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September 10, 2014

The Investigation Discovery’s television show Murder in Paradise – Stranger Danger was recently broadcast on television, and a full copy of the programme has surfaced online, with the episode focusing on the murder of 17-year-old Canadian visitor Rebecca Middleton, who was raped and killed while vacationing on the island in July 1996. You can watch the full video below, and read our original story on the episode here.

The full 43-minute video of the episode is below:

- Note: We did not upload this, and just found it on YouTube. The clip could possibly be removed at some point, which sometimes happens when people upload full episodes, so if you are interested we do recomend watching it as soon as possible in case it is removed!

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  1. Jeremy Deacon says:

    This is difficult to watch …

    • Deport HIM says:

      Does anyone know if this man has Bermuda status? He needs to be deported after his released from prison. What are you going to do minister fahy.

      • not likely says:

        Kirk Mundy does not have bermuda status n this i kno for a fact

        • pwndwg says:

          Why can’t he be deported now to serve his sentence in Jamaica? It was a reasonably fair documentary but please note that it omitted numerous far worse details of the horrific torture and sexual mutilation that the poor girl suffered. Her killers are not animals, they are monsters. As with any rape, this was a hate crime, but in this case it was a pre-meditated hate crime that was extreme in its cruel and violent hatred of women and probably foreign white women in particular.

          • Richard lema says:

            I was with till the foreign white women come on lets be real thats dumb.

        • Late response i know... says:

          It’s unfortunate that people always so quick to automatically put all the blame on the “non-Bermudian” as if no Bermudian can ever be capable of such a heinous crime. Well this wasn’t the 1st and certainly hasn’t been the last since then that Bermudians themselves were involved in such crimes and even worse (in my opinion). Yes I agree…very tragic and unfortunate incident. However, I think the focus needs to be taken off the fact of his nationality and highlight the fact that TWO individuals were involved and stop acting like Bermudians (especially the 1 involved)is NOT an innocent upstanding citizen as some would like to plague him as.

          Everybody so quick to label the Mundy guy as a monster more so because of his nationality but nobody speaks on the fact of his long term residency and family ties on the island and even attending PRIMARY school here. I always question if the same judgment would have been passed on his character or whatever if he had been Portuguese, Asian or American as we have many of the like residing here and committing crimes regardless of level of severity

    • serengeti says:

      Yes, it was. Brings it all back how awful it was.

    • Jo says:

      Why nobody says that she went on this bike because taxi did not show up????? It could all had been available if you have responded! !!! One taxi this is what it takes! Despite this terrible crime if they had a taxi home we would not been taking about it!

  2. hmm... says:

    bermuda needs to bring back hanging! i hope at some point this poor family gets justice!

  3. Donna Kempe Heacock says:

    Apparently they don’t let the “land of the Free” see the video. USA cant view this Video. :-/

    • We Are Not Amused! says:

      You see it if you use a proxy.Google is your best friend.

    • Ratteray says:

      I watched it on vodlocker here in the USA.

    • Shocked :( says:

      I couldn’t see the link too but bought the episode off US iTunes for $2.99. It makes for very difficult watching.

  4. swing voter says:

    I’m speechless ;-(

  5. Mr.Speaker says:

    This video is sad.

    • Marge says:

      To think these two disgusting so called humans are still alive…and walking free.My only hope for justice to be done is you both burn in hell..shame on the justice system at the time .

  6. Just One says:

    Was very informative, just wish the actors didn’t use West Indian accents, but otherwise their point was well made. This family never got justice and Kirk Mundy/Justice Smith still need to be punished for what they did! An official apology from the Premier and Minister for National Security for the lack of justice wouldn’t be too bad either!

    • biggadon says:

      well the parts filmed in Canada they used west indians to portray Bermudians .

  7. We Are Not Amused! says:

    Anyone ever touch my Daughters I would kill them real`slow!

    • Serious says:

      I’ll do it fast as possible because I wouldn’t want there to be any chance they survive. Then you can send me to west gate.

    • We Are Not Amused! says:

      A Dislike already…..

