Live Blog: BIU Members March On Parliament

March 5, 2014

[Updated] Staff from the Department of Public Transportation and Marine & Ports are presently having a meeting to discuss the Government’s proposal to make public transportation an essential service. The meeting began at around 11am today [Mar 5], and is scheduled to last until 1pm.

BIU meeting Mar 5 2014

The amendment [PDF] to the Labour Relations Act 1975 was tabled in the House of Assembly last Friday [Feb 28], and is due to be debated this week.

The proposed aim of the Bill is to include public transportation as an essential service, which will then require them to give a 21 day advance notice before withdrawing labour.

Services which are presently deemed essential include electricity, hospital, fire, lighthouses, air & marine traffic control, meteorological services, airport security services and more.

BIU President Chris Furbert said the proposal is “very concerning to the BIU” and they see this as “another impediment to worker’s rights, taking away the right to strike.”

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said that Government is not trying to remove workers ability to strike, but is looking to add public transport as an essential service which requires the 21-day strike notice.

Update 12.29pm: The BIU members have left the meeting, and marched to the House of Assembly.


Live coverage has ended, the updates below start at the beginning:

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    Bermuda – The 21st Century Plantation ;-)
    Thank You OBA :-D

    • Tank Rain says:

      Agree! They need to retain the right to strike should something as devastating as a bar porter being made redundant should happen. I mean even the blind can see why the entire public transportation system needs to be shut down because a bar porter was let go.

      WAKE UP PEOPLE before the evil employees take over the world.

      • 1minute says:

        Read the story, they will retain the right to strike, they will just have to give 21 days notice first

        • ganja mon says:

          Fire all the bus drivers and marine and ports workers that dont like these new terms and hire Bermudians in need of work !! obviously this is the blind leading the blind. You can still strike, but you have to wait 21 days. Kind of takes your power away doesnt it? Thats exactly what is needed too!

          DOWN WITH THE BIU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mazumbo says:

            SHUT DE WHOLE ISLAND DOWN, then they will get the message.

            • Watcher55 says:

              Who invited the IDIOT to the party?

            • Spittal pond skink says:

              You really are a twit!

            • Mazumbo says:

              What’s hilarious is Europeans are protesting around the world and its for a GOOD cause when African Bermudians do it ,well you get the picture.

              • Mike Hind says:

                What’s even more hilarious is that you’d bring up other unions that are using the system correctly and it’s working.

                But it’s all about race with you and about denigrating white people as morally inferior to black folks, isn’t it?

                Yeah… That’s not racist at all.

        • Tank Rain says:

          Do you believe they would have taken action and called a strike 21 days after the porters were laid off?

          C’mon Man.

          • Phillip Citizen Johnson says:

            I believe the reasoning is ‘due process’ would have resolved the issue in that time, and hopefully there would be no strike. If ‘due process’ is seen to be flawed or not happening (which is my personal experience in Bermuda)I, and most of Bermuda would fully support shutting the island down entirely after 21 days. I imagine the Union would even be supported by non union members in this scenario.

    • George Somers says:

      You truly are ignorant in making a comment like that! What purpose does it serve other than to act to stir emotions and misdirect certain frustrations/anger of a specific segment of the Island, which are not relevant to the issue at hand?

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Why don’t government just address the problems/concerns of the workers?
        Instead they continue to hide behind the laws, that they can create whenever they wish to.
        To ignore poor work conditions and force people to work in them is some a ‘plantation’ approach ;-)

        • Hmmm says:

          hard to address problems when you don’t know all the facts …the 21 days, gives all parties time to figure things out like adults.

          PLP have said nothing…therefore they have ignored…who has the plantation approach?

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            When a meeting was planned to address the issue, your minister went to the courts to get an injunction instead, to prevent a strike that still happened ;-)

            • Hmmm says:

              Hello…we are talking about formalizing no wildcat strikes, which the BIU already agreed to.

              • Jus' Askin' says:

                What are they to do?
                Continue to be ignored?

                • Suzie Quattro says:

                  So under the current rules you think they are being ignored.

                  All this striking hasn’t worked then, has it.

                • BlueFamiliar says:

                  Uh… how about giving the 21 days notice? Not something they’ve tried before that I recall, so … hey, it might just work.

            • Hmmm says:

              “your minister”

              Proof that you are not Bermudian…. who pays you?

              • Tough Love says:

                Not exactly, maybe just proof that they didn’t vote for the OBA.

                • Hmmm says:

                  Your elected minister is your minister…regardless of party.

