Premier: Bean’s Allegation Was “Below The Belt”

February 16, 2014

cannonier craig bermuda[Written by Premier Craig Cannonier] My colleagues and I have said on more than one occasion that the PLP leadership’s Number One priority is to take down the OBA Government. Friday’s circus in the House of Assembly was the latest chapter in their party-before-country strategy.

This misguided approach to our national politics starts at the top, with Opposition Leader Mr. Marc Bean.

From early days, Mr. Bean has made clear his toxic view of the Government. He has described us as “demonic” and “practitioners of the Dark Arts” – extreme words that reflect a very twisted and unbalanced view of the elected Government of Bermuda.

On Friday night, he was at it again with references to the smell of “sulfur” after some of my colleagues had spoken.

The Opposition Leader’s colleagues have fallen into line with his view, even taking their politics to an international online newspaper where they have described us as wicked, anti-democratic, dictatorial, deceitful…

For today’s Opposition, there are no limits. Friday’s House of Assembly statement by the Opposition Leader was just the latest step in his party-before- country strategy.

I must admit that I was shocked by his full-blown attack on my personal integrity and that of my colleagues, but not by his effort to sow division within the ranks of the OBA team. I want the people to know that their OBA Government is unified and focused on getting Bermuda back on track. Nothing Mr. Bean says will change that.

The Opposition Leader’s allegations were so incredibly below-the-belt and so nonsensical that to address any one of them in detail gives them credibility they do not deserve. That I will not do. Instead, what I will say to the people of Bermuda is this: Mr. Bean’s allegations are simply untrue.

That he also used his Friday remarks to slur the reputations of two of my colleagues just adds to the reprehensible quality of his politics. Ministers Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell are dedicated public servants doing good work for the country. Yet they have been targeted by the PLP leadership from the very start of our time in office. I want Bermuda to know that I stand by them, as do all my fellow OBA Ministers and MPs.

The PLP will attempt to prolong this engineered controversy and we will deal with it as we must. But it does not help the work of the Government to restore confidence in the Island; confidence that is vital to the future well-being of thousands of Bermudians who struggle every day to make ends meet.

Bermuda’s recovery from the maladministration of recent years is at a very delicate stage, requiring the best efforts from all of us – a national effort – to bring it about. We need everyone on deck pulling together. We don’t expect the Opposition to agree with all of our strategies and decisions, but the people of Bermuda have a right to expect Opposition criticisms to be constructive and substantive.

On a final note, I am sure that Friday’s House of Assembly session dismayed members of the public who were listening to the broadcast. I am sure many people were upset to hear the level to which so-called debate has fallen, despite the Speaker’s efforts to maintain acceptable standards of behaviour.

As Premier, I will make sure the people’s business remains our focus as we move the country forward toward safer streets, great schools and new jobs for those out of work. The people of Bermuda want us to succeed, but it must be clear to all by now that Mr. Bean and his team do not.

- Craig Cannonier

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  1. It's about time! says:

    VERY well put Mr. Premier! No need to sink to their gutter level…

    • Stephen Thomson says:

      It would be nice if the PLP would, for once, concentrate on trying to rebuild Bermuda rather than destroying it. I, for one, am sick of the destructive, counter productive, juvenile politics.
      Get on with helping to run the country PLP….we are tired of this nonsense.

    • Come Correct says:

      Ah yes this makes me believe you…not! I didn’t believe the allegations before but now I’m skeptical and still sitting on my ass next election.

      You won’t bother to prove your innocence against serious allegations because they are “so incredibly below-the-belt and so nonsensical”… personally if I was without blame I would prove that and make him look “incredibly” stupid… but you evaded that attack instead of countering. Within 4 years someone will land a hit. Be ready Mr. Premier. Again, not so well played oba, not so well played.

      Heard that?…Popcorns done.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Like there’s anything he could say that you WOULD believe. Come on.

        • Come Correct says:

          I’d believe the truth, the truth makes sense. Then again, these are politicians we’re talking about so you might be right. Just seems like more of evasive maneuver than anything. These allegation could appear very damaging to someone looking to invest, it would have been nice if he addressed them. We’ll see how it plays out.

        • Yahoo says:

          At this stage, probably not.

