Middleton Film Crew Denied Work Permits

April 5, 2014

middleton_r_cp_9509122[Updated] Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy has denied work permits to an overseas film crew — who planned to film a documentary on the Rebecca Middleton murder — citing “potential reputational risks to Bermuda.”

When the matter first arose late last month the Minister had said, “”The Middleton film crew were not denied work permits. Rather, they had not applied for any permits in the first instance – which is what they should have done.”

He said at that time the matter was brought to him at a standing Immigration meeting on March 20th for consideration as a result of there having been no work permit applications made.

“I made the correct determination during the meeting that temporary work permits must be applied for – which requires a ten day lead time,” said Minister Fahy.

However he has subsequently denied the crew work permits, with VSB reporting that the Minister denied the work permit request, and that the film crew plan to continue with their plans to produce the documentary despite the refusal, and will conduct interviews outside of Bermuda.

The filmmakers were planning to travel to Bermuda to film a documentary for Discovery ID about the tragic murder of Canadian visitor Rebecca Middleton [pictured], which occurred in July 1996.

The 17 year old was raped and killed while vacationing on the island, and the handling of the case has been widely criticized both locally and overseas, and the Middleton family and their supporters have campaigned for many years for justice to be served.

Update 12.27pm: The Ministry of Home Affairs said, “It should be noted that the Minister, Sen. the Hon. Michael Fahy has considered the temporary work permit applications, and has taken the decision to deny the applications pursuant to Section 61 (4) (e) and (f) of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 [PDF].

The referenced section states:

61 (4) The Minister in considering any application for the grant, extension or variation of permission to engage in gainful occupation, shall, subject to any directions which Cabinet may from time to time give respect of the consideration of such applications, take particularly into account:–

  • e. the protection of local interests.
  • f. generally the requirements of the community as a whole.

Minister Fahy said, “The tragic events that took place 18 years ago marked a very dark time in Bermuda’s history.

“Since Rebecca Middleton’s death, considerable lessons were learned particularly as it relates to our criminal justice system and as a result significant steps were taken from a legislative and Police procedural stand point to address any deficiencies in our system.

“Regarding the film crew’s request to visit, after carefully and extensively assessing the matter, we recognised that there would be some potential reputational risks to Bermuda associated with the ultimate airing of this documentary.

“Based on the provisions under the law and at my discretion, a decision was made to decline their application for temporary work permits,” added Minister Fahy.

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  1. Yahoo says:

    Good work Fahy, keep those truth seeking do-good ears outta here!

    • Yahoo says:

      Do gooders, darn autocorrect!

      • More Bull $ says:

        MORE BS from the OBA. Fahy please tell us the Premier order you to do this. Then all of Bermuda will clearly understand were the stupid decision came from.

        Even if you turn around and approve the work permits now you already shot yourself in the foot.

        • Chingas says:

          Mr. Faye, sorry but I think you got this one wrong. There was already a documentary done on A&E on this case. I was and still am embarrassed as a Bermudian that this case was so screwed up . I feel badly for the Middleton Family and their friends here in Bermuda. However, the story will be told and this was an opportunity to show them that we have learned from our mistakes and own up to them.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          This is a bad move by the OBAubp Fahy government. When a government attempts to Censor the media, it leads us on a very slippery and extremely dangerous slope. It also eventually calls international attention to media censorship in Bermuda. At the same time the international world begins to reflect and look at Bermuda is a negative light.

          The government would as a result has more than likely drawn more attention to Bermuda than would the Canadian company. This demand by OBAubp government does nothing more than push for government to demand more control of content and information by maintaining power of who is allowed to do what in the media circles.

          The government’s a “schizophrenia” reaction to this manner , will result in it going back and forth testing the line of the policy as to whom should be allowed freedom of the media. This is not a good look or a good move by the government. Fahy has taken the wrong move on this Chess board once again. Fahy’s recent move looks like the media is controlled by the government. (or are they, based upon somethings I have observed lately?)

          This is another fallen piece on the Chess board by the government. Fahy must reverse his decision and allow the freedom of press. This story is not a secret it has been known to the world for some years now. Let freedom ring, and the truth be recorded. Bermuda is not the only place in the world that has such a sad thing happen.

          • nuffin but the truth says:

            there is NO such group as the ‘OBAubp Fahy government’

            • Jahkai says:

              This is disgusting. I’m OBA through and through, but this wrong. Do the right thing Fahy, of course they should have work permits, what are we North Korea?

        • Legal Eagle says:

          Well given Kirk Mundy’s Defence lawyer is Bermuda’s current Att.General and Fahy’s Ministerial colleague possible influence may not come from the Premier alone! In any event, poor judgement shown by all! The Canadians do not need to ‘set foot in’ BDA to produce a documentary and can now add an Official attempt to ‘cover up’ in local interests to the story

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      Bad move, simply a bad move by Bda. Gov. It gives the impression that we are hiding something. Now this crew can place Bermuda in a worst light.

    • Maddog says:

      The Brutal Torture, Gang Rape, Sodomization and Murder of Becky Middleton

      Rebecca (Becky) was a Canadian tourist visitor to Bermuda, only 17 years old. She was staying with her friend Jasmine, daughter of local resident Canadian Rick Meens and his Bermudian wife.

      On the night of July 3, 1996, after going to the Town of St. George to attend the Wednesday evening Harbour Night (7 to 10 pm), she and Jasmine visited the White Horse Tavern bar and restaurant. Then she and Jasmine went to the home of another friend in the town for about 45 minutes or so. At 1:16 am, more than an hour after the last bus from St. George’s had left, Jasmine Meens made her first call from there to Radio Cabs. The dispatcher said a cab was on its way. Jasmine called again shortly afterward. The dispatcher said the same thing. They went outside again to await its arrival. After the third call, Jasmine became very upset, and the woman again promised. This was a little after 2:15 a.m.

