Twenty Years Since Rebecca Middleton’s Murder

July 3, 2016

middleton_r_cp_9509122Today [July 3] marks 20 years since Rebecca Middleton was murdered, with her family recently taking time to reflect on her life on what would have been her 37th birthday, and saying that she may not be with them, but she’s “still part of the family.”

The 17-year-old Canadian was raped and killed while vacationing on the island, and the handling of the case has been widely criticized both locally and overseas.

Canada’s CTV news spoke with her family, with their report saying ”Rebecca Middleton’s family members celebrated what would have been her 37th birthday this past Monday with a cake, two decades after the Belleville, Ont., woman was raped, stabbed repeatedly and left to die on the purported island paradise that is Bermuda.

“She’s still part of the family; it’s just that she’s not with us,” Dave Middleton says of his late daughter. “It wasn’t her fault that she got killed.”

“Cindy Bennett says she still misses her daughter. She wonders what her girl might have been like now had she, like her two older brothers, been able to grow up, get married and have kids of her own.

“The 20 years that have passed — it makes every memory of Becky sweeter,” Bennett, 64, says. “Still in your gut, it feels like this just happened.”

“The two men charged in the killing were Kirk Mundy, then 21, and Justis Smith, then 19. At the time, Mundy was on bail for the armed robbery of a bank vehicle in November 1995, a crime for which he would later be given a 16-year sentence.

“Mundy pointed the finger at Smith. In exchange for his testimony, Mundy pleaded guilty to being an accessory, while Smith faced a charge of murder. DNA evidence would later show Mundy had raped the teen.

“What followed were a series of futile attempts to retry Smith that were ultimately rejected by Britain’s Privy Council on the grounds he had already stood trial once. Bermuda authorities would later concede the family had suffered a “great injustice,” but nothing changed.

“In some small ways, however, Rebecca Jane Middleton lives on,” CTV reported. “One of her brother’s daughters has Rebecca as a middle name. Her other brother’s daughter has Jane as a middle name. Meens would also give her daughter the middle name Rebecca, while the man who found Middleton named his daughter Becky. Scholarships in Belleville and Bermuda bear her name.”

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  1. Pablo says:

    The fact that one of the perpetrators still walks among us is disgusting. Many people failed in securing justice…
    I think that the only reason why the one is walking around is the fact the Rebecca didn’t have family here. Reminds me of Connie Futardo. The fact that the man convicted if her rape and murder is allowed to walk amongst us is disgusting…

    • DS says:

      Anyone that murders an innocent child should NEVER be set free.

      • Full Fuulish says:

        How can anyone dislike either of these statements?!?!?!

  2. Southampton says:

    Should have hung both of them.
    Two pieces of slime.

    • I agree, like they should’ve hung ALL those that exterminated millions of indigenous natives, enslaved Africans and the many Civil Rights Victims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • uiq says:

        Ah, I was wondering where our local Voice of Reason went.

      • bdaboy says:

        “I agree, like they should’ve hung ALL those that exterminated millions of indigenous natives, enslaved Africans and the many Civil Rights Victims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

        You’re too stupid to understand this, but you don’t really want that. You’d probably poop yourself when you saw how many members of your own family would be hung for their crimes.
        You have a very selective view of history.

  3. Hotgog says:

    Twenty Years old leave it be.

  4. VIP says:

    The trash will get deported back to his home. Then he will see what a real jungle is compared to Bermuda.

  5. Widget says:

    Both Mundy and Smith are animals and should have hung for what they did to that child.

    The AG along with the Judge at the time helped screw up the case.

    What further make me sick are the 15 people that disagree with what Pablo had to say.

  6. Karen says:

    I hope the guilty have flashbacks/nightmares EVERY single day and night about the terror /pain that they put Rebecca through, and the pain that her loved ones continue to live with daily. Perhaps they think they got away with it but one day they will learn the difference!

  7. irritated says:

    She will always be remembered my Jah comfort her family

  8. Wow says:

    You would think Rebecca Middleton was the only person murdered in Bermuda. A lot of people have been murdered and their families have never received justice but I guess some people are just “special”.

    • Kathy says:

      She was an innocent tourist having a vacation. That is what makes her “special”. No one deserves to be raped and murdered but especially a young kid just out of high school on a vacation with a friend who lived in Bermuda. Her parents weren’t even with her to protect her. THAT is what makes this so “special”! No one wants to go on a vacation and get raped and murdered! No one wants to hear that their teenage daughter who was visiting a friend on vacation was raped and murdered.

      Get your head out of the sand!

    • Southampton says:

      Get a life you idiot.

    • rock watcher says:

      I think everyone in Bermuda is aware there have been many murders here sdaly…..I think its that this innocent young lady was tortured and brutalised before being murdered that makes her case especially sad. Iam sad for any family who has had to deal with any such horror in their family

      • Wow says:

        I’m not just talking lately. There have been plenty of murders on this island, go look it up and you can’t use the circumstances of how she died as a reason for it being a special case. We all know WHY you all think it’s such a special case and I’m calling you out on it.

      • Lenny A says:

        It was the fact that she is a tourist* and how the Bermuda Government handled it

    • Concerned says:

      you are disgusting to say that.

  9. sad says:

    Yea one is walking around free and the other dirtbag is up for parole next year….

  10. joank says:

    May Rebecca Rest in Peace. She will never be forgotten.

  11. betty says:

    Keep Reminding Bermuda what these b……did to this young child

  12. Ocean Breeze says:

    I often think of Rebecca and her family from time to time. I remember the case very well. What an awful thing that happened to her. Yes, she got on the bike between the two thugs. Something that shouldn’t have happened. However, she DID NOT deserve what happened to her. A horrible crime!!! Bermuda grieved over her loss.

    May she rest in peace and may her family and the Meens family be forever comforted by Gods love and peace.

  13. A crying shame says:

    I’m definitely not proud to be Bermudian when I hear about this case, it just sickens me to my stomach to think about what these two scumbags did to that girl and got away with murder.

  14. Kathy says:

    She will never be forgotten. This case wrenches the gut of every Bermudian. She was special and she was innocent. We all felt that pain and we all grieved with the parents. It was a horrific crime and Bermudians will never forget the injustice!

    We pray to this day for the family and hope that in some way our prayers will bring love to her family. She is in our hearts forever.

  15. Widget says:

    Hey Juice. Your a Freaking moron.

    I pray to God you never ever loose a child to murder. I’d like you to view the autopsy pictures then tell me what you think.

    Stay on the subject next time meat head.

  16. Faith in our future says:

    I think its time to have the discussion on the investigators need to do their job with no hidden agendas pertaining all crimes.