America’s Cup Website Lists 6 Jobs In Bermuda

January 8, 2015

[Updated with PLP comment] According to the America’s Cup website, they will be hiring in a “variety of positions” and “Bermudians are encouraged to apply” and the jobs will be “based in ACEA’s offices in Hamilton, Bermuda.”

The jobs listed include: Graphic Designer, Event Manager, Community Outreach Manager, Receptionist, Client Services Manager and Video Editor/Camera Operator/Story Producer.

The overview text from the America’s Cup website is below:

The America’s Cup will be hiring in wide variety of positions. Current openings are listed below.

Please send all responses to advertised positions [with the job title in the subject line] via email at: Or register your interest in working for the America’s Cup at:

Jobs Listing:

Graphic Designer – Bermuda [Link to more info]

The America’s Cup Event Authority is looking for an experienced graphic designer to join the ACEA team and be responsible for the implementation and roll-out of the America’s Cup brand and logos.

Event Manager – Bermuda [Link to more info]

The America’s Cup Event Authority is looking for an experienced event manager to join the ACEA team and be responsible for planning and overseeing the delivery of the commercial and spectator aspects of the 35th America’s Cup.

Community Outreach Manager – Bermuda [Link to more info]

The America’s Cup Event Authority is looking for an experienced Community Outreach Manager to join the ACEA team and be responsible for planning and overseeing the delivery of local community programs.

Receptionist – Bermuda [Link to more info]

The America’s Cup Event Authority is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join the ACEA team as the Receptionist at ACEA’s offices in Hamilton. This position will also encompass office management responsibilities.

Client Services Manager – Bermuda [Link to more info]

The America’s Cup Event Authority [“ACEA”], is seeking an experienced Client Services Manager to join the ACEA team in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Video Editor / Camera Operator / Story Producer [Link to more info]

The America’s Cup Event Authority [“ACEA”], is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join the ACEA team as a Video Editor / Cameraman / Story Producer at ACEA’s offices in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Update 5.15pm: The OBA needs to “ensure going forward that all Bermuda based jobs related to the America’s Cup be fully publicized,” Acting Shadow Tourism Minister Jamahl Simmons said, adding that “with $77 million in tax dollars pledged to the America’s Cup, every aspect must be handled with complete transparency.”

Mr. Simmons’ full statement follows below:

The OBA has missed a golden opportunity to ensure that every capable, qualified Bermudian will have an opportunity to compete for the first wave of jobs relating to the America’s Cup.

Unfortunately, these jobs were hidden away on the America’s Cup website and not yet advertised in Bermuda. This begs the question, if the job adverts were not placed in the local media and were not even placed on the government’s free Bermuda Jobs Board, who was supposed to see that these jobs were available?

How is this supposed to benefit qualified, capable Bermudians who could have missed the opportunity to compete for these jobs? How would those unemployed Bermudians with skill sets applicable to these jobs know that they were available?

The OBA needs to immediately place these job advertisements on the Bermuda Jobs Board and ensure going forward that all Bermuda based jobs related to the America’s Cup be fully publicized.

The Progressive Labour Party believes that the America’s Cup has the potential for all of us to benefit IF it is managed locally in a fair, open and transparent manner. With $77 million in tax dollars pledged to the America’s Cup, every aspect must be handled with complete transparency.

With job losses mounting and many Bermudians seeking employment it is critical that all opportunities surrounding this major event be well publicized and every effort made to include Bermudians.

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  1. X man says:

    You mean to say you can’t find these people in Bermuda to fill these AC35 Job positions!
    Receptionist, Community Outreach Manager, Graphic Artist, Video editor you can find in Bermuda not unless
    they don’t want them to be Bermudian.

    What a Insult to Bermudians.—– the UBP is still alive and well ,just under another brand name.

    • Curious says:

      What are you on about?
      How is offering jobs in Bermuda for Bermudians insulting?

      • Redman says:


        Because in X man and others warped minds they should just hand over the cash (probably moan about having to come collect a cheque – should be banked for them).

        Not to mention how dare the ACEA even ask them to apply and heaven forbid actually show up to work. lol

        • Mr Ed says:

          Generaly X man has some very fairly good comments and has been pro OBA on many issues but
          I gather he started this blog to start an issue.– trouble maker!
          This more likely what Betty would do but I’ve seen X man and Betty get at it too – so I don’t know were
          X man is coming from.
          Judging from the comments made he achieved his goal – to start a fiery conversation and to start trouble.
          I would rather X man make an issue out of this then opposition.