        • I thank you Mike…There is absolutely nothing anyone can do or say that will alter their ultimate goal:-( It’s so disgusting when a “leader” can stoop to such levels as Marc Bean has shown Bermuda he is capable of stooping.
          Once again I state that the P.L.P. are afraid…afraid of what the O.B.A. are and will do for us all and that they’re that breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for…for 14 years!

          • Hot Button says:

            Wow. and we know what you have done that makes you such an angel right?

    • Mazumbo says:

      HOLD UP WAIT A MINIUTE, is this the same party that accused the PLP of everything under the sun and labeled them as not being transparent, corruption, unethical and so on and so on.
      I agree some things they did was jacked up but for the last 14 months it’s hard for me to believe that everything that the O.B.A/ubp has done does not deserve to be questioned and is the best thing since sliced bread, and not even a peep from the daily(unlike when P.L.P was in power there was continuous scrutiny).
      Something wrong with this picture.
      O-oligarchy B-born A-again

      • Hmmm says:

        I don’t recall any made by OBA ministers when OBA were in opposition.

      • TESTI says:

        @Mazumbo – Under the watchful eyes of the PLP Government – $800 MILLION dollars are unaccounted for??? Did the opposition of the day not have the right to ask where it went?

        The PLP could not or would not answer that question. Therefor it is safe to say that there was possible corruption, unethical behavior or were they just incompetent?

        Before the PLP ask questions and attack anyone’s integrity perhaps they (or you) can aswer the se questions!

        Where did our $800 million go?
        What happened to the Cedar Beams
        What was the true reason they pushed forward with Grand Atlantic Condos.
        How does one get a 100+ year lease on a hotel property that was already built using the peoples money?
        How and why did one individual get a 26 year lease for Whites Island
        Why did they TAKE a well run business , the Bermuda Cement Co, and hand it over to friends.
        Why did the PLP government , that criticized the building of Cedarbridge and Middle Schools do the same thing at Berkeley?
        How was the Berkeley Contract awarded to a start up Company with no experience?
        Why is it that the project was $40 million or so over budget?
        Was it coincidence that many gov projects like TCD, Emissions Centre were handed to friends and family.
        With todays cars being more efficient, do were really NEED the Emission Centre? Is’t it just another wayste of money and way to nickle and dime the people?

        The list goes on and on.,

      • Mike Hind says:

        You’re seriously going to try to pretend objectivity? You? Seriously?

    • It's about time! says:

      If Mr. Bean has nothing to hide then he should make his “in the light of truth” speech in the light of day instead of under the “cloak” of parliamentary privilege…if he speaks the TRUTH then he has nothing at all to fear.

      Until such time every single utterance in defence or support of his tirade is baseless and meaningless at best.

      Mr. Bean….the stage is yours…..


      • me says:

        would you like to withdraw your remarks following the Gary Mereno and Marc Bean Monday night?…..crickets……

  2. Get it done says:

    I swear you couldn’t make this stuff up.

    We all know Marc Bean uses colourful language, but what does that have to do with the conversation you two possibly had? Cause he uses words like ‘demonic’ or ‘masters of dark arts’ doesn’t mean this conversation didn’t take place. Talk about spin.

    Mr Premier, you I repeat, you was the one who first gave a detailed account of the alleged private conversation that took place between yourself and the Opposition leader in the House of Assembly. Knowing that your counterpart was off the island.

    He immediately denied such words and has now seen fit to give his details of the conversation in the House of Assembly.

    And your reply is, ” I won’t give it much light but let’s just say it isn’t true.” LOL. Whoever is your PR officer needs to be fired immediately.

    By your response today and the actions of the OBA in reference to gaming,I’m now convinced that a variation of Mr Bean’s account did take place.

    OBA please remove him.

    • ganja mon says:

      You do realize that if Marc Bean made these allegations outside of the HOA he could be sued for defamation? Why do you think he chose to mention this “conversation” after all these months and now bring it up…

      Only the gullible will sap this up as truth!

      • Get it done says:

        He could be sued for defamation doesn’t mean that they’ll be successful. (Talk about jumping the gun) I’m sure Mr Bean has proof as he can’t be that stupid, so why don’t we wait and see.