      …..Must be a pedophile

    • Self says:

      It is not your place to do so. The only exception would be if you saw it with your own eyes. Otherwise, how would you know that the person is actually guilty. As much as we may want to, in civilized society we cannot just go around killing people that touch our children.

      Having said that, this video was so sad. It also answered a lot of questions I had.

  8. Me says:

    I think everyone in Bermuda would agree for this case to be retried. This family deserves justice!

    • .am says:

      I’m assuming the Double Jeopardy clause doesn’t exist in BDA/UK?

      • serengeti says:

        yes it does. as a general rule.

        • Sorta .... says:

          In the UK (and other places) “double jeopardy” allows for a retrial if there is substantial new evidence.

          In this case Wayne Perinchief brought this to the attention of Parliament and didn’t get very far. The AG at the time (Lois Browne Evans) said that she “liked the law as it was” which is not surprising since she said, and I quote “Bermuda owes the Middleton family nothing”. And the fact that she actually fought tooth and nail to prevent an inquiry into the hearing and then, when it actually happened, worked very hard to insure that it found nothing.

  9. wow says:

    The fact that they have Jamaicans playing Bermudians that clearly talk in a Bermudian accent bothers me. That is the only embarrassment here.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      Kirk is Jamaican or of Jamaican descent.

    • smh says:

      OMG me 2!!!
      that bothered me too

      • serengeti says:

        you watch a documentary about a murder and rape, and the biggest thing that bothered you was the accents of some of the actors?

  10. ldbrok says:

    Shame on the Bermuda police and justice system! Impossible to understand how something like this is possible in a just and democratic society.

  11. swing voter says:

    “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” ….. oh really???? sorry but I can’t wait for a futuristic judgment day

  12. Disgusted Bermudian says:

    I watched this and I cried. How terrible this murder was. They think they got away with it but they didn’t. God will punish them better then any human can.

    May God continue to comfort the Middleton family and friends

  13. Kim says:

    This story just breaks my heart…all these years later it still is so fresh in my mind.

  14. Just a matter of time says:

    Just saw the video on YouTube. Very sad. Thought it was going to blast Bda to pieces but surprisingly not. It just stated the facts of the case as far as they were able with the reenactments. As one of many Bdians still haunted by this murder nearly 20 years later, this doc helped fill in some of the gaps of what happened that awful night. Felt for Rick Meens and his daughter Jasmine and Becky’s parents. I empathized with their sadness, frustration and anger. Horrible crime. Poor girl. The investigation and prosecution were botched from top to bottom. Which provides me with a glaring take away of this doc. And that is the seeming smugness of the former Commissioner Coxall who gave no accountability whatsoever of his incompetent role. He took no responsibility of his role of the mess by his Dept. Wasn’t it his Dept that first offered the initial deal to Mundy only to have it fly back in their face after the DNA results? He made is seem like it was everyone else’s fault. Am I missing something? Anyway sad doc. I wouldn’t view it again though.

  15. Just a matter of time says:

    Also kudos to Dean and Dana for their bravery and courage. And in particular Dana who was there with Becky until the end. I didn’t know all of that. It gives me a little comfort knowing she did not die alone.

  16. Al says:

    Sad Video for sure, but the accents are so dumb. We are not west indian :| . Sounds nothing like the Bermuda accent.

    • Vhovho says:

      nothing special about the Bermudian accent…full of poor grammar. Shame on you. The world is diverse with many different nationalities hence different accents.

      • Redman says:

        @ Vholvho,

        nothing special about the Bermudian accent…full of poor grammar. – Yup just like Americans, Canadians, Brits etc…

        However people complaining about the accents of the actors is pretty silly, like who cares!

      • Al says:

        If you are going to dipict Bermudian people use our own accent. You dont see USA documentaries using chinese or indian accents if they aren’t.

      • smh says:

        It’s possible to have a Bermudian accent and good grammar…!

      • Next says:

        Do everyone a favor and go jump off a tall building.

  17. SAD says:

    I am by NO MEANS trying to down play what happened to that poor girl. it is disgusting and outright wrong. her family should be entitled to the justice and closure that they need.

    I am merely trying to say that we can learn from situations like this. we can learn what not to do and what should be done from looking back on the mistakes that were made.

    may the family get the peace they need.