      • Sandman says:

        My favourite part of X man’s comment is where he says the UBP is alive and well under a different brand name.

        I love the idea that the UBP would rebrand as the America’s Cup just so that it could taunt Bermudians by not offering them jobs.

      • Rhonda says:

        I believe he is on about, advertising the jobs for a period of time in Bermuda, for Bermudians as you have stated before going overseas…however the policy has already been written, that the AC doesn’t have to… so I’m not sure sure how objecting now will change anything…

        Best chance Bermudian have is to simply apply…..and accept they are competing for jobs globally, in your own country…

    • SMH says:

      OMG! You’re too funny…an obvious. This is a list of available jobs….for Bermudians. Where does it say that these are for expats only? What does it say Bermudians need not apply? Pathetic. A slap in your own face.

      • Lebron says:

        Oh PLP, please shut up, you must be desperate.There is nothing anti-Bermudian about this.

        The truth is, if we are talking politics, if the PLP were still the Government, does anyone really think we would have the AC to provide these jobs?

    • Stop being a drama queen says:

      Calm down. Stop making up insults where there aren’t any and being such a drama queen

    • Yahoo says:

      Clearly you are not qualified for any of these jobs because you cannot read. Try reading the very first sentence of the article again…

    • Redman says:

      X man

      Seeing as you are incapable of reading then no YOU wont be getting hired.

      You’d probably complain if they hired and asked you to just stay at home and collect a cheque. SMDH

      • Mr Ed says:

        I would rather X man make such comments then Opposition Leader
        X man can get controversial at times but I would prefer him then Betty!
        I believe the comments by X man was to designed to fire up the bloggers — and you know what ‘ it worked!

    • Aliker says:

      Did you actually READ the web page? Wait, can you read? Good grief! Such negativity! Get the feeling your one of those who complain about EVERYTHING!

      • Mr.Ed says:

        The X man set you up
        It appears the whole blog was designed to set this issue on fire!
        The Key here was to get opinions from the OBA supporters vs the PLP supporters and possibly
        draw Betty out for a blogging match. — which is very common’
        I have been reading X mans Blogs for three years and they can be very controversial.

    • BTCHECKER says:


    • Regina says:

      Did you even read the article XMan? Obviously not. Dumb.

    • Mockingjay says:

      1,994 to go.

      • SMH says:

        That’s showing a positive attitude. You don seem to want Bermuda’s economy to improve? Why not?

      • jt says:

        Just be sure to keep us up to date. Cynicism will shrivel to fact.

      • stunned... says:

        @ Regina…snap! lol

    • Everytime you hear... says:

      Did you even READ the article??!!! The jobs will be based in Hamilton. How did you miss the “Bermudians are encouraged to apply”? Clearly paranoid negative outlooks on everything are some people’s default program!!! SMH!!

    • JustSayin' says:

      What in the world are you on???? don’t you know how to READ????? The article clearly states these jobs are being offered to Bermudians…. some people should just learn the law of gravity….it’s easier to open your mouth than it is to close it!!!

    • Watcher55 says:

      Idiot, we assume your job isn’t proof reading articles

  2. agatha christie says:

    Were these jobs advertised in the normal way in Bermuda? I’m looking for a job and just don’t remember seeing these in the paper.

    • CB2 says:

      I have a feeling that they would post them on their website and then in the paper. It takes a few days for items to be in print.

      • agatha christie says:

        Not the case – they can go in the next day

    • Yahoo says:

      If a Bermudian is hired for any role, there is no requirement to advertise in the paper. Now, if they want to get a work permit for someone to fill a role, that’s another story…

      • agatha christie says:

        But, don’t you think they should be advertised as widely as possible?

        • agatha christie says:

          IMO, by advertising widely they at least make it look as if Bermudians can apply. I have already seen a lot of confusion over this on FB posts. I think it is a bit of a PR gaffe personally and will only help to fuel the suspicions that are already out there. (And if you don’t know what they are, start listening …..)

          • BTCHECKER says:


            Seriously “Agatha” what in the heck are you talking about. you are commenting on the jobs being offered on Bernews?!

