New BTA Video: “What I Love About Bermuda”

October 2, 2014

[Updated] The Bermuda Tourism Authority has released the first in a series of vignettes featuring both locals and visitors expressing what they love and are able to enjoy in Bermuda, saying “there is always something unique and special to share.”

The BTA is also incorporating the use of a new hashtag — #lovemybermuda — with the video, which has received over 2,300 views since being posted online two days ago.

Update April 2015: The BTA has deleted the video from YouTube.

Produced by Bermudian production company IntoBermuda, the video features various Bermudians, residents and visitors, as well as various scenic depictions around the island.

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  1. sebring says:

    Great video ! it is probably best suited for recruitment of foreign nationals to come and work here! more than anything else ! either way i enjoyed the video ! Good work !

    • Kunta says:

      Hey yo, couldn’t they have gotten up on top of both of our lighthouses and got a PANORAMIC view of our beautiful Island and what happened to de GOMBEY’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Linda says:

    Great video! Great cross section of people; I love the mix of locals and tourists. The scene where the tourist jumps into the grotto embodies a sense of “everyone can do it – come and experience it for yourself”. (It looks like it’s down at Blue Hole Hill – not sure). Well done to the BTA. Hopefully this will translate into more tourist dollars!

  3. Libby says:

    This is awesome!!!

  4. Skeptic says:

    Very Nice – well done!

  5. somuchless says:

    This is a project from a private company. Can tourism actually create anything themselves?

    • Truthinbda says:

      What a silly comment, so the BTA is supposed to have on staff full time film crews, talent, production and editing capabilities?

      • somuchless says:

        I made that comment because I spoke with someone in tourism and the way they acted was like we don’t need you and you and you. We do everything ourselves. I said to myself ya right and keep thinking like that and you won’t get anywhere.

        • Um Really... says:

          Honestly, after reading your comments, the only thing that resonates is that your name “somuchless” is referring to your intelligence level. Your daily negativetly is quite sad and it’s obvious you live in a bubble of despair and non-progression. Please, for the love of God take a break from these news outlets as your daily cries for attention needs to be kept indoors while the great potential of this island continues to be fulfilled and we as a country progress and leave people like you behind.

        • haha says:

          guess you didn’t offer your help either…FOH!

  6. Jeremy Deacon says:


  7. Encyclopedia says:

    There are lots and lots of other beach destinations. This looks like any other.

    The video should include many onland views too like crystal caves and so much more.

    • watching says:

      There is not one beach in the entire video. Not even in the distance.

    • Have you been to a cave? says:

      Crystal Caves will not attract anyone who has been to a cave, expecially Americans, where they have some of the most beautiful and extensive cave systems in the world.

    • Micro says:

      Vid description clearly says its the first of a series.

  8. Onion says:


    BTA showing off Bermuda and its people to entice people to come! What a great change from the gong show of political interference that has lead to whimsical wild goose chases to China and India for “tourists”.

  9. Having a dream is like holding a glass figurine—it’s fragile and will shatter as soon as you let go of it. As poet Langston Hughes advised, we must “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” What does it mean to cling tenaciously to a dream?
    For starters, we keep hold of our dream by refusing to let adverse circumstances dissuade us from following it. Quitting is more about who we are than where we are. Most people give up on their dream far too quickly. They blame external challenges for halting their progress, but in actuality, they have surrendered to internal doubts or fears. The only guaranteed way to lose a dream is to stop trying to achieve it.
    We also put our dreams at risk by when we delay action until conditions are ideal. Waiting for everything to be right is wrongheaded. As Jonathan Winters wrote, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.” When chasing a dream, forward motion attracts provision. Too often we want to have the resources in hand before making a move. However, vision doesn’t follow resources. It happens the other way around. First we have the dream. Then we move ahead. Then—and only then—do people and resources follow.

  10. Ride says:

    Very well done! It makes me want to go there. Wait a minute …


  11. more than enough says:

    I’m sure ‘into bermuda’ got paid well for their behind the camera part… what about those on camera?

  12. Wassi says:

    Awesome Job INTOBermuda!!