      Finally, in desperation, the two girls, Becky and Jasmine, believing they had no other choices, accepted an offer of a ride home from young men on motor cycles.

      Jasmine arrived home safely but Becky was abducted – kidnapped – by two young men, taken to a desolate place at Ferry Reach in Bermuda, brutally stabbed and cut 35 times, beaten, tortured, gang raped repeatedly and viciously, sodomized, brutalized and murdered.


      • Next says:

        I see you left out some unsavory facts in that write up. Typical.

      • Rhonda Neil says:

        just asking….. did they call their parents/host family…

  2. Truth, you can't handle the truth says:

    Anyone want to bet that the final show is going to stress that Bermuda wouldn’t let the crew come to the island? So what is Bermuda trying to hide? Must be pretty juicy if the government is actively working to conceal something.

    While I do appreciate the Minister’s sentiments, this will backfire and the show will be far more sensational than it would have been otherwise.

    • Redo says:

      Agreed!! This will ultimately work in their favor. They should renact the BDA govt throwing their luggage back onto their planes and kicking them in the backsides off the island. HELLO RATINGS!!!!
      Remind me again, what are we hiding?

      • That's a given ... says:

        It’s also going to give them a lot of free advertising – now when the press finds out what happened and down the road when the documentary is released.

        So instead of having a “one off” bout of bad publicity arising out of the show [and hopefully having an opportunity to explain how the legal system has been improved so cases won't be bungled like that again] the island is going to see at least two rounds of bad press (and that doesn’t count the fact that the documentary is now going to be able to claim that it’s everything the Bermuda government doesn’t want people to know and is trying to hide – and if they’re trying to hide things about an 18 year old murder the truth must be “really bad”)

  3. Vested says:

    Agreed. Why would we “invite” persons in who will manifestly paint Bermuda and its people in the worse possible light? Indeed, the whole ordeal was a travesty at best and as the mother of a 17 year old girl, I fully emphathise with the perception that justice has not been served here. Our system did fail. But I do not see how a documentary which drags us through the mud again will help convey any justice 17 years after the fact. And I support the Minister’s thinking on this.

    • Maybe, just maybe ... says:

      @Vested, maybe we should let them come because stopping them will actually make the island look worse.

      While I agree that the documentary won’t exactly reflect well on the island the producers are going to be able to point to the Minister’s actions and claim that Bermuda is engaged in an active cover up. [And if the government is actively trying to suppress information about a murder that happened 18 years ago there has to be something "really bad" that they're hiding.]

      And you’re kidding yourself if you actually believe that this point won’t be emphasized throughout the show.

      While I hear what the Minister is saying this has the potential to backfire, big time.

    • Herb Adderley says:

      Do you honestly think that we have not been put in the worst possible light 17 yrs ago and since. If the parents of Becky can get some sort of relief or justice from this programme i would welcome any team here to shed some light on what happened with the system of justice we live under.

      I am sorry i cannot support this decision.

    • lucky 7 says:

      Absolutely. Everyone who cares about Bermuda is trying hard to rebuild our reputation, finances, IB and tourism. Now is not the time to film this, but maybe in the future when we’re up and running again?

      • So instead ... says:

        So instead we end up with an even more inflammatory documentary that stresses how Bermuda tried to block its production.

        • frank says:

          who was the ag at this time

          • the AG says:

            The AG was Elliot Mottley (now retired in Barbados) and the judge was Vincent Meerabux (deceased)

      • Chingas says:

        Lucky 7, it does not work like that. They will make that Documentary. They will find ways to film here and when the story is told, banning them from filming will now be a sad part of the story.

  4. Bermuda Boy says:

    Fahy, I’m starting to worry about you. As we all know this will be blown way out of proportion. This beautiful young lady was killed and because of a bunch of jack asses, the killers got away with it. Too sad for words.

  5. Family Man says:

    When you think about who the Attorney General is, and the role they played in the original fiasco, its not surprising they want to do everything they can to hush this up.

    Pathetic clowns.

    Anybody seen PATI lately?

  6. MAKE MY DAY says:

    This decision by Fahy *stinks-to-high-heaven* and is nothing but political posturing!!! What’s he so afraid of – “the truth” about how Bermudian police and the judicial system made an absolute mess of this poor Canadian girl’s rape and murder!!!

    I’m sure this overseas film crew will still make a documentary – based on ALL the evidence that is available…. And they will also state that they could get absolutely NO cooperation from the Bermudian authorities!!

    That will HURT BDA Tourism more than anything else – the fact that there is NO transparency forthcoming from the authorities – because it would cast the Island in a bad-light – to potential new tourists!! The damage is already done Fahy!!

    • Family Man says:

      Its going to get a lot worse when the Canadian media picks up on this cover-up attempt.

    • Not just "no cooperation" says:

      It’s not just “no cooperation” from the authorities but those authorities were actively trying to prevent them from making the documentary.

  7. Toodle-oo says:

    If Fahy is afraid of the finished product putting Bermuda in a negative light (and it’s already way too late to worry about that) just imagine the (negative) impact that the producers will effect when they include in the film that the Government of Bermuda refused to co-operate with them and allow them permission to do the film on the island .

  8. Cardine Alice says:

    What were the grounds for refusal?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The only sensible comment so far.