            “make it look like Bermudians can apply”

            umm,they went a bit further than that…

            • agatha christie says:

              They were not advertised on Bernews. They were advertised the America’s cup .com site … Bernews picked up on the story …

            • Sunny says:

              @BTCHECKER I kind of understand where “Agatha” is coming from. The jobs are not being offered via Bernews. Bernews just pick up the story and have taken it from the Americas Cup website! but now we know I encourage all Bermudians to apply.

              • BTCHECKER says:

                yeah but give them a chance. Facebook, twitter website. all of us have been given the details dozens of times. The fact they have not used the media straight away and create some conspiracy that they purposly dont want to hire Bermudians is nuts. The official law firm is appleby for peats sake.

                this negative mentality is the biggest drain on us a nation now. stop looking for a conspiracy, and be greatful for what it is. a one off, once in a lifetime sporting event

          • serengeti says:

            I’ve never heard so much childish whining in my life.

            If you want one of the jobs, apply for it. They’re telling you they want Bermudians. Get off your a**.

            If you just want to sit there whining, I guess you don’t actually want a job, you just want to complain. Nothin new there.

            • Family Man says:

              They want you to fill out the application for them. Oh, and would you give them a lift to the interview?

        • damn.... says:

          If you saw the advertisement then they are….

          And is this not a news paper? Ive seen the ad three times already without even trying…

        • Yahoo says:

          It isn’t free to advertise so why wouldn’t they use their own website and social media to get the word out there?

          • agatha christie says:

            With respect, you are all completely missing the point …

          • agatha christie says:

            they did not use SoMe as far as I know – other people have picked it up via Bernews (which picked up on the story) and have since shared on SoMe. These jobs were advertised under ‘Join Us’ on the US AC site – the Bda site is, for some reason, down at present.

            • serengeti says:

              Got your application in yet, or are you too busy making nonsensical comments on here?

              • agatha christie says:

                and this was not a nonsensical comment? It certainly was not very useful ….

    • Sarah says:

      Now it is! Go out and get one! If you are serious about getting a job (especially with America’s Cup coming up), you should try to use the internet to your advantage. Good luck with the job search!

    • Rhonda says:

      they are required to advertise locally, or at all…..

      • Rhonda says:

        they are NOT required to advertise locally……..

        • agatha christie says:

          But, if the promise that this is going to benefit Bermuda as a whole is to be kept, every process must be as transparent as possible. It will only fuel the suspicions that many in the community already feel – that this is a rich white man’s sport that will only benefit the rich white man.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Then I would suggest you follow what they recommend and email them with your interest to work and what field of expertise you are qualified for, complete with your CV. The critical thing will be to keep an eye posted on their job postings to make sure you aren’t lost in in the multitude of like emails they will be bombarded with.

  3. SMH says:

    These are just a drop in the bucket of all the new jobs bring created with all the new hotel developments and hopefully, if Bermuda can get out of it’s own way, new airport development.

  4. Tony says:

    X man. Given that you are unable to digest what you read, it is unlikely you would be considered for any of those positions.

    “they will be hiring in “variety of positions” and “Bermudians are encouraged to apply” and the jobs will be “based in ACEA’s offices in Hamilton, Bermuda.”

  5. JH says:

    This is a full time, salaried position. Bermudians are encouraged to apply.

  6. SMH says:

    Let me save the opposition and unions some time:

    BPSU: This is a slap in the face to Bermudians
    BIU: These new jobs are an insult to all Bermudians
    PLP: Appalling that they have the nerve to post new jobs on their website. Another example of making Bermudians second citizens


    • js says:

      it boggles the mind how people play up the OBA when they are doing the bare minimum for job creation

      6 jobs listed in an economy with thousands out of work is not gonna cut it

      thousands of jobs were created during the PLPs 14 years of chaos

      and thousands of jobs were lost during those years

      as people are fond of saying politicians don’t create jobs they create the environment and structure in which jobs can be created

      unfortunately Bermuda’s economic environment and structure is it self the biggest hinder to real job creation

      it has got to be the height of insanity for an economy to rely on job creation from foreign multinational start ups that create jobs with titles no one has ever heard off requesting professional experience no one can possibly have

      can you imagine what Obama’s approval ratings would be if his job creation plan was to have unemployed Americans wait until Chinese start ups opened up offices in the US to do business back in Beijing

      it would be a big fat ZERO like what the people of Bermuda should give both the PLP and the OBA