    Keep up the great work*~

  13. Christopher James says:

    Some people could win the lottery and still find something to complain about. Well done BTA – we need more of this.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      ya got me laffin bie!…i was jus thinkin’ the same thing as i was scrolling through to have my say …lol…i don’t have to now…

    • foldgers says:

      I was at the movies and got to see it and thought it was beautiful and made me once again appreciate where I live. I remember thinking ,’this would be a good tourism video’ so I am very happy to see it as one of the many that has been produced.Well done. The film ing and the overall feel is beautiful.

  14. bluebird says:

    Well done BTA and more to come.
    The Finance Minister is correct.
    “MONET” does not grow on trees.
    “MONEY” comes from outside of Bermuda.

    • sage says:

      Monet preferred painting trees, but money does grow on trees, Bob Richards and the rest of you easily led imbeciles are not correct. I know I sell my avocadoes, wait for it, for MONEY!

  15. St. D says:

    Nice. Not cheesy. Not overplayed. Made for new generations of visitors. Look forward to seeing the next one.

  16. Bill JP MA says:

    This video was boring and didn’t impress my friends enough to pay for a $500 plus airline ticket and hotel that cost $350 per nite. I’ll wait for the other videos BTA which I will foward to them again. Hopefully the next videos will show the entertainment side of things.

    • sage says:

      I bought a ticket from NY to BDA last month for $267 roundtrip.

  17. Wanderer says:

    Excellent…I love how it shows that Bermuda is not just a one-dimensional destination (sun, sand, surf), but has much, much more on offer for its visitors. It’s a very well done piece, the scenery is luscious and the people featured are pleasant, down to earth and natural. Can’t wait to see the next “installment”, Well done!!

  18. Perfectly Frank says:

    This video is not very well put together.

    It begins with highlighting the recent growing trend in music and arts in Bermuda (WHICH IS GREAT!). Then it blindly jumps into the natural beauty of the island (GREAT TOO!) which from this point takes over as the main focus/message of the video.

    A little bit of sporting and “giving back” (to the community/people) is thrown in there randomly, and then it’s right back to the scenery and activities. Messily inconsistent.

    What I found most interesting though is that not until the last few seconds are the PEOPLE of Bermuda even mentioned. And in an unnecessarily contradictory fashion at that! That is to say in a way that contradicts the main focus of the video :-S i.e. “It’s not the country as such, but it’s DEFINITELY the people.”

    This was poorly executed. Great quality video and interviews, but horribly unfocused.

    With that said,
    Good job getting some publicity out there for Bermuda! We could use more.


  19. Perfectly Frank says:

    I meant to also add that it is the PEOPLE who used to be the main element that tourists highlighted (AND MANY STILL DO!).

    • Rick Steward says:

      Frank; I am a 68 year old Canadian in good health. When younger I took a years working vacation and traveled western Europe after working my passage on a freighter through the Panama canal from our west coast.
      Can you suggest a destination that is not touristy? Can I find a B&B while there?
      I would rather meet the locals than other tourists.
      So much advertising is for the wealthy. I think that your opinion would be helpful.
      Rick Steward
      London Canada

      • Perfectly Frank says:

        Hi Rick,

        My apologies for the delayed reply.

        I agree. We have a dated and unmaintained product that is marketed to a dwindling population, while the growing mid-income earners are left window-shopping (as in point and click windows).

        It sounds like you know how to travel. I too look to what the locals do when I travel and I get the most bang for my buck when I do so.

        Unfortunately I am not aware of any B&Bs on island. If you search for “Guest House”, or “Vacation Rentals” , you may find something reasonable. The best options I know of are to look for specials, or make some friends. Making friends usually takes a trip though.

        A good segway into the local life if you are completely unaware would be to hit up a few of the local happy hours, or to get chummy with one of the many expats working in hospitality.

        Non-touristy beaches would be most any beach other than Snorkel Park and Horseshoe bay (lack of facilities, but beautiful nonetheless). Or get adventurous and swim “Off de Rocks”.

        I hope my words reach you, and that they offer some assistance. Good luck.