Four Men Injured In Shooting In Somerset

November 11, 2014

[Updated: Police confirm that there was a shooting outside Somerset Cricket Club, and said that four men were injured]

Following the shooting in Devonshire earlier today [Nov 11], we are now receiving reports there has been another shooting, with unofficial reports indicating that this one took place a few minutes ago in Sandys.

Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able:

Update 7.20pm: Unofficial reports indicate that this is a serious situation, we expect to have more confirmed details shortly.

Update 7.32pm: Unofficial reports indicate that multiple ambulances have been called………in addition, police are present outside the hospital, which generally occurs when shooting victims are brought in. Unofficial reports indicate multiple shots were fired.

Update 7.37pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “The BPS can now confirm that there was a firearm incident that took place outside of the grounds of Somerset Cricket Club.

“It appears that three persons have been injured and their condition is unknown.”

“It is an active police scene, and we will update the public as able,” Mr. Caines added.

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Update 7.51pm: The very visible police presence remains outside the hospital, and unofficial reports indicate the victims were transported via a combination of private vehicle and ambulances.

We have seen two ambulances rush in, and we see the heaviest police presence outside the hospital we have ever seen following a shooting……..we even see what appears to be armed police officers.

Update 8.27pm: There are alot of people on scene…….bystanders…..we don’t want to post a photo as they may be witnesses/have other privacy concerns, but there are quite a few people milling about. We expect to get an official update from the police soon.

Update 8.38pm: The police are now holding a press conference at the scene…

Update 8.50pm: Police are now confirming that four people were injured.

Update 9.03pm: The full police statement is below

Around 7:10pm on Tuesday November 11th , police and first responders attended a report of gunshots in the area of Somerset Cricket Club in Sandys.

Four men were injured and conveyed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance and their conditions at this juncture are unknown.

Witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the main police number at 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 9.41pm: The Fire Service confirmed that they were “flagged down” while en route to Somerset Cricket Club by a member of the public who was transporting a victim….and they stopped to assist.

Update 9.47pm: Shadow Minister of Public Safety, Walter Roban said, “Today’s shootings are a painful reminder that laws and policing are not enough to stem the scourge of gun violence.

“Bermudians of all walks of life share our disgust, outrage and anger at today’s events. Despite this, we must come together, work with the Police and identify solutions that address the root causes of our young men targeting each other for death.

“Our prayers are with the victims of the shootings and their families and we urge calm in spite of these horrific acts.”

Update 9.49pm: We will post a video later with statements from the Police, Fire Service, SCC President Alfred Maybury, as well as Somerset MPs.

Update 12.57am, Nov 12: The full Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service statement is below.

The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service responded to an incident at Somerset Cricket Club where there was reportedly multiple gunshots fired and persons were injured.

While firefighters were responding they were signaled to stop and assist one victim, who was travelling in private transportation. They assessed and treated this victim who was then transported to KEMH in a private vehicle.

On arrival at the club, firefighters then assisted with the assessment and treatment of another patient prior to being transported to KEMH via ambulance.

SCC President Alfred Maybury, and Somerset MPs Michael Scott & Dennis Lister

In a post on social media, Sandys South candidate Jamahl Simmons said, “Tonight, MP Michael Scott and I went to the Somerset Cricket Club alongside area MP Dennis Lister in the aftermath of this senseless shooting. The community is upset and angered by what has happened and we remain hopeful that calm may be restored and that this violence will not beget further violence.

“We must all work together and find a way to get at the root causes of this and end the cycle of violence. Our prayers are with the victims and their families.”

Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley expressed his shock and concern, saying “While most Bermudians were observing this Remembrance Day the holiday was denigrated by the reckless and callous actions of a few.

“These latest shootings remind us that this issue of gang violence continues to demand our undivided attention as leaders, citizens and as a community who wants the best for our young people.

“As the police devote all necessary resources to the investigation of these crimes, I renew the call for anyone with information to make contact with the Police directly or via the anonymous CrimeStoppers hot line. If you know something, say something.”

Sandys MP Dennis Lister said, “This incident strikes at the very heart of our community and taken Remembrance Day 2014 and turned it into a day that each of us wish we could forget. Our prayers go out to the victims and their families as we condemn this horrible act of violence.”

“The Somerset Cricket Club is a public place, a place where our children play and learn about the sports we all love. At this time it would be understandable if many began to feel that nowhere is safe. Yet we must stand up, speak out and fight to preserve the peaceful Somerset community that we all believe in. We must remain calm, assist the police in their investigations where possible and pray that these shootings do not escalate into further violence.”

Sandys MP Michael Scott added, “Like most members of our community I am shocked and outraged by tonight’s events. We alongside MP Kim Wilson and Jamahl Simmons support area MP Dennis Lister and will assist wherever we can to maintain calm and restore peace to our community. We recognize that this is not just a matter for the police, but will require all of us pulling together and working towards solutions that address the core causes of these violent acts.”

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the main police number at 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. Wow says:

    I WISH THESE IDOITS WOULD GROW THE F**** UP. Bermuda is tooo small for this s***

    • nicey123 says:

      I hope the three victims are ok sendind prayers to the familys.

    • Operation Cease Fire says:

      Sounds familiar Jeff check your BS speech at 4:00 telling the voters about operation cease fire 24 months ago.