  7. Tolerate says:

    @ X boy,
    Here I was hoping Bermuda would work together to make the most of the opportunities we are got coming from the recent events.
    Shame there are ALWAYS people out there that have NO other intention than to lay negativity on EVERYTHING.
    At times like this I shake my head at the individuals in my country who would rather see ALL Projects taking place during the OBA government, fail. Don’t you see that we ALL suffer and not just the OBA if these initiatives are not even given a chance?
    Are people so nasty, immature and uneducated that they don’t see this; or is it the old saying “misery loves company?” I honestly believe at times; some of these negative bloggers are actually NOT Bermudians, but jealous individuals from countries in direct competition with Bermuda. After all, why would ANY Bermudian chose to be so anti-Bermudian in the name of their political party?

    • SMH says:

      Tolerate…GREAT comment. Until we get past the us and then or we vs. they mentality, we will continue to live like crabs in a bucket.

  8. Ber-nudian says:

    I am sure X Man doesn’t have a job… WONDER WHY!!!
    Get a grip… this is a huge opportunity for EVERY Bermudian!
    Stand proud and go get what is being offered!!!

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    If you can’t qualify for any of these jobs put yourself out there stating what you can do in the way of services the AC people might need. The wall sitters & those simply looking for a paycheck need not bother.

  10. Terry says:

    Look at the bright side folks.
    X Man has access to a computer.

    This is significant when it comes to such an endeavor like the Americas Cup; aka AC/Access computer.

    Put that bottle down and grab your “X” and turn on the AC.

  11. Rhonda says:

    Are these, public sector position?….. Where is funding coming from for these positions?…

    • serengeti says:

      Let’s hope not. Not more civil servants, with their 14 weeks sick pay. Last thing we need.

    • SMH says:

      Rhonda, sigh, where do you think? Minister Gibbons has explained all this numerous times already.

      • Yahoo says:

        Rhonda is slow.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        You really have to paint a picture for the likes of Rhonda. You have to paint it very clearly & make many copies to be presented many times. Then & only then the Rhondas just might understand & not see something sinister going on.

        It is all very clear. An email address is given. If there is something to offer, apply. Don’t expect training. These people want skilled folks who can hit the ground running. They will want motivated people who can think for themselves & not need to be babysat to get a job done.

        • Somuchless says:

          ‘Skilled folks who can hit the ground running’ hmmmm I know someone who applies for jobs and gets disqualified because the person knows their stuff. You may wana say they want people who they can mold and baby sit.

          Anyway I will tell her to apply like she does with every other job.

  12. Trulytruly says:

    Just back from 3 weeks abroad. Sitting back reading all the enlightened comments here while listening to the b tch and moan radio commentary on the same subject. Bermuda is another world for sure.

  13. Just a matter of time says:

    It’s not unusual for jobs to be advertised overseas. It’s the norm with our disenfranchising decades old hiring practices and our way of life which is sown deep in our collective psyche. And of course they cannot dare get away with NOT saying the all appeasing “Bermudians are encouraged to apply” ruse in this climate. No way! However, the unveil remains as to how many Bermudians actually get (oops my bad.. ‘qualify’) for any of these jobs for this multi million dollar prestigious event which will demand a standard level that none of us have probably even seen. A nice convenient displacement strategy imo. Advertising overseas for a RECEPTIONIST for God’s sakes?? Really?

    As an act of good faith, why didn’t the Govt advertise locally as well? What good is the Govt run Workforce Development jobs board if it’s not being used? Will any of the future contractor jobs be advertised locally and if so, what’s the difference procedurally compared to these posts? We shall see but I am losing faith already to be honest. The quiet shenanigans are just beginning.. smh.

    • SMH says:

      OMG….what a disturbing mindset. You’ve managed to turn Bermuda’s getting the America’s Cup and the creation of new jobs into a bad thing. Why don’t you want us to succeed?

  14. fedup says:

    “As an act of good faith, why didn’t the Govt advertise locally as well?”

    They did, it’s on website….they’re inherently global….ask a 10 year old to explain the internet to you sometime.