          • enough says:

            for it to pass in the house of assembly the PLP have to agree also, so let them keep playing as if they are the innocent party and people please educate yourselves so you can see what the PLP and the Union is doing to our islands future. at this rate there will be no Bermuda left

            • street wise says:

              It’s like they are in “self-destruction” mode.

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          So applying laws is, in your view, “hiding behind ” them?

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            Using the law, instead of addressing the issues, to me is “hiding behind” them
            Forcing people to work and taking away their ‘voice’ is not good. Striking is the only way they can be ‘heard’.
            Sad these workers do not get they are being ignored and soon will be replaced.

            • Hmmm says:

              but they still can strike…so your argument is irrelevant

              • Jus' Askin' says:

                You can strike, when we say you can strike.
                That’s really giving the workers a ‘voice’.

                • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

                  The government of Bermuda signed an agreement with the unions. Now that the new party that has taken over doesn’t like those terms, they are going through the back door to find ways to get over. The OBA continues to push things on us without consideration for anyone but themselves. Especially Fahy…

                  • Suzie Quattro says:

                    Actually, didn’t the BIU sign an agreement with the Bermuda government not to strike without notice, in return for not having to pay the $7m bond?
                    Why isn’t the BIU abiding by the terms of that agreement?

                • BlueFamiliar says:

                  That’s actually incorrect. The Union still decides when it will strike, by the date they give their notice.

                  It’s kind of like vacation time. Have you ever been told you can’t take exactly the days you want?

                • enough says:

                  no they just have to give 21 days notice, that’s not anyone telling when they canstrike, they can do it at any time but just give notice.

    • hmm says:

      No wildcat strikes was something they already agreed to for the Berkley Bond. What is wrong with this being formalized.

    • Mazumbo says:

      SHUT DE WHOLE ISLAND DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hmm says:


        • Mazumbo says:

          To let the Govt. know that they just cant implement things to try to take away rights of workers, slavery days are over.

          • Hmmm says:

            this is something the BIU already agreed to. So you are saying the BIU agreed to slavery?

            You need to seek some help.

          • "race card" says:

            Good lawd!!! Would you quit making everything a racial issue!!!

            • No longer a member says:

              He can’t…. Mazumbo is in mental Slavery!

          • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

            So u tink slavery dayz are over huh??? i see there is a lot that you are unaware of…tsk tsk tsk… well why don’t you lose your slave mentality, and while ur at it lose the African name because u would be considered an embarrassment and an insult to the Indigenous People of Africa

          • Mark says:

            If this were slavery days nobody would have the right to be marching anywhere they would be shot in the street, get real

          • Suzie Quattro says:

            I have to go to work when my boss says. If I ever went on strike I’d be fired. Are you saying that’s “slavery”?

          • Enough says:

            Yes they are over so stop bringing it up at any opportunity you can. Just shows how ignorant you are and how uninformed you are of the whole situation. Get a life.

          • Grubster says:

            Rights of workers to strike is still there, just have to give notice. What slavery days?

      • Foreign Investor says:

        Dear Mazumbo,

        On behalf of the investor group that I represent, I thank you for opening our eyes to the investment risks that are present in Bermuda.

        We will review our plans but I am reliable confident that we will now reconsider our plans to go forward with our Bermuda project.

        Thank you

        Disillusioned Investor

        • Though I hope this may be a parody. I would imagine basing your whole risk analysis on the basis of the BIU’s current politics and the comments of a few wild card postings would seem to me as though your investment group might want to consider a new Risk Manager.

        • shutthemdown says:

          anyone can say they are an investor.

          stop talking s..t

          In fact if you think you can come here and take advantage of the worker , stay the f..k out anyway.

          try Russia

          • Foreign Investor says:

            Dear shutthemdown,

            Thank you, Russia will be far less of a risk than Bermuda.

            We had no desire to take advantage of the worker and in any event, the BIU is already doing a good job of taking advantage of the workers.

          • Enough says:

            Take advantage of the worker?? Surely you can’t be that dumb to realise that without overseas investment there would be no jobs her in Bermuda and therefore no workers. We’re a tiny island in the Atlantic with nothing to rely on for income other than outside investment, whether that be businesses or tourism. Your ignorance astounds me but doesn’t surprise me.

        • standby says:

          I am a young black educated Bermudian.

          The BIU is an utter embarrassment to me and this country. They are simply repeating history as it was told in the book “Justice Denied”, by Mel Ayton.

