Videos/Photos: March, Minister & BIU President

February 5, 2014

The labour dispute between the Fairmont Hamilton Princess and Bermuda Industrial Union escalated today [Feb 5], with numerous BIU members walking off the job to march through Hamilton.

Many of the staff from both Fairmont Hotels, the Post Office, Marine & Ports, Department of Parks, Works & Engineering and other unionized divisions came out today in a show of solidarity for the Union.

The dispute started after the Hamilton Princess laid off ten workers, five of whom were BIU members. With the two sides at an impasse, BIU President Chris Furbert called a special meeting for BIU members today.

Slideshow of photos taken throughout the day:

At this morning’s meeting, Union members voted to call for all BIU members island-wide to leave their workplace and march through Hamilton. Numerous workers answered the call, and made their way through Hamilton singing “We shall not be moved.”

Meetings with the Union, Fairmont and Government hierarchy also took place today, however according to Mr. Furbert one of the meetings did not go well. Calling the meeting with Fairmont a “complete disaster,” Mr. Furbert said they “insulted them” so “they walked out.”

Some BIU members plan to remain off the job tomorrow, and the bus and ferry service will both be suspended, with the Transport Ministry saying they will be no bus or ferry service “until further notice.”

Four of the videos from today are below, and you can view our live blog coverage here.

Marchers making their way through Hamilton [About 12.00pm]:

BIU President Chris Furbert after the Protest March [About 12.45pm]

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy’s press conference [About 3.45pm]

BIU President Chris Furbert after attending the meetings [About 4.30pm]

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    So, furby and the union felt insulted at the meeting??? How about we feel insulted because you were given a forgiveness to the $6 million performance bond by the dreb under the now obviously false pretense that you would not pull these nonsense wildcat strikes!!! What part of the 4 weeks pay in lieu of notice that was given to these confirmed deadbeat workers are you missing?? Oh, I know!! This is nothing short of the plp/biu agenda to destabilize the present government!! But trust me when I tell you, this will not turn out good in your favour in the end!!!!
    I say wait this out, do not pay these deadbeats, in fact start the hiring process to all those that actually want to work and move on!!!

    • frank says:

      kangoocar you sound like an evil person

    • If the truth be told! says:




  2. 32n64w says:

    As always, Bernews sets the standard on fair and balanced coverage of developing news stories in Bermuda. So …

    In the absence of any reported evidence to indicate the FHP failed to explicitly follow the terms of the CBA, the BIU’s concern seems to centred around a lack of respect and consultation regarding the steps taken by the employer in making these redundancies.

    However, their extreme overreaction and definitive failure to set the example they would prefer followed completely undermines their position … by a hundredfold, if not more.

    If the BIU truly want to invest in and support a collaborative reconciliation process, they shouldn’t hold the rest of the country ransom by withholding essential services, calling unrelated workers off the job or disrespecting the Government’s official referral to dispute mediation.

    The implied reality and true intent of their decions would lead any reasonable observer to conclude the BIU executive are more concerned with creating havoc and unrest for political gain at the expense of the Government, taxpayers and voters’ interests; which is particularly relevant in advance of the upcoming (truly) maiden OBA budget and necessary cuts as suggested in the SAGE Commission report.

    Bermudians have to ask themselves – who is really concerned with our collective well being? The latest BIU antics and their irrational scaremongering would suggest they aren’t.

    • WOLF says:

      Damn straight

      • Bettty Trump says:

        Strikes and Walk-outs are ongoing thru the world. This is often the last form of action that any Worker wants to take, unless their backs are pushed up against the wall.

        US Strikes
        Dec 5: Thousands of fast food and retail workers went on strike across the US on Thursday in a signal of the growing clamour for action on income equality.

        In Chicago, hundreds of protesters gathered outside a McDonalds at 6.15am. As a large “Christmas Grinch” ambled about in freezing temperatures, demonstrators chanted for the minimum wage to be increased to $15 per hour.