      • One Term says:

        Relax is normal for a Politian to say anything for votes.

        “Nothing new KEEP CALM and CARRY ON”

        • Speak Truth says:

          Gang Violence has deep roots, thus the process to reduce or eliminate it is extremely difficult one. This is something I have warned the OBA about more so not to make it a political football. Yet they did. There has to be a comprehensive plan to address the core needs of the black males in our society. The root problem must be addressed whereby our males believe they have a state in this country. The government has gone adrift on ensuring such a plan which will not disenfranchised our young black males. Bermuda must make real steps forward or we will reap the consequences. Bermuda will not progress regardless if this Gang Violence. My regards to the family.

          • Raw Onion says:

            Core needs are PARENTING, not Govt plans. Many black males are doing great in Bermuda. The disenfranchised males have issues beyond the govt, schools, employment and police…those issues start in the home.

            • Observer says:

              I would suggest people just look around.The behavior is displayed daily and all one has to do is go to the bus depot or town after school , you will see your own children with bad behavior and foul mouths as low as age eleven talking garbage in public.Then we all sit back and allow it but wonder why we have things like this happen at a later age,WE ALLOWED IT!
              Correct them when they are young, it’s not cute to hear them talk like this and only encourages that lifestyle to be seemed.

            • agreed says:

              Agreed says parenting yes. and tell me. why are they not getting parenting??? answer for mother and from FATHER. address the real problem and please do not BLAME the mothers.

          • Enough Already says:

            Please stoop the B.S about disenfranchised young black males! These are young men, not toddlers that don’t know better! Some come from good loving homes with good parents and a few have everything they could possibly want. Most have made a conscious choice to CHOSE this lifestyle. Stop making excuses for them and stop giving them the excuse they are looking for to continue doing what they want.

            They need to step up, or we need to stomp them out. Stop babying them.

            • Sally says:

              Has that approach stop gang volience? NO No, thus your lack of understanding regarding the impact of our social structural factors that impact upon our young black man is therefore real. The failing of education system, lack of financial opportunities, jobs in our changing gobal markets and many other key factors are major contributors to what we are now faced with. If the government does not put into place some workable comprehensive plan we will continue to see and have what we have. A government has a role to play with in the society to ensure people progress and life is safe for all. The economic disparity impacts many families and age of the young men are a direct correlation and outcome. Many of these young man are not able to compete in our society they feel pushed out. A govt must address a problem with in a society that has direct impact upon it’s society. We must all accept that we also have a role to play as well. It will spill over sooner rather than later.

            • King p says:

              Love it so much

    • Lifeblood says:

      My word…nine (9) idiots actually dislike your comment!

    • Really? says:

      Why such bad language? This is NOt good for anyone.

    • Snuggle Peak says:

      Change your culture and you get what we see NOW.
      You get bullets
      Don’t educate. You get bullets
      Don’t value and you get bullets.
      Don’t listen and you get bullets.
      I am ordering my cameras and bullet proof vest tonight.

    • Skink says:

      Just put out the trash Bermuda……nobody in their right mind leaves rotten , stinking trash in a home. If my son was doing these heinous acts I would personally drop his stinking *** off at Hamilton Police Station for “Judgement and Accountability.” These families that have knowledge and do nothing are weak and hide behind a little “Faith”…….shameful really and quite sad. Blame everything except the rotten trash :(

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Unfortunately, “money is the root & route of all evil” :-(
        Take the $ value out of narcotics and they’ll have to get an education and a job like everyone else…(That’s my personal view)

        • Kunta says:

          Correction ” The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.
          Get it right.
          And further more you will never take the $ value out of narcotics, America cant even stop the Cartel from flooding their country with drugs, so WOOP there it is.

    • ole Onion says:

      Real Shame these clowns chasing each other around their neighborhood playing & pretending to be gangsters ! They talk like there is no future & think this is the only way forward!! its definitely a combination of issues that’s got us all in this situation !! Time to look in the mirrow n stop perpetrating !

    • $$$ says:

      Im mad they said it was heavy police presence it werent no cops there took em bou 20 mins once they got ther they acted like they didnt care plus the fact that they had been all around the club only 20 mins before the shooting then a gun squad bus is the only police to arrive 3 mins after the shooting with like two cops in it

    • Kunta says:

      Nice to see Concerned Politicians on hand.

  2. Coffee says:

    It’s Rememberance Day …

    • um just saying says:

      Although I agree with you, and the significance of the day, it is obvious that these individuals have not been taught about the importance of honoring our war vets, and the legacy of their actions for Bermuda. Sad.

      • Really? says:

        What have they been taught about anyone of worth in this country when they see us being pushed out and their chances of success diminished daily.

        • brigadoner says:

          Bermudians literally have more opportunities than 99% of the world. If you can’t make it here you cannot make it anywhere. Its about greed not desperation.

        • Ronald says:

          What you said might bear truth if not for the MANY SUCCESSFUL YOUNG MEN who have come up in the same ranks and manner as those you say were “pushed out.” Stop making excuses. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

        • J says:

          The individual who commits this sort of act is diminishing his own chances.

          You and I aren’t diminishing his chances. Get cause and effect right.

    • Ronald says:

      As if these idiot thugs even have a clue as to what this day means…
      Pathetic scum.