    • wowwwww says:

      very big news here in Canada.
      film crew not allowed into Bermuda.
      BIG BIG mistake Bermuda

      • Link... says:

        Haven’t managed to find one so far. But when it hits …

  9. X man says:

    It looks like the Politicians have decided that its not a good time to have Bermuda exposed like this
    because were trying to encourage more Visitors and Business here and also were trying to build back up
    the economy. – not to mention than the RACIAL POT of stew brewing could boil .—- again!
    Good Job and good thinking Fahy’ — sorry people it’s about choice strategy!

    • Lauren Bell says:

      “Racial pot of stew brewing could boil”


      And in your world the suppression of truth PREVENTS the racial pot from boiling?

      It is that mindset that has us where we are today; an unattended pot.

      Just because we opt to DENY truths does not in any way change truths.

    • Good thinking? says:

      Truly dumb – if anything the final show will be more inflammatory because the producers can claim that the government actively tried to prevent them from making the show in the first place.

    • Herb Adderley says:

      Good job my butt……this is an idiotic decision and is going to backfire on us. Fahy and crew are fast losing support and this is another decision that is wrong, definitely will look like we are trying to cover up and keep the press out, not a democratic decision to say the least.

    • Ignorance is not Biss says:

      Not allowing filming in Bermuda will not stop the documentary from being made, it will now just have an added segment relative to the Government of Bermuda’s lack of co-operation (at best) or accuse Bermuda of trying to cover up what happened 18 years ago.
      This was a tragic event and my sympathies lie with the family and friends of Miss Middleton.

  10. Gabbs says:

    Yup they hiding something

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Hiding incredible ineptness of the BPS & judiciary at the time. Years later, not much has changed.

  11. Legal Eagle says:

    As much as the Middleton case was a tragedy and the system here in Bermuda at the time failed her and her family, I do not see the need to re-hash this. Anyone who knows about this case must realize that there were failings and mistakes made by police but more importantly, the former Attorney General who is now dead. The facts are well documented and unfortunately cannot be changed.

    • Good thinking? says:

      I believe that you’re thinking of the judge in the case (the one that stopped the prosecution of Justis Smith mid-trail and ordered the jury to find him not guilty). He died a few years back. BTW, that same judge is also notable for a ruling he made in a rape case a couple of years prior to the Middleton trial – a stewardess was raped by two men and the judge said that, while there was no question that the sex wasn’t consensual and there was no question that she had fought back, she hadn’t fought back “hard enough” and proceeded to order to the jury to find the defendants not guilty.

      The former AG is alive and well in Barbados.

      • Legal Eagle says:

        Good thinking, thanks for your correction.

    • Gotham says:

      That is not enough reason to halt free reportage of the matter.

    • Sorry says:

      The AG at the time is not dead. You’re thinking of the judge.

  12. Travis Donald says:

    It’s a source of constant amazement that the OBA handle crises and communications as badly as they do. They shoot themselves in the foot every time.

    By denying work permits to this programme’s producers, It’s hard to believe they don’t understand how much worse the publicity is going to be than if they had granted the permits.

    Minister Fahy has now made Bermuda a target for accusations of censorship. The programme is going to make it clear that producers were denied entry to Bermuda. Every interview that couldn’t be conducted here will reinforce that message.

    Instead of being seen to be a sophisticated country that can bear scrutiny, we’ve circled the wagons and stuck our heads in the sand. This is completely at odds with what Bermuda purports to stand for, as a global business jurisdiction and as a premier leisure destination.

    Minister Fahy had a chance to give the statement quoted in this article on camera. The main message: this was a horrific event, we were appalled as a country, and we’ve taken steps to make sure our judicial system never enables this type of miscarriage again.

    Instead, the Minister has squandered an opportunity to influence how this story is told. He has given the producers carte blanche to tell this story however they want to.

    This is an amateur move by a group of politicians who seem bent on making amateur moves the hallmark of their governance.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Well said Travis Donald thanks for such an insightful comment. WELL SAID… I hope others see the key points you have made.

  13. Blooper says:

    there is never a good time but this is trying to close the barn door after the horse has bolted.Get the truth out good, bad or indifferent, this chapter as sad as it is and as bungled as it was needs to be closed. If heads have to roll so be it. Scum walked free from this crime and they should be proven and never left to get away with it no matter what.

  14. James Herald says:

    Bad decision. We should have let them in. This will be worse in the long run.

  15. Meeee says:

    There are times in life when you’ve just got to take a ‘slap in the chops’ and then move on again, taking the lesson just learned with you as you go.

    This was one of those times. Take the slap. Accept the pain. Rebuild and go forward and don’t make the same mistake again.

    No matter how he justifies it, if Fahy has refused the permits, Fahy has made a grand mistake. He has now blown the whole matter up to larger proportions and made it much ‘juicier’.

  16. Change Course says:

    I must say that after voting OBA I am confused in why almost every decision and their communications style is always off key.

    I will be attending the next internal election to vote for Mr Dunkley who will hopefully change his Cabinet Ministers

    • Gotham says:

      Careful what you wish for… I would like to suggest that Mr. Sylvan Richards would make a fine future Premier.

  17. Gotham says:

    Dumb move Minister. We should be embracing these guys, apologizing profusely for the whole fiasco and generally seeking the whole truth. Twenty years on and very rightly this scandalous injustice is not going away.

    Also, as importantly or perhaps more, this does not augur well for a free press – as repressive as anything the UBP ever did (remember when Saul’s Cabinet in their infinite wisdom tried to stamp out the .bm Usenet groups… They just migrated elsewhere). Bernews beware, it could well be you he tries to censor next.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    This is a no win situation for Bermuda no matter which way or where this piece is made.

    Safe bet that it will be sensationalised though it is hard to imagine a more horrific murder, sloppy police handling of the case or broken down judiciary.

