PLP is realising they aren’t connecting with young voters.

  9. BDAHermit says:

    Looks like it’s Bean vs Lister.

  10. New Kid on the block says:

    I agree, if you are not interested in the PLP you all should keep your crazy mouths up!!!!!

  11. Red Hind says:

    Can someone please ask Marc Bean what happened to the 3 dog parks he promised and who owns that property that had incomplete plans on Spice Hill Road that over ruled the DAB and an independent inspector on?

    • Soooooo says:

      That’s a friends air FAMILY project …. Had to sneak it brought even though parliament had been disolved!! But, he is still preferable to Dereck Burgess…..

    • GoodIdea BadIdea says:

      Still wouldn’t mind a dog park or two….

  12. nadia says:

    They probably had to take the bus as they lost their ride!

    • SoMuchMore says:

      They had to take a car pool cause the bus never showed up and they could not call anyone cause they had no phones or ipad’s. Now they’re realizing how us people feel… DUMMIES! Welcome to the real world. LOL

    • frank says:

      why dom’t you stop your stupid a===ss from saying anything

      • Leeann says:

        Name calling? grow the hell up and go back to your XBOX. This is grown folks talk.

  13. Get Ready says:

    If Marc Bean is chosen as PLP leader, well OBA have nothing to worry about for the next 35 years!

    • Moonbeam says:

      MARC the Bean would be a mistake ! It should be Lister. He has experience and charisma under his PLP belt !

      • Pilot001 says:

        i dont think so Moonbeam

      • Umjusssayin says:

        You were smart to leave out the first name, because you sure aren’t referring to Terry as having damn charisma!! He has as much charisma as a damn wood plank!

  14. Small fry says:

    I don’t see Rev. Leroy Bean, Vince Ingham, Wayne Perinchief, Neletha Butterfield or Jonathan Smith. Were they there or have they quit the PLP and joined the OBA?

  15. Really says:

    Hear they are giving bus passes and KFC vouchers to PLP opposition folks is that true?

  16. Really says:

    And now the iPads are gone they can log on at the fabulous library they developed for the common folk! Sweet!

  17. Observer says:

    Once again……. Great Coverage Bernews

  18. Get Ready says:

    The END of PLP, and a new Party will be formed ! There is a lot dysfunction evident in this party! The west vs central and east delegates, they will never agree, so the party of LF Wade, L B Evans, is slowly dying, even the young generation have moved to OBA or no party affiliation

    • politics says:

      Young people haven’t moved anywhere. PLP only lost because of their crap campaign. OBA came correct and the PLP have been in government long enough. We need balance this has nothing to do with affiliation. I’m young and I support the PLP but too much of any party would be bad for Bermuda.

  19. Country boy says:

    Please PLP, make Mark Bean your leader. Please, please, please.

  20. The Kid says:

    Thank you Bernews

    Its very special and comforting to get the news on time and current

    You guys are the best

    Good luck in 2013

  21. seaweed says: it bedtime already?

  22. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    I’m PLP!!!! And I hate this.

    • BDAHermit says:

      What, Marc Bean as leader or the process itself?

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

        Marc Bean as leader. As for the process, if you mean the OBA winning, hell they won fair n square whether I like it or not so they are my government…

  23. Good choice going forward. A man of integrity who has a conscience and acts accordingly.

    For those critics consider that he was offered a seat in the new OBA cabinet and on principle turned it down. So to criticize him you are also criticizing the OBA leader. Got it?

    • Get ya facts right.... says:

      Brrrrrrrrrrnnnnnttttt! Wrong answer. He was not the one offered the position. Get right…

      • Truth.... says:

        @”Get ya facts right”..You might want to tell Marc Bean that…he seems to think that he was asked….

    • Portia says:

      Actually, no, he was one of the worst offenders in Paula’s administration – telling the people that the Government’s financial policies were sound, and that our debt was sustainable – all rubbish. If that is how he honestly believes the country should be run, then it’s a good thing the PLP is the opposition, and I hope they remain that way for a long time.

      Furthermore, if he WAS the person offered a seat by the OBA, but turned it down “on principle” then what does it say about him? What principles? It shows that he is not willing to work for the betterment of Bermuda and does not really want to work with the new Government either. Very promising going forward, isn’t it? He is working for his party and that is all, not Bermudians.

      Even worse, if he was eyeing the leadership position and knew he would be nominated, then that tells you WHY he rejected the OBA offer if they made it – he wanted the leadership position, that is all. Power hungry, plain and simple.

      Nice selection, PLP.

      P.S. Mr. Lister, how many times are you going to let these lot screw you over?

      • Portia, we have to appreciate the electoral process under the Westminster System of governance. We currently have two official parties. The candidates are chosen and are sent into the public to garner voter support. Here is the conundrum, when a politican is elected on an OBA ticket, or a PLP ticket, by raising the majority support of the constituency, that individual has a responsibility to the party that promoted him or her and the supporters of that party who voted. The OBA has made an offer to invite a PLP candidate ito their Cabinet. I say this with no maice or negativity in my heart, but this offer is nothing short of disingenuous. The Cabinet holds collective responsibility and there are rules re how one serves their post in the government. If an opposition member sits with the Cabinet, he/she shall face a conflict of interest between their duties. It is that simple. What is possible however, is what we saw with the gang taskforce where a select committee was empanelled via a bi-partisan approach to try to solve an issue. That is collective governance. Merely being on opposite sides of the political fence cannot be construed as failing to work together.

        • please leave politics says:

          If the PLP put more people like you toward the front… I might be more inclined toward them… but for me personally… when you have Commisiong, Burgess, Desilva, Burch, etc as front people… I’m staying far away!

          • politics says:

            PLP will rebrand their party and recruit new candidates. They know they have to change some of their policy. Lets keep in mind PLP still have majority supporters in Bermuda. Their campaign was crap, they did show the public how they stood strong for Bermudians. Most people are not even aware of the Bank of Butterfield bailout or maybe they forgot. The OBA campaign attacked the PLP and the PLP were not sure of how to respond as they were not prepared. PLP needed to lose the election and I think it was a good thing. But they will be back in power in the future no doubt on that. There are a lot of bright minds in this country that are now inspired about politics.