    I am incredibly sorry for your lost.

  18. Frank says:

    These are the pertinent facts about the murder case itself everything else is just speculation and hearsay;

    Becky Middleton was raped, tortured, and repeatedly stabbed on July 3, 1996 at Ferry Reach while on a trip to celebrate her birthday.

    Kirk Orlando Mundy later pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to murder and went to jail for five years out of a maximum of seven.

    His plea deal with prosecutors has been widely criticized and an attempt to retry him for the actual killing failed on legal grounds.

    Justis Raham Smith, 17 at the time, was tried in 1998 for premeditated murder, but Puisne Judge Vincent Meerabux ruled there was no case for him to answer as the circumstantial evidence was inconclusive.

    On appeal, the Privy Council said that the decision “was perhaps an astonishing one”, declared that there was strong circumstantial evidence to implicate both men in the killing, but ruled against a retrial.

    So why don’t we comment on these, ‘the facts’ instead of all the other sensationalist information and subjective opinion surrounding the case?!

    • The facts says:

      How about a few more facts.

      Rebecca’s body was removed to the morgue and washed down before the crime squad got to examine it.

      Things like condom wrappers at the site were picked up and disgarded by the investigators.

      On to the trial – how about expert testimony that said the murder could not have been committed by one man and at least two were involved?

      How about Mottley refusing to allow expert witnesses to appear in court and insisting that they simply submit written statements?

      How about the refusal to charge either Mundy or Smith with rape, sexual assualt, kidnapping et al? [For the record that is not "double jeopardy".]

      Meerabux said that Smith had no case to answer (which was patently ridiculous).

      And let us not even go into the arguments that were brought forward during the inquest in an attempt to sweep this one completely under the carpet. Didn’t work very well did it.

      But the list goes on, and on, and on.

  19. James says:

    Despite the accents (cannot fault them, though – they were denied the ability to film here), this is a surprisingly well-produced documentary.

    • Next says:

      What does them being denied the right to film here have to do with them using actors putting on horrible Jamaican-like accents? They could have used American actors and that still would have been more accurate. Why were the white Bermudians not speaking in that accent?

      • Vhovho says:

        You are so stupid and ignorant.

        • Next says:

          Says the person who just said the Bermudian accent is full of bad grammar. Shut the hell up you ignorant coward. I hope you aren’t Jamaican talking bad about Bermudians. What a laugh that would be. What an a**hole.

  20. biggadon says:

    the Documentary was well put together as much I was against them filming in Bermuda I dont feel so bad after all….. the pain beckys family and friends feel must be incredible…. I couldn’t imagine being Rick Meens and having to make that call.

    P.S. Am I the only one bothered by former Police Commissioner Colin Coxall ?

    • In fairness says:

      In fairness, Coxall did offer to return to testify as long as the indemnity he’d had as a member of the police remained in place (that was an indemnity, not a immunity). When that wasn’t forthcoming he offered to testify via video link but that wasn’t accepted either. [Seems the local powers that be did not want to hear what he had to say.]

      Having said that, the initial crime scene investigation was completely fouled up – police trainees being tasked with combing the area and determining whether or not anything they picked up was important enough to retain or should it be disgarded (while the defendant’s sunglasses were found no-body know’s who found them or where they found them); Rebecca’s body being moved to the morgue and washed off before the investigative team had a chance to do their thing; …

      But the real c@ck up was the responsibility of the legal team. [And don't forget that the AG's department was full of expats who stood to lose their work permits if they disagreed with their boss.]

      • BTW says:

        All these points are a matter of public record and can easily be verified.

    • Redman says:

      @ biggadon,

      No you’re not alone on that point. He was the police commissioner and seems to have just dropped everything into the hands of the Detective with no oversight and the performance of the BPS’s handling of the crime scene was terrible. Should not their poor performance be a reflection of their commissioner… or is that only when they do well?.

      Not that it was his fault for the Attorney Generals & Chambers pathetic performance. This was an horrific murder and IMO watching Mr. Coxall distance himself from any criticism; even self criticism is appalling… but sadly not surprising.