    Also safe to assume that denying acciess to the Island will put Bermuda in a much poorer light in Canadian eyes for more years to come.

    Allowing the production crew to film here would only allow them to enhance, through locals looking for their moments of fame as actors, any embelishment of facts.

    The whole case is a tragic piece of Bermuda history from the moment a taxi was unobtainable to this very day.

  19. nuffin but the truth says:


  20. Sandy Bottom says:

    Ok. Who among you really thinks that the Minister is the one who makes day to day work permit decisions?

  21. BlueFamiliar says:

    Sorry, Min. Fahy. This was a bad decision on your part. There is very little the film crew could do to make Bermuda look worse regard the Middleton case. Your decision, however, has managed to do that.

    This need to be reconsidered. Bermuda needs to exhibit that it has learned from the mistakes made and are not trying to sweep it under a rug.

  22. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    i don’t know who the production crew is, but my guess is they didn’t have enough clout.

  23. Terry says:

    After reading all the comments I am left feeling that at times Betty Trump has a case in many instances.

    This horrible incident did take place and the system let it happen through incompetence.

    I know the history behind what took place and those involved.

    We screwed up. Everyone knows it.

    Better to be forthright and move on. In 17 years much has happened.
    No repeats or similar of this incident.

    It’s all politics by the OBA trying to keep the monies coming after a period of failed government.

    Big mistake.

    OBA will pay at the polls sooner than they think.

    Quote of the week elsewhere is “Get cracking”.

    Fahy and his lodge should do same.


  24. Terry says:

    And my comments were off the top of my head.
    I did not read nor hear anything until I pulled up Bernews.

    Good bye OBA.

    The PLP need to shut up on this one and let it fester.

  25. Just Sayin' says:

    There are local professional filmmakers that could shoot the interviews, b-roll and re-enactments on island and send the footage over to Cineflix. Have they not thought of this option? It would save the production company money from flying the interviewees over seas and paying for accommodations and they would still have the Bermuda re-enactment shots. It would ultimately save Cineflix money from sending their crew and equipment over and paying for accommodations and other expenses. All they have to do is fly a producer over as a vacationer to meet with the local crew and start banging out the doc. No?

  26. street wise says:

    A dumb decision and a bad move for the Island. Not too much support for suppressing the truth here, OBA….

  27. not coming says:

    As a Canadian that visits Bermuda often I think we Canadians should stay away from Bermuda.
    WTF is the problem letting in this crew.
    They only want to film the truth and I think a lot of people including Bermudians would watch it.
    Let them in.

    • Coffee says:

      What’s ironic about this whole horrific episode in Bermudas history is that the financial relationship between Canada and Bermuda continues unabated . Since 1996 , additional airline carriers along with the traditional AC have increased seating capacity . Weird but true , people tend to think with the pocket in mind , not the heart .

    • My two cents says:

      I have nothing but sympathy and disgust at what happened to Rebecca Middleton and the trial that followed, but I’ve never thought of staying away from all that Canada has to offer because of how it’s justice system similarly struck a plea bargain with Karla Homolka before gathering all the evidence in the Paul Bernardo case. And I wouldn’t watch a show based on what sounds like an opportunistic, sensationalist account of the Rebecca Middleton case, from Amazon’s write up:

      “Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Middleton and best friend Jasmine Meens make their “trip of a lifetime” to the Queen’s “Jewel in the Atlantic,” oblivious to secrets beneath the island’s idyllic guise and to the horrors that await them on the dark side of Paradise. Sunny days and teal surf welcome the Canadian teenagers as they roam the twenty square miles of the seemingly pristine British territory. But on this searing July night, a full moon, an unusual storm, a cancelled cruise, absent taxis, and chance meetings end in the gruesome kidnap, rape, torture, and murder of Rebecca Middleton. Emotions left over from long-standing racial inequities impact Becky’s case from the moment of her slaughter–especially the hangings of two black men for the murders of five white men during those racially charged 1970s–a matter many still prefer not to discuss. Repercussions from the young Canadian tourist’s death and its investigative and judicial failures create international uproar that catches the attention of famed U.S. forensic scientists Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Henry Lee. During an inquiry brought about by a tourist boycott of Bermuda, advocate LeYoni Junos exposes truths behind this tangled web of deceit. But it won’t be long before LeYoni Junos suffers those consequences typically experienced by those who fail to “lie in the tide.” Then, almost eight years after Rebecca’s murder, the case catches the attention of British human rights lawyer Cherie Booth, QC, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who terms Bermuda’s responses “repugnant to justice.” Meanwhile, despite responsibility for territories’ “good governance,” Britain treads lightly. This is a true story of murder, collusion, conspiracy, and cover-up designed to protect the secrets of privilege, and hide the poverty, violence and drugs that darken Bermuda’s tranquil pastels, a third-world setting of mysterious beauty and international influence incongruent with its size.”

  28. Rascal says:

    All these jokers writing against the decision, would be writing against the decision if the permits were granted.
    The truth is vitually all the players in the Middleton case were foreigners. From the CoP to the AG and even the victim. Now there’s the scandal.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The perpetrators weren’t foreigners though, were they. They were Real Bermudians.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Other than the Jamaican one, now I think about it.

        • Wondering Why says:

          You were dead wrong. Only one was Bermudian. Always so quick to contradict people. At least you admitted it this time.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            I actually pointed it out before you did.

  29. Rhonda Neil says:

    Do we now support censorship,,,,, are we turning to a North Korea style dictatorship that the govt censors and approves speech… Note Hitler’s rise to power… the first step is removing democracy…

    Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      It isn’t censorship. Get a freakin grip.
      There’s only Bermuda leader the last few decades that should get compared to Hitler. And apparently he’s still pulling Bean’s puppet strings.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Sandy Bottom must be Mike Fahy…..the only person who is defending this nonsense! Where is Mike Hind when we need him?