            • Who wrote the report? says:

              BNTB was never bailed out as no money ever changed hands.

              The Government simply guaranteed the $200 million preference share issue and actually makes a small % annually from te arrangement. As it stands now the Bank will never be required to call on this guarantee and as such the Government is making a profit from this arrangement.

              A bail out woud be the forgiving of the BIU performance bond debt with no request and/or expectations to ever be repaid these taxpayer funds.

          • drunkenUrsula says:

            you trust people like GIBBONS MILKMAN MONIZ….you’re a joke…

        • Edmund Wells says:

          “, that individual has a responsibility to the party that promoted him or her and the supporters of that party who voted.”

          Mr. Daniels-

          Interesting selection of priorities- party first, then voters. Also interesting view of who is represented- shouldn’t a representative represesnt all of the residents of their constituency, not just the ones that voted for them?


        • Rick Rock says:

          Marc, the conventions about collective responsibility would not necessarily prohibit an opposition MP from being a cabinet member. The issue the individual would face is this: what is more important?…
          - participating in cabinet, having his/her views taken into account, helping to move the country forward, putting the interests of the country first, or
          - putting party first, being loyal to party over everything else including the country, putting a ‘principle’ over the idea of participating in cabinet, perpetuating the old idea of conflict rather than cooperation.

          That’s how it appears to the electorate too. After turning down an invitation to be in the cabinet, the PLP can hardly complain when things happen that it doesn’t agree with.

      • Why don’t u guys take a break….ur wasting time and energy…..they say empty vessel make the most noise

    • Rick Rock says:

      “A man of integrity..”? Oh, right, except when he mysteriously overturned the planning rejection at Spice Hill for an as-yet-unnamed developer.

      Or when he dragged his feet dealing with the Roban / Furbert / DeSilva scandal.

      He has ‘integrity’ only if measured by PLP standards.

  24. 02/19 says:

    Well done twin. All the best.

  25. Uncle Chris F says:

    You can take dat to de bank. Marc Bean will be a forn in de Oh Bee Eh’s side. He vill make shure de Oh Bee Eh guvument iz on der tipie toez all de time.

  26. Evie says:

    Great coverage as always, Bernews!

  27. Get Ready says:

    Well ! Well, ! and OBA can open the last bottle of champagne ! Cheers ! Have a thinking holiday and a very .. … Whatever future PLP …..

    • Leeann says:

      Really!! They are saving the last bottle of champagne for when they vote Craig out.

      • Get Ready says:

        In your dreams! Watch the OBA show for the next 20 yrs! Enjoy !

        • Leeann says:

          Now that would be a nightmare.

        • We really should mature in our political thinking. Change is healthy. The whole concept of a party in power for more than three terms can be scary indeed. Every few terms there should be change. Keep our leaders on their toes and allow the Parties to self-reflect and evolve with the times. Neithe the OBA or the PLP should remain government for 20+ years as that would not serve any of us well.

          • Truth (Original) says:


          • please leave politics says:

            Like I said… they should have put you out there…. but nope, it seems your party wants the most divisive people out there as opposed to intelligent, well spoken, and reasonable individuals.

            • media says:

              He wasn’t eligible. He put his name forward to challenge for a constituency but lost his bid. Yes, I agree he is the balanced kind of person that should and probably will lead the Party but not right now, maybe next time. I just wish he was on the other side. I am sure he has given it some thought as I am sure Kim Wilson has too. She is known in some circles as OBA friendly!

        • politics says:

          That will never happen because our country will be out of balance. That’s why we have a bipartisan government.

      • frank says:

        i give the oba 3 months before they all start fighting notice no kenny in cabinet i know he is blue mad

    • Um jus sayin.... says:

      Inexperience at the helm on both ends…all around politics is a JOKE! U all don’t realize what this means…bigger than all of u/them…means running a country and messing with people’s lives!!!

  28. Small fry says:

    Marc Bean a protégé of Dr. Ewart Brown is the new leader of the PLP. Bernews, I think if you check your facts you might find that Mr. Bean is no longer a qualified/licensed Air Traffic Controller specialist. I think you lose your license after certain period of being inactive and I am almost certain he has not being working in this field recently…

    • Rick Rock says:

      I believe air traffic controllers have to take period drug tests too.

  29. Truth (Original) says:

    Marc Bean. Wow.

    Has he taken a drug test yet? Our MPs should be tested. All of them, without exception.

  30. Small fry says:

    Bernews is Derrick Burgess still Deputy Leader of PLP?

    • Bernews says:

      We think so yes, but just waiting on concrete confirmation before we update with it…

  31. BDAHermit says:

    Marc Bean has some free thinking ideas and is a good young man, although on some issues they might need to keep him on a leash. Also, I know Marc has some skeletons in his closet and hopefully for his sake they don’t get released.

    Good pick overall, could have done much worse.

    • Proud to be Bermudian (again!) says:

      Grow up. Everybody has skeletons in their closets. Life is about learning and growing from your mistakes. Who that is without sin, let them cast the first stone.

  32. Nicki k says:

    Why can’t some people voice an opinion rather than making silly remarks about car pooling and catching buses! Didn’t the UBP go through the same transition? We should be more concerned about some of the new appointments! Do your homework. There is a large number of young OBA supporters (they said they are) communicating their disappointment in not having more fresh faces. Even OBA supporters are questioning what is going on. We should be discussing what we as a people feel needs to be addressed, regardless of race and salary. Governments work for people, old, new and even renewed.

    • Small fry says:

      The economy needs to be addressed that’s why PLP have voted for Mr. Marc Bean as he seems to have some great ideas on how to “grow” the economy – mining the sea bed, long line fishing, drilling for oil & gas, the “Blue & Green” economy, promising to build dog parks before year end,building orphanages, nursing homes on Spice Hill, legalizing MJ, etc..