      So sad for Becky, her family’s and Friends. As a Bermudian I am still embarrassed and angered by the numerous blunders resulting in no justice or closure for Becky & the Middletons.

      Shame on the OBA for not allowing them to film here as well.

      • serengeti says:

        “Shame on the OBA for not allowing them to film here as well.”

        Isn’t it true that if they had obtained work permits there would have been no stopping them?
        And isn’t it also true that if someone in government had said ‘no problem, they can work here without permits’, the anti-foreigner brigade would have been up in arms, calling it ‘anti-Bermudian’?

  21. Just Sayin' says:

    I had to stop watching it.

  22. We Are Not Amused! says:

    It really wasn’t up to Colin Coxall after the Legal Guys got a hold of it,it was out of his hands British and Bermuda law and you’d understand.
    but I’m no fan of Coxall either.

    • Redman says:

      @ We Are Not Amused,

      That is true but the performance of the BPS particularly those at the crime scene was HIS responsibility yet he side stepped that and accepted no blame/criticism for that did he? Just lumped it on the people who ‘worked to their level’. IMO that was shameful.

  23. mdb says:

    This was hard to watch. It feels like it was just yesterday. My heart goes out to the parents of Rebecca.

  24. Bermuda123 says:

    No options for a retrial today? Surely it can at least be considered?

    • There won't be a retrial says:

      There won’t be a retrial because everyone involved wants this to disappear.

      There are a number of legal options. Even after the farce of a murder trial the two individuals could still have been charged with kidnapping, rape, and so forth. But nobody would hear of it.

      There is a provision whereby there could have been a new trial because of new evidence. But nobody would hear of it. [Not quite true - Wayne Perichief brought this to the attention of Parliament and the AG, Lois Browne Evans, said "I like the law the way it is"]

      So don’t expect anything to happen.

    • Next says:

      Apparently you didn’t watch or understand the law even though it’s quite simple.

  25. Father have mercy says:

    I pray that there will be healing to all those involved. To Rick, I got to meet you some years later and could still see the pain that this caused you; I hope that you have allowed God to take the pain away and not blame yourself.

    So many questions came to mind while watching this but they are all irrelevant now as no one can turn back the hands of time.

    What I found painful as well was knowing the family that Justin Smith comes from, such beautiful parents who did not deserve the trouble and shame that their son through his selfish decisions brought to their door.

    Take heart to all concerned, the God that I serve does not sleep and sees all and in His time all that is hidden will be brought to light; Rick, hold on to His words that says in Romans 12:17-21 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[b]
    21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Continue to watch and pray, God will expose the deep things.

  26. Question says:

    Question…are these guys still on island? What happened to them since?

  27. Triangle Drifter says:

    Too bad the people who botched up the case can’t be put on trial. Can’t blame the defense lawyers. They did their job. My only question is, who paid for the defense lawyers. They had the best of the best defending them.

    The horrific murder has cost Bermuda millions upon millions in lost tourism from Canada & the Bermuda taxpayer with nothing to show, no resolution, no closure.

  28. Snookie Rawlins says:

    This film was well done. I cried listening to my brother Dana Rawlins tell this story. As close of a family as we are he has never talked about that night in depth to anyone. Dean, I never even knew was involved and I felt his pain, I always wondered why he lost that happy go lucky personality years back now I know. I am no big fan of Coxall, and yes I feel like most of you, that he is passing the blame, and the way he kept saying “Bermuda didn’t do this or that correct” like it was all Bermudians involved in a cover up, us was so wrong. Rebecca Middleton’s death touched so many Bermudians, on every emotional level, it felt like one of our own had been murdered not a visitor from Canada. I wish her family can get the closure they seek so they can have peace of mind.

    • Rick Meens says:

      Ms. Burns

      Please don’t paint everyone with the same brush, as I won’t paint you with the same brush but rather look at you as an individual.

      Oh and please stay on point, we know and shall never forget.

  29. joank says:

    These horrible guys know what they did and it will not leave their minds whatever they try to do for the rest of their miserable lives! I hope she haunts them forever! It’s done and there’s nothing anyone can do but God will take care of these despicable “human beings”. I truly believe that.

