Videos & Slides: 2015 Bermuda Tourism Summit

February 15, 2015

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] has released a series of videos featuring the topics covered at the recent Bermuda Tourism Summit with themes including “What to Expect from America’s Cup,” “Vacation Rental Market,” “The Year Ahead,” and “Managing Your Online Reputation.”

The Bermuda Tourism website says, “On January 21st, 2015, hospitality, tourism and travel industry colleagues gathered to discover what’s planned for the year ahead, how BTA is positioning Bermuda to welcome more visitors, and how anyone can plug into the action.

“The summit provided important intelligence on a wide-ranging area of topics including sessions on what to expect of America’s Cup, how to manage your on-line reputation from TripAdvisor experts and much more.

“If you missed this day-long summit with its key insights into Bermuda’s Tourism industry, we invite you to view the presentations and videos below.”

What to Expect from America’s Cup video:

Vacation Rental Market video:

The Year Ahead video:

Managing Your Online Reputation video:

What to Expect from America’s Cup slide presentation:

Managing Your Online Reputation slide presentation:

The Year Ahead slide presentation:

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Comments (4)

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  1. Cottereaux says:

    Dang! Death by PowerPoint!

    Lots of buzz words and phrases, little substance. Can advertising please stop depicting women doing yoga?!? You get enough of that on TV product commercials.

    If you can’t say present the message in 10 slides or less, move on…..

  2. Never Never says:

    Please stop throwing good money away this will not help. I know you know what you’re doing after all they are paying you guys the big bucks. So please sports tourism is the way to go invest in the football club cricket swimming and any other sports you can think of they will come. And you get that for free not $295,000.00 and changed smdh hahahahaha lol

  3. Why is the sound / visual in several clippings so “amateur”? Something of this magnitude one would expect to be far-more professional; showing your our all round capabilities…being top notch :-(

    (Attached is some of my personal work)
    Please take a few minutes to view:

  4. Lick My Chicken says:

    more fluff and money wasted.