Bermuda Commonwealth Games Team Named

June 19, 2014

The Bermuda Olympic Association announced the names of the athletes who will represent Bermuda at the 2014 Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow, Scotland from 23 July to August 3, with 18 athletes set to represent Bermuda in six sports.

Judy Simons, BOA President said, “We are confident that this team will represent Bermuda superbly both in and out of the sports arena, and on behalf of all of Bermuda we wish them great success.”


  • Arantxa King
  • Shianne Smith
  • Aaron Evans
  • Harold “Tre” Houston
  • Tyrone Smith
  • Shaquille Dill


  • Nicole Mitchell
  • Dominique Mayho


  • Gemma Lightbourne


  • Micah Franklin
  • Robert Maycock
  • Nicholas Kyme


  • Julian Fletcher
  • Roy-Allan Burch


  • Flora Duffy
  • Tucker Murphy
  • Tyler Butterfield
  • Jonathan Herring

The team will be supported by ten officials and a medical team of three, and will travel to Glasgow under the leadership of the Chef de Mission, Mr. Stanley Douglas.

Bermuda first competed in the Commonwealth Games in 1930 in Canada and has only missed four editions of the Games. Bermuda’s first medal came in Kingston in 1966, with a silver medal for John Morbey in the men’s long jump final.

The 1990 Games in Auckland produced the first gold for Bermuda when Clarence “Nicky” Saunders took gold in the men’s high jump in record setting style, a record that still stands today.

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  1. micro says:

    Well done on stifling our athlete’s growth BOA.

  2. islandboy says:

    OK, so I get the 3 medical staff but why the 10 officials plus the chef de mission? 14 support staff for 18 athletes, really.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I am assuming by officials, they are talking about people who will be helping official at various events, judges, refs, linesmen… etc. These would not necessarily be people supporting the athletes at individual events, save for coaches for the gymnastics, swimming and maybe athletics and squash.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Either way, I wish them all the best and know they will do Bermuda proud with their showing, thank you and good luck all

    • Keep up the good work... says:

      Each sport has their own support staff as assigned by their specific governing body for each respective sport. One or two coaches cannot be used for 6 entirely different sports.

      Congratulations to all the athletes who will be participating. Make Bermuda proud!!!

  3. “Keep the sun in your face and the winds at you back”. Good luck to each of the competitors going to Scotland to represent Bermuda in the Commonwealth Games.

  4. Ride says:

    Hail to Bermuda My island in the sun
    Sing out in glory To the nation we’ve become
    We’ve grown from heart to heart
    And strength to strength
    For loyalty is prime
    So sing long live Bermuda
    Because this island’s mine

    Hail to Bermuda
    My homeland dear to me
    This is my own land Built on strength and unity
    We’ve grown from heart to heart
    And strength to strength
    This privilege is mine
    So sing long live Bermuda
    Because this island’s mine!

    Woooooo! Go Bermuda!

    And a top up of:


  5. Ace girl says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck to all of the athletes!
    Is that a misprint TEN officials and a medical team of three. I am not sure if Mr. Stanley Douglas is included in these numbers but that is positively ridiculous. The majority of competitors are adults, why would Bermuda need to send almost as many people to accompany the athletes as there are competitors? I smell yet another junket. Who may I ask is paying for this?

  6. In the know says:

    FYI – it does not matter in the slightest whether the competitors are adults or not, these prestigious events have rules regarding the officials required by the Games for an athlete to compete (CdM, Sport Team Manager, etc). Athletes can’t be their own manager and attend the numerous technical meetings and briefings etc. Otherwise the event organization and flow of info falls apart. Officials are a factor of number of sports represented, not of number of athletes. One just has to look at the 3 or 4 people who follow our solo Winter Olympians in their opening ceremonies – those are minimum reps required to validate a team. Bermuda always sends nearly the bare minimum and there have been situations in the past where athletes have nearly missed out on the opportunity to go as they have struggled to find an appropriate person to take time off work and act as their required-by-rule manager. You see a just see free plane ticket, but these are volunteers taking unpaid leave from work. Anybody who knows anything about sport also knows that 14 officials for 18 athletes in 6 sports is a bargain. England has a 72 man contingent in Brazil right now.