        • Mike Hind says:

          I’m here, shaking my head at the spittle-flecked freakouts.

          You guys are so excited to have something to scream about, you’ve lost it and are going SO far over the top with this, it’s…

          Well, it’s ridiculous. The assumptions, the projection of worst possible scenarios, the howling for Min. Fahy to step down…

          It’s so over the top, I’m beginning to doubt that you guys really ARE PLP demagogues! I’m starting to think that you’re plants from the OBA, trying to make the PLP look bad!

          This sort of overwrought, faux outrage over EVERYTHING that they do is doing nothing but give them carte blanche to do whatever they want. Freaking out no matter what they do is just going to allow them to stop caring, as they know that the response will ALWAYS be the same. ESPECIALLY if y’all keep doing it the way you do it! Keep tacitly approving the lies and dishonesty. You’re stripping away ANY integrity you might have.
          This is why I constantly try to call y’all on it. I live in hope that SOMEONE will step up and start showing an ounce of integrity. Hasn’t happened yet, sadly.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          I’m just pointing out the screaming hysteria. This is not censorship. They can say what they like; they just can’t come here and work here at this project.

          And then Rhona Neill brings out her standard Hitler speech, which she quotes once about every couple of weeks. Lame.

          I have an idea. They could employ Bermudian film makers to shoot the scenes they need done in Bermuda. A radical thought, I know.

  30. Jim Bean says:

    Uh they were going to do re enactments of rape. And why would the minister allow that? Imagine the minister saying “we will allow you in if we agree to the finished product” now that is censorship. If they want to do it that bad then a local company can do it and send them footage?

  31. soooo says:

    I may not agree with the ministers decision, but I also think that he has more information on the format of this “documentary” than anyone posting on here.

    From what I heard they were reenacting parts of the murder, investigation and trial. Judging by the documentary/fiction on the Holloway murder in Aruba I can understand the ministers decision.

  32. Whatdoesthefoxsay? says:

    Minister Fahy has this completely wrong and his decision is tantamount to censorship. Using the criteria he stated would be the same as denying a film crew the right to film about Bermuda’s past slavery or segregation or filming a documentary about gang warfare. Yes, all bad reputationally but also a part of our history. This decision has no place in 2014. We are better than that and need to ‘man’ up and accept there remains a documentary to be scripted about this dark event of our past. An appalling, egregious decision.

  33. Keep Calm And Carry On says:

    Minister Fahy you have made the correct decision and I applaud you for having the courage to do so. As you are aware being a leader involves making tough decisions and then living with them. Carry on Sir!

  34. Coffee says:

    Pragmatic sanction vs diplomacy . The OBA is clearly lacking in the art of diplomacy ,maybe they should have consulted Sir John or The Hon. Dr.Ewart Brown in this matter . Neither men are short on basic diplomacy and tack . What immeasurable damage will this myopic blunder cost us ?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      They have a lot of “tack” do they?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Probably none.

      • Jim Jones says:

        “Probably” is pretty close to “I suspect”, which you didn’t seem to like in another post. “Probably none” could just as easily be “maybe a lot”.

  35. Kim Smith says:

    Is Magistrate Khamisi Takunbo still sitting on the bench?

  36. biggadon says:

    For once I have to admit I agree with Minister Fahy …….NO WORK PERMIT FOR THEM…. why should we help them make us look bad , let them do it from Canada….either way we are gonna look bad….You Think the Afghan govt will permit some film crew to do some documentary slamming Allah on Afghan soil….NAHHHH DONT THINK SO….. As much as I hate to say it WELL DONE MINISTER FAHY !

    • Sorry says:

      Sorry but we’re going to look worse. Not only was there a complete miscarriage of justice in this case but now the government is actively trying to hide it.

      If they’re working this hard to conceal something that happened 18 years ago, what does that say about Bermuda today???

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        No, no one is “trying to conceal it” or “actively trying to hide it”. They’re just not giving them permits to make the film here. The film makers are free to say what they want to say, but they just can’t work here and do it.

        • Motto of the story says:

          Yes and now at the end of the doc once they have made their conclusions undoubtedly negative after this decision by Fay, there will be a statement testifying how the Bermuda Gov refused to cooperate and not only this refused them entry onto the island which could easily be framed as a country whom doesn’t respect freedom of speech, has something to hide, and hasn’t made any improvements since this murder took place, or even a country hostile to white Canadians, this could be incredibly damaging to Bermuda depending on the popularity of this doc, pray it stays national and doesn’t go viral or global. This decision shows a lack of vision, absolute short sightedness by the OBA, this shows a lack of cunning, and public relation skills.

  37. Common Sense says:

    I have normally supported most, but not all of the decisions made by our OBA Government since they took office. But on this issue I know they have made an extremely bad decision that will do absoiutely nothing to stop negative publicity about the terrible Middleton murder. In fact it will do exactly the opposite.

    It would have been far more beneficial to allow the film crew in, to cooperate with them 100%, and even have someone interviewed on behalf of the Government to stress how shocked we all were with the murder, the fact that the culprits have never really faced justice, what we have tried to do to bring this matter to the Courts and what we are doing to make sure the same mistakes are never made again.

    Some people like to blame the Police for this debacle but those in the know know that it was the Public Prosecutors office who made a catastrophic decision before the DNA evidence was in.

    As Just Sayin’ says, there is nothing to stop a local film crew from doing what this film crew would have done, and one thing you can guarantee is that when the documentary is shown it will conclude with a statement to say that the Bermuda authorities refused to cooperate with their investigation, and even worse, refused to even allow them on the Island.

