Documentary On Homelessness Set To Screen

April 5, 2017

The Educational Committee of Leopard’s Club International will be hosting a screening of the documentary “Out Among The Ins” by Dale Butler on Thursday, April 20 at 6.00pm at the Leopards’ Club, with admission fee of $10.

A spokesperson said, “In 2003, Dale Butler was a Minister in the Government of Bermuda with responsibility for Youth, Culture and Sports.

“In 2007, he was appointed to the Ministry of Culture and Social Rehabilitation. One of the first reports he found in hidden in his draw was on Bermuda’s homeless situation, commissioned by the late Minister Nelson Bascome.”

“It was an excellent report with a road map for resolving the problem. So what was missing? Why was the report buried? It became obvious to him that while the Salvation Army, and many other organisations and individuals were doing their part to help, the policy itself had been buried in a desk and needed leadership.

“Dale Butler was determined to try and implement it. The PLP Government of the day agreed and purchased additional property to the Salvation Army Shelter on Parson’s Rd. To heighten public awareness of the problem, Dale Butler personally undertook to find the homeless and film their daily life.

Out Among The Ins Bermuda April 2017 TC

“The result was the production of “Out Among The Ins” which was shown at the Liberty Theatre. The Ministry then had plans drawn and the Government in 2009 appropriated $1 million. In 2012, just prior to being voted out of Parliament, Mr. Butler asked the Minister of Works and Engineering to give the Army the Bishop Spencer School for a shelter.

“Recently, the issue was raised in a Letter-to-the-editor which was followed up by the Mayor of Hamilton, Mr. Gosling, and later the OBA Government gave the Bishop Spencer to the Salvation Army for $1 nominal yearly rent for the development of a shelter.

“Although Mr. Butler’s documentary was produced in 2009, it is still relevant today. Unfortunately, some of the homeless have passed and some of the officials have moved on. On Thursday, April 20th at 6 p.m the public is invited to attend the showing of the film and participate in the question and answer session that will follow.

“Mr. Butler feels we must find an even more effective way for Bermuda to get a grip on this issues which continues to grow. The event will be held at The Leopards’ Club and is presented by its Educational Committee led by George Scott.”

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  1. mm says:

    I think it is ever so important to remind us all of our duty towards our fellow-man…it is also good for the homeless to receive /embrace whatever is going to assist them out of their circumstances….I don,t know all of the issues a homele ss person may have or if we as a community will walk step by step with each of them to a normal life…a lot also depends on what sources are made available and if the person responds or is able to respond..Keep in mind there may be 7 or 10 steps..and the applicant has difficulty getting to step 3…..It surely is a work, and we are all challenged to roll up our sleeves and be involved. Some have been involved for a number of years with a family member adrift. Let,s stay the course, let,s pray and encourage, anyone of us may be that close to the same circumstances…unemployment, sickness, affordable rent, other.