    • A New Day?? says:

      It is interesting to hear what those that voted for OBA are saying saying about Craig Cannonier.

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        A New Day??
        Unless you were in the booth looking over peoples shoulders, you have no way of knowing how they voted!

        Sometimes people say what they think you want to hear.

        • A New Day?? says:

          They voted OBA. Had it all over social media for months and they are not happy with the position Craig has been put in.

          • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

            The social media forms the basis for your spouting such nonsense?
            That explains a lot-thanks!

      • politics says:

        I’m happy about the OBA being elected but I do not subscribe to Craig Cannonier he simply has not earned his stripe. 13months of political experience and now your the premier? I would have liked to see another candidate be elected with experience. Grant Gibbons I think would have made a great leader due to his huge history in politics.

        Not to mention Craig declined to debate Paula Cox which was huge lack of leadership. Leaders stand strong for the party, their plan and mostly their people. Craig has not demonstrated that and became premier. He is by far the worst leader I’ve ever seen in my life.

        Could you imagine if Obama declined to debate Romney if that is even possible?

        • 75 and sunny says:

          go away. you have no idea what you are talking about. ‘by far the worst leader you have seen in your life’? you haven’t been many places i guess, or heard of cnn…. also, sure you know from observing how the plp ran their campaign that there would not have been any real debate – it would have just been political grandstanding by paula. craig, in this instance, as advised by the group as a whole, not to engage in her game.

          • Politics says:

            Nope I haven’t heard of CNN or any other news station and I haven’t ever read a history book or searched Google either. Your excuse saying it was a party decision doesn’t make it right. The public wanted to see a debate. He should have been the leader and stood is ground fair and square. But nope, the OBA says he is too busy with canvassing like they haven’t had all the time in the world to canvass. We are talking one evening for a couple of hours. Oh wait… he’s the leader but he has to take orders because he’s just a surrogate right?

        • Jim Jones says:

          Ewart Brown declined a debate with Dunkley last time around. Just sayin….

          • Politics says:

            Who said Ewart Brown was a great leader? He had almost 0 integrity. So you pick your battles wisely when it come to a political debate? That’s not comforting for the voting public. It makes a statement and for him to decline and say some excuse in the letter about he is canvassing?? Like really?? That was a bunch of garbage.

        • Time Passages says:

          For the OBA to form only a year ago and for a completely inexperienced person to become Premier says a lot about how bad things were under the PLP. People would probably have voted for a dog turd to get the Pathetic Lying Party out.

          PLP is finished – read that – FINISHED.

          Eat your sour grapes.

        • Rick Rock says:

          The OBA won the election. Get over it.

          By the way, when Ewart Brown declined to debate prior to the 2007 election, was that a “huge lack of leadership”, or is it ‘different’ when the PLP do it?

          • Politics says:

            Yes it was a lack of leadership no matter which party does it. Why do people on here keep pointing fingers. Whats wrong is wrong.

            • Rick Rock says:

              And he’s the ‘worst leader you’ve seen in your life’? Declining to debate on TV is worse, in your mind, than getting the country $1.5bn in debt, allowing crime to become ridiculously out of hand, allowing 4,000 Bermudians to be out of work?

              I see.

            • squids rule says:

              according to who? you? whatever. so far you have said nothing constructive. we all have a GREAT opportunity to move forward TOGETHER here. this was offered to us by the OBA. this was not offered to us by the PLP. craig cannonier said it best when he said ““cabinet is there to work on behalf of the people, not on behalf of a party’s caucus…” . with the PLP, it was very clear that paula cox and her cabinet only felt they represented the PLP, not ALL of bermuda. so why don’t you stop looking backwards and criticizing everything you see and get on board with the PRESENT and the FUTURE. try being positive and contributing something useful for a change. merry christmas.

        • longtail says:

          “Craig ……is by far the worst leader I’ve ever seen in my life.”

          Sorry, that position has already been taken.

    • Um jus sayin.... says:

      A free world and what makes the world go round…um jus sayin!

  33. swing voter says:

    donno if bean can pull support from all thr fractions to brin the party back from the edge…..good luck

  34. mixitup says:

    Congrats Marc Bean! Marc is a true grass roots son of the soil, and smart as a whip! OBA Beware! He is a future Premier, I knew this from growing up with him..

    • With the help of Dr. Brown he might be Premier one day, but I question his committment and stamina as 5 years is long time to wait especially for someone who is used to flying jets.

    • Cleancut says:

      Who isn’t “grass roots” sons of soils? We all are, stop using that silly phrase.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      It’s amazing how out of touch you are. This selection has ensured the OBAs next election victory.

    • politics says:

      PLP need years to get their party together. They need to do some thinking. I hope they can recruit some of the young and bright minds out there. Some of our Bermudians graduate from top universities and become very successful. I hope the PLP can recruit more diversity in their members as well.

  35. Cleancut says:

    Marc Bean the baby boy the PLP leader? what a sad day for the PLP, so it has come down to this for the PLP has it? Cox, Dame Smith, Ewart, Burch, Butler, Horton and others must be considering suicide right now.

    • A New Day?? says:

      If the OBA can elect Craig Cannonier as the Premier than surely the PLP had not problem naming Marc Bean as party leader.

      • Um jus sayin.... says:

        No lie! But u all taking this politics 4 joke now!

    • SoMuchMore says:

      Come on it can’t be that bad. Give the Man a chance will you.

  36. Triangle Drifter says:

    Amazing! the PLP actually gets something done in just over an hour. Who would have ever thought that was possible?

    What happened to the popular choice, Kim Wilson? Did she not want the job? Keeping her options open perhaps?

    Too bad they did not go for a 2 for 1 & get themselves a new deputy leader too. Derrick Burgess taking orders from somebody half his age???? Oh this is going to be fun to watch.

    • politics says:

      It happens everyday. I’m young and I advise people that are older than me on decisions all the time. So what is exactly your point? You cannot use age as a determination of how good someone is a for a role nor can you use it to determine how smart someone is.