      • say it aint so says:

        Get rid of this scum and the political party which supports them!! Let’s be afraid of our kids! Let’s be their best friends. Let’s have a few baby daddies and baby mommies take the blame for their kids!!!!! SMH!!!! Let’s just get them off the street!!

    • Haha says:

      If someone is willing to shoot someone I’m pretty sure they don’t care what day it is. They don’t care! That’s why their out here shooting in the first place

    • Pah! says:

      You really think they care? People have been shot dead on Christmas, Boxing day and Good Friday!! Plus my generation and the younger generations have never been really taught some of the importance of some of the holidays such as this one. To some of us its just a day off from work or school. Education is key!

  3. What Ever says:

    Knew that was coming. I was just saying it must have another one cz so many police are flying past my house

  4. D says:

    Loook at the CCTV! Well if they r workin’….

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    I will repeat:
    “Personally I don’t condone fire arms being used in public places by wanna-be-gangsters. I would also appreciate seeing the Laws enforced so as they just may deter them that are doing things like, “popping-off a few rounds” around the Island as if they have a damn license. Step-up and slam-dunk them once they are convicted of such crimes with mandatory sentencing…and no parole!

    • Ronald says:

      Agree completely but they have to be convicted first. We seem to have a problem with that step of the process.

      • Codfish says:

        We do not have a problem with convictions. We have a problem with evidence. People often don’t want to get involved and go blind and deaf.

        You cannot expect the Police to be everywhere and see everything.

  6. Raw Onion says:

    This is the lifestyle that many work hard to avoid yet their children seem to enjoy this lifestyle. Where did we go wrong as a society?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      “Spare the rod…spoil the child”

    • Define Mania says:

      Too much focus on the lifestyle and not the life…

    • D says:

      Lazy…folks that want to make fast money instead of working hard for a honest living

    • Wake up. says:

      We know where we went wrong. We have known a long time.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Are you serious? You don’t know who, what & when society went downhill?

      Here is a hint. It starts with parenting, both of them. There is more to it. Alot more.

    • EyesOpen says:

      Cederbridge, took away the trade schools. Can’t spank your children anymore. Cut funding for social programs, and raised funding for the police. Alienate the Bermudian people esspecially the black males. And now ending conscription. On yeah appoint OBA member to get the people back to work, but yet he has more foreigners working for him then bermudians. A few ways we went wrong

  7. stop the violence says:

    Hope they can catch them, prosecute them and send them over to a hard core Colombian prison where there are about 10 inmates to each cell. Even if we pay the prison it will be cheaper on the tax payer then having them up at westgate.

    They would be crying like babies!!!

  8. so sorry says:

    It is so sad that this is happening to our island. It truly frightens me to see what will happen when my own son gets older. I pray it will get better. I’m really hoping things get better. We are losing are own sons in this hatred war, that seems to never end. I wish people would get a heart and start to care for one another again.

    • Codfish says:

      Thirty or forty years ago having children out of wedlock was considered a shameful act. Now it is accepted. Nuff said.

  9. stop the violence says:

    A shame you can no longer go to a football game to enjoy as these thugs ruin it. I stopped going for years and only a lil over a month ago i went to a game up a police field and at the end of the game a fight broke out because teenage thugs wanted to confront St. Georges payers. The two that started both were knocked out. But will not support another football match.

  10. Holding the light says:

    I am holding the light for all the people involved. Including the service men and women that put their lives in danger to help keep this island safe. Also the medical personnel who work so hard to save lives of senseless violence. Prayers going up for all and the families and this island …. Our home …

  11. Micro says:

    If you know something. Say something.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Now there is a big part of the problem. Those who know won’t say. If they do speak up they don’t want to do so in court. If they speak up in court chances are the jury will find the guy not guilty because they are intimidated. If the guy is found guilty & if the judge gives a heavy penalty that might be a deterrent the guilty says “No sweat” cause he knows that the prole board will let him out in less than half time.

      Crime really does pay in Bermuda unless, of course, you are a visitor caught with a little weed for your own use. Then…watch out.

      • Codfish says:

        Actually TD you need to read up! Visitors and locals with small quantities have been let of with a warning for years. Check the DPP’s website.

  12. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    this is tragic and a continued sad day for Bermuda. Someone needs to step up and get the force in order. I’ve been told that at any given time 90% of the force’s first responders is unarmed while only 10% is armed. Those odds cannot properly assist in dealing with these so called gang bangers. I see the jeeps speeding from one end of the island to the other. Wouldnt it be easier to arm all first responders so that the 10% aren’t speeding from one end of the island to the other end. This isn’t hard and what the force seems to operate on is picking up the pieces after the fact. Innocent people have already been killed, what is the force or gov waiting for? Oh I know the sad truth is that the right person thank God hasn’t been a victim of a gun crime yet. Only then will the powers that be sadly act. What the force has done thus far isn’t working.

  13. Ronnie Viera says:

    As outraged as many of us are it is clear these guys don’t think like we all do. I really don’t understand the cold and callous taking of another life (hopefully not in this case) for reasons that are so trivial. Two guys just got sentenced to at least 25 years just last week, both of them under 22 years of age. I can’t imagine waking up for the next 25 years knowing that I will behind bars. However, here we go again…sadly it proves that while these sentences are warranted and deserved, they don’t serve as a deterrent. Perhaps as someone suggested above, a few years in a prison in Colombia or other such places may do it. Who knows?