        President Barack Obama gave a landmark speech on income equality, which he said was “the defining challenge of our time”, while in November thousands of Walmart workers walked off the job in the latest of a series of protests against low pay and poor conditions.

        • hmmm says:

          low pay and poor conditions are nothing to do with what is happening in Bermuda.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Typical gang mentality & behavior. Nothing has changed in the BIU in 40 years.

      • Bettty Trump says:

        London Strikes Ioday Guess it is not just in Bermuda Workers take such actions. Even in the mother land workers stand up for their Rights!

        Thousands of Tube passengers have endured delays because of strike action over planned job cuts and ticket office closures.
        The first of two planned 48-hour strikes by the RMT and TSSA unions means there is a limited Tube service until Friday morning.

        Unions have said they will take part in talks on Friday aimed at resolving the dispute.

        RMT leader Bob Crow said: “Our negotiators are geared up and ready to enter the exploratory talks on Friday.

        “In the meantime, the current action continues with the rock solid support of our members and we will be back out on the picket lines early in the morning as the strike heads into its third day.”

        Guess folks will also have to find alternative ways to get around like in London. Strikes, walkouts are a last resort for workers. No one wants to do it, but action has to taken to ensure that talks progress in the right direction and to protect the rights of workers.

        All benefit in the end. The labour laws that all of us work under to day, was fought on the backs of those strong labour leaders and workers.

        • Hmmm says:

          Strikes killed the steel industry, the car industry and whole other indusries in countries…. The money went elsewhere and the jobs were never recovered. The tourism industry will be destroyed, if this continues. I’m sure those 5 union workers don’t really want the blood of tourism and the loss of more jobs on their hands.

          Unions were a good thing for working conditions, safety and unfair treatment. In this case, the strike is about not following protocol in the unions eyes. It is a strike on a principle.

          Arbitration is to resolve a dispute fairly. None of this holding a countries people to ransom is warranted.

        • hmmm says:

          London dispute was over ticket booth workers being told that their jobs were protected, then getting rid of them. Big difference.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Typical gang mentality & behavior. Nothing has changed with Management in 40 years.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Typical gang mentality & and behavior. Nothing has changed with Management in 40 years.

      • Cassava Ltd. says:

        @ Triangle Drifter
        This is Mild — it’s worse in England when the Union workers get together ‘ I should know
        I went school there ! – this is nothing — They were very hostile and violent in England. – you have to see
        what other people act during Labor disputes before you put a lable on the members of the BIU.

    • 32n64w says:

      Latest FB post from the PLP’s Marc Daniels “I’ve read comments by many bloggers, RG/Bernews/FB posters, and talk show callers today and there are many valid arguments on either side of the equation, despite the majority being emotionally charged. What is clear is that many white Bermudians appear to be against union actions regardless of the situation or the facts while many black Bermudians are generally supportive.”

      Can someone, including Mr. Daniels, please clarify how the race of ANY poster or caller (perhaps with the FB exception given posters’ often have a photo associated with their account) is a matter of fact supporting his sweeping generalization?

      Also, which “facts” regarding the circumstances surrounding the FHP’s actions are contrary to the specific terms of the CBA?

      Besides not consulting with the BIU before making these positions redundant (which has yet to be confirmed as a legal obligation, at least based upon various media reports and statements – a significant point which our learned friend would certainly consider relevant, or one would hope given his professional background) what “facts” are white or black Bermudians not privy to that he’s trying to ascribe as race based?

      Or is he just making broad racial assumptions for political posturing?

      I have a lot of respect for the sense of balance and fairness Mr. Daniels generally brings to most conversations, but this remark is over the top and perhaps reflective of his true feelings towards fellow Bermudians.

      For a lawyer his prejudging is completely unacceptable – and for a politician – that much worse.