          Don’t get rid of our regiment quite yet, we’re going to need them to clean up the mess when the BIU is finished…


          • street wise says:

            People who trip over things behind them are just plain dumb!

        • Arikahs1 says:

          Puh-lease scaremonger. You’re not fooling anybody with that “I’m an investor” speech. If they can make more money investing here than anywhere else, they will.

      • enough says:

        well that’s really and intelligent comment

    • WillSee says:

      Thats right! Keep marching right to the airport.
      Everybody else is working.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Yup and everyone that is working are benefiting from the policies that the Union fought for.

        • hmm says:

          You want the island shut down…you Mazumbo, are an ENEMY of Bermudians

        • Fidel/Lenin says:

          no I aint.

          • Hmmm says:

            yes you are working to keep Furburt relevant…what is it like to be used?

            • If the truth be told says:

              …Perhaps the leader of the OBA could best answer that question for you…

        • tfm says:

          There is nothing that the Union does that benefit Bermudians. Al they do is cause distraction and disruptions. Oh and they teach people that there are NO consequences for unacceptable behavior. Thats about it.

        • enough says:

          they didn’t fight for me, and I wouldn’t want them to. Not paying into anything where someone tells me I have to strike and not go to work, Not ahrdle. I have to work and prove myself to get a raise each year and that’s what they should do instead of crying like babies all the time.

    • Sara says:

      You are ridiculous. So many on this island are overly dramatic and emotional. It must be exhausting…

  2. PBanks says:

    … and so it begins…

    • hmm says:

      Not many people there.

      • turtle says:

        I guess lots of people are getting tired of Furbert! even inside the Union!!!

        • enough says:

          any the majority, by the uniform were bus drivers and they always seem to be present.

  3. PBanks says:

    … and so it begins…

  4. Starting Point says:

    Don’t think the presentation is in 3D people, fill the seats up front.

    • Joonya says:

      no no, i aink gonna sit up de front. i doan want dem to pick on me, i doan kno what dah talkin abot but i know i gotte support dem..

      If they make us essential then we will be srcutinzed more and will have to be held accountable for our performance and actions. What is that?! Never seen that before. Oh no.. that wont work for me….

    • Ben Dover says:

      But the back row is closest to the bathrooms and the popcorn.

  5. Ben Dover says:

    Let’s bring on the General Strike and get it all over with. It’s 1981 all over again.

    • Mazumbo says:


      • Hmmm says:

        why are you so adamant on making Bermudians suffer Mazumbo?

      • "race card" says:

        Mazumbo, you are exactly why people can’t get over things in a simple and civilized manner. S*** stirrers are not going to help the matter at hand and only aggravate the issue further.
        You clearly do not want a better future for Bermuda.

    • Mazumbo says:

      No its more like the early 1900′s where workers are demanding their rights!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hmmm says:

        It is nothing like that. HOW DARE you devalue that struggle.

      • Unbelievable says:

        God forbid Belco strike, right, Mazumbo?

      • tfm says:

        How dare you make that kind of comparison. So do the other unionized workers who work for a service that is “essential” not have rights??Come on this is ridicuous – talk about grasping at straws.

        • Unbelievable says:

          Not sure who this is directed to wards but I was just saying that if Mazumbo’s job down at Belco goes on strike, we really in trouble.

          • tfm says:

            Not at you Unbelievable…this was directed at Mazumbo.

      • yello says:

        Seriously what is your issue. There is still the offer of striking; however, there just needs to be a NOTICE. You know, so 150 tourists aren’t all of a sudden stranded trying to get back to the ships then going back to their native land and bad mouthing us.

  6. Batty Tramp says:

    I highly recommend that CF calls a general strike and DEMANDS that the bill be scrapped. I then recommend that Fahy stick to his guns (like nobody has ever done before) and that it brings Bermuda to a halt for a while. Workers will eventually figure out that Furbert has nothing to give them (all the money has been spent on nice suitsf or CF)

    Or perhaps Government will fire all the illegal strikers (like Reagan did in 81) and loads on unemployed peoiple will take their jobs.

    I can dream……….

    • street wise says:

      A general strike would play right into the hands of the OBA. Can’t you see that? Privatization, here we come!

      How can you union lot be so easily manipulated by the biu division of the plp to do the dirty work of self-serving plp political strategists?

      The plp will do ANYTHING to bring down this Gov’t! Don’t forget the Law of Unintended Consequences….

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lick My Chicken says:

    For Chris, essential means having the right to strike at any time. Sad. .