    • Come On Man says:

      They display narcissistic behaviour. They don’t care anyone or anything around them, it’s as if they are living in their own world they are going to do what they want when,they want,to whomever they want. And it all started from the home.

      • Define Mania says:

        I actually don’t think it’s narcism but quite the opposite – I think it’s the lack of love/respect for oneself and one’s neighbor. If you don’t even value yourself you surely CAN’T value the next person. Unfortunately these are core principles instilled at an early age so not an easy fix for men in their 20′s and 30′s…

  14. Glenda says:

    God bless Bermuda!

  15. Randy says:

    Furst of all the force needs to back to being the service!!! secondly murderers need to be hung !!! Thirdly the prosecution needs to step up their game !!! Fourthly people need to stop glorifying these cowardly acts !!! Plain and simple BERMUDA NEEDS TO WAKE DE EFF UP!!!

  16. SMH says:

    Soooo pathetic cant even go out without wondering if something is going to happen. smh.

  17. TIRED says:


    • Triangle Drifter says:

      An idea that has been around for some time. Judging by the ‘likes’ there is support for the idea. Never happen of course. Think of it as musical chairs, but with guns. Hide guns around the island. One less gun than thugs deposited on the island. Come back in a few days to see who is left & start the game again. Would be a better deterrent than any prison anywhere.

    • Codfish says:

      This has got to be the stupidest post in this chain.We know innocent people are hit all the time including last night.

  18. X says:

    Trying hard to explain this to our 9 year old son. He wants to know why the parents are telling them off!! Simple right??

  19. Mitzi says:

    As long as we stay a segregated society and some do not have same oportunities as others we will continue to breed contempt and anarchy.

    • jim hill says:

      How can you say that? We have an amazing country where a young black person, be they male or female, can realistically aspire to hold the highest position in the land! The majority of the people running our country, or hoping to after the next election, are black. It’s time to stop making excuses for these thugs! Stay in school, study hard, work hard, and you can achieve anything. Stop blaming society for being a dumb *** with no ambition other than to be a thug!

      • agreed says:

        Jim, with all due respect, you have a point but there are over a thousand at least segregated people in this country who feel disenfranchised and will not become all they can be. that’s all you need to reak havoc, we need to address the problem and until we do it will get worse.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You left out ..
        Cultivate a good attitude , one that is also reflected in your body language.
        Learn to speak properly.
        Start a family (in other words ‘have babies’) only if and once you’re married .

  20. God Can says:

    What we really need to do as a country is pray for these young men, yes they have a choice in the decisions they make but we dont know their life story, only God can change unchangeable hearts and with prayer watch God do the impossible!

    • suckysucky says:

      You also prayed that it will end? Yes?

      God can’t do a thing. Get real.

      • 90zBaby says:

        Youll be suprised what jahjah can do…. dont ever doubt the almighty 1

      • God Can says:

        I am being real im a 22 year old young man so i know some of the stuggles these guys go through…I’m a witness to what God can do and the power of prayer is real, just because it doesnt happen when we want it to happen doesnt mean prayer fails….We walk by faith and not by sight

  21. Huh ? says:

    We have world Rugby going on and the Americas Cup getting ready to make a decision – I think we might just be kissing that good bye SMDH at the senselessness of it all. IDIOTS.

    • What u say? says:

      I didn’t know that San Diego was completely crime free? Cause that’s the only way this incident would affect the Americas Cup.

  22. Truth is killin' me... says:

    The parents of these shooters are just as bad as their kids…TRASH!!

    • Evans Bay says:

      thats not fair..some parents have really tried and the fact that their child has grown to run around shooting people is not a fair reflection of the parents..I am sure that in none of these cases did the parents give a fully loaded gun to their child and told them to go kill somebody
      …be for real

    • Choices & Consequences says:

      This does not apply to all…

      The parents that know, condone, accept and haven’t tried to do a thing to stop it, yes I agree are TRASH!

      Now for the parents that have talked,shouted, cried, prayed, for their children they are no way trash.

      Some of these boys have come from good homes and good up bringings and out of hurt allowed revenge to pull them into a lifestyle that is really not destined for them.

      And them some, are just outright bad azz seeds that should have never been fertilized!!

      And then unfortunately, some haven’t been taught right, because their parents aren’t right in their heads and so it goes, the ignorant family reproduces ignorant offspring and tge saga never ends….until someone innthe ignorant family chooses to brake the cycle.

  23. Coffee says:

    Anybody seen or heard from the minister of national security ? Anybody seen or heard from the junior minister of national security ?

    • somuchless says:

      Coffee calm yourself. It just happened. Stop tryna start crap.

    • Evans Bay says:

      They at rugby probably…remember that is here this week…

      • Ronald says:

        Where they should be…supporting our dam bread and butter, International Business. But don’t worry, i am sure that all of the powers that be in the IB world (who provide jobs to Bermudians) were close enough to hear the first gunshots. Thanks thugs, some of us went to university with hopes of being employed by IB.

      • Happy says:

        Rugby wasn’t on last night… grow up

    • just saying says:

      anyone heard from the opposition?

      • somuchless says:

        Good come back. Coffee what you gotta say about dat?