      Perhaps his/the PLP’s true colors of non-inclusion and presumption based opinions on race are showing through? If so, this is a sad day for ALL of us. Shame on him.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Marc Daniels saying what he has to in order to rise in your party that all that is. Ms. Furbert and Mr Commissiong (might be spelled wrong sorry) did it too yesterday on the talk shows sayin “I don’t want to say too much but a “certain segment of our population “PLP code for white people. They don’t even consider us “real Bermudians” crazy right? Also tells what the party is all about and how they operate and they have the edacity to try and paint all whites as untrustworthy due to action carried out by some whites mainly years ago in comparison to their actions and words of today. How about this Mr. Daniels I’m white I agree with the action the INTIAL ACTION of the BIU here cause in every report about this the fact remains the hotel tried to be dirty with how they handled this. They have not even denied that fact so even on principle the Initial action by the BIU IMO was correct. Mr. Daniel’s you have once again in a long list of agains reaffirmed that the PLP have no love for their fellow country man and in the famous words “call us anything but children of God”. Sorry for the rant but Race is a close topic for me and still have not figured out what it will take to end “our ancestor’s feud” for the betterment of us all without causing a further divide.

        Note I do not take into account the foreign attitudes on race here I’m dealing strictly with Bermudians.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      Management has broken the “Collective Bargaining Agreement”. This action of the management of hotel is a clear violation of the collective agreement between the worker’s organization; the Bermuda Industrial Union and the hotel. Workers are only seeking that Management abide by the “Collective Bargaining Agreement.” Workers are only seeking Equal Rights and Justice.

      Labour can not afford to allow Management to override this agreement, as it will take us back in terms of Labour progress by some 50 years, that many struggled to achieved. This will result in doing away with workers rights in this country if Management is allowed to continue to break the CB. Workers can not go back to been treated like second class citizens in their own country. What is the purpose of Labour Laws and CB if either party does not abide by them.

      Well done today, Workers stand strong and together, it will not be easy, it will take some time, but together you will indeed have more success. The comments on the blogs is proof that you have touched at the core of the problem, and that some folks will not like it either way. Do not worry about those folks, just keep pressing on.

      Well done !! Great moving forward.

      Workers in this country must come together as today it looks like NO ones JOB is safe. Stay strong workers, and stand firmly together is the only way forward.

      • Franklin jr says:

        You won’t respond as you’re a coward, but perhaps you could impress us for once… show me the section that was violated. I’ve actually read it, have you?

      • So tell us says:

        Please tell us exactly what part of the agreement that management broke? Despite all the claims no-one has told us what the violation was.

      • Former Union Member says:

        I would like to read the CBA. Perhaps the BIU might oblige the public by publishing it and showing exactly where it was violated?

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      No One is concerned with our collective well being ;-)
      Everyone is out for themselves.THE FHP have proven they will do as they please. The BIU have proven the same, as well as the OBA. These times call for serious leadership. This ‘Wait and See’ attitude will destroy us. The Premier and Minister need to ‘Step Up’ and deal with this. The whole country will suffer for years to come, because of this. If we let workers be handled any type of way and allow ‘industrial actions’ to happen at the drop of a hat, we are doomed.
      This is OBA’s opportunity to show they are for all the people of this country.Will OBA ‘Step UP’ and handle this situation like leaders or ‘Wait and See’ like cowards?

      • W.T.F. says:

        The O.B.A. will not step up. The Premier has already cut a trail to the United States. He new what was coming but chose to leave it to Dunkley to handle yet again….Coward in the extreme.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        You forgot the PLP as well in your post did that on perpose or something?!


  3. Voter (original) says:

    How many more people will lose their jobs as a direct or indirect result of this?

    • Mazumbo says:

      How many children will benefit in the future like how we are benefiting now from our for fathers sacrifice.

      • Hmmm says:

        Not as many, if you scare off investment, then there will be fewer jobs to go round. Well done BIU on destroying your childrens future.

        • Mazumbo says:

          OOhh Boggie Man tactics is Bermuda the only place in the world that goes through this .Don’t be simple all your life.

  4. Um Um Like says:

    Quit complaining and get back to work. Lazy sobs.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      Are the workers in other countries whom take the same form of action also considered lazy, or are they just standing up for Equal Rights and Justice?

