Premier Cannonier, David Burt On IT Contract

February 17, 2014

Friday’s sitting of the House of Assembly contained a number of strong statements, including an allegation about a payment for a casino, discussion over an MP being “wired” as well as a statement about an IT contract.

MP David Burt, who is an IT professional, said that Premier Craig Cannonier offered his company an IT contract in exchange for support in bypassing the referendum.

Mr. Burt said: “The language that he used was very clear. In soliciting my support for bypassing the referendum, he offered to give my company an IT contract with the money saved from the referendum to develop the absentee balloting system for the Parliamentary Registrar’s Office.”

While the Premier was speaking on another matter later, another MP yelled out to the Premier “Did you offer a contract?” while another shouted out “What about that David Burt offer?”

The Premier replied saying, “Keep going on about some offer…..I asked for clarification of the Honourable Member, this whole thing about being able to vote in proxy, do you know anything about it? How can that work?”

Last night the Premier released a statement saying for “today’s Opposition, there are no limits. Friday’s House of Assembly statement by the Opposition Leader was just the latest step in his party-before- country strategy.”

On Friday, Opposition Leader Marc Bean had alleged that Premier revealed to him that a developer was willing to pay him “upfront for a casino licence,” while the Premier alleged the Opposition Leader was telling “bold faced lies.”

This was only one of many strong statements made in the session on Friday, which became extremely heated at some points, with MPs from both sides raising their voice and interjecting other speakers.

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  1. swing voter says:

    who cares if Burts company can benefit from an upswing in the economy. Enough of this childish BS …. get back to work!

    • more than enough says:

      shut up joanne

    • Betty Trump says:


      “MP David Burt, who is an IT professional, said that Premier Craig Cannonier offered his company an IT contract in exchange for support in bypassing the referendum.” – Bernews

      This is an outrageous and low step again taken by the Premier and the UBPoba party. It suggest they are acting in an unethical manner to gain whatever they want.

      This action by the Premier and UBPoba party is common practice. Many can recall this same behaviour of meeting with members of the Opposition and offering them something in exchange is not new. We saw this pre-election with Mr. Horton, Mr. Bean, Mrs.Wilson and Mr. Lister. All where approached by the UBPoba to come over or accept some form of token from the UBPoba to weaken the power of the PLP.

      We can all recall they were successful in gaining the Speaker of the House position. As a result they believed that they had weaken the power of the OPPOSITION. However what they did not count on was that the Opposition became even stronger, regardless of the reomoval of two MPs. This is what they are having difficulty with. The Opposition is not a sleeping one, but an active force working on behalf of the people of Bermuda. This is really a thorn in their side.

      Mr. Burt a man of high integrity, has no reason to lie or spin this matter. He is not interested as he mention in the house of Assembly “He is not for Sale”. He is far above such actions. This therefore suggest this government is acting in an Corrupt fashion and is very unethical as the government of this country.

      The UBPoba must be called on a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE >>>>NOW !!

      • Betty Trump says:

        The day when all you silly people receive what you deserve is approaching. The UBPoba is crumbling and the PLP shall soon rise again. Bermuda will once again prosper, led by a strong group of black leaders. Mark my words.

        • Your joking says:

          So there can’t be any white people in your party. ?… now some is showing their true colours

        • Blue Familiar says:

          You know, Ms. Trump. I would be thrilled to have Bermuda prosper led by a strong group of black leaders. I’d really hoped it would happen under the PLP once they got over the first few years of naivete. It didn’t.

          It might well in the future. But, unlike you, I don’t really care about the skin colour of our leaders, or their political affiliation, I just want Bermuda to prosper again.

        • Mile High Club says:

          I unlike you, couldn’t care less if our leaders are Black or of any other race or ethnicity as long as they are honest and hard working. Apparently, you Betty, have other priorities. The PLP had a group of “strong” black leaders, but they’re focus was not on what was best for all of Bermuda, it was much like yours. They only seemed to care about those surrounding them. And we all know where those leaders, led us.

          I for one am tired of all this nonsense. This is not what they are paid to do for us. Mr. Burt, if you have evidence of wrong doing, please release it so they can resin\n and we can move on as a country.

          If Mr. Cannoniere has evidence of wrong doing, please release it so he can resign and we can move on as a country.

          At this point, I am hoping that they BOTH have evidence so they will both be forced to resign and go away. We have suffered enough as a country! If you two can’t move on and act like grown men and do what you get paid for, then step aside and let someone one else do so.

