Three People Arrested, Shooting In Pembroke

November 13, 2014

[Updating: At 4:25pm there was a shooting in the Mount Hill area. It does not appear that anyone was injured, and three people have been arrested in connection the incident.]

At sometime around 4.30pm today [Nov 13] there was another shooting in the Pembroke area, with reports saying it occurred in the Mount Hill area.

This follows after the two shootings on November 11th, with the first shooting taking place by the National Sports Centre in Devonshire, while the second shooting took place at 7.10pm outside the Somerset Cricket Club. No one was injured in the first shooting in Devonshire, while four men were injured in the second shooting in Somerset.

Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 4.58pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “At 4.23pm, police responded to a report of a confirmed firearm incident that took place in the area of Mount Hill and Overview hill.

“There was forensic evidence to suggest a firearm was discharged. It does not appear that anyone was injured. Police are on the scene and an investigation into the incident is underway. ”


Update 5.17pm: A statement from the police said, “Police responded to a report of a confirmed firearm incident that took place at 4:25pm in the Mount Hill area.

“At this juncture it does not appear that anyone was injured. Police are now on scene and an investigation into this incident has commenced.

“Police are keen to speak with anyone who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously in the area to contact Police on 295-0011 or the private and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

Update 5.29pm: There is major police activity on Harbour Road, and unofficial reports suggest police may be trying to arrest someone in connection with this incident.

Update 6.24pm: Police are holding a press conference at the scene….they confirm they have arrested 3 people in connection with today’s shooting.

Police also stressed they have a zero tolerance policy for any antisocial behaviour, and in the coming weeks will be looking for the perpetrators and using all available resources to do so.

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  1. Street Smart says:

    Another Shooting? PATHETIC!!!

    • Kunta says:

      Should’ve let Dr. Brown start de S.W.A.T. Team, where are all de nay sayers now.
      Talk about eating crow.

      • haha says:

        n u wouldba been vexed when dey put three up in ya bredren…riots. stfu

      • Quinte says:

        Nay..say Nay say Nay.

      • Born Bermudian says:

        An Emergency Response Team (ERT), equivalent to North American SWAT, has been around since at least the 80′s. The Armed Response Vehicles (ARV) have been full time since at least 2009 and the amount of ARVs was effectively doubled during Dr. Brown’s tenure. At least know what you are talking about!!!!

      • Blind Pews says:

        We already have a SWAT team, and we’ve had it for many years. It’s called the ERT team (Emergency Response Team). They are the very well trained Police unit who take on the most dangerous incidents. They respond to, amongst other things, firearm incidents and Firearm search warrants. They train with British and American SWAT units.
        Did you think the officers carrying firearms in public were random officers that were just handed guns?

      • Chart says:

        You misunderstand what swat teams do

        • Your joking says:

          Think he wanted to call it Fast Acting Response Team……..(FART)…..:)

  2. bermdoe says:

    Seriously.. again? If these inconsiderate, selfish people are going to keep shooting at each other, putting the innocent public in danger….

    • Lorna says:

      There are no excuses, no solutions, just let them get on with it.

      Parents, down to you until my lil boy who loved everyone, he wouldn’t hurt anyone, and then no one comes forward and yet it’s so sad. Pathetic, I’m so fed up.

  3. jbaby says:

    Foolish people….not getting into debate other than to say …do people really think the BPS can read the minds of these thugs? Should we implant all babies with a chip so we can see what they are planning? Bet if we did there would be a backlash about freedom of rights! It takes a village to raise a child…people of Bermuda and parents of Bermuda need to start doing their bit rather than paying lip service…..regardless of race, gender, nationality or persuasion…peace out people!

    • Free rashun says:

      Thats is the best comment on here ive seen in a while because everybody is playing the blame game

      • Regina says:

        Or the “not my son” game. YOU know what your sons are in to. YOU need to do something. Stop expecting someone else to fix this problem.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      No need to be able to read minds social media sites can supply most of the info they require. It’s not like they are dealing with a vast majority of people it’s less then 1% of the population.

    • jbaby says:

      Further to my last….please do not think I am tarnishing all parents….lots of people parent the best way they know….my peeve is with those who spoil, indulge and protect their children when they know they indulge in violent criminal behavior….