      • Evans Bay says:

        The Shadow just issued a poorly worded statement…but I gotta give him credit for the statement though. Seems the Minister of National Security can’t be bothered this evening… to acknowledge or comment on 4 young men killing each other…carry on

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Are you expecting the Minister to take a tun up to Somerset & personaly catch the bad guys?

  24. Just a matter of time says:

    As terrible as this is, what also needs to be addressed is determining and dealing with the root cause of this self loathing behaviour. Punitive measures to deal with it are relatively easy to do but does not resolve the underlying deep rooted problems.

  25. think stupird says:

    Look at all the dumb ***** that keep saying “i wish it will stop”, “why can’t they gangs grow up up?” “Bermuda too small” etc Bunch of BS i’m sorry. Crime will always follow poverty, you stupid *****. Why do you think Bermuda is any different?
    Take that same time and effort and go work the money flow to the island. When the economy is fix crime will slow down maybe even stop.

    And nothing else is going fix it. Not you ******g Prayers, not that Gay a** proud to be Bermudian song. Only MONEY!

    Money stated the peoble only money can fix the problem. *end rant*

    • md says:

      Money is the root of all evil!

      • What u say? says:

        The love of money is the root of all evil. Get it straight!

        • Come Correct says:

          People are the root of all evil, get it straight. We created money, we created this system, we created the divide. Evil grows in the hearts of many. The only animals on this planet that kill for sport.

  26. Come On Man says:

    It’s obvious that the authority’s are not doing a good enough job preventing fire arms from entering Bermuda. And they don’t have this gun play under control. And I hate to say never will.

    • fedup says:

      ….but customs did thoroughly search my carry on bag I brought for my 5 day stay and questioned me about the electronic cigarette I had.
      Of course, the two guys with 6 large bags just walked through with out being stopped, but I’m white and they were black.

  27. Serious Though says:

    I think all Bermudaians should meet at government house tomorrow and start protesting these incidents. It needs more attention than poliice/politician press conferences on this issue . Seriously

  28. just saying says:

    After seeing the Remembrance Day ceremony today and seeing all these guys with so many medals for brave active service ….send these “wannabe tough guys” to Helmund, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Kiev and let’s see how tough they really are..they soon be crying for mamma…someone knows something so do the right thing….and there is poor Dr.Burnie another shining example of pure passion for Bermuda…tragic loss of a good person….RIP sir…

  29. LAN says:

    When they catch these little idiots they should send them to the US and let them send them to fight ISIS, they want to shoot guns, let them go out there and act like the punks they are, they will last 2 minute! And Good Riddance!

  30. Choices & Consequences says:

    This does not apply to all…

    The parents that know, condone, accept and haven’t tried to do a thing to stop it, yes I agree are TRASH!

    Now for the parents that have talked,shouted, cried, prayed, for their children they are no way trash.

    Some of these boys have come from good homes and good up bringings and out of hurt allowed revenge to pull them into a lifestyle that is really not destined for them.

    And them some, are just outright bad azz seeds that should have never been fertilized!!

    And then unfortunately, some haven’t been taught right, because their parents aren’t right in their heads and so it goes, the ignorant family reproduces ignorant offspring and tge saga never ends….until someone innthe ignorant family chooses to brake the cycle.

  31. Doug says:

    not cool during the Holiday.

  32. D says:

    4! People Dang!

  33. Ramika Lambe says:

    Wow all these “solutions” attack the problem head on. Nobody on here is making sense. All these “where did we go wrong questions” Bermuda has been wrong all of the unaddressed problems are coming to a head and now everybody is all rattled and lost. Bermuda is small but we aren’t going through anything the rest of the world isn’t going through. Its a culture that has been growing underground for years and now its in the open. You fear for tour children??? Well make sure you stay on top of what they are doing and who their friends are.

  34. God knows says:

    Now it time to bring the confidents back to the Bermudian community at large and our visitors, and show these want-to-be-gangsters that, THE ISLAND WIDE CCTV INITIATIVE IS WORKING AS PROMISE TO US BY OCTOBER, PUTTING THE MUCH NEEDED INFORMATION IN THE HANDS OF THE BERMUDA POLICE SERVICE, CATCHING THESE COWARDS. JAIL FOR LIFE YOU GOT MY VOTE.

  35. Pure Madness!!!! says:

    We have a lot of people here, making known their disgust and disappointment with the total disrespect of these young fools. These clowns will continue to do such things until drastic measures are put into place for them to know what real jail time is about. Ya sure, their friends/family are imprisoned for possibly 20 + years but are they really serving hard time, (thinking) negative, they are not.

    These little S#!%s need to be in CASEMATES…. Point blank or given a good ole cut a$$ (catonine tail).. Bring back capital punishment.

    I am a single parent of a 20+ year old, no major problems with her. I also have a 15 year old nephew, and he knows I don’t play that life and he doesn’t disrespect that fact, I dare him do something stupid, I would break his little body..

    What is lacking with the majority of these young children today is respect, respect for self and respect for others. Once they learn that, than maybe just maybe things will get better on this here MY island home.

  36. Serious Though says:

    Amend the criminal code : prosecute any body associated with the thugs ,put in place major and serious repercussions. Loss passport to travel, loss property , financial investigations, .. Some people may call this over reaching, I call it choosing you friends, and families stop protecting these thugs

    • fed the f...... up says:

      You sound real stupid cause family members and friends do not control ones actions …. trying thinking before you type idiot

    • What u say? says:

      All of Bermuda would be investigated then. Between family and friends, that’s everyone.