      Stop calling your fellow Bermudians degrading names, and stand beside them to ensure that their call for “Equal Rights and Justice” is addressed. The Quicker the Management come to the table on this issue, the faster it can be resolved. The reality is you benefit from the hard work of the Labour movement, if not the benefits you work under today would not have been in place. Lets lift our fellow Bermudians up, and seek ways that can resolve this pressing issue.

      Workers want this matter addressed as soon as possible. Management needs to get to the table in good faith and negotiate. Government needs to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and equally at he table with greatest respect.

      • Hmmm says:

        Not as many, if you scare off investment, then there will be fewer jobs to go round. Well done BIU on destroying your childrens future.

  5. JOB Please says:

    furrbutt aint worried about that, its his little power trip to cripple the island and try to make the OBA loose face,

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Too much about Mr. Furbert he did only what the membership wanted to do here nothing more.

      LOL just sayin

  6. Dontworryboutathing says:

    I heard through the grapevine that some large conventions groups have already pulled out due to this unrest. This will definitely hit people in the pocket.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      Management’s lack of willingness to address this pressing issue sends the message that they are not concern about the large conventions groups. If not they would come to the table to devise a plan that both sides can move forward quickly on, and get things moving again within the hotel. Looks like they taking a huge hit, as long as the workers are not got a job. Large Tax breaks should ensure that jobs are at least provided by management. After all this is what Minister Fahy was hoping the Tax Breaks was granted to them partly for, to assist the govt in creation or keeping of jobs.

      • Franklin jr says:

        can you please get it through your thick skull that the tax breaks were not given to management?

        Stop trying to score political points with uneducated/unthinking people and put some of that energy into helping Bermuda

        • JustAskin2 says:

          So who were the tax breaks given to? I thought that the Greens received them, but if not, do tell.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            The Greens do not operate the hotel they are not involved in this at all realy. Your grip is with the Fairmount Group.

            LOL whom by the way are not known for treating locals that well historically anyway.

      • There are jobs says:

        There are construction jobs and, when the refurbishment is complete, there will be more jobs in the marina and restaurants.

        A guarantee to create jobs does not equate to a guarantee to keep any existing positions [and even Furbert admits that the Fairmont is the only hotel that still has bar porters].

      • hmmm says:

        They are willing, BIU walked out of the meeting and won’t go to arbitration…it is the BIU that is the pig headed mule here. Pride comes before a very big fall.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Don’t think so, normal practice should apply here the workers should be reinstated first as in all other legitimate disputs in labour here in Bermuda.


  7. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    it’s the easiest thing in the world to disrespect someone or something you have no respect for.

  8. somuchless says:

    All monies businesses and people loose cause of this unnesssessary act should be paid out of furballs pocket!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think he needs his face plastered on another KFC bucket of chicken.

  9. 1minute says:

    BIU Strategy: Bus & Ferry workers out on stike so the kids cannot get to school. Kids not in school means they won’t get educated. Uneducated labour means union members for life.

    • If the truth be told! says:

      Your parents must have been BIU as well and had trouble getting your dumb behind to school. Your comments reflect your level of education you nimrod!

  10. Mazumbo says:

    Ya they said that in ’81 and they still came. Next.

    • swing voter says:

      yeah they came alright…IB don’t need blue color labor. thats why they came…fillipino and indian labor taking your jobs mate…figured it out yet?

      • If the truth be told! says:

        Yeah, and if the Filipino and Indians don’t get on the big BIU band wagon we are coming for them next! BELIEVE IT!
        Everyone knows why the foreigners hire Filipinos and Indians, it is because you foreign investors get off on treating them like slaves and paying them pennies when they cook for you, clean you filthy houses, and care for your bad a$$ kids. And after all of that they have inherited your wicked ways not your money.