  37. Errin Butterfield says:

    Congratulations Marc I am wishing you the best.In my opinion its laughable how some peolpe can be so negative and childish at the same time while hiding behind a pen name.

    • Leeann says:

      You called it correct Errin. They are so childish.

    • Get Ready says:

      : the quality or state of being real
      a (1) : a real event, entity, or state of affairs (2) : the totality of real things and events
      b : something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily

      Definition PLP!

  38. w$%^stupid says:

    I just want ppl to see how these c$%^&*(* really feel about you.

    And you put these bi%^^%$ back in power

  39. Positive says:

    Congrats Mr. Bean! I hope you lead plp back onto the right track and too all you bernews haters, go find something else to do with yourselves instead of bringing down the person who we should be congratulating

    • Get Ready says:

      @Positive , without Negative , you do not exist ! It’s a people party and a PLUS our opinions our opinion always count!

  40. Soooooo says:

    According to Chris Furbert, the vote was around 111 to 35. Nothing that comes out of his mouth can be believed so who knows!!!!!

  41. A New Day?? says:

    I guess that is why the OBA wanted him in their cabinet. They know he can contribute more than Craig Cannonier.

    • Get ya facts right.... says:

      Again….brnnnnnttttttt…the wasn’t the one…plz try again…

      • Itsaboutallofus says:

        actually he was.

      • Leeann says:

        Again… he can still contribute more than Craig Cannonier and even you know that is a fact.

        • Get Ready says:

          Leeann, enjoy the holidays, hopefully, you get in 2013!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Now how might that be? Lets see….he his a station manager for an airline that flys what….2 flights a day??? Tough job. Requires following lots of company procedure, not much room for free thinking in an airline.

    • Get Ready says:


  42. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    Congratulations Marc . . .stay steadfast . . .ignore the ignorant comments . . .you and Derrick should make a dynamic duo.

    All this trash talking about Marc bean, yet he was the one PLP MP the OBA tried to get to cross the floor . . .now they mad because he showed them he’s not a lacky and he’s not at all weak!!!!

    Stand Strong together!!!!

  43. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Congratulations Marc! Show us what your made of! We are all behind you and will work with you!

  44. 100% says:

    Good choice PLP!!! As a young voter I can support Marc Bean. I am disappointed at some(not all) of the OBA supporters comments on here. Your negitave comments do not represent change. If Marc Bean was so bad as some suggest on here then why did the Premier invite him to join the OBA?

    Bernews, will you post a video or transcript of Marc Bean’s speech?


    • Bernews says:

      The meeting was a party meeting…it wasn’t open to the press. We spoke with Mr Bean afterwards however, and just posted the video…

    • Get Ready says:

      100%, think 5 – 15 yrs for PLP to be in government , do you think he can unite, the Lister, Jennifer, Cox, the west, central and the east, young and next generation? Look at the party history , for the last 14 years, be a realistic ! Be Marc Bean for a minute, look behind you……. Seriously, 1.5 $$$ billion debt, jobless Bermudians in the last 25 yrs, crime, …how can you go against the OBA for the efforts to clean PLP mess??????? Ya , reality , it that simple , either you get it or you are dump!

    • de ja vodoo says:

      PlP are the kings and queens of spin and negativity. Rofl.

  45. Get Ready says:

    The train is left the station PLP, after a 1.5 billion $$$$$ debt, jobless for about 2000 Bermudians , failing schools, crime, ….plus a lot of … Ya.. You get the idea does PLP think in the next 5 years they will convince Bermudians to elect them, seriously???

    Well 15 years !! Minimum With a new party, new generation, the current generation of Marc Bean will just enjoy the opposition! Well Bermuda welcome to your future, OBA

    Let’s be realistic !

    • Cleancut says:

      Basically, the OBA just have to stable the economy and provide a welcoming atmosphere to our foreign businesses and workers, the rest will fall into place.

      With jobs starting to open up under the OBA and the disappearance of the racial rhetoric from the PLP, I really can’t see the PLP ever becoming government again.

      At least not for another 30 years!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Hmmmmm, well the UBP had their internal problems yet still managed the Island in a responsible way & the voters, in their wisdom, threw the UBP out.

        Never underestimate the ignorance of the average voter. See how easily they voted the PLP back in time after time. Even this time the OBA did not beat the PLP by much despite dismal performance of the PLP.

    • politics says:

      You cannot predict how well Bermuda will do with the OBA policy. You must be mindful of the world economy. The OBA will try their best but they will have shortcomings. They are going to open the door even more for foreigners and we are hoping that trickle down economics works in Bermuda. Having more foreigners here is a double edge sword.

      The PLP will be back in office and that’s a fact. This election has inspired lots of people in Bermuda to become leaders of this country as they know they can do a much better job. Craig is not a leader, we watched a man with only 13 months political experience, decline to debate Paula Cox and then he wasn’t even able to hold a press conference that is mind boggling. Bermuda has some bright minds out there. Leaders will step up and show Bermuda what true leadership is about in both parties.

      • #ArtOfWar says:

        I predict PLP will form the next government in 5yrs.. It doesn’t matter whether the OBeAh mon can bring the moon to earth they will be voted out.. History shows as long as its a high voter turnout i.e. 70% or higher the PLP win..
        This election was decided on about 14 votes and I can guarantee the next election the voter turnout will be much higher which will be bad for the OBeAh mon..
        No miracle cure or snake oil will save the OBeAh mon from defeat.. *str8 face*

      • Cleancut says:

        The PLP has never had true leadership during their reign, not counting Marc Bean that is. Leaders like Dr. Brown, Paula Cox and Col. Burch, have put the PLP where they are today.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Isn’t it easy to forget who, in 2007 when challenged by the UBP to a debate, declined saying, “It is not in our interest to engage in a debate”.

        To avoid the whole debate question maybe a debate between Premier & Opposition Leader plus a debate between Finance Minister & shadow Finance Minister should be MANDATORY in the run up to elections.

