Bermuda Ball Hockey Sees 3 Matches Played

February 1, 2015

The Bermuda Ball Hockey League season recently continued, with the three games on the schedule leading to a total of 31 goals scored.

Minnesota North Stars 5 – California Golden Seals 8

The California Golden Seals got two goals a piece from Ian Gouthro and Adam Chevis as they defeated the Minnesota North Stars 8-5.

Troy Dort, Patrick Neal, David Gazzard and Chad Cundliffe all added a goal each for the California Golden Seals. Nathan Kowalski scored twice for the Minnesota North Stars, while Brian Keats, Shannon Goose and Ed Sweeney added a goal each.

Colorado Rockies 5 – Atlanta Flames 6

Jeffrey Loper scored a hat-trick to lead the Atlanta Flames to victory with a 6-5 win over the Colorado Rockies. Jon Talbot, John Morran and Matthew Benson added a goal each for the Atlanta Flames, while Sebastian Robson and Christopher Merritt scored two goals each for the Colorado Rockies with Jeff Clair adding the other.

Toronto Arenas 5 – Quebec Nordiques 2

The Toronto Arenas jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the First Period with goals from Andrew Curnow, John Duda and Glen Madore, but JM Tremblay pulled a goal back for the Quebec Nordiques. Jeffrey Ingleman then restored the Toronto Arenas three goal lead in the first period as they went to the break leading 4-1.

After no scoring in the second period, Tremblay scored his second goal of the game for the Quebec Nordiques, making the score 4-2, but Cam Poland scored the final goal of the game for the Toronto Arenas, making the final score 5-2.

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