        • Kathy says:

          I agree we will prosper agin under the PLP.
          All city owners did not get a vote in the City as land owners,but all the people living in the Salvation did perhaps the owners should have said no say no paying taxes!!!
          Free buses…Free Nursery school free..nothing is free its comes from somewhere.We can put the employment up by one at least we can re hire the body guard back.I could go on I guess everything thing was all Rosey under the PLP…

        • Gotham says:

          Bermuda is led by a strong leader who happens to be black – but what I really like are his sparkling blue eyes.

      • Blue Familiar says:

        The problem with calling a vote of no confidence is that there is no one better to replace them.

    • smh says:

      WHO CARES if the government is bribing members of parliament??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Your attitude is exactly what caused the US govt. to reach such low standards. Don’t be ignant! Slippery Slope!

    • Marge says:

      Burt, and Bean two young guys who want to be in charge !!!!!Lord have mercy !!!!! we need to all be paying attention to this mess…
      I hope to hell that the drug tests for all MP’S will be inforced.

  2. Your joking says:

    Guess Mr Burt has been drinking the swizzle….

  3. Alvin Williams says:

    It’s what MP David Burt was asked to do get that economic benefit that is the issue here, It seems the corruption is fast becoming the middle name of the anti-Bermudian one term OBA government.

    • Frank says:

      The premier has to dance to those rich white ubp boys tune and he knows that
      we all know he is not. In charge of sh—t
      his job Is. To keep. Crining and smiling to the next election
      who ever heard of A gasstaion running out of. Gas

      • Mile High Club says:

        People like you Frank are desperate and pathetic. Do you really believe that any black person, especially a leader, in this day and age would listen and bow down to what someone tells them “or else”. You are holding on to the past and as long as you continue to tell such tales we will never rise above our past.

    • hmmm says:

      PLP gave more work permits for jobs across the board. Facts don’t support your allegation Alvin.

      • Impressive says:

        If that is the case, why are the PLP always being labeled as the party who chased the foreigners out of the island????

        • Mile High Club says:

          Because those companies finally had enough of all the BS. Remember, most did not CLOSE, they MOVED, elsewhere.

    • swing voter says:

      how is Alvin so very sure what was said by whom? You were not present Alvin. I have no confidence in what anyone says what went on. As far as I’m concerned they are all not telling the truth

  4. Question says:

    Let’s make one thing clear – - MP Burt is a man of integrity and truth. He has no reason to lie about the meeting and the discussions held within. Again, I ask the question – why did the Premier first deny that a meeting took place, but then later in his statement in the House indicate that he “spoke” with MP Burt and MP Burgess? No one has answered that question yet.


    • Hmmm says:

      Hardly !!! Remember the PLP Cox speech that he wrote, allegedly with parts taken from another speech. That was denied, but media evidence proved otherwise. remember the alleged unlicenced selling of alcohol and use of unauthorized images.

      • Question says:


        That is laughable. HE NEVER DENIED THAT HE SOLD SWIZZLE – - that’s the difference!! The Premier has denied that a conversation took place, that I know did actually take place – plain and simple.


        • hmmm says:

          Did he have a licence to sell alcohol ?
          Did he have permission to use those images for his own gain?

          Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

          • Question says:

            Wonderful – you can cut and paste from an online dictionary – wow?!!

            Answer my original question if you believe you can.


            • Hmmm says:

              ermmmm…You didn’t ask me a question…if it is all about answering questions, then answer mine.

        • Mile High Club says:

          How do you know. Did you hear it? Where you there? If you have evidence – expose it and help us all to get this crap over with.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Integrity, truth and outright hatred for a section of our society…

      • Question says:


        MP Burt has not spoken hatred for a section of our society – - and if so, please provide information to that fact.

        My post is regarding the fact that the Premier denied that the conversation happened, but then spoke in the House and said that he “called” MP Burt – - please explain that for me?

        My position is simple – - on either side, if there has been any wrongdoing or lies, that MP should be removed – Cannonier, Crockwell, Bean, Burt, Petingill – - any of them – - this is not about the OBA or PLP – -this is about truth and who is actually speaking truth.

        And for the record, I can verify that the meeting did take place.


        • Hmmm says:

          How can you verfy the meeting took place unless you were in the alleged meeting?