  46. Destroyed My Life Membership Card says:

    Stop fooling yourselves PLP. Marc Bean and those of his ilk are THE underlying reason so many stayed away from the polls. Bermudians expect someone in whom they can take pride but this arrogant, untrustworthy, poor decision maker is destined to be the proverbial straw that broke the back of the Party. Thanks Ewart for showing him the ropes. Marc will surely hang himself trying to be just like you!
    I’m disappointed in Marc Daniel’s piece about leadership. It’s dishonesty and indifference on the part of MPs that was CENTRAL to the loss and not any age factor. The elder statesmen at least have integrity.

  47. Black as it gets says:

    Okay guys the election is over. You all won fair and square, there’s no need to be mad about that and continue to spew your hatred. Marc was elected out of a pool of potentials which had to be elected as parliamentarians. Out of the seventeen that the PLP currently have several declined the position due to conflict of interest or personal or family issues. That was their right. There was a vote and Marc won the nomination plain and simple. During the election you OBA supporters cried out for change. Is this the change that you are referring to? The change back to when whites used to treat blacks with the utmost contempt and disrespect? Some of the posts above are downright racist in its simplest form. Are some of you suggesting that blacks without a government position can’t afford their own transport or even food. Wow that speaks a lot about the people that support the ObA. Believe it or not we are some of the wealthiest blacks anywhere. We are smart and resourceful. I must say that not many blacks are happy with the change of governent trust me and as long as you all spew these racial undertones it will only encourage those that decided not to vote and let the PLP lose to come out and vote in the next election. Word of advise, next time all you have to say is “congrats so and so, we look forward to working together in making Bermuda a better place and solving the issues that exist”

    • Both ways says:

      The racist undertones are on both sides of the argument. Pick any OBA story and the haters are out in full force. The “utmost contempt and disrespect” is two fold.

    • Moojun says:

      I agree entirely with you. And I say that as an OBA supporter. What all Bermudians have to remember when they read the blogs is that the posts are usually made by a small cabal of hard core, angry individuals, who support either the PLP or OBA (and let’s face it the racist posts are just as repulsive from both sets), but in themselves we should not consider them to represent whichever party they support. I am convinced that the majority of right-thinking Bermudians are done with this racial divisiveness and are looking to move on to a brighter, healthier future.

      The blogs of course will prove me wrong, but remember that the posts are by a small sample of our society and we should never forget that, lest we start to be influenced by them. And when that happens, we will truly move backwards.

    • My feeling exactly …..I have never seen so much hatred towards a group of people……..and we will fight, by stay focus and positive…..

    • White as it gets says:

      Easy pal, there’s no white conspiracy here, and there’s no your guys and our guys, the OBA leader is black, you really need to move on. Quite simply the PLP did an atrocious job of governing this country and they can have blue skin with purple spots for all I care, you don’t reward incompetence.

  48. Building a better Bermuda says:

    A heart felt congratulations to you Marc, and best of luck. You have a monumental task ahead of you to fix the party. Your party is visibly divided despite the illusion that is used to try and hide it and Bermuda is in need of an effective opposition to ensure we have an effective government. You have a huge task ahead of you to effect positive change within the party and you will encounter resistance from those who have much to lose if you succeed, all the best and good luck.
    Happy holidays

  49. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    I don’t think I could stand anymore disappointment , they’re putting me into exile … I might try to get Cannons ear , see if I could come ova .

    • media says:

      Who did you want to be leader?

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Anyone who stood up against DREB .

        • argosy says:

          ….that would rule out every Cab Min, MP and delegate in the entire PLP!

          Don’t you get it? That’s why the PLP lost and why P Cox lost her seat.

          • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

            That’s a lie . After the Uighur cock-up Dale , Terry , Dennis , Alex Scott and a few others tried to root that reptile DREB out but failed because aholes like Paula , Marc , De Kernal and a few other greedy , deceptive belly crawlers were intent on protecting their filthy pockets . Marc is a DREBITE .

            • argosy says:

              You must be a trusted insider to KNOW these facts? Yes??

              • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

                @argo ..It is posted comments like this coming from you that show your ignorance . It is common Knowledge that a vote of no confidence against DREB did take place . It was broadcast live on a few radio stations .

          • Caramel Queen says:

            I thought she lost because a lot of needy people in her constituency had their groceries bought for them and some of their bills paid. If that is true I hope those generous people can keep that up ’cause nobody likes to call people out loud and strong in public like Aunt Jackie and dem……

    • swing voter says:

      You’re back? You from around here? Fooled me, I thought you were east coast agitator…..who did you prefer as opp leader cuz the talent pool was pretty shallow

    • Moving Forward says:

      I felt like you have expressed when I heard that Mr. Bean was a strong contender for the leadership of the party. But after hearing his speech last night and observing his demeanour I am convinced that with our support he will be able to move the party forward. He demonstrated humility, he was conciliatory in his approach, he articulated a clear vision for the future built on the solid values of our past and he engendered optimism and enthusiasm amongst those who were present. This past week has taught us many lessons and we must embrace and uplift this néw leader that has been selected for our Party. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and complain but we must move forward and away from the divisiveness that has almost destroyed us.
      One thing that is very promising, is the prospect of his reaching our disenchanted youth and inspiring them to reach their full potential.
      Congratulations to the Hon. Marc Bean!! With the help of God, we will rebound stronger than ever!!

  50. Reality Check says:

    The main focus should be on the government that gets our Paradise to where we ought to be! If the OBA can’t do it they’d be out again as well!
    So people, make your representative work on your behalf so they don’t become complacent and think they are irreplaceable. I would like to see each party get replaced after one term until they get the message. It’s not about the party it’s about the future of Bermuda. Congratulations Mr. Cannonier and Mr.Bean! We’re counting on you to make it right!!

  51. Balanced Facts says:

    Congrats to Marc Bean, and he sounded like the choice of reason and change (for the PLP!)…should not have let Chris Furbert speak after the leader , he will only undermine any sensible progress you may make with Bermudians…black white or other, they all think Chris is at the low end of the i.q scale and it is evidenced whenever he has a mike in front of him and opens his mouth…let Bean speak… put a gag on Furbert!