        We do not need your trash, your maid, or your children in our land. You are free to leave our land any time you are ready.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Ya their taking our jobs our ancestors went through a couple hundred years doing it for free now the Indians and Filipino are getting next to nothing.

    • They still came? says:

      Tourism has been dying a slow death ever since. There are a lot of reasons but the BIU is well up on the list.

  11. swing voter says:

    chris is so predictable…push the right buttons and he explodes..anyone with half a brain knows that the hotel is wrong. Instead of being insulted he should have sat down and negotiated and looked like a leader. HP have effectively scared away any chance of a new hotel development on island to compete with their new project. the only hotels that will be unaffected by stupid labor conflicts are the hotels that float

  12. Selfish people always unsung scared tactics to cause us not to unify…’s deeper than what your saw yesterday. We are tired three in my household ( that have worked damn hard all their lives) have lost there jobs… How r we to survive…we are tired and are not standing down….

    • hmmm says:

      Do you still support PLP ?

    • hmmm says:

      Also, what has the plight of your family got to do with this dispute. Job losses suck, but there are jobs out there…ho wmany have you appled for, what jobs have you applied for today. Have you been down to the job place, there is help out there.

      • Silent no more says:

        I hope you can handle it when it comes to your household!!!!!!! idiot!!!!!

      • If the truth be told! says:

        International Business register their companies here (0n paper); the law offices are the ones who profit from that! They REGISTER here to avoid paying taxes elsewhere and simply by being located here they save billions. They are profiting to the tune of millions of dollars year over year and they are watching Bermuda implode. They can afford to donate one tenth of the monies they save to several organizations here but they refuse to pay! They hood-wink you, tell you some sob story that you people buy (how can you buy these stories) Bermuda does not make the money it should off of the International Business but International Business makes money off of Bermuda. IB needs to give more to Bermuda or Bermuda needs to TAKE what is DUE to her from INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. LET NOBODY FOOL YOU, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OWES BERMUDA BIG-TIME! AND SO DO THESE HOTEL DEVELOPERS…ALL KINDS OF CONCESSIONS AND RELIEF AND WHAT DO WE HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT…….JACK! YOU PEOPLE BETTER HOPE AND PRAY THAT WE DON’T COME TO CIVIL UNREST, YOU THINK YOU DON’T LIKE US NOW. WE ARE CHOMPING AT THE BIT.

  13. watcher55 says:

    Pull the performance bond guarantee, throw the memorandum of understanding in the trash, freeze their bank account and bankrupt them

  14. Bermuda Boy says:

    Here we go….Down the tubes, bye bye!

  15. SMH says:

    Chris Furbert is —! ! His rants, poor spoken grammar, atrocious diction and super large angry ego are indicative of pure….!! I would never want him lead me. And if the BPSU follows his nonsense expect my dues to go to charity!

    • If the truth be told! says:

      Chris Furbert leads an organization built by a people who endured racism, segregation, oppression, adult suffrage, Universal adult suffrage, prejudice, discrimination, the list goes on and the events of yesterday continue and are prevalent to this very day as you are witnessing. He was chosen to lead this organization by the very members whom march in support of the rights for all the people including your narrow minded self. Such, “rants, poor spoken grammar, atrocious diction and super large, angry ego are also indicative of a strength that you could never possess and a people that you could never lead.

      Remember them when you are relieved of your employment post and ask your charity for assistance when your employer informs you or anyone in your household that your post is now redundant!

      Be slow to judge as judgement come swiftly about…

  16. Steadfast says:

    I drove past there yesterday ‘
    Looked like the 1970′s to the early 1990′s when the UBP was the Govt. of the day.
    A burn in my stomach came upon me with the thought that the UBP has returned – hope not! -
    because a lot of the old stuff is slowly moving in from back from that era.

    • Hmmm says:

      That is BS and you know it.

      • Steadfast says:

        @Hmmm -what does it look like to you ? –
        get a New Paper from the 1970′s 80′s era and look at the pictures and read it – you will see not much difference.- in terms of Industrial deputes.
        Perhaps it’s BS to you because you – what what I seen from both the past and present is real.