    May she Rest in Peace and may her Dear Family and Friends find Peace. She should not be defined by what happened to her but what she did to bring joy to others in her short life. I hope the sweet memory of her will sustain us all.

  30. Peggy Burns says:

    To Whom It Concerns in this commentary: Whenever African Bermudians speak of the HORRORS of the African Holocaust–massive scale slaughter, rape, physical/psychological abuse and destruction, you have the audacity and the unmitigated gall to ridicule us in the most vile and vicious way. You label us racists and divisive for bringing up the subject. You tell us to forget about it, it happened so long ago, and move on. You wouldn’t like for us to say the same to you re Rebecca Middleton (one being as opposed to 60 Million people), now would you? Really, commune with your hearts before you answer.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Stay angry Peggy . Eventually , after accomplishing nothing , that fire in your mind will go out . And so will you . Hopefully .

    • Creamy says:

      There’s a vile hateful comment for you.
      You are a disgusting vile woman.

      • Peggy Burns says:


        Remember to reserve your vile and hateful comments whenever the subject of slavery is breathed in Bermuda.

        Yours for the survival of the global African family! rdntwaul

  31. Rick Meens says:

    Ms. Burns

    Not sure if my last message went through so I’ll try again.

    Stay on point and please, don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

    I would ask for an explanation for your rant but I’m honestly afraid of what might come from you. I did see your sign at the march and I was incensed. You seem to be in a lot of pain and if you don’t get a handle on it, it will effect your health.

    • Peggy Burns says:

      Toodle-oo & Rick Meens,

      A friend of mine sent me the following article and his expressions concerning two very tragic events–9/11 and Black Wall Street (the total destruction of the Black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma) are identical to mine concerning the Rebecca Middleton murder and the murder of 60 million Africans whom we are told to forget about, get over and move on.

      The article reads: Both Happened in America–But 1 seems to get All the Attention – Why?

      Today marks the 13th anniversary of the falling of the Twin Towers in NYC.

      While listening to the radio yesterday and today I heard countless reminders of the anniversary, the prayers to the families and all else that comes with the day.

      Before you go off on me Peggy Please realize I am not saying these folks shouldn’t be remembered and memorialized and what have you. That’s all well and good.

      My issue or question revolves around the fact I never hear a peep about Black Wall Street and what happened with the families in Tulsa Oklahoma, to mostly people that look like you and me.

      Why is this?
      Is it because that was 1921, almost 100 years ago?
      Is it because it happened to Black People?
      Is it because it was a planned act by whites?
      Was it because the number of deaths was less?
      You be the judge.

      Here are some Hard Core Facts about what was Lost during the Tulsa Riots, and other interesting notes about Black Wall Street.

      We Lost…
      A Privately owned bus line
      2 movie theaters
      2 newspapers
      21 churches
      21 restaurants
      30 grocery stores
      A hospital
      6 private planes
      About 4000 People

      Looking at that list, it’s impressive for a modern town to boast these types of comforts, let alone a community in the early 1900s, and what makes it even more impressive it was a black community.

      All this was encompassed within a 35 block reach of Tulsa Oklahoma that was nicknamed “Little Africa” or “Black Wall Street.” The main thoroughfare was Greenwood Ave, and Archer and Pine Streets intersected it. From the First letters in each of those names you get G.A.P., and that’s where the renowned R&B music group the GAP Band got its name.

      P.S. – There is so much more to learn about Black Wall Street and more than likely the children won’t hear anything about it in school. But they will be bowing their heads for those lost during “9/11″ that’s for sure.

      In Bermuda you call on all to bow their heads for one being and not for the 60 million enslaved Africans who did not survive The Middle Passage.