  9. turtle says:

    The picture doesn’t show so many support people!!!…

    Mr Fahy, you have my full support on this one!!!!, I pay my taxes every month, so I want my rights and my buses every day!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Bearing in mind that the workers in question have RIGHTS too…..

  10. Kangoocar says:

    Ok I am confused, was this a meeting or a march??? Being they are paid by the tax payer I think we have a right to know!!!! Just another excuse to disrupt government, the agenda is clear!!! Now get on with it OBA, pass the act and ENFORCE IT!!!! ,,

    • Mazumbo says:

      We have the right to know about Jet Gate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kangoocar says:

        And WE have the right to know were that $700 thousand went that the plp paid the biu for the $7 million performance bond that the biu never honored ???? Gee what a shocker there!!!! And remember NOBODY knows were that $700 thousand went do you mazumbo?????

    • I'm just saying...... says:

      equal rights and justice…… OBA

  11. hmm says:

    Is that Cinema owned by the BIU, because IF it is, then by going there, you are in support of wildcat strikes. Please can Bernews clarify on who owns the Cinema

    • Mazumbo says:

      Can you clarify the businesses that the Ministers of the O.B.A./ubp operate because if you go to them you support anti-Bermudian policies and degrade workers rights.

      • Hmmm says:

        Bean owns a betting shop…CURE can tell you who that hurts !!!!

      • tfm says:

        SO really this is not about standing up for something you believe it based on your constant Jetgat references – really this is an excuse to make a lot of noise and cause a lot of distraction because you are mad about Jetgate?!?!? How can anyone respect what someone or a group are standing up for if they themselves aren’t really for the cause.

    • Really? says:

      Main reason i WILL not go there to see any movies or use the BIU gas station…

      • I'm just saying...... says:


        • Really? says:

          Oh yes actually i am ….just one that is tired of every time BIU can’t have their own way they call strike. Tired of being stuck waiting for a bus or a ferry to come. Why is it I am not Bermudian because I don’t support or the BIU??? Think you will find “I’m just saying” a lot of Bermudians are FED up of BIU BS and closed minded Bermudians like you…

          PS you spelt Bermudian wrong … maybe it’s you who is not Bermudian.

    • Sinclair says:

      Yes that cinema is owned by the BIU. You can go to the movies there and watch, and still not support them, just dont buy any food or drinks. Cinemas all over the world dont make money from tickets sold, all that money goes to the producers or the film company. So enjoy the movie there, just dont buy anyting from the BIU, also the gas station as well, get gas, but dont buy aything inside. :)

      • Hmmm says:

        Wholesale ban is more effective. Go to Specialty theatre instead…great people.

      • trees says:

        I stopped supporting those entities for years for that reason!

    • I'm just saying...... says:


    • Bernews says:

      @hmmm……The BIU owns the premises, but the actual cinema business is not managed by the BIU, it’s operated by a Bermudian family.

      • Hmmm says:

        Thanks for that response re: operators, but who owns the Cinema Business…who financially benefits?

      • frank says:

        you have it wrong

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Liberty Theatre is owned by the BIU. What’s it to you anyway?

      • Hmmm says:

        Thank You

      • Booby Tramp says:

        Why the attude Ms Furbert? – you took it upon yourself to answer the question – no need to add additude!!!

        • Unbelievable says:

          It’s all she’s got. Attitude.

          Ever see her driving around town, scowling for no reason?

    • frank says:

      the cinema is leased out

  12. Fidel/Lenin says:

    Furbuttt being an *** again? Damn little children.

  13. Will says:

    love that photo of the PLP mp’s standing behind furbert during his speech..look like a bunch of thugs and cronies

  14. Bermuda Boy says:

    Anyone can see the BIU/PLP are looking for trouble and have since the OBA won the election. Mr. Fahy, do what you have to do. The majority of Bermuda is behind you.

    • I'm just saying...... says:

      take ya head out of the clouds bye who feels it knows it…

    • mixitup says:


  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Was anyone booked for obstructing traffic? Did they get a permit for a march in the streets? Doubt it. Enough of the antics.

    • shutthemdown says:

      you are an ***

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Simple questions. Why does that warrant a personal attack? Can you not do any better than name calling like a child in a school yard.