    • Joonya says:

      It is 2014 dumb@ss.. Wake Up!

  17. BRILLIANT move by the HP/Green’s to make sure that no investors will finance/build a hotel at Par-la-Ville Parking Lot or anywhere else in Bermuda and HP will be only big hotel near Hamilton and they can develop Sonesta without ANY competition….

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Also, when a job (position) becomes *Redundant* that means the job is gone FOREVER… In the “real world”!! But, I have to remember that BDA is another world!!

  18. Stephen Thomson says:

    The underlying issue that has not been addressed since 1981 is that the collective bargaining agreement with the hotels is outdated, inefficient and hinders the hotels profitability. This agreement is not “collective”. It has been rammed down the throats of the hotels by a radical BIU for many years. Here are some examples:
    1) If an employee is off on Wed and Thurs and the hotel needs to call him/her in on Wed, the hotel pays time and half as Wed is their “day off”. If the hotel does not use them on the Wed but rather calls them in on Thurs, they are paid double time as Thurs is considered their “rest day”.
    2) If a hotel’s occupancy goes over 70%, the hotel per the CBA is forced to have 100% of the staff in and working.
    Few hotels in the world could make money with these massive and arbitrary expenses burdening their businesses.
    Finally, the BIU force employers by way of the CBA to deduct $12.00 per week from every employee regardless of whether they are BIU members or not. They must lose $12.00 out of their cheques and can “give it to charity” if they choose. This is the “closed shop” clause in the CBA.
    The BIU is a dinosaur. It is outdated, injures Bermuda’s ability to compete and has outlived its usefulness in our country. I encourage employees of our BIU unionized hotels and businesses to simply stand up and vote the BIU out of your organization. Its a simple process and you are protected under the law to be able to call for a vote. Stand up for Bermuda and vote out this archaic, outdated and anti Bermudian organization.

    • frank says:

      first of all the union dues is $10 not $12
      the Bermuda labor law does not allow for close shop
      close shop is when every worker has to be a member of a union

      • hmmm says:

        National Heros are turning up for work, to provide for their families and to help the tourists not suffer .Furbert refuses to act responsibly, by walking out of meetings and not going to Arbitration ! He is responsible, but yet he blames everyone else.

    • If the truth be told! says:

      Be careful Stephen Thompson, that your sentiments and you mouth don’t cause your organization fold up. Is it not evident that the people of Bermuda grow tired of being hood-winked and bamboozled by the likes of you and people like you?

      Keep your sentiments to yourself and your mouth shut, and provide your services. Otherwise we will get someone else to provide the service who doesn’t broadcast their political affiliation.


      • UBP is back says:

        Are you threatening his business and economic livelihood because you believe that he doesn’t supoprt your Party or share the same political ideology as you?

        Wow. How UBP of you.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        @If the truth be told!… Do you have half a brain – because you “spew” such nonsense!!!

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      @Stephen Thomson… *BINGO* – plus their (BIU) arrogant and hostile attitude when dealing with the hotel managers and owners!! I read once many yrs ago that was the main reason that Donald Trump was very reluctant to invest in the BDA Tourism product – and apparently he had many opportunities to do so!!

      PS: Donald Trump is a *no Nonsense* type of business person and was NOT about to tolerate being dictated to by an out-of-control union!!

  19. Navin Johnson says:

    Betty you continue to reference strikes in other countries and draw a parallel to the London tube strike… the London tube strike related to the last remaining bar porters being given notice at a London Hotel? The BIU has outlived its usefulness and you can bet that only the union officials will be paid during this strike…..

    • JustAskin2 says:

      I think the point Betty is trying to make is that unions are necessary for workers rights. If you don’t have unions employers will walk right over you. Haven’t we seen that already in non-unionised employment among working Bermudians? Bermuda is not the only place to have unions and it’s not the only place where union workers strike occasionally.

