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July 15, 2015

MARC BEAN (1)[Opinion column written by Opposition Leader Marc Bean]

We would like to say thank you to all those who have continuously lifted us up in support. You have helped to remind us what it truly means to be Bermudian.

As we go about Bermuda, we are often asked “What is the way forward for our country? What will be the silver bullet that turns our economy around, stops crime and makes everything perfect?”

Like any great dish, there is no one single ingredient that contributes to the successful taste. Likewise, there are multiple components that make a vehicle run. So in our progress forward, there are number of critical, fundamental components and ingredients that we must utilize as both individuals and as a country.

At the very top of the list, we must continue to encourage each other to seek positive solutions to our challenges. We must encourage our fellow Bermudians to support those that have fallen on hard times. We must encourage each other to eliminate unnecessary expenses and to make wiser financial choices with our finances.

Additionally, education is the foundation for the progress of our country. Whether it be academic or technical education, we must stand by our children as they pass from Middle School to High School and then onto University. Added attention must be directed onto our young men, who unfortunately, tend to fall prey to distraction more easily than our young women.

Students cannot do it without support from home and support from teaching staff. As parents, let us dedicate time to assist with homework, projects and research. Likewise, we must liaise with and be supportive of our children’s teachers. It truly is a team effort and as the adage says “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Our job market is becoming ever more demanding for qualified workers in all fields from IT to industrial trades. Every profession must and should be filled with Bermudians who have applied themselves and obtained the requisite training and experience.

With growing trends towards automation, downsizing, mergers, outsourcing and privatization, many qualified Bermudians are facing the possibility of redundancy in both the private and public sectors. For those that find themselves in this unknown territory, life becomes extremely challenging.

It is at these times that many look to become their own boss by starting their own businesses. This journey is by no means easy and has multiple challenges every step of the way. Whether it be building clientele, marketing their goods or services or finding the right staff, the learning curve may be steep.

As challenging as it may be, this is a pivotal point in one’s life and in our country on a whole. Take a look at our Caribbean cousins and see how they have built businesses from the ground up, thereby creating a sustainable middle class whilst developing their island nations.

Perhaps the most critical component in this equation is for us to ensure to support our own. If we know someone is starting out, please encourage them in word and in deed. Offer them advice as need be and, whether by word of mouth or via social media, help to advertise their business for them.

We must redirect our funds to build ourselves.

There are other ingredients which we will discuss in upcoming weeks and months. We are open to advice, suggestions and support for all. Strong lasting relationships are built and maintained on concern, compassion and communications.

Again we thank you for your support and we look forward to your feedback.

God Bless Bermuda

- Marc Bean


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Comments (37)

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  1. Asleep says:

    The redundancy of this article is astounding. Nothing more than recycled and generalized statements that have been said for years… If the PLP wants advice, here’s a simple answer; scrap the bogus ideology, quit being childish bigots and take responsibility for the party’s clear faults.

    I’m not a fan of the PLP or the OBA. I, as a young Bermudian in my early 20′s really do doubt the ability of either party to act in the best interests of the people… their track records speak for themselves.

    • Unearthed says:

      Maybe you should step up and join a party and implement change for the better. Both parties are lacking talent these days.

      Seems like most of our best and brightest will not join politics.

      • PBanks says:

        But is that the fault of the individuals, or the parties themselves for not being attractive to people who otherwise could contribute many great ideas and suggestions to better the country?

        I can’t blame a 20-something for wanting nothing to do with the political machinery in Bermuda these days. Unfortunately, Independents can’t get a smidgeon of traction at the polling station and there’s no genuine alternative political group or movement in the works right now.

        • Unearthed says:

          “But is that the fault of the individuals, or the parties themselves for not being attractive to people who otherwise could contribute many great ideas and suggestions to better the country?”

          I think it’s a bit of both but it would seem the parties are more at fault. The parties are not the most welcoming, and I’m not even sure what they truly represent or what their core values are. There’s no clear political ideology on both sides (e.g. liberal vs conservative). One claims they, “Stand Strong for Bermudians” the other seems to be pro foreigner. I don’t believe that’s enough to draw our best and brightest.

          Plus there is always some scandal going on. I’m quite sure no one will want to ruin their reputation because the political party they are affiliated with is in some sort of scandal.

          • Onion Juice says:

            @ Asleep, you need an 101 lesson on the History of your island , as you have just been here for a couple of decades, you need a lesson on those who paved the way for you and endured hardships so you and everyone who is blessed to live here can have a comfortable life.
            What’s funny is I hear spoiled brats that talk like that and everything has been dropped in their laps and don’t take the time out to appreciate the legacy of struggle, endurance and tenacity.

            • Asleep says:

              @ Onion Juice, I haven’t been living under a rock my whole life. I am well aware of our history; just because I am young, doesn’t mean I am ignorant of the past.

              I can appreciate the struggles and hardships of the past for the changes they have brought to bring us where we are today. However, don’t expect us (younger generations) to let the struggles of the past hold back our future; they should be left in the past. The reality is that as a result of poor decision making on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, there has been a shadow of doubt and resentment cast upon our young people. Do not assert that because the young people of this country are fed up with the nonsense left in the wake of the political power struggle, that we are spoiled; you are wrong. Every Bermudian of the next few generations or so will have to pay upwards of $87,000 to pay off our public debt that was the result of pathetic handling of the public purse.

              Once again I say that we are fed up, not spoiled. We want to move forward, not dwell and wallow in the hardships that took place over 50 years ago and let that hold us back.

    • robert says:

      You must stand for somthing, standing on the sidelines and whining about everybody else is not an option….put up or shut up.