  16. MisterMan311 says:

    The BIU members in support of wildcat strikes would rather cut off their noses to spite their faces than recognise that other people suffer significantly as a result of this unfair practice. The proposal to extend 21 days notice requirements to transportation services protects the right to strike (anyone who says differently is just plain wrong), but avoids the disproportionate effect of shutting down the entire country at short notice, inconveniencing citizens, visitors and business. I understand that no-notice strikes are more effective from a negotiating position.

    There’s a word for that tactic: extortion.

    It isn ‘t right, and it isn’t fair. If the union wants people to care more about worker’s rights, perhaps they shouldn’t trample all over everyone elses rights (freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, free association).

  17. Rhonda Neil says:

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out

    • Unbelievable says:

      Oh Rhonda, please quit it.

      What you have copy and pasted here is a million miles away from what is actually happening. This is not a struggle. This is about sense and pragmatism.

      My God, you just don’t get it.

    • Hmmm says:


      I see the parallel with the unions destroying Bermuda.

      Good use of that verse.

    • Steve Davis says:

      Did you take your medication today?

    • Steve Davis says:

      Can all the right thinking Bermudian people rally together and march on the BIU?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Yes they could. The problem is that they are busy quietly getting on with their lives, working, taking care of their children, paying for their homes & being productive citizens.

        There is no time for prantzing around in the streets.

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      This would be why we are so vocal against the BIU and their behaviour.

    • well... says:

      When the ferry operator was drunk and crashed into the dock and got fired.
      I went on strike.
      I am not a ferry pilot.

      when the bus driver was fired for refusing to take a drug test after getting in an accident.
      I went on strike.
      I am not a bus driver.

      When I was fired because I turned down my bosses sexual advances
      The BIU couldn’t go on strike because the union wasted its money on people who should have been fired.

    • Booby Tramp says:

      and your point?
      delete jew, nazi, social democrat, communist….keep trade unionist and ADD/INSERT PLP/BIU in each other place, and that is what truth looks like!!..

      BTW your supposed quote is NOT accurate.

    • campervan says:

      then the leader of the PLP came for the gay community in Bermuda

    • campervan says:

      When the leader of the PLP came after the gay community
      The rank and file of the “progressive” party remained silent.

      • Unbelievable says:

        There is very little progressive about the PLP.

    • Cleancut says:

      Come on Rhonda. When they came for you, we all know Bettty was under your bed.

  18. KEMETNU says:


    • BlueFamiliar says:

      They didn’t fight for people to use their hard work as an excuse to disrespect it for petty things. They didn’t fight for people to use sick days as right to use when a person isn’t sick.

      Government is doing what it’s supposed to do and it’s a refreshing change.

    • Steve Davis says:

      Yes, every sick day, vacation day and maternity leave is paid for by the debt of Bermuda and her people. Anyone who works in the private sector has those benefits, it is 2013. They are not going to vanish under any circumstance. Bermuda is in a fragile state economically, it is largely in a fragile state because we are borrowing BILIONS of $$$$ to pay for the wages of the BIU and it’s members. Only for them to decide when they feel like working or not.

      We have the most over-paid civil servants in the developed world, we have people losing their jobs every day in the private sector who have paid their hard earned tax $$$ to Union workers wages. And Union workers cannot be civil enough to wait 21 days before they attempt to shut the Island down.

      Push the legislation through, these BIU people disillusioned they don’t even know where the food on their table is coming from!

      The BIU is ruining this country one step at a time.

    • inna says:

      Because at the stroke of a pen, all of our vacay days and sick days will be taken away? Get real with yourself first, before you try to comment on this situation acegirl!

  19. Lone Wolf says:

    My whole family has already boycott buses and ferries so they can strike from now until the second coming for all I care. Go ahead, stay on strike. While you’re in town, start washing cars too because with any luck that will be your full time job soon.

  20. Truth Seeker says:

    Whilst people say the BIU has a hidden agenda I suspect the OBA has one as well. The BIU is a necessary evil if you will. The OBA seems to care more about the wealthy and less about the little man. Stand strong BIU or fall for anything. Dont be moved by scare tactics. By any means necessary.

    • Benny Trump says:

      How can the OBA show their caring for the little man any more than stoping the ability of public transportation workers from going on wildcat strikes? Seems to me the biu are the ones who don’t give a **** about the little man… They are, afterall, just pleebs who use a bus and/or ferry, right?

  21. It is important to understand plp wants the chevk book in this matter …in mu estimation ..unless we give them our money …and we SUffer the consequence of their nonsence they will vontinue to asault our sensibilities,our economy and our economic freedom…from their oppressive behaviour.I personally feel that this is a person…telling us that …if we don’t give them their pay check (and monies that disapear from (us)),then…and this seams to be the case ,they…plp…will hold us to randsom!….I am tired of their detrimental behaviour!…Honestley …you should be too!