  32. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Rick Meens. Once again sorry for your loss and the challenges surrounding this topic. Looking at this doc must bring up some awful and painful memories. This crime was horrible, heinous and despicable and the knock on effects from such experienced by your family and loved ones will never be measured fully. I pray for continued strength for all of you. You wanted an explanation of Peggy’s rant. I will give it a try from my perspective. I understand her viewpoint perfectly well as a person of colour myself. It’s not like she doesn’t empathize with your story and the horrific nature of this crime. We all feel for you. She brings up the subject (uncomfortable for many) of double standards which happens all too often when horrific crimes occur towards people who are white. Take the 3 missing Civil Rights workers for instance back in Mississippi in 1964. Two whites, one black. Black people had been lynched, tortured, maimed, burned at the stake, etc for centuries and until the two white Civil Rights workers experienced a similar tragedy, it was then that it was considered mainstream news and the crimes so horrible. Same for the brutal police shootings and racial profiling of innocent young black men. When continuous profiling starts occurring with white youth on a regular, then we shall see changes. Changes and support more than often occur when white people are the victims. These double standards are very frustrating to see and witness as a black person. I will repeat what I stated above in that context. The knock on effects from heinous, horrible and despicable crimes that black families and people for years have suffered and endured can never be measured and manifests in a multitude of dysfunctional ways on a massive scale. But this hardly gets the type of attention it deserves even if we wanted it to. Without sounding too cold and if you read my past posts on this blog, I am not that type of person. But the truth is that white privilege allows Becky’s story to be remembered in documentaries etc without the angst of it being considered divisive, labeled as racist and being accused of whining. No one is saying ‘Forget about what happened to Becky. It’s all in the past’… Black people have been hearing this since forever and it’s extremely frustrating when we want OUR story to be told as well but meet the road blocks of being racist and whining. Peggy is saying that when we (black people) try to remember similar occurrences in the past, why should they be labeled as divisive? This is where a dialogue on race relations needs to take place in order for both sides to understand the so-called ‘rants’ and ‘vile comments’ etc and that includes her sign which refers to white racism. Can anyone here deny that white racism has not killed literally and figuratively (like oppressing opportunities for blacks from Jim Crow laws from having and building businesses, proper housing and education etc)? Can they? And the manifestations of such oppressions show negatively in our communities in all sorts of ways. This is the bold statement she is making, the tone of which makes many uncomfortable. This topic is not meant to be comfortable just like this video about Becky’s murder is not comfortable to watch. But Peggy is not interested in being comfortable and the people who made this documentary did not intend for this to be comfortable either. They wanted to raise awareness and we want the same thing. We need to face such uncomfortable statements head on. All of us. We need to all pull back 30,000 feet to learn where the anger comes from. I am sure now my own comment will also be considered ‘divisive’. It doesn’t matter to me. I am interested in truth. Like Stephen Covey’s Habit #5 says, Seek First to Understand. May I suggest you view Dr. Joy DeGruy’s ‘Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome’ speeches which speaks to all of these dysfunctionalities. Google it. Again I pray for continued healing for you and your family.

  33. Cushywooshy says:

    I cried through this whole movie. I was 14 when it happened. Now at 32 if feels like 1996 all over again. JusticeJusticeJustice!

  34. Declan Harrison says:

    Can we stop the search for who messed up here?

    The ultimate decision regarding who got charged with what and the acceptance of a plea rests firmily with the Attorney General of the time. This rush to judicial completion before DNA evidence was completed was the blunder. No doubt, the mindset was grab it while the offer is on the table and of course, it must have been the Jamaican and not the Bermudian who committed this animalistic attack, right?

    Now, for anyone with any experience working in a hierarcle organinization, you will know that although the ultimate big decisions are made by the top person, that top person makes his/her decision based upon counsel from their team. In this case, this counsel would have come from deputies, senior police officers, lawyers with a vested interested in the case outcome, and possible other Government and political infuencers. None of the counsel/advice is worthy of critism as at the end of the day, the decision was made by the AG.

  35. Just a matter of time says:

    Apologies for the length of my last comment. I forgot to create block paragraphs before submitting the comment for easier reading.

  36. Jo says:

    Why nobody says that she went on this bike because taxi did not show up????? It could all had been available if you have responded! !!! One taxi this is what it takes! Despite this terrible crime if they had a taxi home we would not been taking about it!

  37. David says:

    I think the stpry is so sad such a messup should not have been allowed to slip through but we know they will be on the watch now though. The accents werent even that bad, They def didn’t sound jamaican and dean even sounded like one of my Bermudan friends here in toronto