    • Webster says:

      Amen !!!! we have all had enough of Furbert,Mark needs be his own self and distance himself from the likes of Furbert and Brown,he has more education than these guys have between them…..he needs to get rid of the old folks in the party and replace them with younger members …Derrick Burgess is going to be Mark’s downfall.

  52. Congratulations Marc…..

  53. M.R. says:

    Mr. Bean, congratulations. Now get some grammar lessons.

    “It’s no need for racists in this country. It’s no need for race baiting in the country.”


  54. Happy Feet says:

    Congratulations Marc Bean & Derrick Burgess, with Derrick by your side
    everything will be okay.

  55. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Marc Bean. I admire you as a young man who is focused and determined to do what needs to be done.

    Please remember your beginnings.

  56. Mad Dawg says:

    When does he get the drug test?

  57. Codfish says:

    Congratulations Mr. Bean, especially on your views on taking the high road – if your party and Ewart Brown in particular had done that in the first place, you would still be in Government. Ironically in vowing to and succeeding in destroying the old UBP, Ewart Brown ultimately sowed the seeds of the PLP’s destruction too. Like the OBA, you too will have to reinvent your party to one relevant to today’s issues.

  58. DONT KNOW says:

    Congratulations Marc – I have always admired you, and wish you well in your new leadership role. Fresh, young, vibrant, well spoken, intelligent young man.

  59. Les B. Frank says:

    Congrats Marc
    If you follow through with what you say and are able to achieve it then the PLP will truly have transformed and become relevant to a Bermuda of 2013 and beyond. Toning down the racial bantering is a BIG plus. Racism will always exist but it is a vocal minority who blow it out of proportion. My ethnicity is a mix of African, English and Scottish and I am incredibly proud of all of them. if i have to put a check mark in a box, I tick the ‘Black’ box. My wife is Caucasian. She has experienced sooooo much racial abuse since moving here 24 years ago it is sickening. She grew up respecting all people as people. She has done nothing bad to anyone. she has worked with and helped hundreds of Bermudians but because she is ‘white’ she has been subjected to racisl abuse.
    I had a friend from South Africa who was hired to a senior position at one of our major hotels. He experienced blatant racial aggression from his landlord because he was entertaining some Caucasian friends at his apartment. His landlord and he were the same heritage as me. He has since left Bermuda. He says that racism here is worse than South Africa. He will never come back and no doubt has related is Bermuda experience to many.
    I met another Bermudian lady who spent the bulk of her life growing up in South Adrica, but moved back about 3 years ago. Since being here her daughter has bourne the bront of much ‘black on white’ racist attacks.
    I met someone else from one of our Caribbean neighbors who works in the accounting profession here, who was referred to and belittled as a ‘Hopper’ because she “chose to leave her lowly Caribbean home to come here”. Her racists attackers, like her were both the same heritage as me.
    I worked in IB for 10 years and many of my ‘white’ colleagues were subjected to racial abuse. Both in person and on the talk shows. They have all left Bermuda for friendlier shores. So has the company we all worked for. A lot of my Bermudian colleagues are still seeking work.
    You have a lot to fix Marc.
    I believe if the PLP can work with the OBA then the divide can be bridged. The ‘them / us’ has to stop…. There is only ‘Us’. Bermudians.
    Tone down Sherri J. And replace Chris Furbert. Lets get some positive going in our country.
    Good luck bro.

    • Clarity says:

      Sad story and somewhat believable until you chose to exaggerate. Racism in either direction is not tolerated in IB, codes of conduct are strictly enforced. I can’t speak about local companies or what they experienced at home but IB is controlled by Caucasians and is a predominantly white establishment (local and foreign). The minority of blacks in IB would not risk their comfortable IB jobs.

      • Les B. Frank says:

        Whassup Clarity.
        No exaggeration in my story at all. Facts. The racism my experienced by the IB colleagues I referred to was directed upon them by Bermudians with an anti expat axe to grind. And BTW there are a lot of Bermudians employed in IB. Most of them ‘Black’. There are also a lot of unemployed Bermudians who used to work in IB … The companies they once worked for have left our shores and another jurisdiction is now benefitting from their economic presence. It matters not what the race of a company owner is. As long as that person/company is a good corporate citizen and they provide the channels for development and education and advancement of their employees.

    • Great comments Les. I am caucasian and born of an English mother and an Irish father. I am scorned as an Irishman in England and as an Englishman in Ireland – I suppose that I am a ‘half-breed’. When my father returned with his first born to Dublin many years ago, he was sent back with a flea in his ear for ‘daring to marry a protestant’. This isn’t a matter of colour, this is that even worse divider, religion. I believe that Marc Bean referred to his beliefs, well they should be put aside if he wishes to run the country properly. Good luck to you all

  60. Pilot001 says:

    Why do the OBA supporters have so much hatred towards the PLP supporters. I’m reading you call them stupid, dump, ignorant and other names. For me it only shows things have not changed in 40 years for black Bermudians and guess what the people are pissed even the ones who did not vote. OBA will be out in the next election and the election will be sooner then 4 years. I’m going back PLP because of you lots hatred. Disgusted.

  61. Pilot001 says:

    Use words that have purpose not defeat!!!

  62. Was your photographer too late to snap Jonathan Smith arriving, or was the convention just for the successful members?

  63. dthtoo/ says:

    You can tell the white racists. Your fearfulness and insane jealousy is going to be your demise. The world knows, and I’m reminded over and over that you also know that your days are numbered upon the earth.

    • Say Say Say says:

      And you people complain about what a deli owner might have said in a private conversation?

      With attitudes like yours, it is no wonder you got voted out.

      Your PLP is finshed.

    • media says:

      I suggest you go back up to the top and listen to the interview with your new Leader Marc Bean. He talks about moving away from your racial rhetoric and to start respecting yourself. It is your type of mentality that is likely to prevent any progressive movement within the PLP. Good luck Marc Bean. In some ways I can see a likely split in the Party if those that cannot see the required change refuse to move on.

