Bermuda Tourism Authority Partners With Orbitz

January 13, 2015

The Bermuda Tourism Authority has partnered with leading online travel company Orbitz Worldwide to launch “Orbitz Originals: Bermuda – Proper Fun,” a seven-part online video series that is co-hosted by award-winning travel experts Richard Bangs and Lisa Ellen Niver and is available for viewing here on Orbitz’s website.

Screenshot from the Orbitz website section on Bermuda


The BTA said, “Supported by hotel discounts of up to 20 percent and substantial flight and hotel package savings, this eleventh installment of the “Orbitz Originals” series once again uses the power of online video to inspire travelers and increase bookings to this beautiful Atlantic destination located less than two hours off the East Coast of the U.S.

“Research continues to point to the importance of destination video content in consumers’ purchasing behavior. YouTube has seen views of travel content spike by 118 percent year-over-year, according to a recent study and whitepaper released by Google.*

“Proper Fun in Bermuda” video featured in the new campaign

“The study also found that two out of three U.S. consumers watch online travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip, and that “searches on YouTube generally occur earlier in the travel-planning process, a strong video strategy can help brands reach, inspire and engage today’s digitally savvy traveler in more ways than ever before.” “Orbitz Originals: Bermuda – Proper Fun,” shows off the tropical paradise’s many accommodations and activities, created to entice travelers to take a trip and experience it all for themselves.

Select highlights from the seven-part series:

  • “Proper Fun in Bermuda” gives viewers an overview of all that the island has to offer, from its pink sand beaches and world-class golf courses to its fine dining and many ways to unwind.
  • “Proper Food, Only in Bermuda” explores the tide-to-table and farm-to-fork local dining scene, with its authentic flavors of the sea and luxurious drinks and desserts.
  • “Bermuda Luxury Hotels” contains Richard’s “Gold List” of the top hotels, resorts and spas on the island.
  • “Scooting Around Bermuda” showcases the island’s 21 square miles on scooter and offers breathtaking views and sights.

Victoria Isley, BTA chief sales & marketing officer, said: “Short of visiting the island, there’s no better way to showcase Bermuda’s brilliance than video storytelling. Orbitz Originals brings the beauty and experience of Bermuda to a new generation of travelers – and the videos are designed to inspire them to make their next trip to the island.”

“As a trusted media partner and travel brand, Orbitz can also assist in the booking of those trips. From cliff jumping at Admiralty House Park and shopping the styles of the City of Hamilton to sipping a Rum Swizzle at the Swizzle Inn and enjoying a bite of the famous Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy fish sandwich, the options for having ‘Proper Fun’ in Bermuda are endless.”

“Luxury Hotels Bermuda” video featured in the new campaign

To date, “Orbitz Originals” videos highlighting Cancun, the Cayman Islands, Qatar Airways, Vermont, Western Ireland, New York, Northern Ireland, Bradenton, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Jackson Hole have been viewed over 1.2 million times by travelers seeking inspiration for future trips.

“We want each new edition of the ‘Orbitz Originals’ series to really capture the destination and use video to provide a unique perspective and inspire travelers to visit,” said Josh Winkler, Orbitz Worldwide vice president of partner marketing. “In the case of Bermuda, Richard and Lisa combine their travel expertise to provide a fun look at this popular destination and give travelers a real sense of life on the island.”

*Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube, Google and Ipsos MediaCT [August 2014]

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Comments (17)

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  1. Ricko Chez says:

    Great work BTA and Mr Hanbury! You are really making a difference and turning things around.

    Now let’s sit back watch the PLP bloggers turn it all negative.

    Not sure how they’ll do it, but I’m sure they’ll try.

    Pathetic Losers Party.

    • flikel says:

      I don’t understand, please explain how this is considered as ‘making a difference’ and ‘turning things around’? Bermuda clips, photos, discounts, vacation specials have been advertised on various web sites and through various media outlets before.

      When the BTA does essentially the same thing as was done in the past, they are credited with implementing new ideas. But they reality is that there is nothing really new here.

      I think such advertisement is a good idea and BTA deserves credit for their work, but to suggest they are doing things that are revolutionary is a bit of a stretch on reality.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Nearly everyone and their uncle KNOW where BDA is… And they also KNOW how expensive a place it is as well!!


  2. Great Videos says:

    Love that they put Art Mel’s in there! But probably shouldn’t have shown cliff jumping at Admiralty…

    Too bad no one books on Orbitz anymore.

  3. somuchless says:

    Nice but I dont particularly like that word PROPER for this text. Sounds like Bermuda is a very stuck up and snooty place.

  4. San George says:

    The No Fun, No Service, No Facilities Country.

    No bathrooms on the beaches, No Bars on the Beaches, No service on the Beaches, No, No, No!

    Status Quo Forever.

  5. ….Surely you jest. says:

    This video must be a joke. Is it April already? It oozes old, retirement, country club i.e Hanbury. This is so bad.

  6. B F Real says:

    I have never gone to Orbitz (not even sure spelling) for any of my Int’l travel. I know where to get deals and value for money. Glad to see JetBlue vacations and my favourite Internet site for deals, Travelzoo promoting Bda. You can not attract savvy travelers without competitive deals. People can travel anywhere: how will BTA do better?

  7. Legal Eagle says:

    Bermuda’s ‘high cost of accommodations’ has made us uncompetative with other destinations! That’s at least one BIG reason we have more Cruise Ship visitors +many I know vacation elsewhere! The BTA should focus more on advertising lower cost accommodations(if they exist) to attract land based ‘tourists’(as distinct from business travelers that have to stay on land!)

  8. Legal Eagle says:

    And there are many retirees from cold climates that would take extended stay vacations in Bermuda during our off season when our hotels are only 1/2 full-if it wasn’t so expensive to do so! The BTA should focus on organising the hotels to tap into THAT untapped retiree ‘snowbird’ market –as Florida has!! Opportunity lost by lack of proper focus!

  9. Legal Eagle says:

    Bottom line: I agree with B F Real’s post above!!

  10. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Not a bad idea… But what about the general cost of a BDA vacation?? Many other destinations can beat what BDA has to presently offer and at a far cheaper price!!

    Today’s traveler wants V for M (value for money!!