Father, Three Sons Set To Support St. Baldrick’s

March 13, 2015

A local man and his three sons are getting ready to take part in the annual St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-shaving fundraiser for childhood cancer, with everything from a desire to support the cause to the promise of a new woolly hat for a freshly shaved head serving to inspire the family.

Pete Gadeke and his sons Henry [10], Arthur [8], and Teddy [7] – known as the ‘Deeky Boys’ – are currently ranked as the event’s top team, having raised a total of $13,700.

When asked what had inspired he and his sons to support the St. Baldrick’s cause, Mr. Gadeke said, “Henry was the most keen as, being the eldest, he has the best understanding of what it all means.”

Pete Gadeke and his sons Henry, Arthur, and Teddy:


“Arthur wanted the challenge, and Teddy thinks the money is for him!

“The promise of a new woolly hat to keep his head warm after the shaving also helped.”

According to the St. Baldrick’s website, the event has already raised $94,796 as of the morning of the event, comprising 63.2 percent of their $150,000 goal, with donations still being accepted online.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s ‘Brave the Shave for Kids with Cancer’

The event will take place tonight [Mar 13] at The Docksider Pub and Restaurant on Front Street in Hamilton, where people from around the island will join the Deeky Boys in shaving their heads for charity.

For more information on the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, including their head-shaving fundraiser, visit their official website or Facebook page.

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  1. Terry says:

    Great job.

    Those that can do it I applaud .

    Me? Too old with a few scars that need no sun at this stage.