    This is a catastrophic decision at every level.

  38. Portia says:

    Oh please.

    For all those who are worrying over how this is going to be played out by the show’s producers and what they may say about a “Bermuda Government cover-up” – do you know what the Canadian Government would do in this situation if this case had happened there? The EXACT SAME THING!

    Do not say that the Canadian justice system is so much better, and nothing like this ever happens there – because it does. Just ask the families of the hundreds of aboriginal women who have been murdered/ gone missing there in the past several years, while the Canadian government drags its feet. Those families have not found closure either. So perhaps the film crew may want to focus its attentions on THAT.


    • el says:

      Portia–I like the way you face life.. absolutely correct couldn’t agree more…. the taking of anyones life is tragic and we tend to think that aboriginals have no feelings or less importance,. when we aboriginals of the earth are still reeling at what has happened to our ancestors and what continues to happen today, without people even batting their eye lids!goodlooking out.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        You’re Australian?

        • Webster says:

          ab·o·rig·i·nal [adj.]
          1. of or pertaining to aborigines.
          2. original or earliest known; native; indigenous.
          3. (usu. cap.) of or pertaining to the Aborigines of Australia.

          • Mike Hind says:

            (PSSST! He’s using it as code for “Black”. This usage is designed to denounce anyone NOT Black for their treatment of aboriginals elsewhere, without actually coming out and saying “White people are bad because they’re white, m’kay?”, because that would be… you know… racist.)

  39. jt says:

    Not smart. It’s going to be produced anyway. Better off to openly admit the egregeous error and demonstrate what measures have subsequently taken place to insure that nothing like this happens again. As it is it looks as if we’re hiding something and you can be certain that a portion of the documentary will now focus and speculate on this decision.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      So what? How much does denying wp’s change anything?

      • jt says:

        Nothing can change what happened. We can only look forward.
        How is this positive for us? We might stand to gain a measure of respectablility by being open. This just looks bad and will no doubt be portrayed poorly in the documentary – and who could blame the producers for doing so? I don’t understand what we are afraid of. The case has been well documented and publicized for a long time. The only potential for additional bad press at this stage stems ftom this decision.

  40. Mike Hind says:

    Oh, look! Another molehill!

    • Eye of Horus says:

      Why don’t you explain how this tragedy is a molehill to the Middleton family & how it’s no big deal that the only justice they can get is being blocked by our government.

      A News article in a 2010 Toronto Star Paper

      But raising funds is something Middleton is used to – 11 years of legal battles already have cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
      Many friends and family of the Ontario girl who grew up in Belleville think everything that can be done in the case has been tried, but Middleton is not ready to give up.
      “One of my sons says, `You’ve already been kicked two or three times, why are you going back again?’ … Pigheaded, I guess,” he said.
      “Both of them (men arrested in the case) violated Becky’s rights and just because somebody cut a deal in a criminal court doesn’t mean they can escape the human-rights issues.”

      Since you know so much about this, “molehill” why don’t you explain to everyone who the somebody’s are that cut the deal Becky’s mom is referring to.

      • jt says:

        The work permits and this documentary have nothing to do with justice for the family.
        The denial of the permits is a poor decisions, but has nothing to do with attaining justice.

      • Mike Hind says:


        I know how desperate you are to denounce the OBA and get your party back in power. We all know.
        We get it.

        But come on. TRY being honest for a sec.

        This isn’t about the family. As far as I know, and, unlike, you, I stand to be corrected, the family has nothing to do with this.
        The quote you put up is about court cases, not a documentary.

        If you’re going to conjecture, why not conjecture that the family DOESN’T want to dredge this up again?

        Oh, yeah. See my first sentence.

        Thank you for making my point.

        • Eye of Horus says:

          Unlike you I don’t have a party unless you’re trying to make some deluded assumption to the party I voted for pre OBA. Your assumption is wrong just as your assumption about the feelings of dredging the past up. It was spelt out quite clearly in a quote from Becky’s mother. Are you so daft to think that a production company wouldn’t have to get permission from Rebecca’s parents to make this documentary? As the quote says the family feels like they’ve been kicked around by the judicial system here. They’ve spent hundreds of thousands & over a decade to bring this to light. If the only justice they get is the satisfaction of bringing down every curtain that prevented their child’s killer from receiving proper punishment I’m sure it’s welcomed.

          AS THE QUOTE SAYS, “Both of them (men arrested in the case) violated Becky’s rights and just because somebody cut a deal in a criminal court doesn’t mean they can escape the human-rights issues.”

          It’s clear that Rebecca’s parents have gone beyond just addressing the violation of rights committed by the perpetrators.

          You’re the one who needs to be honest about how your partisans causes your ignorance of the facts.

          • Herb Adderley says:

            Mike i am surprised and disappointed regards to your statement about the family and agree with eye of Horus, just take a moment and give some thought to your daughter going through that slaughter and tell me you would move on and not want it dredged up again, i think not.

            Just as a note, the Privy council judge when giving his judgement on the double jeopardy stated this was the worst case of rape and murder of a woman that he had ever seen.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Which statement about the family?
              As I asked below, do we have any evidence that they have anything to do with this documentary?
              I’m not denying that this case wasn’t horrific and that Bermuda dropped the ball.
              I’m just trying to ask questions to clear the air from this hyperbolic, politically motivated howling for blood.
              The assumptions are plenty, but not a lot of actual reality and truth is being put out there.
              To hear some talk, these guys are the new arbiters of truth and the only way to bring justice in this case is to allow these guys, who seem to have just shown up one day, expecting to be allowed to work in a foreign country, to make this documentary.
              But we don’t know all the facts. We don’t know who these guys are. We don’t know if they’re real, professsional documentarians or sensationalist tabloid reporters. Given that it seems they didn’t go through the proper channels, the former seems less likely, no? That’ sand assumption on my part, sure, but is it any more of an assumption than “do you think they wouldn’t go to the family?”