          • Question says:

            Sir or Madam:

            To verify that the meeting took place, I did not need to be in the office – - there are several ways I can verify that the meeting took place, such as:

            1. Witnessing MP Burt arrive and/or leave the Premier’s Office during the alleged timeframe for the meeting.

            2. Overhearing conversations which indicated that the meeting was taking place that day.

            3. Being present in the Premier’s Office when MP Burt arrived for the meeting.

            4. Being present outside the Premier’s Office when MP Burt was leaving the meeting.

            5. Speaking with either MP Burt, the Premier or both after the meeting took place.

            All of these options are viable to verify that the meeting took place – - but I do not have to provide my reasons or explanation to you. Additionally, I have nothing to gain from providing this information either – remember that.


            • Hmmm says:

              SO which was it??? the gossip?

            • Mile High Club says:

              I’m sure (and hope) that they have met before! I would like to believe that at one time, these two were mature enough and smart enough to work TOGETHER.

              This is why I hate the party system of government. I would rather have the best, the brightest and the most honorable people working on our behalf. Instead both parties struggle to find more than a handful of good people, and then fill in the rest of the spots with attention seekers or those with an agenda.

      • Impressive says:

        As you always are asking Mr. Hind, can you prove that allegation that he hates a section of our society???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Joonya says:

    I listened to Burty Swizzle last night on Radio PLP, and all I could hear was a pile of speculation, hearsay, bias, and stating the obvious. If you say there were attempts of curruption then prove it. Provide evidence, just like the PLP trumpted like a broken record when corruption allegations were put toward Dr. Johnny Uighurs.

    • Betty Trump says:

      YOur really locked in UBPoba DENIAL SYDROME>..your blindfaithfulness is killing you. Get real your UBPoba government has lost it integrity and is unethical at best.

      • Mile High Club says:

        BETTY – All any of us want is PROOF! If you know so much, then provide proof. I’m not even saying that there isn’t any, I’m just saying, if you don’t have any – then shut up about it.

    • Coffee says:

      Stop with the name calling Combination…!

  6. Bermyluv says:

    Thing is, the OBA has never needed the PLP’s support for ditching the referendum. The PLP didn’t get to vote on this one, so it makes no sense.

    • aceboy says:


      Burt is jumping on the Bean Bandwagon and manuafcturing more nonsense.

      I certainly hope he is willing to back up his allegation of a bribe in front of a court of law. We are all subject to The Bribery Act 2010 (enacted 2011)and not reporting instances for months is troublesome at best. Using allegations as serious as these to make political *hay* is likely going to backfire on these numbskulls.

  7. Coffee says:

    Alleged organized Bribery Attempts by the lead man … say it ain’t so …. Ohhh I’ll wait for for the response from Cabinet House !

  8. Spot2 says:

    I don’t give a tinker’s curse who said what, who recorded what or when. Nothing illegal happened. For the love of god, please just shut up and get on with moving the country out of debt and CREATE JOBS!

    • Betty Trump says:

      Sounds like your living in UBPoba Denial. THe reality is a law has been broken by the UBPoba government. More so they have acted in an unethical fashion.

      Well, lets take a good look at the The Bermuda Laws online: Electronic Communications Act 2011 under section 30 subsection (5) states “NO person, not being authorized by all the parties to any private signal shall tap any wire, cable or optical fiber or by using any other device or arrangement, shall by electronic communications by using any electronic other device.
      I thinks this may suggest that it is illegal. This seems to catch the Premier and others acting unethical if not illegal. Regardless it speaks to the integrity of this government. Look up the law online and read on…..

      • Joonya says:

        Hows it go Betty…? “It wasnt illegal.. might have been unethical.. but wasnt illegal..”

        • Betty Trump says:

          YOu folks are really suffering from the “UBPOba Denail Sydrome” this is one thing that will kill the UBPoba. THe high level of hypocritical behaviours to cover up for your government is a joke at best.

          Sad to see so many of you suffering from “UBPoba blindfaithfulness.” IT is sure killing you big time…folks in the public see beyond the lies, and any many are expressing it… this UBPoba government are failing Bermuda. Many today are questioning the integrity of this government. Corruptions seems to be the name floating around in popular circles….ahaha

          So no matter how much you attempt to spin your government out of this one, it will not work, and it will have a long lasting impact on the creditability of the UBPoba…. get REAL or keep living in the “Blindfaithfulness UBPoba Denial Syndrome”….REALLY

          But I understand your need to DEFEND the INDEFENSIBLE, after all the UBPOba promised you so much, and now they have failed you….few want to admit that…its almost embarrassing at best…

      • Real Talk (original) says:


        That legislation, as the name (ie, Electronic Communications) implies, relates to the tapping of phone lines, and recording of phone conversations without consent. Recording live, in person conversations for personal use is not illegal.