        Again I didn’t say I believed everything Marc Bean has said, I said I believe a variation of his account. (To spell it out for you, I believe SOME of it has to be true)

        Let’s address your question, “why would Marc Bean wait all these months to reveal such information?”

        I’m sure you have cable, satellite, internet or some combination of the three. How many times have we seen in UK,US, Canada, or you could name any country you want; where a politician’s misdeeds from year(s) prior has been brought up by the members of the opposition or their supporters when it’s convenient? Hack if it’s primary season their own members would bring it up.

        Simply put its called political strategy.

        Case in point look at what Gov. Christie is going through. You think the Dems just found this out? The answer is no, but they chose to use it to derail his potential presidential campaign . If you need more examples I can give them to you.

        For you to ask such a novice question shows you’re naive at best.

        • well... says:

          What @ganja mon is saying, is that Marc Bean cannot be sued for defamation in the house. If true why didn’t he say it earlier?

          The reason being, he doesn’t know it to be true. Had he said it outside the house of assembly then he could be sued for slander if it isn’t true. He knows this. If he knows it is true then he should put out a press statement where he can be held accountable if he lies.

      • ABM says:

        Not true! Re-read everything and you will see that it was the Premier who first brought up the conversation in the house!

  3. Hate it or love it, but we all know it's the truth says:

    Craig lets be honest the only reason why they gave you leadership is because of pure politics. The ubp needed a black horse to get the votes. Hey it worked and they won. I’m still waiting for the 2000 jobs. Now on to this new info that came out. Their is always bribes being made when it comes to business deals of the $$$$$$$ range. Hmmm why do you think the past President Bush went to war? To save the poor people under a crazy Leader lol. He went to war for the oil and to fatten his friends pockets. It’s never personal it’s about the money always has always will be. Yes I believe Bean’s story, I also believe that he invited you and your few loyal followers to join forces.

    Everybody knows that the oba need to keep you as leader it’s a win win. If they drop you they will surely lose the next election. I would say right now the power players are thinking do we run a black horse next election or gamble and place the next leader as a one of their own.

    Blacks in the PLP don’t trust the whites and the whites in the oba are smart enough to know they will not win an election with a white horse running at the front. This is not about being racist, it’s pure strategy. Then again is it?????

    • Mazumbo says:

      In Bermuda its not called RACISM its called Subliminal Social Reality, we know its there but we don’t talk about it, its like an affluent family member who is a junkie but will do the best they can to hide it, its part of Bermuda’s History.

      • TESTI says:

        You mean like the bonus per head the PLP were willing to pay ProActive for hiring “black” Bermudians working on the Berkeley site….not Bermudians, just black Bermudians. Is that an example of Subliminal Social Reality.

        Or do you mean like how they TOOK Mr. Butterfields business from him (for no reason) and literally handed it over to others of their choice.

        • ABM says:

          HA, that reminds me of something else that happened many years ago when something was taken and given to someone else of their choosing.

          • well... says:

            are you saying that it was right? It is wrong in both instances. We well never move on as a society if we keep with the tit for tat games.Revenge isn’t the answer.

            • ABM says:

              Definately not saying it was right, merely pointing out that this happened before and everyone chose to ignore it and still ignore the fact to date. If we want to right our wrongs, then start at the beginning, not here at the end where it will only garnish more hatred amoungst the people.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      When will the PLP elect a white leader or deputy leader? See how ridiculous you seem to be?

  4. ADRIANNE says:


  5. somuchless says:

    I don’t agree with politricks as a whole but we all know the PLP continue to be up to no good. Anyway if they don’t bicker it wouldn’t be normal. Good nite world.

  6. Furburger says:

    The PLP know they will not be elected for a very long time if the OBA make any progress.

    • Unbelievebale says:


      They sat on things like gaming and mariiuana legislation and whatever else for so long and now that the OBA are getting it done, they are scrambling to discredit the Govt.

      To be fair, the OBA have been a train wreck (cancelled referendum and jet gate) but they are getting things done and the PLP are pretty annoyed at that. If the OBA stops being a train wreck and gets everything they are doing done, there shouldn’t be any allegations or nonsense from the PLP.

    • James Rego says:

      Thank you Furburger, couldn’t have said it better myself

  7. Uncle Bob says:

    Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up…ur ur ur ur…breaks!!….The Premier has been effing up all this time…Mr. Bean has so called hit below the belt so the Premier has a chance to distract his followers for a New York minute…gtfoh OB-yah workers.