  37. gilly says:

    My father was a second war vet. This type of action would have hurt him badly. Its only a few that make it bad for most of us , So families have to do some tuff love type on things.

  38. haha says:

    both traveled today.

  39. Snuggle Peak says:

    And the village had had enough and went so seek solutions. They had over 100 churches. They opened their doors and found them with their eyes closed praying.
    They went to the elders and found them making disparaging remarks about each other.
    They went to the teachers and found them swamped with social issues.
    They came back home and faced a bullet.
    Long live peaceful Bermuda that we once had but changed our culture away from basic values and towards a BULLET.
    why do I keep hearing people say they know who has the guns and where they stay?

  40. fed the f...... up says:

    our young men our simply ponds in there chess game right down to todays football game …. dont get me wrong these guys are simply ignorant with their reckless an just out right disgushting behavior but lets be real if our justice system handled this situation right from the start this problem wouldnt still around today

    • fedup says:

      The last time the justice system handled things properly by executing convicted murderers, half the island rioted against it.

  41. CHA cha CHA says:

    Tomorrow from the first Talk Show to the last, the village will talk and talk and talk.
    The gangs will hide and shine their weapons and work out where to strike next.
    The talkers will talk about who has the guns and where they are but the police won’t hear a thing.
    The village will rest
    The village will probably talk about dog food or some shop that used to exist……..the past
    The village will avoid the problem by hiding behind mommy’s skirt.
    The village will not act.
    The village will die
    Is slowly dying.
    The village is dead. Long rest the Isles of Rest: Bermuda.

  42. Second says:

    Remembrance Day, the day we remember those brave men and women that died for our freedom. Where did such hatred and contempt for each other come from? Why no respect for human life? Prayer is badly needed for ALL of Bermuda. God please help us!

  43. Serious Though says:

    On the day when we honor men and women who fought tyrants to give their children freedom , this is the honor these punks deem fit for this day ?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      They don’t have a clue of what this day represents. If they did,they would not care. To them it is a holiday or maybe just another day if they don’t have a job & most likely don’t even want one.

      • Combat vet says:

        they would piss their pants and cry like babies if they had to face or be in a real war with real consequences, work? drugs us their money tree.

  44. By the looks of today’s events it doesn’t look like its PTB can put a stop to the suicide that has been going on for the last five plus year. Thus, it is time to institute an Operation Mistletoe in the great lands of Bermuda

  45. feel the love says:

    Go home Walter. Nothing about this is political.

  46. say it aint so says:

    Let’s get rid of the trash!

  47. D says:

    Remembrace Day, I think these guys really need to go 2 war since they enjoy shooting n killing they can represent our country

  48. Social Change says:

    If we are to move forward as a community after events such as this it is vital that we focus people’s hurt, anger and frustration constructively on developing real solutions. To do this, we need to start asking the right questions, because unless we discover the real causes of this problem, and take real action to address these causes, we are unlikely to be able to effectively address the problem, as evidenced by the current situation.

    In this case, lets assume the shootings were perpetrated by young men with affiliations to gangs, and that peer pressure from within these groups led them to perform a criminal act that they would have been far less likely to commit on their own. Of course this may not be the case, however experience suggests this is a reasonable assumption.

    We then need to ask What caused these young men to join the gangs, and what is causing them to remain within them? Were they bored? Did they lack self-confidence? Self-worth? Does membership provide employment? Does it provide a sense of purpose? Does it provide social status that is otherwise hard to achieve? Does it get them laid? Does it provide protection? Does it provide a way to seek revenge?

    If the answer is yes to even a few of these questions, then it is going to be pretty challenging to dismantle this culture simply by relying on stricter sentencing, or the police. It’s like asking the criminal justice system to clean up a social mess that has been allowed to develop by the rest of the community, and political leaders (in both parties) who are responsible for failing to cater adequately to the needs of the people. The police have little authority until a crime has been committed, by which stage it’s usually too late to help the perpetrator or the victim. We need to be proactive, not reactive.

    So how can we get people out of this culture, out of these gangs? We take away the reasons for being in them one by one, we help them to realize for themselves that they want to leave, because there is something better out there. We help to give them a sense of purpose, hope and self-worth outside gang culture that exceeds what they received on the inside. This means education, employment opportunities, affordable housing and much more. We give them the means to objectively assess and influence their position in society through their own hard work.

    We need to ask ourselves hard questions about our future economic model, can we rely on international business, thousands of expat rental incomes and endless boom/bust construction projects to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that builds equality? If not, then how can we diversify the economy to support a wider cross-section of society and be less dependent on foreign money, energy and food? We are so focused on increasing GDP, of course out of necessity to resolve the deficit issue, that we seem to forget about what needs to be done to reduce the cost of living so we are less dependent on foreign income in the first place.

    As a community, we have chosen to ignore many of the problems that we have been aware of for a long time and have allowed politicians to escape their responsibilities by failing to hold them accountable. It is time that we stand up united as a community, black/white and every color in-between, and demand that it is time politics focuses on everyone in Bermuda, and in-particular, those most in need. If you support this comment, write to your MP, write to the Premier, tell them about the problems you see in your society and ask them to fix it.

    • sebring says:

      news on net!
      pot shrinks your brain and a new virus discovered that make one stupid!

      or both.