  22. Wondering... says:

    FACT: The Fire Services Association have a Collective Bargaining Agreement with Government whereby they must provide 21 days strike notice in advance of strike action. No one from the Fire Services Association is “crying slavery or a violation of workers rights.”

    FACT: The Electricity Supply Trade Union has Collective Bargaining Agreements with BELCO & Bermuda Gas whereby they must provide 21 days strike notice in advance of strike action. No one from BELCO or Bermuda Gas is “crying slavery or a violation of workers rights.”

    FACT: The Bermuda Industrial Union have a Collective Bargaining Agreement with BTC whereby they must provide 21 days strike notice in advance of strike action. No one from the BTC is “crying slavery or a violation of workers rights.”

    There are a number of other Collective Bargaining Agreements in place for essential service organizations which have a similar strike notice clause. No one from any of those organizations are “crying slavery or a violation of workers rights.”

    Yesterday I posted the following: “Let’s have a referendum to gauge the view of all voting Bermudians on turning the buses and ferries into essential services. That way, everyone can have a say, not just BIU members. If I were a betting person, I would wage a bet that 90% of Bermudians would support the conversion.

    Let’s be very clear, the “Right to Strike” would not be lost; the only thing that would be lost would be the ability of employees to walk off the job every time they feel they have a grievance. Due process would have to be followed.”

    After the march on the House of Assembly today, my 90% prognostication is probably getting closer to 95%.

    • enough says:

      what would be lost is that Mr. Furbert wouldn’t be able to have a wildcat strike and hold the island to ransom. You didn’t see how happy he was to be standing on the steps of the House of Assembly with his henchmen. I didn’t see him have the mannes to shake the Premiers hand when he came out. He just wants his own way all the time like a spoilt child. Get a life

  23. They are paid a wage through tax dollars…but run theisland like a social club..
    putting our money in (their) pocket.
    .plp…first thing you have to do…isaccept your wage with one thing in mind…value for dollar…now…I’m sorry …but unless you do this …just be quiet and leave us alone…we are very tired of your asking for money…get a real job!

  24. Smdh says:

    When will the people of the union realise that striking is not the way to go? And don’t no one give me the “well maybe because you have a job you don’t understand” speech because I am unemployed. But I don’t understand why they always have to march to make a point? Can they not see that Chris is lacking some sense? A normal leader would not result to marching every time a problem arises. But it seems like that is the only way Chris knows. I personally think Chris should not hold the position that he is in with BIU. I would have much more respect for them if they had a different leader that did things differently.

    Chris is fully driven by the fact that he has minions hip hip and hurraying behind him. That boost his ego. But the man has no clue and don’t give a damn about this island. All he cares about is his pay check. And of course the people of BIU will think “oooo he really cares about the welfare of his people”….. This man would march until his feet fall off if it means that the people under him actually think he is doing something.

    And I do not see why every time BIU needs a meeting they do it during working hours? Transport is NEEDED for this island. Do that after hours!!!! Not like we have 24 hour transportation on the island! Well besides taxis. Call your meeting in the evening when it does not cause so much problems for the rest of the island… Or wait, would that inconvenience you all because you just want to be home at that time?

    And as far as I am concerned whenever you all go on strike, the people that I know that work for Marine & Ports and Parks Dept etc are home chilling while you all are marching and having meetings. Like um hello?? If there is that much of a problem why aren’t their tails there? And you all expected to be paid when you strike? Pahhhh! Yeah right. So your fellow workers that “stand united” with you sit and home and do nothing, while you march right?

  25. KEMETNU says:


    • Benny Trump says:

      You probably believe that those who are bad will go to hell and suffer too. LOL

    • Booby Tramp says:

      It is not necessary to keep SHOUTING all the time!!!
      While you are at it you might want to read what Smdh just wrote. It makes a LOT OF SENSE……….while yours does not…….really.

  26. BermudianWoman says:


    What a sad day for my fellow Bermudians. I’m really starting to hate the headlines these days…

  27. Unbelievable says:

    And so based on the loose theory that propelled this march today, you could argue that since all the other “essential services” have the 21-day rule, they are at a disadvantage?

    See now how silly and unecessary now today was?

  28. Terry says:

    If you watch the video and the stills supplied you can’t help notice the expressions and comrade stances between Furbert and Burgess et al.
    Then Chris gets in the face of the Premier of Bermuda with hands and fingers.