    Premier you have no guts therefore no glory coming out of your cabinet but broken dishes.

    @Its about time…It’s time to wake up and see that your party is slowly pushing you out of Bermytown…unless your picket fence has already been paid for before 1998.

  8. Hyms & Hers says:

    And now you Mr.Premier or your press secretary as bold as brass attempt to flip the script . At the least Shawn and Pettingill have collaborated with you in tuning into what should have been a private conversation without the knowledge of Mr.Bean . We really must hold these three stooges to a higher degree of scrutiny and refuse to give them a free pass . Jobs or no jobs , people are laughing out loud at you and your pathetic and untenable position . Front street will not be pleased with you if you fail to make good the promises you made to them and back street will see the OBA out of office if no new jobs are created for them .

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Alaska Hall must have really put the word out to all of their bloggers tonight! The whole lot have come crawling out from under their rocks.

    Wait a minute. Where is Alvin & Betty? Maybe they are part of the second wave.

    • Uncle Bob says:

      Seems like you drifted into the OBA triangle of mindless behavior…lol!!!!!!…I’m starting to feel sorry for you guys that voted OBA…so lost or maybe you guys are just so rich so rich

    • Onion says:

      Yeah, they’re doing that whole downvoting thing again. They stopped for a few weeks but now are back at it.

    • somuchless says:

      You’ll see a long post from Betty tomorrow. She goes sleep at 6pm. Damn old fart.

    • Cleancut says:

      Mazumbo sounds like you know who!

  10. Craig Clinton says:

    You mean that this is the best you can come up with. You may aswell say, “I did not have sex with that Woman”

    Why don’t you just try answering some questions.

    1) why was your private business partner on the private jet flight to DC on what was a “Government Fact Finding Mission”

    2) Why was your government planning as early as last April to abandon the referendum.

    3) Why are you MPs recording people secretly as you admitted hearing a recording.

    The country can’t prosper if you can’t answer the most basic questions!

    OBA please get rid of him and put Bob Richards in charge.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Because they are all plantation questions & Bermuda Premiers do not answer plantation questions. Besides, Marc my words, this too shall pass. The PLP will be cannon fodder.

    • frank says:

      bob was turned down before the milk man is the next one to bat he wants that spot like a baby want milk
      but for now lets be real they need a black face out front until the next election

  11. Coffee says:

    Stop with the digging Mr.Premier , we already understand your in a hole .

  12. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the defunct plp failed at everything they promised,all they did was for friends and family,the previous big shots have all gone quiet or left leaving nothing behind but scraps and the rabble that’s left are now scrabbling to get these scraps,so much so that they will stoop to any level to get them.

  13. Concerned Smiths says:

    My two cents:

    Sorry to say, this sounds like an Ewart Brown strategy. Only one Bermudian I believe can think up such a scenario of destruction for the entire country – Mark Bean’s mentor. Is he advising the PLP leadership? If so, this island has truly suffered and will continue to greatly suffer from one person. I think of “demonic”, as the PLP has alleged of the OBA, and I can only think of…

    Although on the surface they make no sense, the PLP know these allegations were made in the House of Assembly where Parliamentary Privilege provides protection. He said, she said is defensible (at least unprovable). Perhaps Mr. Bean should make these allegations outside of Parliament in order to be credible? It’s also odd why these allegations are being made so long after the event? So I do have my doubts as to whether the are true, but who knows?

    In my opinion, these are the most serious allegations that I have ever been made against a standing Premier that I can recall. The implications, in my opinion (true or not), put into question the new found confidence in Bermuda. Bad for us all, so I hope this is not true!

    No matter what happens, unfortunately, it’s us black folk who have suffered and will continue to suffer the most! So, for me, these allegation better be true, or this is the worst type of political strategy!

    We must work together (all of us) to get confidence and jobs back!

    P.S. I’ve talked to a few PLP friends lately and the level of hatred towards the OBA is like I’ve never seen before (maybe I’m just naive), but the racial backlash is also at an unbelievable height. Believe me, it’s not the PLP of old…It’s a bad dream for me…please wake me up!