    • Donnie W says:

      I find it funny that one of the most constructive comments here also currently has one of the most even ratios of likes to dislikes, thank you for the insight

  49. Cathy Belvedere says:

    There is some irony here. Today is the Global Peace Prayer! Given the unsettling circumstances we find ourselves in this evening – 4 people shot in Somerset – following shots being fired at the football game at National Stadium earlier – perhaps we can agree on 11.11 to gather and send prayers up at 11.11 Bermuda time this evening. Go outside where ever you are with a flashlight – a candle or your cell phone and send a prayer for peace and calm – our island home needs us…

    Community Minded Beneficiary

    • Infidelguy says:

      I completely understand the emotional appeal that may have for some people. But really, go outside with a flashlight or a candle? Please tell me what will that accomplish? Let me answer that……NOTHING!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Wonder if she has an email address or maybe a PO box where these prayers can be sent? Can’t send it C/O any of the multitude of religions. They are all busy fighting each other with guns, of all things. They have been at it for thousands of years.

      • Cathy Belvedere says:

        Global Peace Prayer was a world wide movement which happened to occur on 11.11 – cut and paste from the poster – not my idea……
        That being said – there is a sense of comfort knowing that others are making an effort at the same moment – flashlights in hand or not!

        Other efforts which cause reflection – recently a request from a 6 year old who lost his dad in Afghanistan who requested that everyone around the world put on their porch lights to show support OR the umbrella movement in China – much grander in scale, but an effort none the less.

        My suggestion was but a small action that for some would provide a sense of comfort to ease the hopelessness that we feel, especially when we become so complacent.

        Perhaps you have some suggestions on what we all might do so we feel that we are at least doing something – maybe a small effort that you have made!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Global Peace Prayer… Never heard of them. Are they another of the many churches that have sprung up in the last fifty years? Do they have a forwarding address for this Supreme Being that so many who need a crutch to lean on believe exists?

          • enough says:

            does the winds exhist, you can’t see that can you.

            • Come Correct says:

              Can you see science? Yes you can and wind can be explained scientifically. Carry on I’d like to hear more about the sky pilot.

        • Your God says:

          Stop shining all those lights in my eyes!

          I’m trying to sleep.

    • bermy123 says:

      Prayer: How to do nothing and still think you’re helping

  50. Blessed says:

    Whoever posted to round all the gang bangers up on an island and let them have a shoot out I agree 100%! We (those of us who are law abiding and not involved in gang life) are effectively hostage to their crazy way of life. We are being forced to change our lives to avoid them. How many have stopped going to football games because of the potential violence that may irrupt? How many of us do not go out clubbing as much because there is always some beef or disturbance? WE are allowing these fools to run us! So I say round them all up let them kill themselves they don’t care so why should we? Let their parents cry they created them, let their girlfriends weep they condoned it.

  51. I agree with an earlier post..gather these hooligans up n ship them off too one off them tough prisons,like Columbia,Cuba.or Turkey,were they will cry like babies,,n learn to pull up their pants,,for sure they won’t be wearing their pants droped showing their behinds,Come on Mr Premier do your job,,were the opposition PLP failed to do,,they are spoiling our good reputation as a loving peaceful island,,do it before you will be forced out off power,,n we will have no choice but to go back to that slack PLP,, the sooner u act the better it be for the OBA and Bermuda in general…

    • I agree they don’t deserve Westgate ship them to Mexico or Tent City Government can save a lot of money …….

    • enough says:

      then they’ll ay we are infringing on their humam rights and can’t put them in overseas jails because mummy won’t be nearby

  52. Donnie W says:

    It is truly sad whenever any act of serious violence occurs, but I think it is important to recognize that any human is capable of committing any range of atrocities if the conditions are right. Sure, it was Remembrance Day and there is an apparent disconnect between these activities and the meaning of this holiday, and sure, it seems from an outside view that the actions are idiotic (in that they don’t seem self beneficial and reflect a disregard for human life), but the one thing that we can be absolutely sure of is that it did indeed happen, and that some people are vulnerable to this lifestyle. I discourage the idea of alienation and the apparent condemnation associated with it (calling people hullagans, idiots, ect…). This way of thinking, or alienating can indeed be a factor that propagates violence. Root causes need to be addressed, the problem is not just in those that commit the crimes, it is in ourselves. My condolences go out to those affected.

  53. aceboy says:

    When/if they are caught we will hear what good boys they are and how they are turning their lives around.

  54. Mr. Wave Crasher says:

    All this BS talk is just that BS !! THESE ******amp; know right from wrong ! They are thugs and need to be treated as such !! Hang um !!!!

  55. Kathy says:

    There should be a constant police presence at all previous gang related shooting locations. We know where we should NOT go at night, don’t we? Those are the places the police should constantly be at – EVERY night. If they can’t bring back law and order, who can? Isn’t loitering against the law?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What part of ‘they cannot be everywhere all of the time’ do you not understand? We already have one of the largest per capita police forces found anywhere in the world. Says alot about how law abiding & safe Bermuda really is. The shooting rate per capita here is as high or higher than any N American city you might care to name & percieve as very dangerous.

      The best option is to keep the human scum moving. They will squeal “Police HARASSMENT”. Their families, especially the ones who house them, will howl “Police HARASSMENT”.