              If it were my daughter, I would want justice to be done and, like the family ARE doing, would do it through the law.
              I just don’t see how this documentary is going to bring justice.

              And no one has explained how it will.

              • Jim Jones says:

                It’s a series, so I would suspect that means they are professionals. Maybe they could have taken a look at other editions to see what they were dealing with (or maybe they did and didn’t like what they saw?)


                • Mike Hind says:

                  “I would suspect…”


                  • Jim Jones says:

                    What about the rest of the post? Do you disagree? If there are other episodes, they could surely watch them, do a bit of research, and decide for themselves if they were impartial film makers or sensationalist tabloid reporters.

                    And – if they are just sensationalist tabloid reporters, then this latest chapter in the Middleton story will no doubt be exploited in a huge way to paint our government as corrupt.

                    There are so few of the original players still around I just don’t get the resistance.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Um. No. Nothing in here is true.
            I’ve explained to you, MANY times, my political position. I know you’re desperate for it to be not true, given your own obvious political leanings, but it is.

            As for the rest of your post, I addressed most of that in mine,

            Do we have ANY evidence to show that the family was contacted and want this?
            Any evidence that THIS documentary will bring any sort of justice to them?
            Anything beyond assumptions?

            As I mentioned, the quote was about a court case, not this documentary. Conflating the two is just wrong…

            And is VERY obviously politically motivated.

  41. Y-Gurl says:

    Reputational risks to Bermuda, are you kidding all they want to do is report the truth and facts which are already well documented from the BPS screwing up the entire investigation, our then kangaroo court system, sorry Fahy this is one of Bermudas most disgusting and embarrassing moments that can’t be kept in a box, I truly believe your actions will do us more harm than good, and where are the rapists and murderers today? Certainly not where they should be.

  42. nuffin but the truth says:

    FAHY,you have seriously misjudged Bermudians if you think you will ever live this down.
    You’re Finished Little Boy,now do the RIGHT thing,RESIGN and GO AWAY!

  43. drunken ursula says:

    well let’s get Nancy Grace ….refuse her a work permit Bermuda will be on blast…

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Suddenly you’re all for giving out work permits all over the place. Are you being anti-Bermudian?

  44. Cardine Alice says:

    First the “Watergate” cover up, now censorship. So I am assuming the murdering rapists are still out there? The police etc. botched the enquiry.

    What next Mr. Fahy ban twitter etc. in case any bad news gets out?

    Complicity. Censorship. The people of Bermuda need to standup to being made fools of by these officials.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      This is not censorship. Or complicity. You’re being ridiculous.

  45. newconfidence says:

    damned if you do, damned if you don’t

  46. Cardine Alice says:

    First the “Watergate” cover up, now censorship. So I am assuming the murdering rapists are still out there? The police etc. botched the enquiry.

    What next Mr. Fahy ban twitter etc. in case any bad news gets out?

    Complicity. Censorship. The people of Bermuda need to standup to being made fools of by these officials.

    So whatever happened to Kirk Mundy and Justis Smith?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      You seem unfamiliar with the history of this case so here is a quick catch up. I know not what ‘Watergate’ you refer to, that was a US political fiasco. The murdering rapists are not still at large, Mundy and Smith are in jail for other crimes, the injustice stems from the fact they were never fully held to account for the Middleton murder. The Police did not botch the investigation, with help from overseas experts the evidence needed was gathered and analyzed, it was the prosecution who failed, and our laws that prevented that failure from being properly redressed. Many Bermudians wish to see this injustice fixed, not just for Rebecca, but for any future victims. This failure should not be allowed to continue for a 6th or 7th administration.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        She also seems unfamiliar with the meaning of the word “censorship”.

    • Creme Brûlée says:

      I know what I would do to them if it was my daughter.

  47. We've got that covered already... says:

    Does the government not have an ex-con as its Tourism Minister who is also leading the charge on gaming…? I think we’ve got reputations risk already covered… all on our own. Hah!! If it wasn’t so ridiculous it would be laughable!!

    • Blooper says:

      a**. does the opposition have a former criminal in its ranks. SO WHAT as far as this goes, it isn’t about that rather the bungled failed prosecution of an innocent young victim who was a visitor to the island although even that has ne bearing on such a disgraceful act. a a guilty person walks free. GET TO THE TRUTH. By the way I only read your opening question and NO MORE.

  48. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Dictator Fay strikes again. This man knows no bounds. He does what he wants and has no regard for Bermuda or her people, only his own ambitions. Please get rid of him before we have another Brown on our hands!!

  49. Sparky says:

    A black Jamaican male raped and murdered a white Canadian female in Bermuda. Investigated and prosecuted by a majority of foreign police and prosecuting team….. and the people of Bermuda have to share the shame and blame.
    Minister Fahy enforced the protective 1956 immigration act and all the haters want to treat him as the criminal !
    Along with the US Consulate’s warning of raw sewage on the beaches of Bermuda………
    IS DREB now working undercover on his mission to totally destroy Bermuda ?

    • oba is over says:

      Last I checked the OBA was and is in charge.