      But as usual, there are those in our society that want to see Bermudians know their place and stay there — and take whatever abuse is dished out without having any right to protest or do something about it.

    • Ruthless says:

      …….. And the strikes in England are planned strikes!

  20. San George says:

    Chris, if a parasite kills its host, the parasite also dies.

  21. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Sorry – but even as a *born Bermudian* – I am so glad I left the Island 20 yrs ago when the opportunity presented itself, as I NO longer have to put-up with that BIU nonsense anymore in my life!! I live in the States now and let me tell you that none of this BIU BS would be tolerated over here!! If you walked-off the job over here – you would be fired on-the-spot… Especially in all the “right-to-work” States!! Case closed!!!

    I vividly remember the 1981 Island-wide strike orchestrated by Ottiwell Simmons against the old UBP Gov’t… When Simmons was threatening the old UBP and then premier David Gibbons and his cabinet, over more union nonsense (usually exorbitant wages & benefits)- because everything had to be “his way or the highway”!! That was the “beginning” of a slow end to the Island’s once flourishing tourism product and it has been all down hill since!! Don’t expect the Tourism product to ever be revitalized the way it used to be on the Island – as long as the BIU are still around and acting so irresponsibly and aggressively!!

    Obviously nothing has changed and nothing ever will with this union – because this problem is basically a racial issue (has to be said – like it or not) because 98% of the BIU are black folks who are progressive, socialist liberals – and who still carry a big chip-on-their-shoulder, about the *white businessman* and the so-called old 40 thieves of Front St. – who they have been “brainwashed” into believing were responsible for ALL the *ills* in the Island’s black community!!!

    As long as this racial discord continues to exist (always perpetrated by certain elements in the community) – then the Island is always going to have the same problems over and over – it’s certainly NOT “rocket science”!! Who do you think wants to invest their $$$ into a place like BDA – with this continual union nonsense to contend with – especially in the “hospitality industry”??

    WAKE-UP BDA….Or that $2+ BILLION $$$ debt is going to get even worse – as will the unemployment problems!! No wonder so many people have left the Island for “greener pastures”!! Too damn bad!!!

    • Independent says:

      @ Make My Day,

      I’m glad your a$$ left. Stay there! Your new home is full of BS, and you can sit their and highlight us.

      People like you make me sick.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Ha, Ha… That’s the BEST you can do??? People like you and the arrogant BIU with your *ATTITUDES* have helped destroy BDA and it’s image over the years!!

        Well… Now you have to live with it – as there is a price-in-life to be paid for everything!! You “harvest” what you plant/reap!! Have fun!!

        I’m afraid – It is what it is!!

    • If the truth be told! says:


      Keep looking for “greener pastures”. All you do when you find a green pasture is manipulate and consume, consume, and consume until your belly is fat and your pockets are bulging off of the backs of the people who’s country you have chosen to make your money…when the money slows to a trickle or when the people grow weary of you, you speak your venom and then you threaten to leave. Well, stop threatening to leave and just GO!




      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        So now we are DAMN cockroaches – huh?? You had better “pray” the IB sector don’t pull-out of the “rock”… Because you had better know how to fish and farm – as that is ALL you will have left!!

        Other than “name-calling” your comments in general don’t make much sense to the average thinking person!!

  22. Upsetwithverdict says:


    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      Most likely the recent labor unrest will cause considerable financial damage to this country and many innocent people us will suffer the inevitable consequences.

      Bermuda’s economy has about a Million dollar a day changing hands but we only get to keep the equivalent of the skin on a rice pudding.
      Employers pay good money to employees at their rate of skill if and when they are required to perform that skill.

      I told my secretary, now a very successful business woman, there are only two reasons we come into this city, one is to do business and the other is to make money for services and expertise rendered.

      A successful business is run by prudent educated people with good judgement and fore sight who are prepared to take all risks.

      Do you pay a landscaper to cut your grass when it does not need cutting.
      Do you pay a Contractor to paint your roof when it does not need painting.

      There are some who want to play games and put the deeds of your house on the table.

