Inclement Weather Causes Power Outages

February 15, 2015

[Updated] BELCO crews have been out working today [Feb 15] after the high winds caused a number of power outages across the island, including areas of St David’s, Southampton and Flatts.

The Bermuda Weather Service issued a Gale Warning for today, predicting that storm force gusts will continue through the evening as a vigorous low pressure system passes to the north.

BELCO said that the following outages have occurred, and the restoration time is also listed

  • 12:01 Ess Hill 965 customers – restoration took 1 hour
  • 12:35 Flatts Hill 458 – 48 minutes
  • 12:57 Lighthouse Southampton 650 – 1 hour, 21 mins
  • 1:05 Admiralty 39 – 46 mins
  • 3:46 Lighthouse – restored 2 hours, 1 min [spacer installed to prevent lines coming together]
  • 3:54 Naval Annex 57 – restored 5 hrs, 15 mins
  • 5:13 Ess Hill 965 – 34 mins [spacer installed to prevent lines coming together]
  • 5:15 Fractious/Walsingham 297 – restored 2 hours, 31 mins
  • 5:21 NAS St. David’s 889 – restored 1 hour, 13 mins
  • 6:36 Naval Annex/Graybank 44 – restored 1 hour, 19 mins

“Crews will continue working to restore power throughout tonight’s storm conditions,” a BELCO spokesperson said. “We thank customers for their patience, as we move through this weather system.”

- The list of outages was updated at 10.00pm. All outages have been restored at this time.

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  1. Jr Smith says:

    thank you belco….

  2. BdaGirl47 says:

    Belco linesmen…in all this windy weather you are out there working…you ROCK!! Many, many thanks for all your efforts – you are appreciated! Be safe!

  3. Family Man says:

    I like the idea of reporting how long it takes to repair the fault. Good work.

  4. Patiently waiting says:

    Stay safe belco crew,Hopefully you can get up on Sandys area tonight as I have been calling for the last 2 hrs and can’t get through to anyone. God bless and keep up the good work.

  5. BELCO, please it”s S Hill!!!!!

  6. I think an infommercial about the utilization of three way switches and why they are code for generator hook ups to the main panel…and how they prevent feadback to lines and such….stay safe…don’t be a ground…insulate well.

  7. Thankful says:

    Great Job BELCO! I had a transformer blow on Beacon Hill, power went off. Power was back on within a few hours! Stay safe. Much appreciated.

  8. my view says:

    Belco Men are warriors. To be out and up in that weather yesterday and the evening ,you guys are incredable.

    Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you.

  9. Y-Gurl says:

    Maybe if the Ascendant Group spent more money on the infrastructure of the electrical plant and gave themselves less these outages would be less frequent.