  50. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    After many reasonable decisions Sen Fahy, you make such a resoundingly bad one. This story has been in the international media/documentaries before, so once more would not be worse than trying to prevent another.
    This crime is indeed one of the darkest of Bermuda’s history, made only worse by the fact that this travesty of justice could be perpetrated again. The pressures exerted on the police and prosecution to resolve it quickly, lead directly to the miscarriage of justice and the laws that allowed it to carry on have never been fixed, or even addressed. Nearly 2years of the UBP failing to address them, in 14 years of the PLP failed to address them, even dismissed the injustice… OBA, AG Pettingill, it is time to step up. We need to scrape the double jeopardy, we need to make sure that any deal made with any defendant can be nulled and voided should it be proven that the defendant lied to make it.
    It is embarrassing that after 18 years we still have not addressed this and we deserve to be embarrassed in the world press, but we should also see this as a reminder that it still exists and use this reminder to finally address it. Sen Fahy, let them come, welcome them, and do not embarrass us further with this doomed attempt at censorship.

    • Legal Eagle says:

      Well said Build.. Both your posts are spot on.

  51. Angelita says:

    There has not done anything that Fahy has done to prevent the story from being published. I believe that this film company can effectively working film-makers in Bermuda and that they should have sought to do that first.

    Fahy’s decision is right – his reasoning behind his decision maybe questionable – instead consideration and commentary should be directed towards the hiring of Bermudian film-makers because there are quite a few film professionals already located on the Island searching for work! They have gone and studied the profession, because they were talented and passionate about filming too and I am sure they are more than capable and willing to do the filming for this story and in need of work. So no, a work permit should not be issued to film this story – use a Bermuda company.

    I do not believe that anyone that will view this story would believe that it is a reflection of the whole of Bermuda – it highlights some important values: a young person needs to be mindful that they are not invincible – therefore they must lookout for their own safety; where there are people – there is wickedness; Bermuda must be vigilant in terms of evaluating character who resides here (very difficult to accomplish but needs to be done). And another highlight is that Bermuda can benefit from its own forensic lab/operation, instead of having to await results from off-shore. It highlights how difficult it is in everyday police life to ensure that evidence is obtained in such a way that justice is served – and so many more.

    But tragedy never is forgotten – and everyone here is affected whether we knew Rebbeca; her family; her friends or not. And she certainly is not the only one whose life has been tragically ended too soon. There are several families here that have lost loved ones in such tragic ways – without enough of an explanation that resolves the loss they experience in their hearts daily because of it.

    I certainly am not desensitized to the stories shared of murders, fatal accidents or unexplained disappearances of people (either at sea, just gone) – their tragedies affect me, they change the way I live and the teachings that I share with me children. This losses change the way we do things ..it affects us. The denial of the film-crew to work in Bermuda does not stop the story BUT it does say use our skill sets to record the the locale of Bermuda and whatever else intended to be gleamed from here.

    • Angelita says:

      * There is not anything that Fahy has done……

    • @4:52am what are you says:

      Lay down and go back to sleep Fahy!!!

  52. JUSTICE says:

    “Why don’t you FORGET ABOUT this case and MOVE ON–it happened so long ago. You are dividing the island”. Those words sound familiar? Well, that’s exactly what you remind the African people of this island to do when it comes to remembering and speaking about their history involving uspeakable cruelties which has stained this island with their blood.

  53. JUSTICE says:

    We all know who the cruelties were administered by.

  54. BermyGuy says:

    They should allow them to film the documentary here. If a BERMUDIAN was raped and murdered abroad in sure no one would complain about the documentary being filmed in the place where it happened.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Really? We could go to, say, New York and work there filming and making a documentary film without any permits at all? Are you sure about that?

  55. Coffee says:

    Sen.Faye has in one decision denied Bermudians jobs . Taxi drivers and housekeepers , restauranteurs and many other service providers will not realize earnings because of the terrible decision . They ran on creating jobs for Bermudians , except maybe Bermudians who are not in IB .

  56. Wsr says:

    What do these people want! We all know the police jacked up. Can we move on?

  57. JUSTICE says:

    What in —— name can one expect to achieve by bringing this tired old case up again. They tell Blacks to forget about their past, it happened so long ago, and move on.

  58. Ms. Scott says:

    Big Question????? Who were the film crew going to interview? and what would have been their purpose in this documentary . . .the truth? Who was going to give them the truth? Surely not Kirk or Justice, the two males involved!!!! The judge is dead and definitely not the AG, so all this documentary would have been is the parents perspective of what went wrong in “paradise.”


    By no means am I condoning the actions of the perpetrators in this heinous crime, but I’m tired of this whole thing. The investigation was botched, the family is devastated . . .we get that, but after all this time, what are they expecting to find differently from what they already know.

    And no I’m not a Fahy fan o OBA supporter . . .I’m just tired of this case going on and on. Straight up, it’s time for the family through some very serious and intense grief counseling to move forward!!!

  59. Don't forget says:

    Evidence,crime scene,and probable contamination,chain of evidence,were the contributory causes,it wasn’t intentional….at worst it was lack of professional allocation and or deport,in the moment bravado and impulse can cloud clear and rational response.The level of what had transpired….had shaken the rational of even the most professional investigator.I think all Bermuda was shocked and felt the loss.Don’t you think…..not for one second…..this was a determined outcome.

  60. Don't forget says:

    In any production it is determined …how much it…the project….documentary….or film production….will generate monetarily speaking ,it should be known that the air time is valued as consideration before said project begins….this predetermines time slot, and what the advertising will generate at commercial break.This is the bottom line in any production.what are you charge predictions per minute around and during this items time slot….it must be fairly lucrative….Will the proceeds be used to fund private investigation?….if not …why not?Was it even a consideration?Rationally speaking what can any of us gain from all this ….publicly shaming a country …will it help?Who actually dropped the ball here?