Police ID Victim, Confirm Suspects Fired At Police

December 8, 2014

Prince Edness Bermuda[Updated with video] Speaking at a press conference late this morning [Dec 8] the police officially identified last night’s murder victim as 29-year-old Prince Edness [pictured] and the police also confirmed that a police officer was fired at by the suspects.

At around 8.30pm last night, police responded to a shooting that took place on South Avenue in the Sunnyside Park area of Southampton, which saw Mr Edness fatally shot.

The police said that Mr Edness — who has been before the Courts on various charges as well as being shot on two prior occasions – may have been involved in a verbal altercation with the suspects prior to the shooting.

The police referred to the 29 year old as a “self-identified gang member,” and said that it appears he was shot by two men riding a motorcycle.

The police confirmed that a police officer was fired at and while his vehicle was disabled, the police officer was not injured. The police said that the officer showed great courage under the circumstances.

The press conference is still underway at this time, however we will update as able with the full statement and video.

The police also commented, when asked, about people emailing around a photo which appears to show Mr Edness following the shooting — which has also been posted on at least one social network — saying people need to consider if it was their family member.

This is the fifth shooting in the past few weeks, following after shooting on Dec 3rd in Cedar Hill, Warwick [link], a shooting in Pembroke on Nov 13th [link], a shooting in Sandys in Nov 11th which saw four men injured [link], and another shooting on that same day in Devonshire [link].

Police are asking for anyone who lives in the Sunnyside Park area who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

Update 12.45pm: Acting Commissioner of Police Paul Wright’s full statement

Last night a very courageous police officer driving a marked police (Jeep) patrol car was shot at as he gave chase to a motorcycle carrying two suspects fleeing from the scene of a murder in which a self-identified gang member was shot dead.

In a few moments you will hear more details on that murder from Acting Assistant Commissioner Howard.

But before you hear from Mr. Howard, I wanted to take the opportunity to ask for the assistance of our community to help us to reduce gun violence in Bermuda. Gun violence presents a threat to public safety – not just against police officers who are working so hard to tackle crime but to us all.

Last night, the police officer was fired upon and his police vehicle was disabled as it was struck by bullets. Thankfully the police officer was not injured and he maintained the presence of mind to provide important information to other attending officers in an effort to coordinate the search for the suspects.

He showed great courage and a determination to do everything in his power to help in making Bermuda safer. I am very proud of him and I trust that our community shares that pride.

Policing is at times an inherently risky occupation and we work hard to train and equip all police officers to reduce and manage as much of that risk as we reasonable can.

Thankfully it is still a rare event when a police officer is confronted with lethal force but as a community we must all be resolute to bring to justice those few who present such a threat to public safety.

Gun crime affects us all. Geographically we are close to it and culturally we are close to those involved or victimized.

There should be no place for gun crime in our community and those who know something about it should say something.

Update 12.45pm: Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police James Howard’s full statement

At 8:30pm police and other first responders attended a report of a firearm incident that took place outside a residence on South Avenue in Southampton.

It appears that two men riding a motorcycle shot 29 year old Prince Barrington Edness of Pembroke who died at the scene.

The area in Southampton was cordoned off and an exhaustive search commenced for the two men with the results proving negative.

A full investigation into this fatal shooting is ongoing and a Family Liaison Officer has been assigned to assist Mr. Edness’ family at this difficult time.

Officers understand that immediately prior to the shooting, the victim was involved in a verbal altercation possibly with the assailants.

Forensic Crime Scene examiners & detectives continue their examination of the evidence gathered from the scene.

Investigators continue to appeal for witnesses or anyone with any information, particularly persons who live in the Sunnyside Park, Southampton area who may have seen suspicious individuals or vehicles in that neighbourhood around 8:30pm last night to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

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