    This is a sure sign of more to come and the complete lack of respect for office.

    Dark days ahead.
    Keep doing what your doing OBA and don’t go back to the days when the UBP backed down on everything.
    Front street is gone except for pavement.
    Time to move on.

  29. HeyBye says:

    PLP/BIU paid web trolls spreading their negative propaganda dragging Bda down into a non returnable abyss.
    Praying on the ignorant who do not know any better to regain power and to continue their little ….dom.

  30. Want to Know says:

    On the subject of the PLP, does anyone remember in their last throne speech in Nov. 2012, they were going to offer a grant to the BIU?

  31. Beenie! says:

    Am I missing something here? I thought the government just wanted to make Public Transportation an essential service? Meaning they have to give 21 days before the bus drivers can just walk of d job. I don’t see any rights being taken away. I see people concerned over the way the BIU goes about business which is do what they like when they like. Please help!!!

    • Bored by ignorance says:

      Funny you ask that cause when Gary Moreno asked Chris Furbert that, he didn’t actually answer the question. Deflection is a way of manipulation and that is all he is doing to the union members.

  32. CommonSense says:

    If getting our children to school every morning is NOT considered an essential service, than all hope is lost for Bermuda. Well done Government for bringing this up and I hope the BIU goes bankrupt.

  33. Bermydude says:

    Another sad day in BDA!!

    This Furbert man is such uneducated that its not even funny, and his followers are in the same boat.

    The BIU has been breaking the LAW for years!! where’s the 21 day strike notice??

    Mr. Furbert, public transportation is essential, hospital is essential, police is essential, fire rescue is essential for all of US BERMUDIANS!!

    For all the Bermudians that are listening to that uneducated man, when you lose your job, or lose you days pay, but he gets his!! PAY ATTENTION BERMUDA!!

  34. nuffin but the truth says:

    furbie will be wanting new shoes after today’s march,do make sure you all pay for hard earned dollars over to him.

  35. Wow wow says:

    I am convinced that the above comments are not from the BERMUDIAN voice. Sounds like the nasty expats are commenting who don’t know about the struggles, trials and tribulations of the union in Bermuda. I urge you all to see “When Voices Rise”.

    It probably will not make a difference to these expats anyway! Nasty and insensitive people!

    • C says:

      A lot of those “expats” put food on your table by the $ they spend here. So be careful how you choose your words.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Nasty expats??? You are a dimmed whited idiot!!!! You are an embarrassment to all decent Bermudians and your thoughts are vile, so keep them to yourself!!!! You really make it easy for me when I say that types like you will not get it until your stomach starts touching your back because of hunger and I personally look forward to the day it happens to you!!!

      • mixitup says:

        Wow – I’d like to see the day you defend the “Lazy good for nothing” Bermudian Blue collar worker like that..

    • Malachi says:


      I would be willing to bet that most, if not all the above comments are from us Bermudians. And yes, many, if not most of us are familiar with the story behind “When Voices Rise”. But you are talking about a different time and a different issue.

      And how can you arrive at the conclusion that “the nasty expats” authored the comments in question? Perhaps you should think a little more deeply before making such an irrational statement. Even if some of the comments were made by expats, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are “nasty expats”. They are simply seeing things the way that most Bermudians see them.

      And yes, I am a Black Bermudian who is unemployed, and I wouldn’t want the BIU to represent me for all the tea in China!

  36. dinosaurmedia says:

    Where is Fahy in these pictures? Man up and face the people you affect…don’t get me wrong I agree with the priciples of what the OBA is trying to enact…you should show your face at least – if he did my apologies.

  37. Miguelito says:

    Strike all you want. I have now sworn off riding buses or ferries. Take the rest of the year off.

  38. C says:

    Mr Furbert was on Sherri J show. Not one call was against him . Where were all you lot on here complaining. You could hv directed your comments to him.

    • ? says:

      I was working.

    • PBanks says:

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I think most people online have limited to zero access to talk radio shows during the workday than internet/discussion forums.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      I’ve never listened to the show you’re talking about. I am not allowed to listen to the radio while I WORK.

    • Jamwasea says:

      Talk shows are joke, all of them ! The BIU is a rip off and a joke !! Its members ignore basic common sence, I,E. Who are you hurting with these illegal strikes ?? Don`t know, I will tell you,,,,, your own !! BIU members are to stupid to see it ! So go ahead and strike, I don`t care about you or your outdated union !!