  64. Sandgrownan says:

    How about a simple apology from the PLP for the damage they have done?

    • Cleancut says:

      The only people in the PLP party that need to apologize to the people of this country are Dr, Brown and Col. Burch, the rest of the PLP team would have been a pretty good bunch of people.

  65. Nicki k says:

    Regarding Marc Daniels’ explanation to Portia. It is unfortunate that numerous people have suggested to read Walton Brown’s explanation of why it is not right for PLP MPs to accept offer. He even explains the alternative. This is what you as well tried to do. I wish people would research before speaking out so strongly. Read Walton’s explanation which is NOT his opinion.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Walton Brown’s ‘explanation’ is actually an excuse. It’s not impossible. It just takes putting country first, which apparently is unacceptable to whoever in the PLP was invited to join the cabinet.

  66. Verbal Kint says:

    I am not and will not be about “black and white” here. I am about right and wrong in Government more than party or philosophy. I will withhold my opinion as to whether or not this is a good choice until all the facts are available on the Spice Hill planning decision. I think the public have a right to know who stood to benenfit from development of that property. The same is true of the proposed scrambler track, the implementation of which Mr. Bean was involved in. At a time when the Island needs unselfish and effective leadership on both sides, I think Marc Bean falls short of the standard. Time will tell, and I hope I am proven wrong.

  67. Verbal Kint says:

    I will say this, Marc Bean did say a lot that I can agree with in this video. Time will tell how committed he and the party are to real change. I wish him the best in that endeavour.

  68. ohyea! says:

    whers LaWhine Frisbit?

  69. Time Passages says:

    Congrats Marc. At 38, you may just make Premier in your 70s or 80s. I like your idea of a PLP that is not race based. 40 – 45 years is about the time it will take PLP to actually come up with something that is finally not race based. Your whole party’s way forward was based upon moaning about evil white people. You honestly would be better off starting your own brand new party and leaving PLP behind in the gutter where it belongs.

    I understand that if you form a new party in Bermuda with sensible none racist ideas that it takes less than 2 years to come into power. Better than the 40 years it will take the PLP.

    The last race card has been played – sorry that you are completely wasting your time. Why do you think Kim turned the leadership down? She knew it was a complete lost cause.

  70. Delaey W Robinson says:

    I do hope that the higher ground taken on race issues focuses on the tremendous achievements of Black people in Bermuda over the centuries in spite of the odds. In the great struggle to overcome the injustices of racism, the positive contributions of blacks have been sidelined. Some of this has been intentional. Much of this plays into the Black psyche and is debilitating, with a heavy opportunity cost to the individual and to Bermuda. So much has been lost but now is the time for both parties to redress this imbalance. Racism is so entrenched that to the outsider Bermuda looks as though it has a minority Black population. Clearly government policies affecting any remaining imbalance in opportunities need to be addressed. We should now be open to the scrutiny of sociologists and to be sure that we collect the relevant data on our performance in addressing the remaining inequalities. Of course another challenge has arisen, that of the large and growing income gap in Bermuda. This is an issue for government and society to take very seriously.

    • George says:

      @Delaey I would be interested in hearing your specific proposals on how to address the issues surrounding you set out above;

      1. promoting the tremendous achievements of Black people in Bermuda
      2. redressing the imbalance between the races
      3. addressing government policies affecting any remaining imbalance in opportunities
      4. collecting the relevant data on our performance in addressing the remaining inequalities
      5. the large and growing income gap in Bermuda

      CURB have their Racial Justice platform on how to address some of these what are your proposals?

  71. There you go again Delaey, why can’t you just move forward!!! The Caucasians overcame great odds when they were cast on to the islands in in 1609; their struggle was horrendous and they lost almost all of their number in the ‘promised land’ of America; as did the Irish in their awful tragedy of 1847. Try to move on, take off your dreadlocks and loosen up. Give Marc a chance.

  72. Triangle Drifter says:

    Have to admit, he is the best available. His day job demands that he provides service to customers. These are customers who don’t have to use his services. Maybe with that people first attitude he can change the attitude of the greater part of the PLP & make it a respectable political force.

  73. Elston says:

    Marc Bean’s ‘progressive’ stance on homosexuals and the Human Rights Act:

    “If I am a landlord and I don’t want gay persons in my apartment, I think it’s their right to deny anyone the right to rent their apartment because they are responsible for that mortgage, it’s their house and it’s their property.

    Now if people have an issue with it people can go to the bank and get a mortgage and get their own house and do what they want in the privacy of their own home, you’re free to do it.

    In other words, gay people can go and buy a mansion, and they could have the biggest rainbow circle of gay parties and ‘basements’ on their property. And even if their next door neighbour don’t like it or even if that next door neighbour is a bishop of a church, that bishop has got to suck it up; well maybe not suck it up but you understand what I’m saying.
    I don’t think there is any need to actually alter the Human Rights Act.”

    • media says:

      He might have to reconsider his position on that issue when the OBA Government changes the Human Rights Act to not discriminate against anyone, to make Bermuda more inclusive and tolerant of all people. Come on PLP show us you are indeed Progressive. If you need justification and some inspiration, just look towards Barak Obama. That’s what the OBA have done.

    • Really says:

      Mm and they need a post Mortim it’s not rocket science , do the work of the people not ram Ur radical,views down our throats

  74. Sure. says:

    Congrats to Marc Bean!!! Still standing strong!I believe you are the man for the mission! We supporters are standing strong right beside you!

  75. Who wrote the report? says:

    Congrats to Mr. Bean. I truly hope that he is able to carry out his vision not only for the sake of the PLP, but also for Bermuda as a whole.

  76. A Somerset Fan says:

    Congratulations, Marc!

    You will represent the people and reunite them. I have the upmost confidence in you.

    (On another note, you will be surprised how many of the comments posted above were made from the same email address &/or the same IP address. It’s not hard to check. Even so called “PLP fans” above who claim to bash the PLP on this blog, have also come out under a different names praising the OBA.)

