Logic’s System Fully Restored After Gonzalo

October 23, 2014

Logic Communications said that as of 2:20pm today [Oct 23] all internet service including those affected by Hurricane Gonzalo, have been fully restored.

“Logic would like to remind the public that service to customers is dependent on their access provider’s [CableVision or BTC] service and the restoration of power to their homes,” the company said.

“Logic’s wireless network sustained severe damage with 67% of base stations damaged by the hurricane. This left approximately 50% of wireless customers without Internet service representing less than 1% of all Logic Internet service customers.

“As of today, Logic’s engineering team successfully completed full restoration of the wireless network.”

Vicki Coelho, Logic’s Chief Executive Officer, says: “Despite our wireless network sustaining severe damage, Logic’s engineers, working diligently from day one, have successfully restored all internet service to customers.

“Again we thank you for your patience, and apologize for the disruption of service.”

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