  4. haha says:

    shootin at ****** house again….

  5. Skink says:

    Thought something was Up!!!!…..Cycle squad rolling thru Harbour Rd. trying to collect the trash 10 mins ago!!!!!……put out your trash people….stinking!!!

    • Skink says:

      Major “Paddy Wagon”….you know the one ;) just came rolling thru Harbour Rd..someone injured…prob!!!….get a grip of your gangsta children Bermuda!!!….The “Skink” will come out eventually and reveal his true identity when it is time……Coz I “WILL” be running against this onslaught of Native and Endenmic homicide….People, we need to band together and eradicate this detrimental behaviour that is tarnishing our beautiful homeland and our people….I “WILL”be running for your vote in one way or another at the next major Election!!!!… And guess what?!?….My only platform will be of my fellow brotha’s killing themselves with this frenzied gunfire…and I am a white boy with only my fellow Bermudians at heart….Coz nobody else is feeling “my” or “our” pain at the moment in our community to really force this issue to the extent it should!!! ….and It hurts. Like if you agree and I,”The Skink” will represent….

      Brotha’s and Sista’s who truly know me will know I will represent…you will be shocked some but not all ;) Bless Up BDA!!!!

    • Steve says:


  6. CBA says:

    What annoys me most about these shootings is the influence the minority have on the whole country. Our parents and grandparents worked hard to make Bermuda what it is today, from tourism to international business, etc. All that can be easily wasted by the few people who think it’s acceptable to go around shooting people. If this doesn’t end now, there won’t be tourism and there won’t be international business for the next generations. A select few people with guns should not be making that decision for us.

    • js says:

      what few

      looks like both sides have enough foot soldiers to keep this tic for tat business going on for a good long while

      looks like one man’s paradise is another man’s prison

    • Terry says:

      Guess you don’t know how many millions are made a week with no employment tax, health insurance et al.

      These guys are not doing it for sport.

      The big players sit back and let it unfold. Either that you end up in an traffic accident.

      You’d be surprised who is behind all this.

      • Sarah says:

        Sounds like you know something…..know something..say something

        • watching from above says:

          He dont know anything,he’s just stirring the $h!t

      • Mike H says:

        Who is behind all this? I’m guessing that you’re intimating that it’s a public figure?

      • Regina says:

        CBA – that’s TOTAL BS. These guys are not shooting each other up because they don’t have health insurance or because someone else isn’t paying employment tax. And yes, they are probably doing it for sport…or honour. Puhlease, the last thing these losers have is honour.

  7. SMH says:

    AGAIN? What is really wrong with these people?

  8. I am doing the best I can to be as respectful as I can considering the latest round of gun fire, This is to the minister of national security who just happens to be the Premier, also the same person who when he was in the opposition had a lot of mouth criticizing the P.L.P for not handling the gun violence with stronger tactics.

    Mr. Dunkley when you were the opposition minister,you had a a lot to say about what you would do if you and your government was in power, in reference to gang violence and gun control, and I do not walk in your shoes and do not sit in the top office of the land, but you are the one that had all the mouth and said what you would do if you ever got the chance along with your government.

    WELL! NEWS BULLETIN! You are in charge and you have a double role were you are both the head of national security and the Premier of this country, so just where is your blue prints,The B.P.S in my vie are doing a excellent job considering the powers they have, when are we going to move past this crap and get on will real powers that see greater measures meted out to protecting our sea bed, our communities, and lobby the damn wig wearing critters over in the mother country to review the death penalty or shipping this animals to a far away isolated asylum.

    I do hope you can appreciate I am trying to not show my anger with your leadership and your false promises, it is one thing to critize the P.L.P when the shoe was on their foot, but we have not seen any amount of decline under your leadership either, you are not the right person for national security, put someone in their that is highly educated but also street savvy,and you will see how to catch a rat.

    • Impressive says:

      Alot of dislikes for telling the truth. There is nothing fictional or incorrect about this post above…

    • MT says:

      Duane Santucci take a damn break for once! All you do is write a story book. So annoying!

      • Bermudabreeze says:

        is that because perhaps there is a ring of truth???

