Fairmont Southampton Offers Reduced Rates

October 19, 2014

southampton princess fairmont bermuda generic[Updated] The Fairmont Southampton said they have returned to business as usual following Hurricane Gonzalo, with full services having resumed at the resort, with recreational facilities such as Willow Stream Spa and Turtle Hill Golf Club open.

In addition, the resort is offering reduced rates for those who wish to move into the hotel until their power is restored.

A spokesperson said, “While there are some non-structural issues to address, clean up is well underway and The Fairmont Southampton did not sustain significant damage as a result of Hurricane Gonzalo.

“To ensure the safety and security of its guests and colleagues, the hotel team followed a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan, and the property was well equipped to handle the storm.

“Many homes on the island of Bermuda have lost power and island officials are currently assessing any other damage.

“To assist local residents, The Fairmont Southampton is offering reduced rates for those who wish to move into the hotel, until power is restored. Fairmont has also advised its guests that airport operations at L.F. Wade International Airport will open at 5 pm today.”

“With Hurricane Gonzalo behind us, the fall continues to be a wonderful time to visit Bermuda,” said George Terpilowski, managing director, Fairmont Bermuda.

“It is business as usual at The Fairmont Southampton. We encourage anyone considering a visit to Bermuda to move forward with their travel plans and hope to see the guests whose trips may have been cut short or postponed back on the island very soon.”

For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog where we are bringing you continuous live coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here.

Update: The special rates start from $179 per night. Taxes, gratuities, & resort levy are additional.

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  1. Me says:

    Thank you South P

    • Lebron says:

      But why not publish a rate? Say $100 a night, they’ll make their margin off of the food anyway.

      Reduced from $400 to $300 isn’t really helping anyone.

      • Good day, we will email to have the article updated – the locals rate starts from $179 per night + taxes, gratuities, & resort levy. I hope you all are safe & well. To contact our reservations department, please call 238-8000 or 1-800-441-1414.

        • Proud Bermudian says:

          That’s strange that you are matching the Reefs now.

      • Proud Bermudian says:

        The rate is $199 and you have to call 238-8000 to book it. The Reefs have a special for $179 until the end of the month.

  2. Heidi says:

    That’s a nice gesture, but we who have dogs or cats are out of luck.

  3. Squirt says:

    Why does it take a damn hurricane to lower your rates. Makes locals suffering from damages feel kinda used. Why not these prices with taxes included…. ???

    You will make it up in bar and food. Plus more tourist will come to the island… GO FIGURE… Occupied rooms is better than vacant ones I thought.

  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    How nice of them. Must have been quite a few cancellations!

  5. Sandinthehourglass says:

    A little late for me! I was giving Bermuda some PR through inteviews on The Weather Channel until we lost power at 4:30 pm on Friday. Shame that I was not able to stay at your hotel to keep the updates going for longer. Although we were obviously going through very tough, often scary times, it was important to let the millions of viewers know that Bermuda residents are very strong, organized and resilient and that we would recover and be open for business shortly after!

  6. runner says:

    Thanks SP! I think its a kind gesture..

  7. Cardine Alice says:

    Taxes, grats and levy need to be waived. This is a state of emergency for many and. Should not profit off the event. Still way too high for most.

  8. Incredulous says:

    That was the LEAST they could do. The level of greed at that hotel still continues to astound me. Funny they didn’t make that offer to their staff BEFORE the hurricane hit.

  9. Boston Baked Bean says:

    @Squirt — I’m with you. Too little too late.