  2. Unearthed says:

    That was straight from the heart. Many thanks and many blessings. Hopefully we all can turn this island around and improve the quality of life for everyone.

  3. Terry says:

    Propaganda Loves Propaganda.

    Very true asleep.

    Who writes this stuff for them(him)

    I Betty I know.

  4. North Rock says:

    ……….and so sayeth the lord !!!What a pile of ….

  5. Alvin Williams says:

    The one that is asleep is you if you can not see the forward movement of your country and what it take for us to get there.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Dude, you had 14 years to get to here you were going and you still didn’t get there. More than that, you didn’t even get to where you wanted to go because of the people you support.

      Come, on, fella……get with reality.

  6. Jeremy Deacon says:

    and the specifics are where ……? The policies are …..?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly, Jeremy. Just a whole lot of general, feel good language meant to “inspire” Bermudians to “rise up” and “be the change” or whatever it is.

      The PLP in 2015 – still no specific ideas on how to fix the mess they left behind.

      • Terry says:

        “fix the mess”.
        They created it.

        Now you other point is what.

  7. serengeti says:

    So this says ‘stop wasting money, try harder to get yourself educated properly, stop whining, work harder, and make a bigger effort to make something of yourself’.
    It turns out he (or whoever actually wrote this) is a Thatcherite.

    • Ringmaster says:

      How true. Rather like Tony Blair in the UK and Ewart Brown here. All Capitalists at heart but use and abuse a Labour Party, trying to portray their concern of workers’ rights and interests, to further their own businesses and aims. Start off with nothing and very quickly become multi millionaires leaving their support base behind to pick up the pieces.

    • Onion says:

      Marc Bean’s views are generally right-wing libertarian (hates gays, wants unlimited personal property rights).

  8. Onion says:

    How two-faced.

    You don’t get to accuse the government of being “demonic” “muppets” or claim that gay marriage will “turn civilisation upside down and upon its head” and then come out with a peace and love message.

    • Terry says:

      If you want a piece………………
      Well yah left the crust……………….Hello….

  9. Bermyman says:

    “Take a look at our Caribbean cousins and see how they have built businesses from the ground up, thereby creating a sustainable middle class whilst developing their island nations.”


    • Varied says:

      Yeah, this was an iffy statement, and I’m being generous here.

      There are still numerous challenges in the Caribbean nations to improve their standard of living. Bermuda’s middle class population has tended to be of a greater proportion of total residents than our friends to the south.

      Much work to do all-around, here.

  10. mj says:

    although I usually enjoy Mr. Bean.. This article is a bit of a stretch and Carribeans are not our cousin, also what part of the Carribean, that is such a wide scope.. Circumstances there differ from here , we are the oldest remaining COLONY MARC!!!! When are we going to discuss Nationality so that the competition is not so great for locals, as in Jamaica and other islands ONLY LOCALS WORK in main industries so why can’t/didn’t the PLP either devise a minimum wage plan or secure specific jobs for ONLY BERMUDIANS? All the rhetoric is just talk and we elect politicians to PROTECT our interest not give it away to other nations then tell us voters that we need to compete and share and try to start our own businesses in a climate that is well set against us.. this type of feel good speech is meaningless and shows that politicians are only legislators for the aligarchy and not the voters.

    • Terry says:

      Probably written by the same people that do Chris Famous’s stuff.
      Same bed.
      Same fleas.

  11. Raymond Ray says:

    @ mj: Without having to repeat your opinion, I agree 100% with all you’d mentioned.I do feel there are countless
    “others” that see Bermudians as being their own worse enemy…

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    What a load of WAFFLE! In case you don’t know what waffle is. It is light & fluffy & filled with hot air.

    A waffle has next to no substance at all.

  13. Hang up and call again says:

    Bean forgot to add at the end of “God Bless Bermuda”, (“and nobody else”). An asterisk would be needed as well to further exclude all those who he believes shouldn’t be blessed – LGBT, landed immigrants, foreigners, people who didn’t vote for him, etc. That would be more in keeping with his rhetoric.

  14. Lois Frederick says:

    This is purely a PR exercise attempting to shape and rebuild a more appealing image…with no specifics. Waffling indeed, although more polite and palatable than what he has made headlines for most recently. It was a low bar that he set though.

  15. swing voter says:

    what would I have like to see over 14yrs? A return of the co-op supermarket. a Caribbean cargo vessel bringing in fresh fruits and veggies from that region. LIAT making their first international flights to BDA. The return of small interdependent construction companies. A real push to ensure every kid that doesn’t move on to higher education is taught a trade then mentored by a tradesman. A better public education system. Lastly, A better PLP

  16. Need Peace says:

    Thank you Hon. Opposition Leader! I gather that those same old tired OBA trolls didn’t get the message. If you didn’t get it, it wasn’t meant for you! Maybe you all can stay in your lane and advise your Minister on Immigration issues. Some folk were fined for working without a permit and arrangements were made for payment. How pray tell are they supposed to pay a fine if they don’t have a work permit? That’s a good place for you to start so leave the feel good for those who appreciate it!

  17. Jus' Askin' says:

    Marc You need to step up ;-)
    Election 2017 needs to see a true leader.
    I am really not impressed with the choices we have right now and neither party has what it takes :-D

  18. aceboy says:

    Dr. Jeckel comes out again.

    Only a matter of time before Mr. Hyde shows up.

  19. Know my vote says:

    These feel good words by Mark Bean won’t get my vote in 2017. I’m voting for the continued progress of Bermuda and that is in the capable hands of the OBA. To vote otherwise is a gamble I won’t take.

  20. Navin Johnson says:

    All of this coming from someone who spends so much time saying nothing in the house…….Waste