    • Creamy says:

      They’ve arrested 3 people Duane. Already. Presumably that answers your tirade.
      After all, you can’t arrest people before they do anything.

      • Jonny rocket says:

        actually they can, if they suspect you are about to commit an offense, but an arrest doesnt mean anything, youll be out the next day to do whatever u was going too.

    • campervan says:

      Police working hard to catch crooks, gang bangers, keep a semblance of order

      The Milkman busting himself to shore up the financial and social chaos that Bermuda has become from prior mis management.

      Duane writing long paragraphs of moany irrational drivel.

      Everyones doing there thing.
      Carry on.

  9. Also forgot to say while Mr.Premier you can find time for every single photo up, what about taking sometime out to do a press conference with real in depth think tank, and speak to your country, gone are the days were we say that we are not telling criminals nothing before hand, you look at every geographical location, just about every area when faced with unrest, the real leaders with back bone, show the power of the back bone and make sure that the undesirables know that their offices will not rest until they are brought to justice. strong arm tactic back by severe action will let these jack ox’s know it is time to take our country back.bring in the darn Brit’s that the O.B.A is so proud to be connected to.

    • enough says:

      one minute you all don’t want to be associated with England, but now you do to help solve our problems. you seem to run off at the mouth a lot, do you have some constructive suggestions. this is not the Premiers problem be it OBA or PLP or other, the problem with our out of control youth lies with us all, so stop picking and start working.

      • What Ever says:

        Obviously you didn’t understand what he was saying about bringing in the British. Plus this and all the other issues we face are the Premier’s and the oba’s problem as they are the government of the day.

        • Jonny rocket says:

          you can bring in whatever jurisdiction you want, but economic disparity will always breed such behaviors, it goes deeper then just what our youth are doing now. The root of the problem to be solved is how did they get to that point. The long and short of it is, if parents cant afford to pay bills, they will be forced to work longer and harder leaving their kids to raise themselves. Our families no longer raise each others children because we all are struggling with our own family problems. Fix the home, solve the problem.

  10. Swing Voter says:

    who raised these boys?

    • Impressive says:

      And who continues to condone their actions and feed off the proceeds.

      • inna says:

        Please enlitghten us…

      • steve says:

        Who stop being cryptic and say who. It’s really a pointless comment without and substance so why say anything if you can’t say anything useful.

    • Bermudabreeze says:

      That really is the question! When parents have to work so much to provide necessities it is hard to be at home to parent. So the answer is more then likely they raised themselves.

  11. Animal Lover says:

    I just don’t feel safe in my country anymore. It’s so sad!!! I grew up leaving my doors unlocked and windows open.

  12. Draculaura says:

    Must be the gunmen disliking comments. Go play in traffic fools!

  13. are u serz says:

    Now Duane, you must be completely nuts if you think that an elected official can control and/or catch gun offenders….however, if it is true that the ‘Police’ caught them would you please respectfully apologize for your retarded rant?

    • Kunta says:

      All he’s saying is when he was in opposition he had a lot of mouth about what he would do , and now he’s in position he just likes having his picture taken.

  14. WhistleBlowe says:

    My solution as it was 5 yrs ago when this mess started; if you know who the gang members are KEEP them under CONSTANT SURVELIENCE!!!!

  15. jbaby says:

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m a parent… I know how hard it is in today’s economic times…and I also know how hard it can be…but whilst I have the ability my child will not be anywhere unsupervised… And I will engage with my child EVERY day about appropriate behavior…and hope that can make a difference…..

  16. Ramika Lambe says:

    You people are stupid. The people commenting that is…only jbaby made any sense at all

  17. D says:

    Post their pics!!!

  18. cfc_blu says:

    Great job BPS. Get these guys off the streets.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No, it takes the courts to take them off the streets. The BPS merely catches them. It is the parole board that puts them back on the streets early.

  19. daddyluv says:

    Like I said earlier might be more arrest in up coming shooting they gotta travel longer distances to commit these crimes now

  20. Warwick West says:

    Wow, surprised 3 arrests already. Still no arrests for many of the other shootings that have occurred on this small island. Maybe the ones arrested will spill the beans on the other shootings… somehow I doubt it. our biggest problem unfortunately, no one wants to talk. The motto on this island is ‘see something and say nothing’ sad but so true.