      I suspect the majority of Bermuda will say “Too bad. Do it”.

  56. js says:

    did Dunkley just used the word “denigrated”

  57. annoyed says:

    The sad reality is that most of our Police are not ARMED. While I dont think arming them all will solve all of our problems, we cannot expect unarmed Police to get involved when the criminals they are pursuing have more firepower then they do ! Enough is enough, we need to arm all of our Policemen out on patrol to at least give them a fair chance .

    • Self says:

      Baton/pepper spray and maybe a taser VS a loaded firearm.

      Guess who the winner is gonna be?

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      LEGALIZE FIREARMS; you would think twice about endangering any ones life if you knew that any one in the area could shoot you first or even kill you after you’ve committed your crime and become a hero… CONSEQUENCE for the your ACTIONS…something many of you know nothing about.

  58. bermuda says:

    Any gang affiliation should be a 20 year sentence. We should be monitoring whose involved and get them locked up before anyone else gets hurt.

  59. North Rock says:

    In addition to shipping these gang bangers to prisons not named Westgate – my suggestion is Venezuela, Cuba or even the UK – and pay for the service…I strongly suggest that where criminal activity is clearly gang-related, that a special jury panel deal with the cases. It is neither fair nor a good idea asking decent, God fearing people to get involved in situations that neither the politicians or the Police have had any control over.

  60. Sigh... says:

    How can Bermuda begin to solve a problem with gangs without getting first hand comprehensive information directly from gang members? Sure, we can suppose, hypothesize and formulate solutions. To date they haven’t worked because they are constructed from a mindset that is different from the gang member mentality.

    In all things – start from the beginning. The Island’s decision makers need to foster a dialogue, educate/myth bust, develop an understanding of gang membership, e.g. develop programs for black males that engender the level of respect that is attained in the gang membership. Perhaps with a better understanding of gang life by talking directly with gang members, there is a better chance of making in-roads in achieving a workable solution in reducing gang membership and their associated activities.

    Repeat: start from the beginning.

    • Impressive says:

      Good reasoned post.. I have gone above outrage at the number of posts calling for more police to be here and there, and tougher laws.. These are only reactive responses, in addition, these young guys have no fear whatsoever of the police, I mean none at all, sad but true.. I am all for good policing, but not naive to believe that the increase in police is going to lead to a downturn in crime, that is just silly

  61. Had Enough!!!!!!!! says:

    I think this foolishness has to stop. A known gang felt disrespected because another gang came in their supposed territory. Who the hell told these fools they own this area or any area whether they are from Somerset to St.Georges. They have it ALL WRONG. They all need to be schooled of what their forefathers went through to have voting rights, civic rights, abolishment of slavery and the privilege to own property.
    Everyone should have the right to travel anywhere on this small island. You own property when you have the deeds from the BANK. This is black on black crime and until the wrong person gets killed then it will be fully addressed. All politicians have an obligation to deal with this issue and if you are not going to address this serious state of affairs then that means you are for it.
    I went to the game yesterday and the events that led to the shooting was horrific as innocent bystanders could have lost their lives. Police were out in full force and this nonsense took place. Were they doing their JOB? They would have had known intelligence that two rivalry gangs teams were playing and this all happened under their watch. They need to be reprimanded severely. We want our island home back.

  62. Oh,I see now says:

    These young men have disenfranchised themselves from society not the other way around.They alone have made a conscious decision to be anti society in the things they do.A lot of us had it hard growing up how many picked up a gun to commit a heinous crime stop being enablers.Also part of the problem is some of you parents are profiting from these guys through money or drugs….your own children(sigh).

  63. Terry says:

    All these comments about what should be done.
    Look what has been.
    Look at the sentences.
    Look at the past few days occurances.

    Means s*** to them.
    That’s part of the culture.
    Bring back bread and water.

  64. Message to the Youth says:

    Expat: “I came to this island because it was rich with gold and I was trying to see if I could work to earn a little. Now I find that the idiots on the island are shooting each other. This is like Xmas !!! All I have to do is pick up the gold and stay here for a little longer and I could inherit this place.”

    You … dumb spoiled babies with guns have very little backbone otherwise you would see how all this stupid immature behavior effects all the people on this small island. What are you fighting for ? I am sure most of you don’t even know ? Where has it gotten you so far without having to keep looking over your shoulder and being more paranoid then a chicken in a lion’s den.

    Wake up and understand that YOU are YOUR life – no gang really cares about you after your gone. You become a name on a dirty bed sheet – gone and soon forgotten. You are only useful or useless to this country and its people while you are living. Pick which one you want to be ?

  65. ABC says:

    scotland yard pls clean up this mess

    i have faith in u all no bullcrap kick down doors do a job dis cops are pay 2 do but dont do it

    im sorry for typo big fingers

    gangstersw look out cleansweep operation uk style mommas dont cry wen ur door get busted

  66. Ray Davis says:

    It is soooo sad to read about this incident. Only a lot of hard work and understanding is going find an answer. So sad for for all the victims and families involved.
    I would like to just point out that we have the exact same problems here in Australia. So many ethnic communities have historical differences that they bring with them and they flare up amongst each other. On top of that our “fair dinkum Ossies” also manage to go off the rails quite regularly. The Lord forbid that it will take another WORLD WAR to show some people that we really do have wonderful world. GOD BLESS EVERYONE