    • agatha christie says:

      This website: ? Not on there …. it’s on the .com website under ‘join us’ hardly intuitive?

      • fedup says:

        Did you try the website listed in the very first line in this article? Hardly requires any intuition at all…but continue to be negative and complain that no one is handing you a job on a silver platter, playing the whining victim seems to be the only thing you’re good at.

  15. Ricko Chez says:

    As I have said before, the only people who won’t benefit from the event, are those who sit on their behinds and do nothing except complain. You already know who you are.

  16. Just a matter of time says:

    LOL! Wow the insults just keeps rolling along. Now I have a disturbing mindset and I think less than a 10 year old. Extremely telling though as I have obviously struck some nerves. I certainly am in agreement that Bermudians still apply regardless via the internet machine thingamajiggy. It’s interesting though that there is no jobs menu or category or dropdown to be found that screams out at you on their home page of their website’s whatchamacallit. So far I only see the link Bernews provides.

    I have no issue with the job creation part so long as Bermudians get a fair shake. What is so wrong with ensuring that our own people get that? It appears that is a bad thing with the mindset on this blog. Pity.

  17. Just a matter of time says:

    The 5:15 update by the PLP has reflected my sentiments exactly! You CANNOT find these jobs in a straightforward search on their website. Like I said the only link I have seen is Bernews. Really? And nowhere else in the global internet cyberspace thingy? You don’t even see the jobs in the Bermudian section of their website’s whatsitcalled. There isn’t even a search engine machiny on their site to even try and look for a job. And this is supposed to establish trust? Uh huh. Let the games begin… smh.

    • Edmund Spenser says:

      I mean really, how dare the Americas Cup hide the jobs for Bermudians under the tab marked “Bermuda” and “Join-us.” How are we supposed to know that “Join-Us” means that open jobs for us to join Americas Cup are listed under “Join-Us” This is just absolute non-sense.

    • fedup says:

      We get it, you’re too stupid to get a decent job.

  18. Just a matter of time says:

    Correction. I meant to say nowhere else are these jobs globally advertised that you can search where it is OBVIOUS for ordinary Bermudians to know. Facebook? Twitter? Many don’t have accounts with these. I wonder how long these ads have been running before we Bermudians got wind of it?

    • SMH says:

      I forgot the BUT: One could only hope that the OBA put as much effort into education as they did personally writing these jobs ads. Our education system was perfect until these were posted.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      Just for a second, pretend you’re the one in charge of hiring.

      Which Bermudians do you want to hire- the ones that found the ad, through understanding the internet, or being generally hungry or aware, or interested in learning about and seeking out new sources of information?

      Or the Bermudians that complained about how hard it was to find the ad, or that someone else should DO something to make it easier, or someone should make them advertise more?

      I know which Bermudians I’d like to hire.

      I wonder if you, Rhonda, Agatha Christie and so many others on this site ever think about how much you reveal about yourself when you comment.


    • Creamy says:

      Many Bermudians don’t read the paper either. Are employers supposed to go find them in the street and do a little dance to make them apply for a job?

  19. Just a matter of time says:

    EW and Creamy. Are you kidding me with this? I am currently in a position where I can hire so I do have experience. Are you seriously suggesting that making a job ad extremely obscure in a politically charged landscape that this AC35 event brings, finding that job by sheer luck or via Bernews automatically translates to the tenacity of a candidate worthy of hire? So finding these ads amounts to some type of skills test then? Give me a break. Why don’t you provide an explanation as to why these jobs have not been advertised in the conventional sense like every other job in this country? Smh. Where is the link on their website? I’m listening…

    • Creamy says:

      The jobs are EASY to find on the AC website.

      If you want AC opportunities, keep up with what’s going on with AC. Do for yourself, as Jamahl loves to say. Don’t complain because opportunities aren’t advertised just how you like it.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      Advertising for jobs related to the Americas Cup on the Americas Cup website is “extremely obscure”? On the “global cyberspace thingy”?

      Got it.