    • Keep it real says:

      Exactly Warwick West. The family of these young people know who they are and are not willing to com forward. The police and officials or the Premier CANNOT build a case or get the evidence needed to stop them. The law states innocent until proven guilty, most of those commenting /hinting that you know who these guys are -you are the ones that need to come forward and provide information. You want this to stop? Take our country back? It starts with US doing our part and stop protecting the ones committing these crimes. Look inside your family circle first, it’s always so easy to blame the government and police when you are all sitting on your a$$@ protecting sons, daughters, uncles, fathers and cousins!! Let’s get to the real core of the solution of how to stop this ! They are Not just hurting othe gang members- they are hurting innocent folks as well and our country !

  21. CBAcademy says:

    Disgusting. No respect of persons. At 4:30pm with 3 schools in that area, there are innocent school children going home from school. I would hate to witness a war zone at such a young age in my home where we used to ‘Feel The Love’. The young black role models need to be broadcasted just as much as these shootings because unfortunately this lifestyle is all that some people know! ‘We used to be able…’ but what can we do now to stop? Prevention is better than a cure! This is not a political problem!!! This affects BERMUDA as a whole!! thugs don’t care what you say you’ll do. Take action. PROMOTE things like Cartel and Anti-Gang influences.

    • sebring says:

      i am sure most parents would send their kids to a place called cartel! not!!!!!!!

  22. D says:

    Omg the CCTV CAMREA’S was not working at somerset cricket club oh gosh like always!

  23. Aaron says:

    No arrest for what happen up somerset….. It’s ridiculous !!!!

  24. Come On Man says:

    I have no faith in the BPS. They seem to be more reactive than proactive.

  25. Come On Man says:

    The BPS can bust a house for weed but can’t seem to find not even one gun. What the Hell are they doing? They obviously don’t have a handle on it. GET THE GUNS! Anyone can go and rent or buy a gun brand new in the box so I’ve been told. But yet you don’t hear of the authority’s finding any. What is the problem BPS is it to much for you to handle? COME ON! kick some doors down start searching for these fire arms. You only have 22 square miles to search. Good Grief!

  26. scorpio says:

    I’m really at the point of saying round up these fools, put them on one of the many uninhabited islands with their guns, and let them have at it. NO-ONE leaves alive.

    So sick of this s**t!

  27. Truth please says:

    No one shot but have 3 suspects…. 4 people shot on Tuesday and no one is arrested AINT that some crazy bs something seems strange here

  28. Tae says:


  29. Mike says:

    Bps couldn’t catch nobody up somerset but within seconds of the shots you was there….

  30. Tae says:

    Truth!! @truth please

  31. Mike H says:

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the lowlife arrested yesterday were also involved in the earlier shootings?

    Another thought, I really doubt that the scum and their families read Bernews. I’d go so far as to suggest that they can’t even read.

  32. Had Enough!!!!!!!! says:

    Ithink this foolishness has to stop. A known gang felt disrespected because another gang came in their supposed territory. Who the hell told these fools they own this area or any area whether they are from Somerset to St.Georges. They have it ALL WRONG. They all need to be schooled of what their forefathers went through to have voting rights, civic rights, abolishment of slavery and the privilege to own property.
    Everyone should have the right to travel anywhere on this small island. You own property when you have the deeds from the BANK. This is black on black crime and until the wrong person gets killed then it will be fully addressed. All politicians have an obligation to deal with this issue and if you are not going to address this serious state of affairs then that means you are for it.
    I went to the game yesterday and the events that led to the shooting was horrific as innocent bystanders could have lost their lives. Police were out in full force and this nonsense took place. Were they doing their JOB? They would have had known intelligence that two rivalry gangs teams were playing and this all happened under their watch. They need to be reprimanded severely. We want our island home back.

  33. Coffee says:

    Good job !

  34. Island Princess says:

    @Scorpio, my sentiments exactly!!! or better yet place ALL their @$$&$ on a Barge, ship them out to sea let them fight it out and the last one standing can swim back to shore where the police can then lock’em up!!!
    Drastic times call for Drastic measures.
    Anyone seen the movie “The Purge”??

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