    Independent Black Voter

    • Onion says:

      It’s the same way the Republicans hate Obama.

    • judgment says:

      You sound so twisted!
      Its like you are hiding from yourself! All over the place.

    • Get it done says:

      You said you talked to a few PLP supporters and you heard the racial hatred in their speech and you were alarmed? I believe that may be the case, but you might want to frequent the other sides hot spots and see if it’s any different.Better yet go and try to go date one of their daughters, tell me how that works out for you.

      You might be a bit forgetful but do you remember what was said of the then Premier Dr. Brown, and how the young white boys were saying how they would desecrate his grave amongst other things?

      And what about what Jane Correria and Zane have been called being members of the PLP. Again I’m not justifying racism by any side but to say you heard it from the PLP as if some of their supporters are the only ones is beyond naive. It borders stupidity.

      You sound like you have an inferiority complex. Like wow its us blacks who are the problems not the whites. Please, stop while you’re ahead. It’s racism on both sides.

      It’s people like you who encourage the blogger Mazumbo to quote silly phrases as, “the man’s ice is colder.”

    • concerned ambassador says:

      Very well stated. At the end of the day, we as Bermudians look bad.

    • frank says:

      concerned smiths
      it seems your the one that needs to wake up the OBA is the same old UBP take a good look at the OBA cabinet laced with old UBP former members come on
      the sins of the fathers fall upon the children
      the evil that the grand parents did to us is now being done by the great grand children
      and if you knew your history you would not be an independent voter
      they do not want us to unite
      they only want to see us fuss and fight
      they do not want us to live togather

  14. OpenMike says:

    Gutter politics? Is that what it is called Premier? Did you listen to your Deputy Premier caught dropping the f bomb in a derogatory manner on the open mike at Friday’s House of Assembly meeting? Amazing what people say when they think no-one is listening. It’s all over facebook – you’ll get to know about it.

  15. Lois Frederick says:

    Keep on trying to get things done for the whole of Bermuda Premier Cannonier. Getting gaming made legal in Bermuda was never going to be plain sailing. This is just part of what it takes to get this conservative, over opinionated little island, consumed with negativity, to actually take bold steps to make a real change in our fortunes. It’s all very silly when the majority of the MP’s including many from the PLP side up there on the hill are for gaming. What exactly are they really making such fuss about?

  16. Campervan says:

    The angry gay basher is lashing out in all directions with his fundamentalist fire and brimstone rhetoric.
    PLP get yourself a 21st century labour leader please. Bermuda needs a strong confident and equitable opposition leader, not this witch hunter from another era.

    • Gotham says:

      On the subject of Gay rights, many of Mr. Bean’s PLP colleagues have been surprisingly quiet. I cannot believe for a second that reputable and fair minded individuals such as Mr. Michael Scott, Mr. Walton Brown and the former AG Ms Kim Wilson share Bean’s views on this issue.

  17. Balanced Facts says:

    For over a year Bean has been name calling at the OBA, demonic, jokers, thieves, practitioners of the Dark Arts will be out in 14 months!
    Well its 14 months, and Bean announces the Premier went to him and CONFESSED that he and his Ministers were taking a bribe for license (that they can’t grant!)
    Come on guys, even the die hard PLP must a little trouble with the voracity of the foregoing? Really? Premier confessed to OBA antagonist # !?
    And Bean waits 5 months to report?Really?

  18. We the People!! (1st) says:

    Sorry, but trying to deflect from these allegations by attacking the opposition leader’s character because of words or names he has called your party is just not going to cut it.
    During what was supposed to be a private call between two leaders, the Premier put that call on speaker for others to hear, without the permission or knowledge of the opposition leader. That is a severe violation of trust. No one else should have been privy to the conversation between the two leaders.

    The Premier gave his version of events of that call during Parliament in December in the absence of the opposition leader. Putting blame squarely on the shoulders of the opposition leader as to why he made the decision to abandon the referendum.

    Now , the first Parliament session back from break, the opposition leader gave his version of the call and events that took place prior to call, which he has every right to do.

    But I will say this, the political cynicism towards this government is real.