  39. Starting Point says:

    There is nothing essential about the busses and ferries, I agree with the BIU. Absolutely nothing essential, no real reason to have them, nice if you got the cash but not essential, in any way, at all, no reason, many other services more important, …….

    Did the BIU just agree with SAGE?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Good point. I think we can do without, say, half of them. That will get rid of some dead wood.

  40. Lone Wolf says:

    Who would want to call the Sheery J / plp show? That’s like talking to a wall.

    • Cleancut says:

      Boy! did she have her PLP green shirt on today.

  41. aqua cadit resurgere says:

    workers should have a bill of rights,however maritime law requires safe passage,the rights of the people of Bermuda and guests to this island should take presidence over biu !You don’t want to work? GO THE HELL HOME!I would love your job suck rock!

  42. Fidel/Lenin says:

    AH Furbutttttt just can’t let go of the RACE card can you, Get a life Bermuda is not even big enough to be a PLANTATION . Also perhaps he needs a hearing aid, they the NON workers would still have a RIGHT TO STRIKE just NOT WILDCAT!!!!! and RUDENESS certainly showed it’s face when they the NON workers overspoke the premier. Absolutely disgusting. NO CREDIT GIVEN TO THE union or it’s leader

  43. aqua cadit resurgere says:

    on the count of three errybody suck yah teef!Now say”humph”….Maury Povich called…he wants his audience back!Now I know your crazy…plantation?really?!?…with your work ethic nothing would get planted and we would all starve…

  44. aqua cadit resurgere says:

    well…I say we send this video to…I‘m certain we can get some good from all this hubub!

  45. Need Peace says:

    The same yappers running off at the mouth as usual. Goes to show you who pays the hell attention! Marine and Ports have been trying to get their point across to the government but have fallen on deaf ears. Instead of government being TRANSPARENT with M & Ps by telling them that they don’t wish to deal with their issues because they plan to privatize their department, they chose to ignore them instead. Hence the role that the BIU was forced to take. The taxis are next. Any wagers!

  46. Navin Johnson says:

    with the number of walkouts increasing the BIU seems to be proving the point that bus and ferry are not that essential after all…..

  47. real situation says:

    Its sad that before people comment they dont have the facts . For the last 3+years the workers at marine and ports have been trying to get management to fix the issues that have been affecting the performance and maintenance off the ferry fleet ie . Mechanical issues that our mechanics can fix but do to the economic restraints cannot get the overtime needed to service the fleet the way they should .so poor maintenance off the vessels leaves the operators at times unsure of the reliabilty of these million dollars vessels in question. If the ferry is out running all day during the summer the engines are very hot and the engine rooms even hotter and if you dont know those motors take a good day or so to completely cool enough to be worked on . Then there is the issues of mismanagement were tax payer money is being wasted . Out of 6 fast ferries only 3 are working albeit with issues like no bathroom for the public or crew to use. Bathroom out of service for a year at least . Brought to managements attention on numerous occasions . Thats just a few examples the workers are faced with on a daily bases . They do not take downing tools lightly as they have families to support like everyone else . Downing of tools only comes about after all avenues to get issues addressed in a timely manner have been exhausted . Maybe if you all who talk like you in the know took the time to listen to what the workers are saying and understand what the problems are then you to would be up in arms as to your hard earned taxpaying dollar is being wasted through mismanagement and incompentency of the mananagers responsible in this department.when the general public should be making noise about these said things and trust me there is many more there is silence but you quick to judge those that stand up for whats right as being spoilt and whatever other name you choose to use and judge us . If you dont stand for something you will fall for everything !

    • Sea weed says:

      Downing tools without notice means long standing medical appointments missed, vacation plans destroyed and makes the travelling public less sympathetic to the workers “need” for impromptu “urgent” meetings. Overstaffing and overtime expenses come with repercussions, the travelling public is already dealing with a greatly reduced schedule including the gaps in the middle of the day. Courtesy notice when when services are being withdrawn costs nothing.

    • Edmund Wells says:

      Real situation-

      Of the many things you’ve listed in your comment, which are violations of the CBA?

      You’ve stated that the union brought a number of maintenance issues to management’s attention. If management has listened, but decided not to address those concerns because of funding or other reasons, isn’t that their decision to make?

      It sounds as if the union is justifying wildcat strikes because management didn’t listen to suggestions made by the union, and tried to save the taxpayer money by not scheduling overtime.

      That seems like management doing its job.