  20. Just a matter of time says:

    Interesting side step. Ok say I am a foreigner wishing to work in beautiful Bermuda. I Google their main website then what? I’ll help you. I see the various links in the upper right hand corner.: News. About. Teams. Video. Photo. Bermuda. Media. If you click on each tab even the Bermuda tab I see no jobs. Nada. Zilch. So again, please show me how easy it is to find. I am strictly referring to their website. Also even if you Google ‘Americas Cup 2017 jobs’ I get their main website and I’m back to the categories described above not the actual job ads. I’m open to being corrected. Listening…

    • Strike fund says:

      Hover over Bermuda tab. Drop down menu has two options, About Bermuda and Join Us. The jobs are listed under join us.
      I’m not looking for a job and found them very quickly.

    • Edmond Spenser says:

      So, if you want to join the Americas Cup in Bermuda, try “Bermuda” and “Join-Us.” The jobs are listed under “Bermuda” “Join-Us” under that are places for jobs, volunteers and corporate sponsors to “Join” Americas Cup in Bermuda.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      I repeat my earlier comment. You reveal far more about yourself than you probably want to.

      Under the “Bermuda” tab, in the ribbon at the top of the home page, there are two entries on the dropdown- “About Bermuda”, and “Join Us”. “Join Us” clicks through to a page in which one-third is devoted to jobs.

      And since the jobs are aimed at Bermudians, there’s a certain inescapable logic to placing them under the Bermuda tab.

      I wouldn’t hire someone that can’t find the Join Us tab on the AC site.

      But maybe you would.


  21. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    If you are presently out of a job, may be you need to do some soul searching and ask you self why ! Where did you go wrong, was it the lack of commitment ? to many sick days or two hour lunch breaks!


    According to ” The Peter principal ” you may have reached your own level of incompetence.

  22. Colibm says:

    This is the smaller over site group hiring, not the much bigger AC Bermuda company people, that have to build and man everything. Just chill before going off the deep end.

  23. Creamy says:

    Ok. I will explain this very simply so you can follow.

    Go to the America’s Cup site. Under the Bermuda tab there are two options. Click on “Join Us”.

    On the next page click on ” Jobs”.

    And there you are.

    Yeah, I know. It takes two clicks. Totally frikkin unreasonable. Can’t expect Bermudians to go to all that trouble.

    • Tolerate says:

      lol, no the lazy a$$es want it posted on the government website I’m guessing. If I’m looking for a job at BTC; do I go on the Government website? If I’m out of work and I hear a new company is starting in Bermuda, would I not go to the Company website? Sounds like the normal thing to do.
      But no, there’s that conspiracy against Bermudians.
      Talk about reaching.

      And how is it that Jamal Simmons is the ACTING Tourism Minister fresh off an election, like yesterday? Was there no-one currently in the PLP to take this title? Nothing personal dude, but talk about favoritism.

      • Tolerate says:

        “Unfortunately, these jobs were hidden away on the America’s Cup website and not yet advertised in Bermuda”.
        Hey guys, if you’re job hunting, here is a clue; the America’s Cup is coming to Bermuda, “bookmark” their web-site.
        Look out Bermuda, we are in for a bumpy ride. This unfortunately is just the beginning of the BS.

        Bad time to quit smoking….

  24. Cafe Au Lait says:

    There are probably quite a few Bermudians who REALLY want these jobs. But when they find out they gotta work weekends, night times, an May 24th – they wont be interested.

    But they will still complain when foreigners get the job.

    Bermudians quiet simply haven’t had it bad enough yet. They are still too entitled. They say stuff like:

    “Um um, but omma Bermooojan”. “Omm spashul”.

    • SMH says:

      js: Sonesta, Hamilton Princess, Pink Beach, Morgans Point, St. Regis, Americas Cup…..a lot more jobs and a lott better than driving out the 5000 expats that left pre 2012. Seriously, SHFH

    • somuchless says:

      Stop right there. I know of good people who are open to work whatever schedule, etc and still can’t get employeed. Why? These people show interest and that is not what most employees what. They would rather choose people who are incompetent, etc. Sad but true.

      • Cafe Au Lait says:

        Somuch: I’m sure the good people you refer to will find work if they persist. The entitled ones I mentioned above will have less luck. The glory days are gone, Bermudians have to buckle down. Those who don’t are destined to failure. Good luck to all in this tough climate.

        Moaning in blogs won’t get anyone a job.

  25. Common cent$ says:

    What do people want? Do you want people to go door to door with job posting flyers? What ever happened to people actually venturing out and applying and searching for a job? We’ve known for quite some time that jobs were coming with A Cup! You have to work to get work!