    – Term limits
    – Giving the children of guest workers the right to seek summer employment (they have taken this back, but should have never introduced this in the first place)
    - Jet Gate – which could have serious implications for Bermuda now the truth about that trip is starting to come to light.
    - Referendum
    - Urgent Care Center

    This government has a lot of work in gaining the trust of the people who are not the ‘accept and defend anything you do’ supporters.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The second item on your list was never “introduced”. You keep talking about it. It never happened.

      • We the people!! (1st) says:

        Nitpicking! Whether it was introduced or not it should have not even been listed or mentioned. It should have never been brought to the attention of the public.

        We have a real problem when supporters, PLP or OBA, defend moral and integrity violations by politicians. It is ‘We the People’ that hold politicians accountable.

        Also we want the questions that Craig has asked above answered.

        “1) why was your private business partner on the private jet flight to DC on what was a “Government Fact Finding Mission”

        2) Why was your government planning as early as last April to abandon the referendum.

        3) Why are your MPs recording people secretly as you admitted hearing a recording. “

        • Terminator says:

          1. If it was a private jet, and didn’t cost the taxpayer anything, why do you care if a manager in private business was on the plane?
          2. The government, was never planning to abandon the referendum.
          3. MP David-Outerbridge recorded her in-person conversation with Mr. Bean because she didn’t trust him.

          You won’t like those answers, but that only means you think you know the answers anyway.

          • We the people!! (1st) says:

            What utter rubbish. I don’t know the answers and I will not fall or accept anything. Come on you too must be better than that. ‘

            1. The jet issue was UNETHICAL…Period!!
            2. In that document it was clear in the wording that the ‘intention’ is to abandon the referendum. Intention was in that document.
            3. If you don’t trust someone, why the heck would you go to talk to him or her? This was all about a personal issue not talking politics.

            You must have some level of standards. Also, if the opposition leader acted unethical on the tape and have said such ‘atrocious’ comments, we the people deserve to hear it. If it is really incriminatory then whatever action is necessary should be taken against the opposition leader I’m all for it.

            I hold politicians to a higher standard and will never spin anything because I like or support them; unlike many of the OBA supporters on these comments seem to have any morals or standards about them. Wrong is Wrong!!!!

            • haha says:

              And you people want to talk about UNETHICAL…lmfao! The last 14 years were unethical but not illegal.

              don’t start…

              • We the People!! (1st) says:

                First, your counterargument is weak, lacks any kind of substance. Try again.

                Who are “you people”? Some actions by the former government was unethical, and I (you people) was one that also spoke out against some of those actions. Try again!!

                Two wrongs do not make a right!! Try again!!

                Who cares about the past 14 years. What you don’t get is that it is the PAST!! What about now? What about this issue? What about these serious allegations?

                If you can’t provide something productive please don’t waste time responding to my comments.

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    “This government has a lot of work in gaining the trust of the people who are not the ‘accept and defend anything you do’ supporters”

    Obviously you do not do much reading. Maybe you are just a headline reader or maybe you only read every other word of bloggers that you don’t like. You know the ones, the people who don’t agree with you. The people who are not reasonable & don’t see things your way.

    If you did do a little more reading, especially those of us who basically support the OBA, you might also see that some of us actually HAVE been questioning the OBA. This is something that was never seen from PLP supporters who swallowed whatever was told to them in silence, always doing what they were told for fear of retribution of some sort.

    You see, that is aa fundamental difference between the two groups. With the PLP it is all about the leader who is expected to dictate what is what & be supported without question. That was seen very clearly during the Brown regime.

    There are many voices in the OBA, & they don’t always agree. That is a good thing. That is the way it should be. The Premier is merely the leader of the band. He is nothing without the band.

    • We the People!! (1st) says:

      Again, Nitpicking!

      “This government has a lot of work in gaining the trust of the people who are not the ‘accept and defend anything you do’ supporters”

      The key words, which I put in quotes are, ‘accept and defend anything you do’ supporters. I did not say all OBA supporters. I am aware that there are some supporters that do not defend everything that the OBA does. I’ve has talked to some of those supporters who are disgusted with the OBA at this moment.

      So I don’t know where you get off making comments like;

      Obviously you do not do much reading. Maybe you are just a headline reader or maybe you only read every other word of bloggers that you don’t like.

      If you did do a little more reading, especially those of us who basically support the OBA, you might also see that some of us actually HAVE been questioning the OBA.

