Dunkley On CCTV Delay: “Very Disappointed”

April 7, 2014

“Very disappointed,” said Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley when asked today for his reaction to the state of the CCTV project which was meant to have been up and running by 1st April.

BAS/Serco was selected to provide the expansion of CCTV, with the 5-year contract costing $1.3 million per year. The service was previously provided by GET Securities Ltd.

It should have been implemented a week ago, however has been delayed.

Minister Dunkley said, “This service provider was selected after a very rigorous procurement process led by the Bermuda Police Service and the Procurement Office.

“The expansion of the CCTV network is an important and detailed project that provides an effective tool for law enforcement and I know how important it is to the safety and security of the Island generally and some neighbourhoods in particular.

“I have discussed the status of the project with the Commissioner today and recognize that the Police will do what is necessary to supplement this gap in CCTV coverage,” added the Minister.

“Separately, I wish to assure the community that this Government will not jeopardize the solid progress made in crime prevention and investigation by the Police. We work with the Police to make Bermuda safer and in this instance I support the Commissioner’s efforts to advance this project.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Then the Minister is “very disappointed ” in himself and his portfolio.
    From the mouth of babes.

    • Common Sense says:

      What a ridiculous statement from Terry. It is clear that Minister Dunkley is seriously p…..d off with progress on this project which has been fnded by Government and handled by the Bermuda Police and the Procuerment Office There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that this process has been held up by the Government itself and I suspect that Dunkley is rattling all the cages to get it completed.

      • Evie says:

        They continue to pass the buck lol no minister is accountable WTH

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Well, who is responsible? Who set the deal up with BAS? Was it Dunkley or was it the BPS?

          If it was the BPS how can you hold Dunkley accountable? Do you have some unpublished information?

          Lets hear it.

          • Occasional visitor says:

            Good points..

            BPS made the recommendation and the Deputy commissioner who selected BAS over GET is conveniently absent.

            There is enough word on the street, this decision was not entirely based on merit[bidders know there were other solutions that were a lot cheaper to tax payer]

            Question is why did Mike Jackman make the expensive recommendation?

            Probe is necessary. Bermuda public needs to know the facts..

            • nuffin but the truth says:

              something stinks!

            • Y-Gurl says:

              Surely all is above board at that level within the BPS, or at least that’s what they keep telling us!

      • Terry says:

        It’s called cover your a** Common Sense.
        He must have been asked about it or why would he make such a statement.
        Get real dood.
        Another CCTV Gate.

        • Baltic Fury says:

          Terry, Dunkley is the best cross party we have, and you know it.

          In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing, why so aggressive?

      • Terry says:

        Your ISP keeps coming up Toni Daniels.
        Am I being tracked here also?
        Common Sense.

    • New PLP Supporter says:

      Reality is, OBA all a bunch of friends and family corporate facilitators. Took the contract from Black Bermudians and gave it to, yes their own. Let’s face the music, they are not for our kind, the majority of Bermudians, they are for the UK origins. Bring on an election, and lets have the reformed PLP back in power

  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    “Very disappointed”. We Are Too ;-)
    In the OBA that is :-D

    • PLOP says:

      Wow, I can only imagine you felt about the PLP during their 14 years! Unless you were a member of the friends and family circle.

      • Baltic Fury says:

        Quite. This is all relative. The PLP, were, and remain a joke.

        18 months on, you seriously think they could do a better job??

  3. Lauren Bell says:

    It has stated that the delay is based on technical difficulties but this doesn’t explain why BAS/Serco hasn’t installed any cameras. Surely ALL involved knew that there was no way the April 1st deadline wud have been met based on that fact alone.

    Given that, why wasn’t GET’s contract simply extended while BAS/Serco until this got sorted?

    • ya right says:

      There are always delays in projects. Contractors make MPs look bad all the time.

    • Occasional visitor says:

      Party ruling Bermuda changed, so is it favoritism here?

    • Everett Outerbridge says:

      Well said, Lauren. GET’s contract should have been extended until such time as the new company had their equipment installed and tested. An enterprise security system such as this cannot be installed over night. You cannot simply take down one system and install another system immediately afterwards. The new system should have been installed months prior to implementation day and then the cut-over should have been made sometime after implementation day, in the event that the new systems went awry. The project has been poorly managed. The BAS/SERCO group should pay some form of financial penalties such as payment for the increased police supervision (check the contract to see if their are any penalty clauses).

  4. nuffin but the truth says:

    BAS ?serco was the WRONG company to have been given this job!

    • PLOP says:

      For what?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Remind me again. How late and over budget was Berkeley?

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        @Sandy Bottom…

        Stop deflecting. If Bermuda is to get a grip on our public finances and Bermudians are to make a shared sacrifice, then why are you deflecting back to change the article from what is happening NOW? It appears that when placed in an uncomfortable position OBA supporters attempt to obscure the issue entirely.

        My understanding is that it’s about Bermuda’s welfare and wellbeing, with any transgressor being held accountable, but now it’s clear that it’s only a game of party politics. OBA (private sector) vs PLP (civil servants).