  77. media says:

    The PLP Party faithful will live in hope of a quick return to Power for then next few years, but the reality is that the loss of Power means there is really much less incentive to stick in there. Just as the UBP went through it’s painful changes post 1998, the PLP will go through it’s painful changes as those within realise that without any possiblity of any tangible benefits, there is very little for them. Just as with the PLP in 1998 the OBA will have individuals now interested becoming “involved” now that they hold the reigns of Power and control the purse strings, albeit with less money up for grabs.

  78. Observer says:

    It was so disappointing to see the ugly negative remarks about Mark early in this string. They have the same sound of arrogance and ignorance that the PLP was accused of. This is certainly not the view of the OBA who should distance themselves from such remarks. Mark has the potential to galvanize the base, if they will let him. He is the only one that is capable. He is the one to watch. I see many agreed with his statements. He is a man of thought and depth.

    Well done Mark. Somehow I do not think your party is up to you yet. But then if they try to make you apologize for your comments again, you may want to consider your options.

  79. GOD says:

    @ dthtoo/ Folks like you aren’t good for this earth all you do is spread germs. Were do you research false information (Lies) to support your ignorant views, their is a small % of bermudians like you that hate other humanbeings because of their skin color.You are spiritually and psychologically sick only prayer and therapy can help you.

  80. Opressed says:

    Does he inherit Paula’s old hats too??

  81. Pastor Syl says:

    @ Politics: From my point of view, a debate between Ms
    Cox and Mr. Cannonier would have been a waste of time. The PLP had no concrete platform and Ms Cox had already spoken ad nauseam about nonexistent investment in infrastructure,Future Care,day care,and (not)secret documents,while the roads were/are abysmal, social services were underfunded, the secret document had been discussed publicly 2 years prior, and the economy sunk deeper. I,for one, was not interested in hearing any more lies and spin. Debates between leaders is a fairly new concept for Bermudians, and maybe has a place when the people can be sure leaders will actually debate the issues rather than just repeat spin and propaganda.

  82. Winnie dred says:

    Congrats to Marc I do hope with your leadership you can bring about effective and necessary change from within. Mr.Lister was quoted as saying in his 10 min speech ” We deserve the government, and the people of Bermuda deserve a PLP government”. Obviously not even the PLP delegates believed that, Marc the young people of the PLP have to come to the fore, whenever the next election is called a few people need to step aside because as was proven the electorate have no time for a politics of race, the politics of old.

    If in the next 5 years the old guard are sitting around trying to get seats, trust me then you can forget forming the next government. The days of Daddy is a supporter therefore the entire household are gone, matter of fact there are too many of our households without fathers around. I say that to say this the focus has to come off of the party and return on the people. This party,party,everything must stop for the PLP to move forward, the focus should never be on winning elections. it should be on the people and when I say that I mean the entire people of these islands. When that is done for sure victory at the polls will come.

    The mere rejection of Mr.Lister in itself is a good thing as he represents the old guard, and signals to me at least that change has started. As I have said of the new government, I will say the same to you, good luck, we will see. If it’s not about Bermuda then it’s about nothing.

  83. Somerset Girl says:

    2013 – This is the beginning of The End of the Progressive Labour Party. It’s going to be extremely painful to watch. Drink lots of tea and wear sturdy clothes for its going to be a bumpy ride before the crash.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Ok lister fan or family. Most people in the west end respect Marc Bean for multiple reasons, that why he got at least 90 percent of the west end delegates votes. The listers on the other hand………lol, arrogant lazy fools!

  84. James Tucker says:

    Congratulations Marc Bean
    I like what you are saying – i agree fully with what you are saying and i wish you good luck in your efforts to rebuild your party.

  85. 41st thief says:

    …And I will love watching the car crash. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    • argosy says:

      ….you mean the plane crash!

      Remember that he’s a “qualified air traffic control specialist”!!!

  86. yep! says:

    alot of you OBA supporters are very arrogant. Remember the bed you make you must lay in.

  87. argosy says:

    Not humble servants of we the people, governing in the daylight of transparancy – like your PLP gumment, you mean!

    That’s why we licked them to the curb, yep!.

    Get used to it, bye.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      What’s the difference between a drug dealer minister in your cabinet and a bank robber as a shadow minister in ours ?

      • Vulpes says:

        One significant difference (though I think neither fit to serve): the drug thief (that was what he was convicted for) apologised, the armed bank robber did not.

        • Cleancut says:

          At least he wouldn’t have been able to rob the people’s bank, somebody already beat him to it.

  88. Jango says:

    Congratulations Mr. Bean. I am very confused about something. If the PLP under the former leader was doing so well. Why did Mr. Bean not pledge to continue Paula Cox’s legacy?

  89. HarryB. says:

    A bunch of shameless ppl who aint got an iota for the welfare of ppl of this island and Bermuda..These are the same ppl who spent our MONIES like their own,..who indulged in all their whims fantasies,who raped our purse DRIED,who flaunted the ‘law of the land’ with their UIGERS MESS,who change our money with some cheap crap to get even with the white ppl namely the Queen,mispent with over size cars,travel like there is NO TOMORROW,abuse credit cards,cronism galore,left our island in a shamble…horseshoe bay is in disrepair…stench is HIGH to HEAVEN,our airport is a third world hut,our bridge is patched with mediocre flimflamery workers..they got llmillions by the US govt to fix..only one million was used and the rest went for their ‘fun and frolic,atlantic condos are sitting like the ghost of the ‘worthless pharoahs,Dockyard is still left with development,our expensive ferries need repairs and the list goes on under the plp govt and their ferocius path of destruction of the island under their watch..and they NOW want us to give them ‘our niceties,compliments,our approval of their newly formed opposition.. NOWAY..

  90. Paul Simons says:

    We want a complete paper trail of ALL the money the plp spent?This is not right that the people’s money is MIA missing in action and we dont know where it went.

  91. not fooled by them says:

    the leopards NEVER change their spots…the same losers.

  92. wandaB says:

    Perhaps,paula should teach marc some of her fancy style in the english language..