      I didn’t say OBA supporters have not been questioning the OBA. I said once again, the ‘accept and defend anything you do’ supporters. If you are not the ‘accept and defend anything you do’ supporters than obviously, I am not talking about you.

      And lastly your comment, “This is something that was never seen from PLP supporters who swallowed whatever was told to them in silence, always doing what they were told for fear of retribution of some sort. You see, that is a fundamental difference between the two groups.” – This is complete BULL.

      If you ever listen to talk radio, prior to the election a lot of PLP supporters spoke up against the PLP on the radio, on air.
      Here is the fundamental difference, and we may have to just agree to disagree with this one.

      If PLP supporters are dissatisfied, displeased, frustrated, unhappy with the PLP they speak when it matters most at the pools. The ONLY reason why the OBA became government is because a LOT of PLP supporters decided not to vote for the PLP, whether they voted for the OBA or decided not to vote at all.

      The difference is the majority, around 99.5% of OBA/UBP supporters will vote for their party no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they are dissatisfied, frustrated, unhappy, with the OBA they will vote.

      That is the real difference.

      • We the people!! (1st) says:

        correction above it should be polls and not pools.

  20. Question says:

    This post is not a bashing of the Premier, his party or a bashing of the Opposition Leader, or his party. This is a simple review of the facts as presented to a logical mind.

    This statement from the Premier is a deflection – he did not answer any of the concerns of the Bermudian people from Friday’s debate. An “it’s all lies and untrue” is not going to cut it when he has been caught in a few lies himself – my questions still stand –

    1. If The Premier stood in the House on Dec 13 and detailed that he had private meetings with Mr. Bean regarding the referendum, then why would he stand on Feb 14 and deny that he spoke with the Opposition Leader?

    2. Additionally, he denied that he spoke with D Burgess and D Burt, when both have indicated that they spoke with him in the Opposition Leader’s absence – is this not a lie?

    Now, for those persons who questioned why Mr. Bean waited until now to address his concerns – that’s a simple answer. The Premier stood in the House on Dec 13 and detailed his story, thus the Opposition Alexander naturally had to wait until the House resumed to state his position in the House – plain and simple. This is simply a logical conclusion, people.

    The fact that Minister Crockwell got so worked up after the statement clearly means to me that there is some true in the statement – as he basically dared Mr. Bean to say something outside the House so he can sue him. ( that’s an example of childish behaviour).

    I am not saying that the Opposition Leader was correct in his statement, but those who are not questioning the Premier and the government simply because he said “it is simply untrue” really need a reality check.

    Both Leaders need to be checked – and the truth needs to be found – and when it is uncovered, one or both gotta go.


  21. mia says:

    MB has lost his credibility and he is losing it……

  22. Gotham says:

    Keep up the good and honest work you and your ministers are doing, Mr. Cannonier.

  23. Jus' Askin' says:

    Craig this truly is YOUR FAULT
    This would not have happened –

    The racial rows of UBP still live on in OBA ;-)
    Craig you welcomed them in and now you know what ‘they’ are all about. OBA can never and will never be unified. You and the rest of the surrogates will get tired of being puppets eventually LOL
    But due to Personal Situations you will ignore Social Duties. I would love to believe you wrote this. I’ll bet all my bitcoins, you did not ;-)

    • It's about time! says:

      And you believe Mr. Bean wrote his speech….seriously naive….

  24. Sandy Bottom says:

    So Bean wants us to believe that one day, five months ago, the Premier said to him, the leader of the opposition, “hey man, guess what, I shouldn’t really tell you this, but I’ve been offered a bribe”.

    And then Bean for some reason sits on this information for five months.

    It is pretty easy to see who is lying.

    Bean must resign. He is out of his depth.

  25. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    It may come to pass that we will not see either of these leaders come next election. The personal toxicity is too unshakeable and unacceptable. But what is most unoriginal is that you stand behind your Ministers, Mr Premier? Isn’t it more of the case that they should be standing behind you? The allegation is against you, and the others alleged were names thrown in the pot by you, if Mr Bean is to be believed.