    • Realist says:

      And even then the flyer would have just been tossed in trash. Work requires work from going after it, getting it and even do it. Its all work that have to be done by a moving live body. Its time for Bermudians to cut the entitlement crap and be apart of the competition bring your best to get the best job!

  26. Just a matter of time says:

    Wish I had taken a screenshot pic yesterday. Yes screens have changed now! Under Join Us yesterday all I saw was a large pic showing Bdians celebrating on Front St. The same pic they show now under Warm Welcome dated Dec 4th. How I know this is that I never clicked on the Dec 4th pic considering it old news and certainly not where the jobs would be posted. YET that same pic appeared big as Billy when I clicked Join Us. it doesn’t matter anyway. Thanks for letting me know after the fact. The insults are pretty amazing to read though. Smh.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      Within minutes of your post last night, any number of people pointed out your misstatement. Minutes.

      Your response? THEY changed it! I looked at the site days ago, and it was different! It’s not MY job to make sure what I said was right.

      Always somebody else’s fault, isn’t it, JMAT?

      But you’re open to being corrected. And you’re listening.



  27. AMERICA'S CUP says:

    Good morning all. America’s cup here.

    We have decided to use San Diego now – your all nuts.

    Wish your little island all the best for the future

  28. agatha christie says:

    I am beyond shocked by the comments here which show my understanding, sympathy or empathy.
    Those attacking this have missed the point which is that this must be an inclusive event in order to succeed.
    To be inclusive, every process has to be transparent. In this, IMO, there should have been a press release announcing the first tranche of jobs, they should have been in the RG or Bernews, they should have been on the Govt job board.
    It proves then, that this is an open and fair process that is open to all. To restrict to a the (important point this) is not transparent and will simply fuel the suspicions that this is going to favour the chosen few.
    To all those that say ‘it is easy to find’, or ‘just get off your ass’ etc – shame on you for not thinking of bigger picture here, for showing zero understanding. It is the latter that is, frankly, very disturbing.

    • somuchless says:


    • AGATHA! says:

      Just to fill you in.

      1) this is an international entity who has never operated in Bermuda nor is it aware of conspiracy theories and the sordid history of immigration out here
      2) it, like most entities in the world advertise through their website first. this only went up this week. I mean literally…this week
      3) you are creating an issue out of nothing for what purposes I don’t know. Should you not in the least allow them time to put an advert in, as you want so badly.
      4) see point 1 above
      5) they have said they wish to hire bermudians – if you truly believe that an international sporting team who has no concept or understanding of our stupid little insecurities will “lie” or attempt to deceive or hoodwink Bermudians out of jobs there is no hope for you.
      6) they don’t have to hire bermudians in the act. they are still looking for them
      7) if you have concerns or worries that somehow this is going to be bad for Bermudians and is not transparent how about you at least wait for evidence.
      8) you are not intellectually superior and people are mad at you for good reason – you are embarrassing us as a nation with these comments.ignorance and intention to inflame.
      9) please stop

  29. Ann says:

    Oh! For heavens sake, the friends and family program is over, do like the rest of world and go look for a job, this is one of our biggest problems here, we are expected to go door to door to see if you may want to work today. Pull your pants up, and go apply yourself.

    • agatha christie says:

      This is what I meant, when I posted the comment above Ann’s ……

  30. Just a matter of time says:

    Exactly agatha christie. My whole point was to highlight that this is not the conventional way of advertising jobs and people on here know it. I know what I saw on those various website pages. Of course now yes its’ fairly easy to find behind another drop down. Now with all the nasty rhetoric that followed including ‘pull your pants up’ etc. Y’know the familiar terms and phrases of lazy, insulting intelligence, etc etc. Sooo familiar with a particular genre of persons doing the name calling. So now let’s see how these jobs go huh?

  31. Ricko Chez says:

    All the companies I’ve worked for since the internet started, have first advertised jobs on their websites. Then in the newspaper – but not always in the newspaper. Electronic media costs nothing. It is the way of the world, and the way forward.

    People who cannot come to grips with this, are clearly stuck in the past, and will probably not get hired.

    What else will you complain about? That you want to be paid in cash like the old days because you don’t trust them paper cheque things?

  32. ann says:

    If only you would put as much effort into getting a job, as you do complaining on this thing… Just saying