      • Anon Ymous says:

        ….what does the Bermuda law say about selling alcohol without a liquor license?

    • swing voter says:

      They won’t let it die…it works for their benefit to keep it goin

  9. pebblebeach says:

    Burt, please go sit down, be quiet and quit your attempt at seeking relevance.

  10. Chingas says:

    1. OBA never needed Burt’s support for the Referendum.
    2. Cannonier does not control Registrar’s budget.
    3. Any contract over 50k go through Procurement (esp approx 500k Referendum savings)
    4. If Cannonier was (able) to engage in cronyism, why of all people would he give a contract to Burt?
    5. How convenient that Burt had no witnesses and chose to wait 3 months to spout off when he had the protection of the HoA.
    6. Burt…..swizzlegate…..I don’t doubt for a minute that he would do the same in politics.

  11. Starting point says:

    So Mr. Burts company thrives under the previous government but now, by his own words in another paper on this topic, they are struggling financially……..

    so in fact he is admitting that his company received favouritism by the former PLP government?

  12. more than enough says:

    i think it’s high time to get rid of a few more of these politicians as per the sage recommendations…i suggest removing craig from office first, he is already rising for a fall. nandi, mark, shawn. i could, and probably should continue, but i did say as per the sage recommendations, and i don’t remember the exact number suggested by them.

  13. Suzie Quattro says:

    Going forward, any conversation with Bean / Burt etc obviously has to be recorded.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Really, this suggest you support your government acting in such an Unethical, dishonorable, and Ignobl, fashion and praise them. Your HYPERCRITICAL and HYPOCRITICAL behaviours are showing up now, big time. You condemn the PLP for any and everything, yet overlook the UBPoba actions. I guess your blindfaithfulness is killing you and the other dieharts, that you will even defend wrong doings of the government regardless. WHERE IS YOUR INTEGRITY, more so the governments? But often Denial is an easier escape than honesty for some folks.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        Betty, what exactly do you think Burt was allegedly being bribed to do?

        The government didn’t need his support, and doesn’t need it now. So what exactly was supposed to be given in return for this alleged ‘bribe’?

        Because as far as I can see, nobody in the government had any reason to bribe Burt for anything. He is in opposition.

        • Betty Trump says:

          Your blindfaithfulness prevents you from seeing anything beyond your nose. I know it is difficult for you to be politically mature and objective when examining these issues. It is beyond your ability as you suffering from “Blindfaithfulness UBPoba syndrome.”

          It is expected that you and the normal suspects of the UBPoba die-hards write comments as you do. The reality is, I understand your position, it is hurting you so much that it is best to deny all doings by the UBPoba, rather than except the truth… Well the truth can sting so much that folks like you would rather not hear it, or accept it…REALLY ….falling down on their swords…I think so….as the chess pieces continue to move within this falling UBPoba government…..

          The truth can sting sometimes that it is best to defend even lies instead…I know Suzie that’s your only way to walk now….that’s your only line of defense…REALLY…sad but true.

  14. Cranberry says:

    As our esteemed ex-Premier was wont to say “This too shall pass….”

  15. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    burt hasnt got a bean to lean on!

  16. Swing Voter says:

    Both of these parties disgust me. Neither are for the Bermudian people but for fattening their own pockets. People are out of jobs, can’t pay their bills and all they care about is getting what they can. Enough is enough! The UBP did it, the PLP did it and now the OBA. Wake up Bermuda.

  17. swing voter says:

    at the end of the day, we need to grow up….102 callers sound desperate for a conspiracy to pan out. FM89 callers are countering with responses….both sides are loosing their mind. Lets get back on track because BDA’s deserves better. #ya’ll sickening#

  18. somuchless says:

    Put on your life jackets cause the Oba and PLP are sinking us. Betty how do you feel about that? I said the PLP. You die heart PLP fan.

  19. Coffee says:

    Is it illegal for someone to steal from government ? Yes ! Than why is it o.k. For the OBA to support such a person . Just asking .

  20. Gotham says:

    I really miss Mrs. Furbert’s comments. Maybe Betty Trump knows what happened to her?