        It’s appears to me that you do not care if Bermuda is being milked dry as long as the OBA is doing the milking.

        London, England

  5. Walter Burgess says:

    I have to wonder just how “rigorous” and detail the actual procurement process was for this project.

    Surly someone on the client/Government end requested by way of the RFP vendor certification documentation and proof of product knowledge prior to awarding the contract???

    Only to learn last week that the assigned vendor now has to reach overseas to obtain the expertise is a little hard to accept from both vendor and Government…..

    As I was taught trust but verify……..

    FWB jr

    • Come Correct says:

      I have to wonder, if I was to leave my dog out all night, why you would scream through the neighborhood louder than your wife ever has…

    • Come Correct says:

      Oh, and trim your hedges please, that’s why the trash truck won’t come through and why people put their trash where I ripped your stupid no dumping sign down from.

  6. Dennis says:

    What a fiasco. Trust that this is not going to be representative of the way BAS/Serco is going to manage the monitoring of the CCTV cameras once installed. NOT A GOOD START.

  7. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    My advice to the Commissioner and the Gov. Get rid of this current vendor and look for a more competent vendor to assist in keeping Bermuda safe.

  8. JAWS says:

    Dunkley my friend please tell BAS/Serco ‘what a waste of f****** film.”

    • In the know says:

      BAS have several incompetent people around there that have no clue as to what they are doing. They’re very unorganized!! Give them another 6 mths and they still won’t be ready.

  9. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    How much does one of the CCTV cameras cost?

  10. Say say say says:

    Delayed, not surprised.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lets hope there is some penalty clause in the contract for failure to produce services on time.

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

      @Triangle Drifter…

      Rightly stated, but it makes one ponder just how serious this Government is in protecting the public purse? Had this vendor provided this type of service to a private citizen there would be demands from that individual for compensation for additional police (or in this case private security) overtime pay, etc., to be paid by the vendor.

      It’s $1.3million dollars per year contract, claw back the money to the public purse that puts the Government out of pocket for having to put in new security measures in the meantime.

      Dunkley, you are disappointed, merely disappointed? If this were a civil servant would you accept this excuse in this climate of anti-CS and bloated expenses?

      Two different standards here, private sector raises mere disappointment from the OBA; public sector raises outrage.

      The same measures of scrutiny, accountability, reliability and penalties should apply and/or be levied irrespective of whether it is the public and/or the private sector delivering the service.

      It is the public purse that should be protected here, irrespective of who made the mistakes. And, you do not register any concern for the public purse, Mr Dunkley.

      London, England

  12. Coffee says:

    Accountability !!! A simple word that’s so difficult to understand by the elected political LEADERS of Bermuda .

    • Evie says:

      Same s@@t different party hahahaha for the love of money

  13. Occasional visitor says:

    What was wrong with GET system? and why was it torn down? GET had
    cameras island wide, number plate recognition and all… I am sure
    it cost BPS pretty penny to put it all up.

    Why did they not extend GET contract until BAS got it’s act together?

    • Concerned says:

      GET had 6 camera’s operational out of a hundred. outdated people.

      • Occasional Visitor says:

        Please check facts – People in the know say it was in the high 30s. BPS were poor pay masters, check your facts. Strung GET along for months on end.

  14. edwin says:

    He’s not pss’d, he has egg on his face. how can you give someone a contract when they don’t even have the equipment, don’t take for granted that someone else’s equip can be used. Like opening a shop and no groceries. Waste of f****** money.

  15. Sad News says:

    They can’t not get rid of the vendor it will explain too much we need to answer these questions…What exactly does BAS-Serco own? who is on their board of directors? Who were the vendors vying for the contract, what did BAS-Serco say they could do that made them jump pass the vendor that had the contract an the other vendors?
    When the vendor said they could put up the cameras did the powers that be know that in order for task to be completed they had to bring in oversees workers? in the contract were there any built in if in fact they could not fulfill their mandate? What is the completion time for the project?

    This is more serious that we know, it speaks to the lack of transparency in the process despite the office of procurement and the police working together to ensure the process was viewed as fair. There are too many flaws, either both parties were incompetent or one or both did not pick the best vendor because of outside pressure but this is clearly a case of a “something smells fishy”

  16. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    jus go to BAS/SERCO website…then you will see what the problem is.

  17. bunchofarseholes says:

    You can cut jobs island wide, but pay that type of money to spy on people?!? The poor ain’t going to have nothing to eat pretty soon but rich folk,

  18. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Big brother is watching you .

    Fit the time to fit the crime.

  19. Crazy says:

    So we just wait? How long before they complete the CCTV project? We should know ………

  20. nothing up my sleeve says:

    Just checked their website, and all i can say is wow! no money spent on their website so everything else they do must be flawless, oh wait maybe not; and 50 years of experience for BAS and Serco “Serco is an international service company which combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos.”

    I think they were going to outsourse from the beginning, just mad it seem like they had to at the last minute.

  21. Great…now if alians land…and they will…we will have no proof whatsoever…

    • Terry says:

      They already have.
      How do you think we got this technology.

      Anyway…off to Roswell.