    But let’s concentrate on what really matters here, international newspapers and blogs are being utilised as the newspaper blogs in Bermuda are systematically being blocked from reporting ANY criticism of the OBA. So, should your AG address the matter of infringement of freedom of expression then you probably would not see political storms in foreign newspapers and blogs.

    The focus here is that casino enterprises will make offers to politicians to be the first to enter Bermuda. Why? They are the legitimate enterprises of all types of illicit activities, so offering kickbacks to enter Bermuda before other gamers is simply a normal business strategy for them. They will make millions and how much in taxes will they pay to the Bermuda government, whilst paying NOTHING in taxes from their HQ overseas?

    Bermuda needs to ask, WHY is there NO referendum on this issue? Further, Bermuda needs to examine, with a fine-tooth comb, who is being given this gaming license?

    A referendum will give BERMUDIANS their democratic voice in this matter. And if it’s NO, then we need not be concerned about who the gamers are because it’s a moot point.

    But if we NEVER get that opportunity of a referendum, I would like to know that at the very least, we have stopped the barbarians at the gate by BARRING any gamers who have a whiff of scandal by approaching ANY politicians in Bermuda. Because sadly, that is the way gamers do business.

    Welcome to the real world of GAMING!

    London, England

    • We the people!! (1st) says:

      Well articulated. I agree with your comments.

  26. aceboy says:

    Frankly I think the FCO should get involved. I note David Burt is now singing the bribery song. The Anti Bribery Act of 2011 is the toughest legislation out there to defeat corruption. A full investigation is warranted and should these accusations prove false then jail time is required. Likewise if they are true. Bribery is a very serious allegation and not to be tossed about as a political tool. Time for some consequences because as overseas dependent citizens ALL of Bermuda’s politicians are subject to it.

  27. Alvin Williams says:


  28. Mr. Meoff says:

    I vote for the Scientist as leader of BDA as we all already know the direction we are heading in. PARTY POLITICS MUST END NOW.

  29. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Politics is a very “dirty business” and NOT for weak-of-heart… Just ask BHO in the States how dirty politicians can be – because he is one of the dirtiest ever to be in the W/H!!!

  30. X man says:

    From here on the Trust between the two Political Party’s is gone to hell – but at the same time how on earth are we
    going to solve the big issues we have if there is a War brewing up on Parliament hill.
    The Premier should have realized how much the opposition leader hated him before he said a single word to him and
    should have also realized anything he said would be used as a weapon against him..- let face it after this is over – or if it ever
    ends you can forget transparency from either Political Party.

  31. swing voter says:

    I really don’t care who got caught with their pants down right now…Back to business lads…fix this country and get re-elected. Its that simple.

  32. Bermuda Boy says:

    It’s not MB’s fault, we all know he can’t think for himself. He is only doing what a certain doctor tells him to do.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      NO doubt about it – that E. Browns “fingerprints” are all over this mess!!! Let’s face it… NEVER let a *messy situation* go to waste – which is the same as the BHO “mantra” in the States!!!

  33. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    There have been shouts from the rooftops to make an allegation outside the House of Parliament without the privilege of parliamentary privilege. So, Shadow Finance Minister David Burt, has done just that on the Larry Scott talk show.

    Mr Burt repeated his allegation without the safety net of parliamentary privilege – an allegation of bribery against the premier of Bermuda regarding the reasons behind WHY the referendum was never called.

    OBA, it’s time for damage control beyond the weak rationale, why would the premier speak with the opposition? He had very few options after the election, and invited the opposition to be a part of the OBA’s tenure as a new government.

    Now the premier can start legal proceedings for defamation, but I’m sure that this is being very closely monitored by many, many foreign entities.

    If those of you think that bribery allegations is nothing to be concerned about and it’s business as usual, it’s your way of thinking rather than black vs white that destroys the integrity of Bermuda.

    London, England

  34. Somerset Girl says:

    I don’t know about you but I am personally tired of the Bean and Cannonier show. Will the real leaders of the country please stand up?

    Are all of our Statesman retired or dead? Time for both of them to step aside and let those truly interested in finding solutions to our problems come forward.

    I am disgusted with the both of them.

  35. MAKE MY DAY says:

    @Somerset Girl… Bermuda never had any *Statesmen* in the true sense of the word and meaning!!

    A statesman was someone like Sir Winston Churchill or possibly JFK in the States!!