      They just did.

      May I recommend that they play the game of Monopoly or a game of Chess where they will learn the consequences of a bad move.

  23. Looking in says:

    Thankyou Minister Fahy!

  24. Stephen Thomson says:

    @ If The Truth Be Told….I find it fascinating that you ask that others keep their mouths shut yet you run your mouth incessantly without even having the guts to show your name. You have no credibility whatsoever. Crawl under the rock you came out of.

    • If the truth be told! says:

      What does credibility have to do with anything these days in Bermuda? You think because you sign your name you are credible? Think again. That is white privilege, you can say whatever you wish, wherever you wish and you go unchecked. Worry less about who I am and do and say the right things for the right reasons and you will have nothing to worry about. I am one of many anonymous. How could you allow yourself to be drawn in by an anonymous in the first place? Just goes to demonstrate that your conscience is working and you can do better.

      …Credibility is not a who it is a what. I am going back under my rock now.

  25. take it Easy! says:

    People always talking about peoples rights thats fine. But what about the Bermudians right to catch the bus, ferry, cargo from the ports so we can eat, what about the right for children to go school! That was all broken because of 3 little cry baby bar porters that were not needed! The BIU always talking about equal rights and justice (only for there workers and members) and NOT the majority of people that live in this country! The BIU is a peanut operation and have a HUGE double standard with a whole lot of blind followers!! Just keep in mind that there beloved PLP but Bermuda and it people in this financial mess and thats why Bermudians are being made redundant or unemployed! The very some people that marched are the same people that let the PLP do whatever they want! Just keep that in your peanut brains!!

  26. Alvin Williams says:

    Why is it that the white population in this country and in particular the white worker does not see fit or bring itself to support a labour movement; even if it is led by Bermuda’s black population; but never the less has benefited all workers without regard to race? When will they learn that clinging to a herd mentality will in all likelihood lead them off a cliff.
    This herd mentality among Bermuda’s white population is very peculiar especially when it is clear that it may very well go against their own best interests. Let me give you example of this during the 1981 strike; I was working a night job along side a Portuguese/Bermudian. Now before the onset of the strike every night I came in; I only worked two nights a week; This worker used to bend my ear about how he was being exploited by our employer who had two restaurants and he was been worked for very little pay having to work in both restaurants. I told him well he should join the union. Well on the first night of the 1981 strike when I came in; your boy was in a state. Eyes bulging he was shouting; “You people are going to destroyed the country”. Gone was any thought in light of his constant complaint that he was being exploited as a worker. He could not make the jump and consider that maybe he had a common cause with the rest of us. The herd mentality was in full flow. Needless to say I did not last too long in that job; because the owner claimed he could not give me my two nights cutting it down to one because of the strike. I was working in the Post office and of course was on the picket line during the day. I told him to keep his job; I quit. He said you can’t do that you are on strike; but I felt good I was now in full solidarity with my fellow Postal workers. As to my erstwhile fellow night worker? I guess he continue to be exploited by his boss; content to remain a part of the herd mentality.

  27. MAKE MY DAY says:

    @Alvin Williams… The BIU never “benefited” me or many other hard-working white Bermudians for 40+ yrs!! The fact-of-the-matter is that they did more “damage” to the social fabric and reputation of the Island under Ottie Simmons and now Furbert – hence “overseas investors” are very reluctant to make major investments into the Bermudian economy – especially if it has anything to do with the *Hospitality Industry*!! They are not about to get “burned” by the BIU and their antics – as I’m sure they have witnessed their (BIU) “track record” over the years!!

    Again… You “reap-what-you-sow”!!

  28. fedup Nana says:

    A much need to switch from the  remarks made by some of the above.

    Thank you Chris Furbert, and your team for standing with the worker/s “great job”. My take away from being a part of the process and experiencing its full due. As a new member I stand proud.

    To those who disagree with my passion let’s agree to disagree without the mudslinging. The end result, the WINNERS….. are our children /grandchildren.