Shooting In Devonshire, No One Injured

November 11, 2014

[Updating] At sometime around 4.30pm today there was a firearm incident in the area by the National Sports Centre in Devonshire. Police have confirmed the incident, and said they will release additional details shortly… we will update as able.

Update 5.41pm: Some of the emergency service personnel are slowly leaving the scene now…we expect to get a police statement shortly.

Update 6.04pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines confirmed that no one was shot, and said the scene has been processed by forensic support units, and police have started an investigation into the incident.

Update 7.14pm; Apologies for the delay with the video of the police statement, however we had to rush off to cover the second shooting in Sandys, which we are updating on here.

This incident followed after the Dudley Eve football final at the National Sports Centre, which saw Dandy Town match up against the Somerset Trojans.



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  1. Sky Pirate says:

    Hang these low life scum

  2. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Bernews, you’re on the ball, all the time!!

  3. concerned bermudian says:

    Shootings in Bermuda are becoming to normal. It is a holiday, why must people be so stupid!!!

    • Chumba Womba says:

      You can’t fix stupid.

    • Terry says:

      Death nor injuries takes a holiday.

    • D says:

      oooo yea its a high risk for a shooting to happen on a holiday….so draining…get a life folks plus really near to the police head quaters smh

  4. precious G says:

    Make me understand why the police didn’t block off harbour road n paget round-about. They let them fools get away.

    • Sounds like you know who did it and which way they went. Who is to say what area the shooter is from or who shot at who? If you know, Bernews comments section is the wrong way to tell fool.

    • Yeaaann serrrzz says:

      What do you think the police are sittin at the bleeds round about waitin for a shooting to happen! Less than 30 secs to get from nationals to harbor road!!

  5. Terry says:

    Can’t hang someone for firing a gun.
    Wait till you find out what happened and if person/s were injured.
    I need a rum.

    • um just saying says:

      @Terry, it dont matter if anyone got hurt, guns are ILLEGAL! Hang the fools just for having the weapon. I cannot believe you can even condone or rationalize this idiotic behavior.

  6. jenny says:

    This island is going straight down. The 3 shots was so clear i heard then about 4.26 and shortly after alot of comotion and sirens

  7. Raymond Ray says:

    I personally don’t condone fire arms being used in public places by wanna-be-gangsters. I would also appreciate seeing the Laws enforced so as they just may deter them that are doing things like, “popping-off a few rounds” around the Island as if they have a damn license. Step-up and slam-dunk them once they are convicted of such crimes with mandatory sentencing…and no parole!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      By the way, job well done thus far BPS

    • sage says:

      So then we have to foot the bill for their successful appeals?

    • Kunta says:

      So I guess blaming de P.L.P after all those years is gone out de window.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Kunta I would not usually respond to any of your letters but this I just had to do today.
        Them bies’ that are out there shooting at one another are also young men who were just minors when your beloved Progressive Labour Party lead Bermuda for 14 years and all we saw was more and more violence occurring of the years… Now where is it we(Bermuda) went wrong? (Inquisitive minds would love to know)

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Typo: over the years

        • squad holding it down says:

          Raymond ray just like you I would normally not reply but I have to this time. I work with majority of these young men who you are talking about when you say the progressive labour part lead for 14 years. I just wanted to share some information for you, if you ever have chance to speak to someone of age that could tell you about the introduction of cedarbridge academy and how was it different from going to a high school like whitney institute of warwick secondary then going to a mega high school cedarbridge academy. Most of these individuals tell me that when they started cedarbridge because of the size and larger amounts of students most individuals from a same neighbourhood would gather together majority of times, so if a fight started you have one neighbourhood versus another neighbourhood. Could you tell me who decided to build a mega school like cedarbridge academy.

        • Kunta says:

          So were many young men who are now successful business men and law abiding citizens who out number de few blockheads who are brain damaged, and your point is?
          So under the U.B.P/o.b.a, punishment in de schools was eradicated (caning), parents were forbidden to discipline their children (not child abuse for you Sheila Cooper fans) their grandfathers, fathers and uncles were being systematically targeted by de powers that be by profiling, etc being locked up for loud hookers (muffler) on their mobyletts, being routinely stopped and searched and put on de stop list for a spliff (and de white boys were smoking just as much and weren’t routinely stopped),and their Great grandfathers were fighting de Oligarchy System so these FEW brain dead block heads could have a better life, and their Great Great grand fathers …………………….
          Now inquisitive minds, where is it we (Bermuda went wrong)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bob Barker says:

    On Remembrance Day, no less.

  9. real talk says:

    there with my family after the game. Scary scene….. will never go to a game again.

  10. Coffee says:

    …. And so close to police barracks . Very embarrassing for our Minister of National Security and his understudy !

    • Mark says:

      Actually Coffee, it’s embarrassing for the whole country; much like you and your pointless posts. What do you expect, for the Minister to stand on a roundabout with a net and catch them??

      • edwin says:

        Remember, before the election the minister said if you want the gun violence to stop, vote for the OBA….they are still firing.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        How about he do what he promised to do pre-election, “Gang violence will be treated as a national emergency by a One Bermuda Alliance Government” at his press meeting on December 3, 2012.

  11. um just saying says:

    I thought about bringing my children to the game today, I am glad I changed my mind. Someone could have been shot by a stray bullet! These idiots need to be put behind bars.

  12. duh says:

    Hmmmm how many cameras don’t work today?

  13. Miguelito says:


  14. Me says:

    You know what is sad…we have some serious issues in this country and for whatever reason we go blame it on the plp or Oba. Dammit people let’s take some responsibilitie and take our island back. I am getting so tied of this blame game.

    • bdalvr says:

      I agree. It is sad, as an educator, I see the blame game as early as primary school. The child misbehaves and the parents are all up in arms placing the blame on others.